To Hurl Or Not To Hurl

Well, this show sounds as appetizing as Hell’s Kitchen.

In G4’s new series, Hurl!, competitors will not only speed-eat, but they’ll also be made to participate in physical challenges between binges. For example, after stuffing their faces with more chicken pot pie (or blueberry pie, hot dogs, fish sticks, or whatever else is on the menu) than any human being should ever ingest in a lifetime (let alone, one sitting), the participants who eat the most will get to advance to stage two. The second round involves the contestants performing physical challenges that include things like riding on a carnival ride, doing belly flops off a high dive or riding a mechanical bull – basically anything you wouldn’t want to do with a belly full of New England clam chowder.

Whichever contestants make it through the physical challenge without chucking up the contents of their stomachs will get to enjoy another round of eating. If more than one person makes it through that round they do another physical challenge.

I will definitely not be watching this show. I’m a sympathetic hurler.