THE REAL PROBLEM: White House Posts Gory Video Game Montage To Official YouTube Channel [VIDEO]

The Verge reports:

Yesterday, President Trump brought together top executives from the gaming industry, parents groups, and members of Congress for a meeting to discuss violence in video games. Announced last week as part of President Trump’s response to the Parkland shooting, the meeting was hastily assembled and has been criticized as a purposeful distraction from more concrete gun-control measures.

The proceedings were closed to the press, but by all accounts, the meeting was a strange one. The president opened the meeting by showing a supercut of hyperviolent gameplay scenes drawn largely from the Call of Duty series — a compilation that was later posted to the White House’s official YouTube account. According to The Washington Post, the president asked the group, “This is violent, isn’t it?” after the video ended.

The Week reports:

A video montage of violent scenes in video games has been released on the White House’s official YouTube channel, spawning a backlash from gaming fans. The age-restricted games featured in the White House clip include Bethesda’s Fallout 4 and the Sniper Elite series.

It also features the infamous “No Russian” mission from 2009’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, in which players shoot at groups of unarmed civilians in an airport.

The montage has attracted more than 22,000 dislikes and just 700 likes on YouTube, with one commenter asking: “If killing someone in a game makes me a murderer, does playing Dr. Mario make me a pharmacist?” Video game fans also took to Twitter, where some pointed out the irony of the White House uploading violent footage.

  • bkmn

    Yet they can’t point to one single study that shows cause and effect.

    • Todd20036

      Cause? Effect? You’re talking about the party that claims abortions cause cancer and that marijuana use will lead to heavier drug usage, but smoking cigarettes will not. (fun fact, the most common gateway drug was tobacco)

    • Max_1

      Because the NRA backed Republican Senate won’t allow “studies” on gun violence…

    • KnownDonorDad

      That sounds like evil liberal science stuff.

  • KnownDonorDad

    So restrict video games, since of course that will work, but don’t restrict guns, since that can’t possibly work. Got it.

  • elvigy

    I’ve played video games since I was in my teens, slaughtering 10s of thousands of humans. I cry when I hit rabbits with my car and have never held a gun in my life. So, yeah, anecdote.

  • KnownDonorDad

    “If killing someone in a game makes me a murderer, does playing Dr. Mario make me a pharmacist?”

    How are we ignoring the fact that Mario went from being a plumber to a doctor? When did he get his medical degree, exactly? Where did he intern?

    • Todd20036

      Is Mario even a US citizen? I bet he’s an anchor baby!

    • He’s versatile. He’s also a tennis player, a golfer, a surfer, a Go-Cart racer…

      • Todd20036

        Wait… how do you know he’s versatile? Hmmm??????

  • JoeMyGod

    The last video game I played required a quarter. True story.

    • Raising_Rlyeh

      I thought video arcades need at least a dollar to work. 😉

      • TexasBoy

        Youngster! Quarters worked in our day.

        • David Walker

          I’ll see your quarters for video arcades and raise you a nickle per pinball game. (We won’t mention penny arcades. Just know they existed. Once. A long time ago. Before Christ got his bicycle.)

          • TexasBoy

            Well, I do remember penny candy machines in the grocery stores.

          • MT YVR

            He got a bicycle? Woooow.


          • jmax

            Christmas present. Or birthday present. Whichever.

          • David Walker

            I’m told they didn’t have aluminum Back Then. Joseph, being the carpenter that he was, made it from wood.

          • MT YVR

            I just remember when he had the pogo stick. 😛

          • JDS

            Imagine all those splinters.

          • JDS

            And roller-skates. Hence the saying “Jesus f’kng christ on roller-skates. 🙂

        • Raising_Rlyeh

          The kind of video arcade I’m thinking of typically requires tokens… which could be taken either way since there are arcades that require tokens instead of quarters.

    • Nowhereman

      Me too. And it was Pong, installed in the tabletops at the local gay bar, The Gilded Cage. I’m guessing early 70s.

    • JWC

      I will see your quarter and raise with “I have never played a video gane’

    • Chris Gardner

      Pac Man? 🙂

    • Harveyrabbit

      The last video game I played required someone else’s quarter.

