Rick Saccone Won’t Concede, May Demand Recount

CBS News reports:

Republicans eyed a recount and a lawsuit over perceived irregularities in a closely watched U.S. House race in Pennsylvania where Democrat Conor Lamb clung to a slender lead in the longtime GOP stronghold friendly to President Donald Trump.

With the last batch of absentee ballots counted, Lamb, a 33-year-old former prosecutor and first-time candidate, saw his edge over Republican Rick Saccone shrink slightly, to 627 votes out of more than 224,000 cast, according to unofficial results.

The four counties in the Pittsburgh-area district reported they had about 375 uncounted provisional, military and overseas ballots. They have seven days to count the provisional ballots, and the deadline to receive military and overseas ballots is next Tuesday. With the margin so close, supporters of either candidate can ask for a recount.

NBC News reports:

Saccone’s campaign has made claims of voting irregularities and said it plans to file a number of related lawsuits — but had yet to do so by late Wednesday afternoon. It also has not provided evidence to back up its suggestion of irregularities.

The campaign said that individuals in Allegheny County reported that while voting on the county’s election machines, the wrong candidate appeared, not the candidate the voter selected.

The Saccone campaign claims election officials were unable to remedy the issue and the voters ended up casting their ballots for the wrong candidate. However, the county vehemently disputed this.

  • Mark Née Fuzz

    Give it up, sack of whatever. Get out your knitting needles.

  • Ginger Snap

    They can never just accept that they lost.

    • matrem

      His masters paid good money for him to win!

    • jeffg166

      Conservatism can’t fail only people fail conservatism.

    • Devon Rodriguez

      Typically GOP move…if they win it was in the cards if they do not win…it is rigged….whiny wig wear weakling

    • BobSF_94117

      Their fighting the results isn’t about thinking they won. It’s about casting doubt on the whole system and reinforcing the idea that it’s corrupted in the favor of Dems.

    • boatboy_srq

      To the GOTea, there are only two legitimate election outcomes: Victory!!11!1!, and Voter Fraud!!!11!1!. This was clearly not the former, so to them it has to be the latter.

      • Craig Howell

        Nothing new there. Remember that great Orson Welles movie “Citizen Kane” from 1940? As publisher of a newspaper, Charles Kane had prepared two issues on election night when he was running for governor. One edition’s headline exclaimed “Victory!,” while the alternative edition screamed “Massive Fraud!”

    • Kruhn

      The words “irregularities” and “Republicans” should never be used on the same sentence.

    • Dana Chilton

      The modern conservative doesn’t (can’t) lose. Elections like these are only ‘stolen’. Democratic politicians are always ‘illegitimate’ or ‘traitors’ or ‘anti-American’ or all three. The only ‘Real’ Americans are other modern conservatives. The only ‘Real” voters are other modern conservatives. The only ‘real’ leader is one that their god appoints. Whenever ‘real’ Americans don’t get to take their god-ordained place as kings the reason is because the ‘fake’ ‘ungodly’ ‘illegitimate’ ‘traitors’ with their ‘fake’ news and ‘illegal’ voters’ cheated. The only ‘real’ outcome that’s ever even possible is the one where they get to rule.

    • Benny Cemoli ✔ Gold Verified

      Sorta like HRC accepted that she lost? Face it, if Lamb had lost he’d be pulling the same shit as Saccone with recounts and lawsuits. Guaranteed.

      • Ginger Snap

        What are you talking about Hillary did not ask for a recount.

        • Benny Cemoli ✔ Gold Verified

          They can never just accept that they lost.

          The above statement is what I was replying to. And as far as I can tell HRH Saint Hillary is still making excuses for why why she lost the 2016 presidential election. She simply cannot accept the fact that she screwed the pooch royally with her campaign and lost to Donald J. Trump of all people.

          And if you want to be technical, you are correct, HRH Saint Hillary didn’t ask for a recount. She got Jill Stein to call for and get a recount
          on her behalf.

          • 🐾vorpal🐾

            She’s not making excuses for why she lost: she’s trying to understand why she lost, and to share that information so that we don’t get another situation again like the Orange Oranguturd in the oval office.

