Trump Lawyer First Threatened Stormy Daniels In 2011

The Washington Post reports:

The president’s personal attorney Michael Cohen interceded in 2011 to prevent porn star Stormy Daniels from airing her story about an alleged affair with Donald Trump, telling the agent who arranged for its publication that he could harm her career, according to a person involved in the discussions.

Randy Spears, the ex-husband of agent Gina Rodriguez, told The Washington Post he answered the phone when Cohen called Rodriguez after she arranged for Daniels to earn $15,000 by telling her story to a celebrity publication. “You tell Gina that if she ever wants to work in this town again, she’ll call me immediately,” Spears said Cohen told him. He said Rodriguez, who declined to take Cohen’s call, contacted her lawyer instead.

Spears’s account offers the first look at the original effort by Trump’s lawyer to silence Daniels, who resurfaced again in 2016 as Trump ran for president. Cohen has acknowledged arranging a $130,000 payment in October 2016, using money from his own home equity line of credit, to ensure her silence. Cohen did not respond to questions from The Post.

60 Minutes is expected to air their highly-anticipated interview with Daniels and her attorney next Sunday at 7PM.

  • JWC

    Lets hope Mellies says to hell with the prenup follows Vanessa’s lead and files for divorce Hell its a dumpster fire anyway add a bit more fuel

    • FAEN

      Ivanka will have to be Daughter/Wife and Sister/Wife as well. I’m sure she’s used to it.

      • JWC

        She she never stepped down from that but what if her and Jared “retire” to New York poor trumpy will be all alone

        • FAEN

          I’m sure there are several look alike Ivanka’s on retainer.

    • lattebud

      She better be cutting a deal because her name is on several joint tax returns, that I am sure will be brought up as an issue.

      • JWC

        I have little sympathy for Mellie because she is/was a gold digger and got into it with both eyes opened

        • LesbianTippingHabits

          That much is true.

  • coram nobis

    Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick …

  • FAEN

    Gee I’m so shocked. NOT.

  • another_steve

    Nothing about the Trump Terror we’re living through makes sense, but this Stormy Daniels thing is particularly perplexing.

    Simple question: If Trump never had an affair with her, why is he and his people trying to silence her?

    What is there to silence her about?

    • Lizard


    • FAEN

      Maybe Stormy knows that BLOTUS is secretly fucking the sparrow chested weasel? Nothing is out of the realm of possibility with this crowd.

    • jimbo65

      Who knows. I guess its one thing for the evangelical Borg to hear about this affair. Might be quite another to continue to defend him with proof positive.

    • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

      ….and absolutely no tweets — none at all — mentioning her or this whole sordid (And delicious) affair.

      There’s a reason for that.

      • another_steve

        Trump denying that he didn’t have an “affair” with Daniels may be the same sort of “parsing” that Bill Clinton engaged in when he said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” (in relation to Monica Lewinsky).

        Trump fucking Daniels or feeling up her breasts doesn’t (in Trump’s mind) constitute an “affair.” Just as in Clinton’s mind, receiving blowjobs from Lewinsky didn’t.

        • BobSF_94117

          Clinton was asked a very oddly phrased question by the attorney questioning him. She probably realized he couldn’t help himself if presented with the opportunity to say something technically and legally correct while deeply disingenuous. And he fell for it. At least that’s my theory.

          • another_steve

            Keep in mind, Bob, that Clinton holds a law degree. A critical element of successfully playing the law game is knowing how to give answers that are, as you put it, “technically and legally correct while deeply disingenuous.” Clinton was good at it.

            Trump, on the other hand, is an idiot who couldn’t talk his way out of a paper bag if he tried. That’s why he’s remained relatively silent on the Daniels thing and let his lawyers take charge.

          • juanjo54

            In the South [among some other parts of the country], oral sex is not SEX. Sex requires vaginal penetration. Newt Gingrich used the same argument when accused of having oral sex with his next wife while still married to the first one. It is not uncommon. I know a number of devout “Christian” boys who would argue that oral/anal sex was not a violation of chastity rules and their girlfriends went for it.

        • stanhope

          She is going to tell the world that the biggest lie trump ever told and that he really has a teeny weeny.

      • Randy503

        Not even to call it Fake News.
        My friend who watches only Faux News and insists that everything in the Post and NY Times is fake, is utterly clueless about Stormy. Never heard her name. So that means that there is a news black out about this whole story over on state tv.

    • Randy503

      One message to all sex workers of the world: Do not, repeat, do not ever take a call from Donald Trump. You won’t get paid unless you threaten a lawsuit, and then he will sic his lawyers upon you. Find a reputable John with whom you can have a safe transaction.

    • JCF

      That apparently the sex he had w/ her was masochistic, and that’s ONE peccadillo he doesn’t want people to know.

  • Devon Rodriguez

    ‘Neath the stars, at bazaars
    Often I’ve had to caress men
    Five or ten, dollars then, I’d collect from all those yes-men
    Don’t be sad, I must add, that they meant no more than chess-men

    Darling, can’t you see?
    ‘Twas for charity?
    Though these lips have made slips, it was never really serious

    • David Walker

      Oh, Devon. A shirt? Really? Did you ask anyone about that?

      • Devon Rodriguez


    • TuuxKabin

      too bad these lyrics are left out, as they so often are . . .