    • MT YVR

      Last game I played was last night and it was World of Warcraft. I’ve got two consoles and a PC to play. I do it more than I consume TV. Though, not to the exclusion. (shrug)

      • ZRAinSWVA

        Horde or Alliance?

        • MT YVR

          I’ve got two accounts so I tend to have some of each, but the bulk are Horde.

          • ZRAinSWVA

            I do as well. My current fav is a huntard (as you know, what we’re typically called by others in the game), Alliance, named Bullseyes. Look me up some time!

          • MT YVR

            There are 33 with that name, 16 that are hunters. (peers) Only a couple 110s… oh, you said fav not main. So. Could be any.

            I’ve been levelling the two new races (horde side). Luckily with two accounts I can drag my own sorry ass around and have gotten one to 110 and now 106 for the moose (highmountain guys). I’m mainly on Proudmoore, moved there when it was THE gay place to play. Now the husband I are scattered across a bunch of servers but I tend to default to there. Matre (proudmoore) is probably as close to main as I have? But presently easiest to find Foldmantle/Secondus duo (proudmoore) these days.

          • ZRAinSWVA

            Good grief! I thought names had to be original. I’m at 110. I’ll try to catch up with you at Proudmore (wasn’t aware it was THE gay place to be…)

          • MT YVR

            Names need to be original per server. So you can pick a name on a server as long as no one (both factions) has picked it.

            Proudmoore started in 2004, making it one of the oldest servers. Rough Trade Gaming Community ( had a guild on Proudmoore (originally The Spreading Taint, then just Taint, now like five?). It’s the largest constellation of GBLTQ player guilds – across games now.


            Looks like about 6000 accounts for them.

            Every year there’s a Pride parade in game. It tends to start the Barrens and winds its way to Booty Bay. I’ve seen the server crash due to the numbers of people (all of which do shit so there’s a tonne of animations going off at once).

    • Jeffrey Robert

      I’ve only played Pong, Ms Pac Man and for a brief time a few years ago Angry Birds. If all video games were banned tomorrow it would be just fine with me.

    • Beth Ann Tedder

      Me too.

    • unsavedheathen

      Ms. Pac Man(probably at the PH in Orlando). 😀

    • ChrisInKansas

      I spent so much money and time in arcades in 7th and 8th grade back in the early 80s. So much Dig Dug and Centipede and Donkey Kong Jr and Ms Pac Man and Crystal Castles and Frogger and Galaga and and and.

      I must have burned myself out back then because I have no desire to get an XBox or PS4 or whatever the big thing is now and plunk down sixty bucks for a violent game.

    • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

      Slightly OT: I work in e-commerce for a non-profit thrift organization. I’m the guy who digs through our donations warehouse to find items to post on our auction site. I came across this a week ago. I gather between 200 to 300 items a day to post. We currently have 3500 items on auction for our location. I am constantly amazed at what people donate…

      I freakin’ love my job!

    • prixator

      Me, too. Ms. Pacman at The Albany. I was awful. Probably why I have zero interest in video games today.

  • Devon Rodriguez
    • TexasBoy

      Mind blown! Just kidding.

  • AtticusP

    Distractions. I see distractions everywhere.

  • TexasBoy

    Funny, we Baby Boomers had cartoons that were deemed “too violent” yet very few of our generation went on domestic killing sprees. We also had the very start of video games (remember arcades) and there were some violent first person shooter games back then, too. The graphics just weren’t all that great.

    • jimbo65

      The cartoons I watched as a kid couldn’t be made today. Speed Racer for example. Loved that Japanese cartoon, but would be considered violent by today’s standards .

      • Todd20036

        Didn’t Racer X kill himself after he revealed to Speed he was his brother? He ran off of a cliff…

        • jimbo65

          Uh, nope. Maybe in a mirror universe somewhere . 🙂

          • Todd20036

            I might have remembered it wrong.

          • jimbo65

            In the original cartoon Speed asked him if he was his brother. Racer X basically knocked him out and left. Presumably to continue his work as a international spy.

    • David Walker

      It’s true. I memorized the entire canon of Warner Bros cartoons (so much easier than memorizing bible verses) and have been saddened to see the violence scrubbed. Hello? Cartoons? Moving art? I don’t bother to find out if a cable channel is showing them now. The excising of the racist cartoons I understand. Editing the “violence”? It’s like bleeping a punchline.

