Heads-Up On West 28th

Five years ago, when NYC’s Eagle opened on West 28th in Chelsea, it was a lonely walk down a crack-head strewn sidewalk to reach the Eagle’s front door. Today W.28th is the epicenter of Manhattan nightlife, with a dozen or more major nightclubs popping up in the area over the last few years.

With all that traffic comes a lot more safety, and I’ve been glad at times to have a dozen security guards eyeballing me from behind their velvet ropes as I head to the end of the block. However, for those visiting the Eagle in traditional leather bar garb, taunts and insults sometimes occur. Yesterday I heard about an incident involving limo drivers waiting outside of mega-titty bar Scores, who verbally assaulted two chaps-wearing guys leaving the Eagle. Things never got past name-calling and staffers at the Eagle have told me that Scores is a great neighbor and that their security has occasionally helped them out. Still, keep your heads up on West 28th.