Fighting Fraggots

Frag: verb {Mil.Slang} – a term from the Vietnam War (derived from “fragmentation grenade”) most commonly meaning: to assassinate an unpopular leader or member of one’s own fighting unit who is placing the entire squad in jeopardy through cowardice or lack of leadership. Fragging, while extreme, can be considered a form of self-preservation for those put in danger by bad leadership.

I think “fragging” is a apt analogy for what is being done to closeted anti-gay politicians. And I am one fraggot who cheers every pin that is pulled.

FIRE IN THE HOLE! (So to speak.) Now go read what Sen.Craig’s office proudly posted to his official site about his successful contribution to sinking ENDA back in 1997, and tell me if an ironic smile doesn’t pass across your face as he rails against “promiscous homosexual males.” As my granny used to say, “The guilty dogs bark the loudest!”