  • Devon Rodriguez
    • The_Wretched

      It’s almost like you need assault rifles and hand guns to kill a ton of people

  • Todd20036

    I’ve eaten ghosts, killed soldiers, watched soldiers get killed. I’ve killed dragons, wraiths, etc.

    And guess what, I don’t even OWN a firearm.

    Trump is looking for excuses for gun violence that don’t involve actual guns. The NRA really is a terrorist organization, and if he’s trying to counteract the March for our Lives with video game footage, then he’s only proving further that he is unfit for the office.

  • shellback

    Most of the world plays video games – mass shootings seem to only happen in the USA. Go figure.

    • CJAS

      Japan: 125M people, $12B video game consumption, one (1) gun
      death. The idea the violent video game content lead to violent behavior has been disproven.

  • j.martindale

    But America’s consumption of violent video games must help explain our inordinate rate of gun violence, right?

    Actually, no. A look at global video game spending per capita in
    relation to gun death statistics reveals that gun deaths in the United
    States far outpace those in other countries—including countries with
    higher per capita video game spending.
    A 10-country comparison from the Washington Post
    shows the United States as the clear outlier in this regard. Countries
    with the highest per capita spending on video games, such as the
    Netherlands and South Korea, are among the safest countries in the world
    when it comes to guns. In other words, America plays about the same
    number of violent video games per capita as the rest of the
    industrialized world, and remains the most violent in terms of gun deaths.

  • Boy Elvis

    It’s all true. One of the Adventure dragons killed my guy in 1981 and I caught the gay!

    • The_Wretched

      I had that game. It was terrrible.

    • Bryan

      That dragon can fit a lot in its mouth. Just sayin.

    • Lazycrockett
    • Tulle Christensen

      I never jaywalked till I played frogger, now I can’t stop

    • Lizard

      I dunno…the closest I’ve ever been to a murderous rage did occur while playing Battle Toads.

      • The bike stage, huh? Or did you play it with someone else and discover how “fun” that was?

        • Lizard

          Don’t even get me started.

    • MT YVR

      Nostalgia! That was my first “I’m in love” game!

  • Do Something Nice

    I support any effort to reduce the number of violent images we are subjected to in the United States.

    I reject any effort to divert the blame from firearms in mass murders.

  • Moonbeam_Song

    If access to video games that are too violent meant the players were more likely to kill, then Japan would be the most violent society on earth.

    This “violent video games are the problem” argument has zero basis in fact, logic, or reason.

    • canoebum

      Followed closely by South Korea.

    • Nowhereman

      This is their Reefer Madness approach to gun violence.

  • Steven B

    Don’t these people find it odd that kids in countries like Australia play the same video games as American kids but haven’t had a mass shooting since the 1990’s when they tightened their gun laws?

    • Video games have also been big in Japan for decades. How many mass shootings do they get? Ditto Taiwan, S Korea, Hong Kong, etc.

      • The_Wretched

        zero, it’s really hard to get a gun there.

  • Pip

    I’m with the first tweet there. Why on earth would they post this without some sort of age restriction?? All video games come with ratings that instruct parents on age restrictions for the content, and advises what type of content so they can make informed decisions on what they should allow their children to play or not play. The fact that they would post this to an open forum without any sort of age restriction is irresponsible. I have reported it to YouTube as a violation so they have to put an age limit on it.

    On a side note I have played video games from the early days of pong, to the modern days of Call of Duty. I have played puzzle games, platformers, RPGs, and first person shooters. Some of the games I have played were full of gore and violence. Do you know what I’ve never had a compulsion to do? Buy numerous guns and shoot up a public or private establishment. This whole thing is just bullshit distraction techniques, and is more proof that this admin is still stuck in the 80s and early 90s with its thinking and policy ideas.

    • Treant

      I keep waiting for Call of Booty.

      Leisure Suit Larry was way too heterosexual for me.

      • Pip


  • Treant

    Great, I watched that and now I have a raging erection and the desire to kill.

    Honestly. SimCity didn’t make me a materials or civil engineer. World of Warcraft doesn’t make me a druid (my skill with plants does that!) Dungeon III didn’t make me an evil overlord.

