FBI Disciplinary Office Calls For Firing Former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Days Before His Retirement

The Washington Post reports:

The FBI office that handles employee discipline has recommended firing the bureau’s former deputy director over allegations that he authorized the disclosure of sensitive information to a reporter and misled investigators when asked about it — though Justice Department officials are still reviewing the matter and have not come to a final decision, a person familiar with the case said.

The recommendation from the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility is likely to add fuel to the political fire surrounding former deputy director Andrew McCabe, who abruptly stepped down from his post earlier this year but technically remained an FBI employee.

McCabe was hoping to retire in just days, when he becomes eligible for his full benefits. If he is fired, he could lose his retirement benefits. President Trump has long made McCabe a particular target of his ire, and the recommendation to fire the former No. 2 FBI official could give him new ammunition.

  • Lazycrockett

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    • Todd20036

      I love it when you talk dirty…

      • Treant

        “Fund,” dear. “Fund.”

        I misread it at first myself.

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          Hon… anyone who wants to give me money… IS talking dirty to me. Give me cash (shudder), give me fun-un-un-UUUUHNDING…. ooooh yeah.


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            “Fiancé”? I thought he said “finance me”!!!

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            Are they really that different?

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            I wouldn’t mind co-mingling some funds. Swap funding, anyone?

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  • Tom G

    What did he give reporters?

    • Lazycrockett

      Nothing that Im aware, Drumpf wants him out cause McCabe refused to fire Rosenstein and his wife is a democrat.

    • clay

      credibility to Comey.

    • Leo

      They keep bringing this up and I’m yet to understand it.

  • SkokieGuy – Helen Flexible
  • Gustav2

    He is only 50 years old, enough time to recover financially. A top firm will pick him up. It is still shitty.

  • Boreal

    I’m guessing McCabe has already talked with Mueller multiple times. Mueller will be watching to see if trump and sessions commit obstruction of justice again.

    • Gustav2

      Might be difficult to prove with the Office of Professional Responsibility recommendations. It does give ‘cover.’

      • Boreal

        We’ll see but this is clearly an attempt by dump to discredit him as a witness and that may backfire on dump. I’ll be watching to see what sessions does.

        • prixator

          But, the Dump is innocent! He insists! He doesn’t need to bother himself with stuff like “witnesses” and “evidence” or even “guilt”. It’s all a witch hunt, don’t you know?

          • Boreal

            Look over there, Hillary has uranium in her purse!!!

    • thatotherjean

      I hope you’re right that Mueller’s watching. This looks so petty and vindictive and wrong…….very like Trump.

  • JWC

    Circle and protect der Orange shitgibbon He demands loyality

  • Natty Enquirer

    I disagree with Abramson’s second premise.How will McCabe being fired weaken him as a witness? The events he would to testify to are in the past.

    • clay

      dirties the motive– might make him suspect in the eyes of a jury

    • tbj5

      Seth usually doesn’t know what he’s talking about if he isn’t just regurgitating stuff that other people already wrote about.

    • The_Wretched

      You’d take the word of a person fired for misconduct?!!!

      (that’s how it’d be recited)

    • 2guysnamedjoe

      He’d be characterized as a disgruntled ex-employee, all pissed off about his firing.

  • another_steve

    I was a federal executive, and when I announced my retirement I was ever-so-careful to be good and not get in trouble.

    I mean… I wasn’t a saint on the job, you know.

    • Gustav2

      Yes, the hubby is a year away from his retirement…he is being sooooo nice to everyone.

      • another_steve

        The agency I retired from was queer-aware and friendly. I was very fortunate. At the dais of my retirement dinner, my wonderful husband was seated next to me.

        There wasn’t one person in that agency who didn’t know I was queer.

        I mean… duh.

        • Gustav2

          He has always worked for the same agency, and he has always lived with me since he started. They all know me and feel sorry for him. Before 9/11 I used to say “Hi” to security and just breeze by to go to his office. Later, I worked in the same building for a contractor.

          He is just trying not to make too many waves until he gets to the next level in benefits. He could retire now, next year he gets a bit more.

          • another_steve

            Totally totally understand, Gustav.

            Please send my love to him, as a fellow federal government person.

      • Joe in PA

        Not that you want the hassle, but I think he doesn’t need to be too careful. Any company that fires someone in the year before retirement is subject to a ugly fight. But still….

        • Gustav2

          He could retire today, just hanging on for a few extra bucks with a couple of extra years. Soon it will not give him any more money in retirement.