            As for your final paragraph, preposterous conspiracy theory nonsense.

            Shouldn’t you be over at Breitbart?

          • Benny Cemoli ✔ Gold Verified

            Nope. She’s making excuses.

            Reasons Hillary Clinton lost the election according to Hillary Clinton:

            1. Email server scandal
            2. Misogyny
            3. Comey
            4. Russians
            5. Too high expectations
            6. Inept DNC
            7. Bad data from DNC
            8. No data from DNC
            9. Missed opportunities
            10. Women didn’t vote for her
            11. MSM unfairly targeted her
            12. Too much attention to oppnent

            And now
            13. Women voted as the men told them to vote. It was the patriarchy!

            All excuses that Hillary Clinton has used as to why she lost the 2016 presidential election. And none of which are the real reason she lost.

            As for your final paragraph, preposterous conspiracy theory nonsense.

            Then why exactly did Jill Stein call for recounts in those exact states that Hillary “surprisingly” lost to Trump and nowhere else. Especially since she didn’t have a hope in heII of actually changing the outcome in those states.

            Shouldn’t you be over at Breitbart?

            No, I don’t read Breitbart. A little too over the top for me.

          • 🐾vorpal🐾

            Those are all partly reasons why she lost the election. She’s not saying that she’s not responsible for some of them. She’s pointing out facts, so that we can investigate and avoid this in the future elections.

            Jill Stein is her own person. I fail to see why Hillary wouldn’t have just called for recounts on her own. She admitted defeat gracefully and promptly.

          • Benny Cemoli ✔ Gold Verified

            Those are all partly reasons why she lost the election. She’s not saying that she’s not responsible for some of them. She’s pointing out facts, so that we can investigate and avoid this in the future elections.

            Nope. They are all excuses used by Hillary R. Clinton to try and explain away why she lost an election that was handed to her on an engraved silver platter from the very beginning.

            Jill Stein is her own person.

            She certainly is. But that doesn’t change the fact that she demanded recounts in only the four states that Hillary surprisingly lost.

            I fail to see why Hillary wouldn’t have just called for recounts on her own.

            She didn’t need to. Stein did it for her before the Clinton team could decide to do so. And If I remember correctly Clinton’s lawyers got involved with the recount so they were there.

          • 🐾vorpal🐾

            Believe whatever nonsense you like.

            The election was clearly not handed to her on a silver platter from the beginning: many people expressed loathing for HRC in 2012, and then again in 2016.

          • Benny Cemoli ✔ Gold Verified

            She admitted defeat gracefully and promptly.

            That’s a laugh and a half. She had a fucking nervous breakdown the night of the election when it became readily apparent that she had fucked it up so badly she had lost. It was so bad that she couldn’t even go out and tell her supporters waiting in the convention hall that it was over. She had Podesta go on stage. And he simply told everyone to go home.

  • Boreal

    This is how repigs win seats, by disputing election outcomes (See Bush V. Gore) because dems don’t fight or contest election outcomes. I hope Lamb has a campaign staff willing to go to the mat on this because repigs have no ethics or morals.

    • John30013

      Lamb’s operation has been superior to Saccone’s in practically every way. If expect the same now. My guess is that Saccone won’t actually file the suits ,although he probably will follow through with the recount.

    • fuow

      god damn straight up right! We always give in ‘for the good of the country’. ‘Bout time we fight back and fight back hard.

  • Leo

    Watch the lawsuit last the amount of time it takes for this district to still exist.

  • Tulle Christensen

    No paper trail no way to prove any of it

    • clay

      No actual witnesses, no way to prove it.

    • j.martindale

      Once the assholes start losing more and more races, watch them change their tune about having paper ballots. It is about fucking time they start realizing that fair and open elections with reliable hard copy evidence is for the good of all.

      • Reality.Bites

        Not for the good of those who’d prefer we no longer have elections

      • Brian Curtis

        And why exactly would they care about the good of all?