    For the very vast majority of people, these games are exactly that–games. While a few will fixate, they’ll find something else to fixate on if you were to ban these.

  • Max_1

    I flagged it as inappropriate content that promoted violence… YouTube has to enforce standards.

    • Treant


  • Lazycrockett

    Lord its like the 80’s all over again.

    • TexasBoy

      Well, the Rethuglicans do worship Ronnie Reagan like a God.

      • Cackalaquiano

        And want to take the US backwards

  • Makoto

    As has been pointed out, Japan plays nearly the same games that the US does, yet has nearly none of the gun violence, thanks to strict gun regulation.

    So, based on this, all I can assume is that Trump is trying to kill jobs in the game industry, letting Japan (another leading game creation country) take over more completely. Possibly because most of the game companies are based in blue states? California primarily. I.. don’t think he thinks that far ahead, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of his ‘close friends’ whisper in his ear about ways to hurt blue states, and this is one of them, as well as being a scapegoat for decades now.

    • Tulle Christensen

      I think it is because Wonder Woman’s husband owns the company that owns Bethesda Softworks

  • jimbo65

    Oh FFS. That’s right , dust off an old battle from the early 90s. The games are already rated. The argument is the same now as it was then. Parents should be monitoring what the hell their kids are playing, much less watching on tv.

    • Scott MB

      Oh no, they want less government in their lives. Well except when it come to patenting their children. Then they want the government to restrict everything they don’t want their kids to see.

      Be a fucking parent and do your job. If you don’t want to regulate what your kids watch, play, etc. then give them up for adoption. You had the little rugrats, now do your job. It was your choice, or accident, so be responsible for it

      • jimbo65

        Yes. They want nanny state government, until they don’t.

  • Lars Littlefield

    I watched the clip. I call foul. It doesn’t even show guys tearing off heads with their bare hands then fucking the open gullets as blood gushes out. Heck, fucking a blood gushing gullet is 90% of the fun!

  • PickyPecker
  • PickyPecker
    • HanyBaal

      Bet you won’t be proud when you found they made you CHICKEN dinner!

  • Nowhereman

    It’s the GUNS, stupid. These are video games. Those aren’t real guns, or people, and none of them will be attacking crowds of real people on the streets or in schools anytime soon. The problem is that real people out here in the real world have access to weapons of war. If you want to shoot AR15s, join the army.

  • 1980Gardener

    Another distraction.

    But on the topic of video games, I find the violence repulsive and do not let them in my home. I have no interest in the glorification of guns and violence.

    • Lizard

      Ugh. “Video games” is an entire medium consisting of genres. Violent FPSes are only one of those genres. Games like Portal have no violence, unless you count destroying a malevolent AI to be violence (which I don’t). Goddamn Cooking Mama and Animal Crossing are video games.

      Saying Call of Duty represents all video games is like saying Kill Bill represents all movies.

      • 1980Gardener

        I’m not sure who (if anyone) said Call of Duty represents all video games…what are you talking about?

  • Tulle Christensen

    I could make one for movies too, should we ban movies?

    and didn’t Trump want to kill drug dealers? Trish is working for Marowski a drug dealer/maker from Goodneighbor

    • Snarkaholic

      Let’s start by banning the movie The Ten Commandments…in which that ultra-violent guy kills ALL first-born children whose parents weren’t fans of his.

  • DreadPikathulhu

    Are they going to start going off about the swears on rap CDs next?

  • Jalapeño Business

    In what fantasy world do the makers of these video games agree to let the orange shit clown publicly trash the product that makes them so much money and cast them as part of the problem?

  • Sam_Handwich
    • Bryan

      Yikes, is that supposed to be effective lawyering?

      • The_Wretched

        yes probably is.

        Shkreli is such an utter asshole that he’s effectively dehumanizing himself. Dehumanized people are subjected to more unfair bias than humanized people. Ben’s trying to pull back some humanity for Shkreli.

      • David Walker

        It’s like in “The Producers” in the court scene when Leo asks the judge’s permission to speak and defends Bialy by listing all the scams involved in the guilty verdict. Bialystock whispers to Leo, “Don’t help me!”

