Ssion – Warm Glove

My pal A.J. Fox has begun music blogging for the NY Press, and this is his first entry.

Kansas City’s dance punk collective Ssion, hitting Webster Hall Dec. 17 & 18—has released an unusual new video in support of the single “Warm Glove” off of the album Fool’s Gold. Before the song even starts, the group makes you—or, depending on your viewpoint, lets you—sit through a full ninety seconds of a bloated leather daddy guzzling God-knows-what from a gas can. (The lyrics suggest it is most likely attitude that the fellow is drowning himself in.) Like any daddy worth his boot polish, the band makes all the foreplay worth your while; when it finally arrives, the song is a sleazy stomper and the rest of the video a playful hoot. While the performance scenes are a little reminiscent of the only-in-the-movies Christmas drag show in Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, the whole thing is a remarkably realistic depiction of the time an acid-infused individual-who-is-totally-not-me got cock-blocked by someone in a fur suit at long-gone East Village filth fest The Hole. (Which is now East Village filth fest The Cock)

Delightfully freaky.