      As a tot, when I trotted in little velvet panties,
      I was kissed by my sisters, my cousins, and my aunties.
      Sad to tell, it was hell, an inferno worse than Dante’s.
      So my dear I swore,
      “Never, never more !”
      On my list, I insisted that kissing must be crossed out.
      Now, I find I was blind, and oh my! How I lost out!
      I could cry salty tears, . . .

  • geoffalnutt

    “He’s so dumb – you know what he said?! Well, I forgot what he said cuz it was so DUMB !!”

  • Bluto
    • JCF

      Gonna be a “regectomy” of this “king”.

  • Lazycrockett

    He’s more of a bully than an actual lawyer.

  • crewman

    Cohen desperately deserves to end up in prison when this is all done.

    • David Walker

      Especially after he says, “Sez who?” repeatedly to the judge.

    • Kruhn

      Or at least disbarred.

  • DreadPikathulhu

    The GOP couldn’t shut up about Clinton’s “bimbo eruptions”, but at least they were based on mutual attraction. Trump is so odious that he has to pay people, either via an NDA or a pre-nup, to have sex with him and then send his lawyers to strong-arm them into silence.

  • Joe in PA

    Randy Spears? What Joe Hardwood was taken?

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Scumbag thug needs to go to prison for a long, long time.

  • coram nobis

    Tonight on “60 Minutes”: Leslie interviews the President’s latest whore, Scott Pelley interviews Jennifer Lawrence, and Cooper Andersonville goes underwater in the Amazon River for another travel segment. Now this word from Geritol.

    (opening credits) tickticktickticktickticktick …
    LESLEY: I’m Lesley Stahl.
    COOPER: I’m Cooper Andersonville.
    SCOTT: I’m Scott Pelley.
    MIKE WALLACE: I’m dead.
    EDWARD R. MURROW: I warned you it’d come to this, back in ’58. Wires and lights in a box. Ludicrous.
    MARIE-ANTOINETTE: Would you like some cake?
    ANNOUNCER: And now this word from our sponsor. Go Cialis. I think she’ll know.

  • Joe in PA

    Not that I would know anything about “Randy Spears”,,,but I wonder if this is the same Randy Spears?

    • David Walker

      So he was actually spreading the gospel whilst moaning “oh jesus, oh god, oh yeah, oh sweet fuckin’ Jesus.” That’s really noble of him.

      • Wisterley

        Who among us has not done the same?

        • David Walker

          Amen, brother. Amen.

    • Devon Rodriguez
  • Tawreos

    It is not surprising that Trump’s lawyer has enough pull in the porn world to make threats about harming someones career

  • Acronym Jim

    Randy Spears?

    Edited: Dammit, others beat me to the punch. In my defense, it took me a while to, erm, find a good image.

  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci
    • William

      Randy looks like he abused steroids. A quick feel of his balls will tell for sure.

    • Dazzer

      Thank you. I was wondering if it was the same Randy Spears.

    • LesbianTippingHabits

    • JCF

      Dayum this guy aged poorly! Makes one think there must be some truth in that “Precious Bodily Fluids” thang… ;-X

  • safari

    Trump Org lawyers in Panama assaulted a judge last week and had to be removed by the police.

  • William

    Please put Cohen in general population in a southern prison.

  • CB

    Has drumpf EVER had sex he didn’t have to pay for?

  • Jon Doh

    How does one ruin the career of a porn star, spread the rumor that she has a gag reflex?

    • Reality.Bites

      You could publish photos of her having sex with Trump, rendering her permanently unhot.

      • LesbianTippingHabits

        Well, I’m not sure that that would constitute “sex.” Sad !

    • It sounds like Cohen was also threatening Stormy’s agent.

      But yes, in general Stormy has weathered this better than other accusers because she isn’t as easy to shame and because she hasn’t claimed noble goals and, like Trump, makes no bones that she’s in it for the money. Her cards are already on the table.

      You’d think that sleeping with Trump might hurt her cache but maybe she figures that’s already out there and she might as well make as much hay as she can.

  • DisqusD37

    Sez who?

    Sez who?

  • hdtex
  • Harveyrabbit
  • Kevin Andrews

    These vile, scum-of-the-Earth, professional liars are true reflections of the Shitgibbon and minions infesting the Whitey House.
    They are all traitors, seditious bastards and Meat-Puppets for their Corporate Fascist Masters.

  • Henry Auvil

    I’ve never punched anyone in the face in my life, but every time I see that photo of Cohen’s mug, my fist involuntarily clenches and my rage surges.

  • He looks like a heavy from a mobster tv show. I can believe he is willing and able to engage in any illegal behavior.

  • greenmanTN

    It’s getting hard to manage my list of “Most Punchable Faces From The Trump Administration,” but Michael Cohen is always high on it.

    Stephen Miller holds a special place in my heart, will always be my number one.

    And drowning Jeff Sessions in cookie batter does have a certain appeal.

  • fuzzybits

    One step away from being a hit man.

  • LesbianTippingHabits

    Does this mean Hillary sacrificed Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi to cover up her cheating on Huma with Stormy Daniels?

    • EdA

      Even as a sick joke, this is disgusting.

  • Attorney Algonquin Calhoun

    Stormy Daniels Has Raised $232,000 With Help From Jimmy Kimmel

  • stanhope

    My question is where is melania? She is humiliated like few women have ever been. Bitch get up!

    • SDG

      Who knows how he has fucked with her, mentally?