    • Tulle Christensen

      I only ever want to punch him in the face

    • Treant

      “Occasionally I want to make love to him, and there are times when I want to divorce him and take all of his stuff.”

      So he dated my ex-boyfriend.

    • Jalapeño Business
  • jimbo65

    Tipper Gore all over again. Where’s Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Prevention when you need a counter to this bullshit.

  • alc2018
  • Lizard

    Oh, fuck you. Video games weren’t invented with the express purpose of murdering people, unlike AR-15s.

  • TrumpToupee89

    This is so dumb.

  • CA2018

    Tipper Gore called and wants her issue back.

    • SoCalGal20

      Waiting for the Congrssional hearings on “explicit” lyrics in music!

  • kaydenpat

    So only Americans play gory video games? Good to know.

    • Max_1


  • MT YVR

    I’m an avid reader. I’ve read several thousand books at this point. I’ve read all kinds of things about ultra realistic violence.

    I’ve watched hundreds of movies.

    I’ve watched hundreds of tv shows.

    I’ve played a godless-heathen number of video games.

    I write. I’ve had conversations with professionals on how best to dispose of bodies. Or kill someone. Or… Like scientists, researchers, armed forces, police… you name it.

    I’ve never once killed a person. Swear to make demons blush, but I have never killed a person. I’ve hit exactly two different people in my life.

    I’m tired of this idea that personal responsibility doesn’t exist. If your kid goes violent and you didn’t notice, that’s a thing. If your kid goes violent and they did ANYTHING on this planet? As a kid they’ll have found something to kid-level obsess about and probably will try to use it as an excuse.

    The same way some of these shits are using a book in a church to excuse their actions.

    • Treant

      But…but…you’d be victim blaming if you blamed the kid or the parents for the violence! Or so the NRA and Dumpy seem to be implying, anyway.

      My experience mirrors yours. I work with and interact with tons of chemicals, both organic and non, that can kill a person very quickly. I grow some in my gardens because they’re attractive. I’ve used these exactly zero times to kill a person (Ex-Lax brownies won’t kill, so those don’t count).

      I rather like my violent games, although I tend to turn the gore off. 🙂

      • MT YVR

        Yep, I sure as fuck am. I loathe this false frame that’s popped up over the last few years that EITHER you sympathize with an aggressor and try to find out why they did what they did OR you punish them.

        Darlings. Sweeties. Y’all can do both. Fainting couches are behind you, I know. I know it’s scary. But there it is.

  • Sam_Handwich
    • Jalapeño Business

      are those….LOW HANGERS?

  • vtdave

    Yeah, #Drumph, only in America do we have these violent games warping the minds of our young men. Gotta wonder how the rest of the civilized world keeps these games out? Oh wait…they don’t! Bet they can’t wander down to the corner gun show and buy an AR-15 with a bulls*it background check (or no check at all).

    • One of the main reasons that Slavery was still allowed in the US, (which we are still trying to deal with the effects of) was that Slavery Proponents would state over and over, that Bible allowed and condone slavery. (It is also was too lucrative for the South to give up, with slave labour and the lucrative slave market)

  • Talisman

    Won’t someone think of the children (who aren’t in utero)?

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Funny. Japan has a per capita higher number of gamers and yet one of the lowest gun violence records on the planet. Hmmmm…..

    • Lizard

      Japanese and South Korean gamers whupping Americans in international tournaments is practically a punchline at this point. It’s expected.

  • another_steve

    This will make me few friends here on JMG… but I think the violence in video games and in movies today is disgusting. If I had kids, no way would I want them to become numb and insensitive to guns and violence and killing through constant “fun” exposure to those things in their spare time.

    • Talisman

      Americans love violence right up until it can be used to defend gun ownership.

      But don’t show a penis or people having sex…cause there has to be a line….

    • Lizard

      First you’d have to prove that playing these games actually is numbing them to violence, which we can’t do because we can’t study gun culture scientifically. At best, that violent video games numb teenagers to violence is a hypothesis, and even that is a far cry from encouraging them to actually commit violence themselves.

      I’ve played FPS video games. It makes me, personally, no less horrified at actual people dying. People know the difference between a random number generator on a screen and real flesh-and-blood people.

      • another_steve

        You’re mentally and emotionally stable, Lizard. You understand the difference between a game and reality.