      • Scott Carpenter

        I don’t think they’ll ever change their tune about that. They don’t blame lack of traceability, they blame libruls. If we just make sure libruls are never in a position to oversee elections, then elections will be free and fair. And, concidentally, end in their favor. Always.

        • Steverino

          One-party states are like that.

      • Kruhn

        The bastards would probably demand to abolish the secret ballot, that way they can coerce voters to “vote properly”.

    • Gay Fordham Prep Grad

      Exactly. The Republican controlled state government purchased all electronic voting machines, other than the mail in absentee ballots, there is nothing to count.

      • clay

        In PA, the state does not own the machines and not all counties use the same ones. Even with the electronic machines in Philly, they will double-check the tallies and count the number of voters who signed in to each.

        • LoWa

          It always bothers me (as a PA18 voter no less) that I get no confirmation of my vote. I double check the machine but there is no ticket printed to verify my vote was actually cast for who I voted for at the end.

          • clay

            Which county?

          • LoWa


          • clay

            Rick’s complaints are focused on Allegheny. He claims that they did get (temporary, visual on the machine) confirmation.

          • LoWa

            Well that makes sense. It’s the only county in the district that he lost. I still don’t think a candidate can demand a recount though. Our process is pretty clearly outlined. There are 539 precincts in this district and a full recount won’t happen if they don’t get 3 voters in each of
            the 539 precincts to file a petition for recount. To file a petition
            you have to pay $50 deposit and allege that fraud or error occurred in
            the tabulation of votes or the marking of election ballots (but you do
            not need to specify the particular act). If no fraud is found in the
            recount they keep your $50. You have to file the petition in the county
            where you live. I’m not sure how the recount works if they don’t get 3 voters from every precinct. Maybe if Saccone’s filing with the courts goes through and the courts can order something.

            The whole thing is crazy to me as Saccone can run again in November in a completely separate district as Lamb because of PA’s redistricting. He and Lamb can both be elected in
            different districts. If Lamb runs again he’ll have to challenge Rothfus
            in the new 17th District. Saccone would run in a revised 14th
            District (he has to qualify to run first which is a completely different can of worms). This is all for 8 months of a term…

          • (((GC)))

            Even a printed ticket can differ from the vote the machine actually counts. Unless it’s put in a ballot box and becomes the official, recountable record of the vote.

            Paper ballots (whether or not created with the aid of a voting machine) must become the standard.

      • Judas Peckerwood

        Every state should vote by mail like we do here in Oregon — absolute convenience, a couple of weeks between when you get you a ballot and the deadline to return it (so you can do your home work on candidates and ballot initiatives), and a paper trail.

        • (((GC)))

          There’s something to be said for the privacy of the voting booth. An abusive spouse, a coercive boss, or someone else can’t buy or pressure your vote.

          Absolutely agreed on the other parts: have a generous early voting period for early voting, accomodating people who work weekdays or weekends. Use paper ballots (they can be scanned quickly, and recounted by hand).

    • Scott MB

      It should be mandatory that every election have a paper ballot to back up the vote NYS does this and it should be nationwide. That way when people make these claims there is something to prove or disprove their claim. It is too easy with just digital voting to claim the machine changed a vote. It seems that the GOP is always claiming something when they lose, it is just shameful really

  • Mark McGovern

    Just more lies from the party that always lies. That’s what happens when your leader is an abject liar; soon no one will believe you except your fellow liars who know you are lying but who have rationalized lie as truth and truth as fake.

  • The Professor

    What a snowflake. Just concede already and move on to cruising Grindr.

    • Scott MB

      What did they tell us…you lost get over it?!

    • Dayglo

      It doesn’t help that he resembles Captain Kangaroo.

      • Reality.Bites

        It does if he wants to seduce baby boomers?

        • fuow

          No, it does not.

      • BobSF_94117

        I don’t know… could be niche market for that.

      • Chuck in NYC

        That’s what I was thinking. Which is ironic in that some GOPers are blaming Saccone’s “porn stache.”

        I can’t imagine Bob Keeshan would’ve been a Trumpster. It’s like imagining Walter Kronkite being one.

