Open Thread Thursday

The magazine publishing world in midtown is busily putting together their year-end issues and a couple of friends of mine are working on their magazine’s Best Singles Of 2006 articles. Rather than asking you what your favorite singles of 2006 were, and getting a lot of possibly-not-entirely-true answers, in the cause of maintaining your cool-cred, let’s do things another, easier, probably-more-true way.

1. Open your iTunes.
2. Sort by “Play Count”
3. List your three most played tracks that came out in 2006.

I understand that your list may be embarassing. I’ll go first with mine, so’s you don’t feel so alone in your shame.

JMG Top 3 Most Played Singles From 2006

1. Life With A View – Blowoff
2. Minimal (Toca Discos Sunday At Space Mix) – PSB
3. I Am Adolfo – Drowsy Chaperone, Original Broadway Cast

Surely nothing you have in your Top 3 beats my #3 for sheer fagulousity. Or does it?

UPDATE: If we were going by videos, this one might be my number one. I think I’ve watched it 200 times, included 3 more times just making this update.