        Mass-murderers aren’t and don’t.

        • Lizard

          So remove the video games (not all of which are violent, btw). Then what? Do we really think that an attention-craving wannabe shooter will not go on their shooting spree even though they have access to weapons that would allow them to do it?

          Killers, even mass killers, have existed throughout history, long before violent media was a thing. The only difference now is easy access to hardware.

          And for the record, emotionally unstable or mentally ill doesn’t equal violent, and I resent the connection.

          • another_steve

            Re your resentment, I’m not making such a connection, Lizard. I have no idea where you’re getting that from. Also, you’re trying to make it sound like I’m claiming there’s direct causation between violent video games/films and mass-murder. That’s also a misreading of what I’ve said here.

            I’m arguing that the desensitizing of young people – particularly emotionally and intellectually unstable young people – to gun violence and violence in general is a bad thing. A thing that society should stop doing.

            I honestly don’t know how anyone can argue otherwise.

    • They are disgusting, but there is no signs that video games are the causation of mass shootings. Easy access to military style assault rifles, large capacity ammo clips, very deadly bullets like hollow tip bullets, and mile wide emotional problems that can stem from serious behavioral problem, environmental surroundings, (family upbringing, etc) have been shown to be causation to these mass shootings.

      If anything these horrible monsters that are mass shooters have one thing in common. They want attention. Omar Mateen, was checking Facebook to see if it was trending during the attack. Adam Lanza was fascinated in mass shootings, and wanted once again do something that gave him attention..

      • another_steve

        Seems intuitive to me that if you take a mentally/emotionally unstable person and send out the message, “Hey look… you score points for killing bad guys!” or “Wow, people really like to watch heads being blown off on TV and in movie theaters!,” you’re helping to desensitize that person to violence. Making violence seem like a “good” or “winning” strategy.

        No question that violent video games and movies aren’t the sole causation of mass shootings. But I also think there’s no question that the desensitizing to violence is part of the problem.

        • If you look at many mass shooters, they appeared to be young males who are depressed or slightly depressed. The desensitization maybe congenital to other stronger environmental factors like upbringing. Many don’t feel much of anything, like Adam Lanza and Seung-Hui Cho. If Video games were shown to be the causation of desensitization of violence, there would be many more youths like Seung-Hui Cho and Adam Lanza.

          Video Games gets lots of press, because it is something can immediately identified with. There are many other factors that are not easily identified with.

          • Lizard

            It gets a lot of press because it’s a lazy scapegoat that doesn’t require people to think too hard and doesn’t criticize the social institutions and attitudes that contribute to the mentality of many mass shooters, such as systematic “othering” of large swathes of people like racism (Dylan Rooff) or sexism (Elliot Roger) or homophobia (Omar Mateen).

          • another_steve

            I agree. There are lots of things that need to be fixed. We need to provide people in need of mental health services those services effectively and efficiently. We need to identify them quickly and then provide them with help. We need to rescue kids from abusive family conditions.

            We need to end poverty – another societal ill that in the violence-prone can and does lead to tragedy.

            And we need to stop glamorizing violence. Stop awarding “points” for how many dead bodies you leave behind in your video game.

    • sdnative1958

      I get the point, can’t really argue “for” violence. Causation for mass shootings…not so much.

  • greenmanTN

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but these same games are played all over the world, in Canada and Europe. I do believe that people can become desensitized to violence from living in this virtual world, but in no place other than the US can a person buy a weapon of war and go on a shooting spree.

    At worst the games *might* be a contributing factor, but the wide availability of guns that can fire 40-60 bullets a minute is what makes mass murder possible on the scale that we’ve seen.

    They’re making excuses for the fact that ammosexuals feel like they NEED weapons of war when they aren’t even functional for personal defense or for hunting. They are only good for one thing and that’s killing people in mass numbers. That is the only purpose for weapons like that. Production for use. It is designed for that purpose and it’s the only thing it’s good for, mass murder in a war zone.

    • Lizard

      Besides, they always–always–lump “video games” together into a single category where the representative title is apparently Call of Duty.