  • HeyYouKidsGetOffMyLawn

    Of course. They can only win by cheating.

    They’ll Merrick Garland this into irrelevancy (when the districts change).

    • Tulle Christensen

      It’s not like one vote in the House will make any difference at this point, the good of the election is already done, making Republicans shit their pants

      • (((GC)))

        It reinforces the fact that tRump and the Republican Party are both losing brands at this point, even among many former supporters, and adds momentum to the BLUE WAVE coming in November!

  • Rex

    Thoughts and prayers, Rick, thoughts and prayers.

  • The Milkman

    He probably should demand a recount. If the roles were reversed, I’d expect Lamb to demand one. That way once the recount is over, there’s no ambiguity. Lamb won. Now go away.

    • Reality.Bites

      I thought I read on election night that there is no provision for recounts in PA except for statewide elections and that the recount would have to be paid for by those requesting it.

      If he wants to essentially return dirty Republican money to the state, I’m OK with that.

      • Tulle Christensen

        no automatic recounts, three voters can ask for one though

        • Reality.Bites

          Who pays?

          • Tulle Christensen

            we all do 😉 to answer your question it was not something that I found with my googling

          • clay

            They ones who ask.

            Maybe the GOP wants to get their costs up over 12 million for this 9 month seat?

          • LoWa

            The voters who file a petition have to pay a $50 deposit. If there is no fraud found the county keeps the money. Each precinct has to have 3 voters file a petition for a recount to occur. I’m not sure what happens with your $50 if only 1 or 2 people file in your precinct. It’s kind of crazy that if all 539 precincts have 3 voters file, that’s over $80,000 for the district. This is deep Trump country in most of PA18 (I live in Westmoreland County), but it’ll be surprising that you can find 3 Trump-loving apostles even here willing to shell out $50 in his name for a recount in every precinct.

          • KeiFFer

            The $150 per district is forwarded to the county who oversees the recount.

  • clay

    Saccone was “Trump before Trump”. Apparently, that means his only source of information is conspiracy theorists and Fox News.

    Hey, Rick, see you next Tuesday (night, for that over-seas ballots count).

    • j.martindale

      And his own fevered imagination.

      • John30013

        Don’t kid yourself. Hrs not bright enough to have an imagination.

        • fuow

          Actually, he is quite bright. He knows how to play his audience.

          • Todd20036

            You don’t need much intelligence to fool Nazis. Tell them it’s a conspiracy.. mention deep state, Obama, Clinton, Jews, LBGTs, BLM, immigrants, etc. And that should pretty much be enough.

            The GOP may not have been majority Nazis even as recently as Bill Clinton’s administration, but it is now.

    • cleos_mom

      Saccone was also a fan of right-to-work laws, and Lamb took full advantage of that.

  • Kevin Andrews

    There is nothing more disgusting than a Fascist Republican howling that “the system” is screwed. They’ve spent so many years undermining and destroying democracy that when it works, they don’t believe it.
    Low-life Gilded Feces, Scum of the Earth.

  • Tom Furgas

    Rick, the election results were not fake. Unlike your hair.

    • justme

      tRump comb over…

    • Jim Michaud

      Drum roll and rim shot!

  • BlindBill

    Hmmm, Lamb is already more experienced in politics, more patriotic, more intelligent, and better looking than the current president …. wonder what he is doing in 2020?

    • fuow

      Although he is far too conservative for my taste, should he be our candidate – I’d vote for him. That is how we Democrats MUST vote in the future. Like it or not, this ‘falling in love’ nonsense while our enemies are goosestepping in line just has to stop.

  • Steve Smith

    “Voting Irregularities” only apply when the conservatives lose.

  • Charlie In SF

    At least Nixon had the grace to accept his loss (in ’60, to JFK)

    • olandp

      But Republicans still claim that he actually won.

      • Craig Howell

        Well, let’s admit it, there might have been just a teensy amount of ballot-stuffing on JFK’s behalf in Chicago and Texas.

    • LesbianTippingHabits

      And Democrats still hated him, with good reason, as later became clear.

