Biserta Is Back

You may recall NYC firefighter coverman Michael Biserta, who in 2007 prompted the city to pull its official endorsement of the annual firemen calendar after he appeared nude in an episode of Guys Gone Wild. Biserta is back in the news after being named in the divorce suit of a New Jersey reality star who is accused of stabbing her husband.

Five-alarm hunk Michael Biserta, of Brooklyn’s Ladder Co. 131, traded sexually explicit mobile Facebook messages with former “Wife Swap” star Jamie Czerniawski just before her knife-wielding rampage last Memorial Day weekend, court papers allege. In lusty texts exchanged between May 12 and May 25, Czerniawski and Biserta discuss plans to rendezvous, according to a Monmouth County Divorce Court complaint filed by Jamie’s husband, Charles. “I want to let you know just how f- – -ing bad I wanna f- – – you right now!!!! Can you get out??” Czerniawski, 30, asks Biserta, 25, in a May 18 text. Earlier that day, she wrote Biserta: “I miss your lips!” “Want you,” the handsome hose man replied. “Mmm, can’t wait!!!!!!!!!”” she texted. At one point, Biserta and Czerniawski appear to discuss a firehouse hookup. In a May 19 exchange, Biserta texted, “I want to see you more . . . we gotta make some time.” She replied that she could “def” visit him at the firehouse. Biserta wrote back: “If your [sic] in Brooklyn you can stop by. [It] won’t be like last time so I wouldn’t even bother . . . it’s usually not that quiet around the fh [firehouse] but we’ll work something out . . . “

Points to the Post for “handsome hose man.”