          • Joe in PA

            Nothing wrong with that. Good for him…do you have plans in retirement? I mean when you both are retired. You can still JMG from your Winnebago. 🙂

          • Gustav2

            I think he wants to move to Flori Duh.

          • Joe in PA

            Hmmm, not sure what to make of that. But leaving Ohio might be ok. 🙂 And I hear there is a gay mayor of Ft Lauderdale now. 🙂

          • Gustav2

            Heard that. too. I can’t remember where I heard that.

  • HZ81

    Vindictive, petty and sad. So very Trump.

    • ted-

      I hope he dies. Not McCabe, of course.

  • -M-

    Oh that’s not at all petty and politically motivated. 🙄/s

  • bkmn

    Can anyone chip in a few dollars for more rope for Jeffy?

  • Treant

    This is about par for the course.

    Naturally, if you fired me days before my pension, I’d dredge up every faintly questionable thing I ever saw you do and offer it up to Mueller in the hopes that he might do something about it eventually. But I tend to be kind of vindictive when you cost me my retirement.

    • Tread

      Ha, I’m entering my last days at my current employer and I’ve become more vocal about the bullshit I’ve seen and calling people out for it. My 2 weeks go in on Friday and I’ll be naming all the names when I leave. They cost me a lot here (a relationship, time with my dying father) so I look forward to burning that bridge.

      • Smokey

        “When one burns one’s bridges, what a very nice fire it makes.”
        ― Dylan Thomas

        • Tread

          I mean, are there really any bridges to burn when they’re the ones who lit the fire? Just nuking the site from orbit.

      • Treant

        I’ve also nuked a bridge or two behind me, including that famous idiot boss I sometimes talk about. Amazingly, 16 hour days didn’t count toward any additional time off…unless he was the one pulling them. And even there, he’d slip out at hour 10.

        I’ve mentioned, I think, about how they couldn’t be arsed to change all the billing I’d left in a nice file with “BILLING NEEDS CHANGING.” They ended up charging thousands to my credit cards.

        Which was fine, my bank is wonderful. They canceled the charges and we charged them with fraud.

      • Bambino

        I just imagine it’s as exciting as Dr. Jones adventure. Burn baby burn! Or chop with a machete. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/738adca95b089fedab972e406ac1a25bceedafe451f87b0aceb154c9a8bcccda.gif

        • Tread

          Fear, excitement, anger… I think I’ve gone through every emotion everyday in the past 2 weeks as Friday comes closer. I think my overwhelming feeling however is disappointment. I really liked working at this job, but incompetent senior management along with account teams who never manage the client have made it a sweatshop that isn’t worth slaving over. I’m proud of my work, but the negative energy that surrounded it makes me look at it as “lesser than.”

          • Danieruw

            Are you retiring or have you found a better place to work?

          • Tread

            Better place to work. I’m well away from retiring, but I’m starting my own department at my new job. It’s pretty exciting and a huge opportunity. Plus there’s travel to the UK.

    • jmax

      I worked for a communications company that pulled this same shit on one of their original employees who helped build the company from the ground up. Canned him at less than a year short of his retirement. The place was called CSI (Comm Svcs Inc) but employees referred to it as Chicken Shit Incorporated. I got out of that place as soon as I could.

      • Treant

        I’m sure all of you were ready and willing to go above and beyond to achieve for that company, too.

        Not to mention the passive things where you just mutter, “not my job” if you see somebody walking out with something.

    • netxtown

      My X company pretty much tried to pull this shit. The business unit laid me off with less than 9 mos to full pension. At the exit interview, they got no passwords, no project status, no nothing. And then, much to their dismay, corporate HR interjected and because they did it as “involuntary layoff” – the company automatically credits an additional year of service….which put me over the line. I got my pension and all bennies – and they (the business unit) got nothing. Fuck ’em.

      • Treant

        OK, I did a lot of that to Dumbass Boss as well. Who fortunately knew better than to call me for any of it.

        This was the guy who, when I announced my resignation, wanted me to teach a fellow who knew HTML all of VB.NET in 2 weeks. Because he thought they were the same.

      • JCF

        Wow. Chilling.

        I know, capitalism. Still, it shocks me.

  • Michael R

    Can McCabe fire Trump instead ?
    It would really be a better option for everyone .

  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

    A school tried to prevent the students from exercising their free speech and only one kid had the guts to walk out anyway.


  • Bambino

    If Sessy Jeff hands are tied and do nothing. Watch for his exit next. Bring out that bingo cards ladies and gentlemen!

  • coram nobis

    This has orange fingerprints on it; certainly, the Hairy Pumpkin’s traditional MO is vindictiveness and pettiness.