  • Keith D Plane

    so next he will be asking for money like the the molester in Alabama?

  • DesertSun59

    ‘Voting irregularities’. Of course, Republicans will scream bloody murder about their non-evidential claim, assertion and belief.

    • DesertWolfPS

      GOP will claim all the “illegal aliens” voting made them lose. It’s their standard go-to lie.

  • Halou

    Saccone is 627 votes behind, but hold up! 375 votes are yet to be counted so he could still win it.

    • evanedwards

      Math is hard.

    • Blake J Butler

      Saccone and sanders suck at math.

    • The_Wretched

      Republican counting makes it work.

    • LesbianTippingHabits

      No, even if 375 votes are all for Saccone, he is still short. Sad !

  • fuow

    Then again, the only way a rethug can lose is if somebody cheats, right?

    • Guess?

      Republicans paid Russia good money to win that election. That’s how they know Democrats cheated!

  • ColdCountry

    “It also has not provided evidence to back up its suggestion of irregularities.”

    Of course it hasn’t!

  • TexasBoy

    Here is the problem I have with recounts…they can’t be done accurately, you can recount the paper absentee ballots, but there is absolutely no way to recount electronic computer ballots, there is not paper trail, and it there is a flaw in the program, how would you know? Put receipt printers on the computers so there is a paper trail!

    • William

      Take all electronic voting machines to the scrapyard and crush them.

      • Canadian Observer

        If I could up vote times one thousand I would. Looking in from the outside, I find it hard to believe the faith some American jurisdictions place in the machines they use to cast their votes – and I cannot see how they are in any way advantageous… they certainly don’t appear to speed up the tabulation process appreciably…

    • (((GC)))

      Receipts that voters take with them are worse than useless.

      They might not match the vote the machine counted, and there would be no way to know. They won’t be uniformly kept and handed in in the event of a “recount”. And they destroy the privacy of the voting booth. (Vote-buying would become feasible. Abusive spouses, bosses, and such would be able to demand certain votes and make it stick.)

      Better: the machine prevents overvotes and highlights contests where the voter can still choose candidates. At the end it prints out a piece of paper. If the voter sees that it’s accurate, s/he puts it in the ballot box. (If not, s/he rips it up and prints another, or fills out a blank ballot by hand.) That piece of paper is the official record of the vote. We’ve just reinvented paper ballots, technology not subject to invisible hacking or the easy massive fraud of direct recording electronic machines. There’s a tangible artifact of every voter’s intent.

      The machine count would be an “exit poll”. Official results would come from scanning the pieces of paper. And they can be spot-checked in random precincts to gauge confidence in the results, and recounted manually if necessary.

      • TexasBoy

        The receipt printers could print two copies…one for the voter, one to drop into a sealed ballot box for a recount, if needed.

  • TexasBoy

    Are all GOP candidate Roy Moore wanna-bes?

    • Stogiebear


    • Todd20036

      At this point, any old school GOPers are retiring or becoming democrats. There IS no more GOP anymore. It’s fully devolved into Nazis.

      • LesbianTippingHabits

        But real Americans (of all demographic categories) who care about our nation’s future can re-register as Republicans to vote in their closed primaries.

        And then to vote Democratic in the General Election.

        It’s much better than complaining . . .

  • kaydenpat

    Republicans can never lose. They can only be cheated of a win.

  • Tom Mears

    voting irregularities = someone let colored people vote

    • Friday’s_cat

      Colored people, you date yourself. A phrase my Philly born Italian mom used.

      • cleos_mom

        But I’m sure you’re aware that the people he was referring to would not have used so polite a term. And most likely, neither would their mommies.

  • coram nobis

    This could tie it up for months. Remember how long it took to seat Al Franken?

    • BobSF_94117

      Longer than it took to foolishly toss him out.

      • Friday’s_cat

        Rat fuckers used #metoo as a weapon

  • LoWa

    The thing about this election is Saccone can run again in November because of PA’s redistricting. He and Lamb can both be elected in different districts. If Lamb runs again he’ll have to challenge Rothfus in the new 17th District. Saccone would run in a revised 14th District. This is all for 8 months of a term…

  • Friday’s_cat

    If a false declaration of voting irregularities isn’t a felony it should be.