      I guess an entire medium including genres such as sword and sorcery (The Elder Scrolls series), RPGs (Pokemon, Legend of Zelda), puzzle games (Portal), action-adventure (Shadow of the Colossus, Bioshock), and simulators (Roller Coaster Tycoon, The Sims) are all the same and can be represented by Call of Duty and other war FPSs, because that’s totally a fair depiction. /s

      • greenmanTN

        The last time I played a video game it was Paperboy and some game with a crossbow! I don’t know what you kids get up to and I’d thank you to stay off my lawn! 😁

        Damn kids, no respect for their elders… mumble mumble mumble… rant rave mumble mumble…


        • Paperboy was hardcore. How often does the freaking Grim Reaper show up on paper routes?!

          • greenmanTN

            Right? And in my defense I was really good at the crossbow game!

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Not to put too fine a point on it; this also applies to Japan, NZ, Australia and most of Europe….

      …and yes, we also have gamers, but we do not have a mass shooting problem.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Just as soon as every other country gets access to these video games, they will have as many mass shootings too.

    Oh wait, no.
    It must be something else.

  • JT

    Drumpf the dumbfuck and charlatan has a shitty “solution”. Color me surprised.

  • Max_1

    And they blame the goat that escaped…

    • William

      Don’t let my goats see that. I’m not taking them for rides.

  • kcken

    I play a TON of video games, shooters mostly. I abhor violence, and wouldn’t think of owning a gun or harming another human.

  • Joe in PA

    Is Candy Crush considered a video game? Asking for a friend.

    (seriously, I have played it for about 1 minute…huge waste of time) IMO!

  • boatboy_srq

    So, decades of Reichwing hyperbolic whinging about The Other, fearmongering about Blah/Brown Turrrrrrism and/or Godless IslamoFascoSoshulists Coming for Our Gunz (eleventyone!) all coupled with as many decades of NRA-sourced opposition to any and all reasonable constraints on gun sales/ownership because The Holy Second Amendment won’t allow it….. but the problem is (once again) violent video games.

    At this point I could be persuaded that Lord Dampnut died in 1990 and the GOTea and the FSB figured out how to animate the corpse.

  • Joe in PA

    I dunno, that foosball I used to play was pretty violent.

    • PickyPecker
      • Joe in PA

        I hope that’s a Buick or an Oldsmobile. Nice.

        • PickyPecker

          Can you say ‘Landau roof?’

          • Lars Littlefield

            Martin Landau roof.

          • Joe in PA

            I can say that! Also I can say “fake convertible 4-door”. The fake vinyl top with the bumps in it? That is some fine styling!

          • PickyPecker

            Hey….it’s not a fine ride if there ain’t opera lights, buddy.

          • Joe in PA

            And the little opera window? Yes!

        • Lars Littlefield

          It’s a 1979 Olds 98 Landau Sedan. How do I know? It’s a disease I have.

          • Friday

            Funny, I thought it was more an 82ish Omega (Like the Oldsmobile version of a Cavalier) from the apparent size and slanty nose. (Bucket seat, too.) 🙂 . (Apart from being a car gal from a young age, police brat, grew up identifying makes and models and all. )

          • Lars Littlefield

            A while back I was in Las Vegas and there was a casino robbery. The robber was caught on security camera zooming out of the casino parking lot in what police claimed was a late model Olds or Buick. I called them and explained the car was a 1980 Eldorado or maybe an Olds Toronado. And even though the cam footage was in black and white, they needed to look for gold or metallic beige paint. The information lady was patient with me, but I could tell she didn’t believe me. Her loss. The robber turned out to be a 38 year-old woman who had borrowed her father’s 1980 gold Eldorado.

          • Joe in PA

            I suffer from the same affliction…while watching a movie I’ll tell hubby sometimes what a car is based on the dash. He thinks I’m weird. 🙂

  • Jalapeño Business

    OT, but perfect for this news cycle:

    Woman claims injury caused by drag queen’s breast, sues Hamburger Mary’s for $1.5 million

    Drag Queen Breast Lawsuit: CLICK HERE

    • Joe in PA

      Is this The Onion? The premise was so perfect…but then….

  • boobert

    Does the bible get banned too? I seem to remember something about killing you kids, lol.

  • William

    Pong made me collude with Russia.

  • Joe in PA

    Next they’ll be coming for my Rock em, Sock em. This has to stop!!