  • JWC

    we Jeffy Damned if you do Damned if you don’t Oh Ms Lnidsay belle what am Ah going do Ah am jest so confused

    • thatotherjean

      I hope Sessions refuses to have anything to do with this, since he’s recused, and because–if Trump can/does fire McCabe on his own–it will be obvious to everybody who is doing what to whom. Mr. Mueller to the white courtesy phone, please. . .paging Mr. Mueller. . . .

      • JWC

        Trump rarely fires anyone himself the closet he came was a text to Tillerson. His whole bit on the Apprentice “you/re Fired’ was a scripted bit for trump

        • thatotherjean

          I know–but how wonderful would it be if nobody else would do it for him?

      • charemor

        If Sessions does follow through with this, I hope that The Great Unwashed will rise up with torches and pitchforks and go after him and Hair Furor.

  • JT

    Drumpf’s obstruction of justice, once again.

    • Devon Rodriguez

      It’s clear that revenge is the Trump administration’s driving force.
      What a heartless bunch.

  • Devon Rodriguez

    Call me cynical, but this appears to have Trump’s ugly little vindictive fingers all over it.

  • Kevin Andrews

    The vindictiveness of these types of discussions concerning the reward for a long and diligent career. The animus that directs these types of actions is exactly what separates Civil Human from Malicious Asshole Shitgibbon.
    How does Little Jethro Lying Sessions have anything to do with this at all? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b6c1a732d85ae1223993e599b4cadbba2f8e2fbe795d04474ae2d1fc417b41a9.png

  • Joe in PA

    I wonder if Rachel had her “A block” written already?

  • Joe in PA

    So I guess Trump doesn’t care if McCabe files suit against the FBI for wrongful/spiteful termination?

    This is so fucking ugly…so Trumpian. Sickening.

  • Macbill

    The only way to stop a good guy with a gun is with another good guy with a gun.

  • JackNasty

    What a nasty, vindictive, little man Trump is.

  • jimbo65

    Yeah, of course. 45 who never worked a fucking day in his life, wants to stiff someone who gave over 20years of service to the government. He can rot in hell

  • infmom

    And he doesn’t understand that screwing someone over like this is only going to make him more motivated to testify?

    • BobSF_94117

      More motivated but, therefore, weakened as a reliable witness.

      • Ann Kah

        Not with Mueller’s gang.

        • BobSF_94117

          Do you imagine that GOP senators wouldn’t dismiss his testimony as vengeful lies?

          • Ann Kah

            GOP senators – <> Fortunately, they’re not the ones in charge of Mueller’s investigations.

          • BobSF_94117

            Yes, but they are the “jury” for impeachment.

  • Wisterley

    “Perhaps most consequential for Robert Mueller’s investigation, sources said Trump has discussed a plan to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions. According to two Republicans in regular contact with the White House, there have been talks that Trump could replace Sessions with E.P.A. Administrator Scott Pruitt, who would not be recused from overseeing the Russia probe. Also, as an agency head and former state attorney general, Pruitt would presumably have a good shot at passing a Senate confirmation hearing.”

    Vanity Fair

  • boobert

    This will have further implications. Scare existing federal employees not to upset the moron !

    • 2guysnamedjoe

      That’s the moron’s whole reason for doing it.

  • teeveedub

    From what I’ve heard, the FBI is pretty good at fingerprints. It sure seems like someone’s fingerprints are all over this. I wonder who that could be.

  • Paula

    McCabe needs to make sure all the files he can find are downloaded and securely stored somewhere out of the country.

  • EdA

    And should the DOJ venture to terminate Mr. McCabe, whether for cause or for anything else, what are the chances that he would NOT file a grievance AND a complaint with the Office of Special Counsel, corrupt though it is, AND taking whatever other actions he feels are appropriate in a case which seems to me (not a lawyer) clearly intended to intimidate a witness? It would seem to me that any single one of them would take longer than whatever short number of days are left before retirement.

  • Belthazar

    I don’t feel any empathy or sympathy for this guy:


    Part of the article: “The charges against McCabe stem from his allowing agents under his charge to talk about investigating the Clinton Foundation—statements
    that Trump used in his campaign. Neither Comey nor McCabe is in any sense a Democratic hero. McCabe was at the center of re-opening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, which Comey approved and made public a week before the election.”

  • pebbles44

    How do you recommend firing a career veteran on “allegations”? If they can do this then President Trump as well as his friends and family and appointees all need to walk out that door. It would be hard to find one that didn’t lie or mislead Congress under oath. I believe their allegations are worse.