    • LesbianTippingHabits

      Like other types of false accusations, right? It makes sense. Sad !

  • Pucks yer Mackd

    Lol. So you reviewed your ballot and saw the wrong persons showed up and you confirmed it aways? DUMB A$$! You freakin call the official over and if they can’t fix it you void it and use the paper ballot! My polling place in little ole West Virginia clearly stated if there are ANY problems with the electric ballot the will void it and you will need to use the paper ballot! We are 49th in EVERYTHING barely beating Mississippi and we can get it right.

    So all of his voters crying are LIES!!!!!!!!

    Yah lost now go home!

  • William

    Is this the new normal for loser rethuglicans? A few years back there was a close race in the Texas House. The repuglican challenger lost by a narrow margin. He demanded a recount and again he wasn’t the winner. He had the vote tied up in court for months. In the end, the Dem was declared winner. The court battle prevented the winner from being seated in the House for several months of the session.

  • Friday

    Well, that was predictable.

  • cleos_mom

    Sore losers. Sore, sore losers. And even when they win, they’re sore winners.

  • Charles Nelson

    The vote count MUST be wrong. Putin and the Republican Party would never allow a moderate to be elected.

    • Steverino

      Oh, but they tried! Once again, here was a candidate (Lamb, a Democrat) up by 6% in a late poll prior to the election, but then ends up winning the election by only 0.1%.

      • LesbianTippingHabits

        Clearly, the polls are wrong. As were the polls [and Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D)] that convinced Hillary to ignore Wisconsin.

        And the polls in Michigan that Hillary under-performed.

        There is no reason to trust any polls. Sad !

  • NowAnAgnostic

    “. . . individuals in Allegheny County reported that while voting on the county’s election machines, the wrong candidate appeared, not the candidate the voter selected.”

    JFC. This has been a problem since the republicans first manufactured these electronic voting machines. The repukes have never complained about it, though, as the results always favored repukes.

    • EdA

      And who says that anybody actually made these reports? And to whom were they made? (In Boston, and presumably in the rest of Massachusetts, any claim of irregularity has to be recorded in the precinct Clerk’s Log and called in to the election department immediately. If any such claim were made in Pennsylvania, surely someone would have notified a local Fox station right then and there and everyone would have heard about it while the voting was still taking place.)

  • JWC

    This close, the GOP is not going to sit quiet , so let them have their monitored recount and settle this. We do not need another Roy Moore scenario

    • LoWa

      The problem is, Saccone nor the GOP, can demand a recount. That’s not the way it works here. Maybe a lawsuit can force something, but recount law in PA in this type of election says the petition for recount must be filed by 3 voters in each precinct for a recount to occur.

      • JWC

        Just remember “Dubya” was elected by the Courts

        • Franciscan

          That would be “selected,” in my opinion.

          • JWC

            Thanx for the correction

  • Pip

    I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

  • M Jackson

    The republicans couldn’t get rigging the machines right, or the gerrymandering just didn’t work? What else could an investigation uncover?

  • Ninja0980

    Republicans are in favor of paper ballots now that they are losing.
    Got to love it.

  • teedofftaxpayer

    Of course he did, they want to delay seating a Democrat as long as they can. It’s the Republican way-to obstruct.

  • Jalapeño Business

    PA law doesn’t give him the option for a recount just because he wants one.

    /sad trombone sound

    • LesbianTippingHabits

      Sad !

  • EdA

    Is it too late to declare Al Gore the duly elected president in 2000? John Kerry the duly elected president in 2004? Hillary Clinton the duly elected president in 2016?

    Notoriously, touch-screen machines can’t be recounted in any meaningful way, and who has had control of funding to support voting machines that can’t be gimmicked for most of this century?

  • Dunkerblinker

    Same old poor ass losers.

  • LesbianTippingHabits

    Did Roy Moore (R) ever concede last December’s U.S. Senate race in Alabama?