    • jimbo65

      Oooh I had the original Rock em Sock em, in the early 70s.

      • jmax

        I will bet mine is still in my father’s attic or garage. He never throws anything away.

        • jimbo65

          Lucky you. I had a dad that had no sense of sentimentality. As a result he threw away alot of my silver age comic books. 🙁

          • jmax

            Dad still has every Reader’s Digest since he subscribed back in 1964.
            The only difference between him and a crazy hoarder is he’s very well organized.

    • Lars Littlefield

      My next door neighbors new born baby was eaten by Hungry Hungry Hippos!

  • Wisterley

    Yes, I’ve blown up a few piggies in my time. But those birds are angry.

  • Hank

    We all know, that the REAL blame is due to (depending upon the generation):
    Rock and Roll
    Hip Hop
    Radio Violence
    TV Violence
    Movie Violence….

    • Rebecca Gardner

      It all started when women began showing their ankles.

    • Macbill

      When Elvis gyrated the hips suggestively…

  • Karl Dubhe

    Yes, because blowing up pixils is the same thing as blowing up real live people…

  • If this theory had any merit whatsoever, Japan and South Korea ought to be blood-soaked hellscapes, given their video game violence standards are much more lax than America’s AND on average they play way more hours of it than we do.

    But they’re not. And what’s the one difference? Oh yeah, STRICT GUN CONTROL.

  • MikeinATL

    It is very possible these games do something to desensitize kids from some of these violence. Its only one aspect, however. Access to powerful guns are definitely, not just possibly, part of the problem.

  • Michael

    NRA = The Pimp
    GOP = The Prostitutes
    GUNS = The Condom that Broke
    AMERICA = The Johns

  • HozillaSmallpox

    All of these games are for Mature Audiences. If a parent wants to control (key word here) what their kids see they can do that easily. It has been done by many parents especially xtian parents. That is not difficult at all. I don’t think sensible gun control is difficult either but these a**holes have to always find a scapegoat. More guns is not the answer; more personal accountability and common sense gun law is.

    • jimbo65

      Yeah they do . Just funny how the lines get drawn and they have something negative to say about the racist in chief .

  • Rebecca Gardner

    This latest ridiculousness is getting ripped apart on YouTube and it has 37,000 dislikes and 1,000 likes.

    • Lizard


      It’s probably because this is an utterly archaic view of video games and YouTube is largely a younger audience who doesn’t buy this BS.

    • jimbo65

      That’s encouraging. Considering the vicious Trumpanzee comments that can infest the comments section over there.

      • HozillaSmallpox

        I’m sure they play violent video games too.

        • Rebecca Gardner

          Russian bots can play video games?

  • Friday

    So, as usual, they go after the kids rather than their own atmosphere of hate-propaganda, despair, and glorification of guns and ‘culture war.’

    That said, I don’t much care for these violent/gory video games, either. It’s actually pretty gross and horrifying, not that I’m so sure sanitizing violence helps much either. But the fact is this culture has massive violence in movies while these same people scream bloody murder about nudity or sexuality appearing or being mentioned non-negatively.

    Anyway, the simple fact is that fixating on video games isn’t solving anything and it’s fully disingenous, just trying to bring back censorship and make people fight about anything but the right-wing hate-and-weapons-of-war-on-the-streets agendas.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    Also, their video is totally lame because it didn’t have a single Glory Kill from Doom.

    • Lizard

      Psssh. Hacks.

  • Ninja0980

    And yet other countries have these same games and no daily mass shootings.
    I wonder why that is?

  • hdtex

    FLAGGED for acts of violence.

  • Nunya D. Bidness

    Fine, then we can all just go back to playing text-adventure games. Remember ZorK?

  • Girlgoon

    I’d like to see a video game where all Republican politicians have become zombies and the only way to save the earth is to oh wait a minute that’s already happened

  • teedofftaxpayer

    I may be mistaken but I believe that these violent video games are sold world wide and other countries such as Great Britain, Canada, Australian and Japan don’t have these problems that we do. But the common denominator is we sell Assault weapons and they don’t. Geeze I really wonder what the problem is???????

  • Halou

    Oh, please. If you want gameplay that encourages you to be a homicidal prick then I’d recommend ