“Personhood” May Be On 2010 CA Ballot

Under the sneaky title “California Human Rights Amendment,” Pastor Walter Hoye is spearheading a campaign to put an anti-abortion “personhood” amendment on the state’s 2010 ballot.

Hoye, a pastor who spent 18 days behind bars for pro-life demonstrations, admits it is a formidable task. “I think it sure will be, but we believe it’s more than doable and we’re looking forward to the challenge,” he adds. “We’re looking at obtaining about a million signatures within 150 days.” According to Hoye, church involvement, regardless of denomination, is important — and that it provides people a chance to reaffirm their faith publicly. The amendment would declare human life to start at the biological beginning, affording the unborn baby protection both “by love and by law,” notes Hoye.

After succeeding in California, Hoyt plans to wage a campaign for a federal constitutional “personhood” amendment so the law could not be undone by a future Congress.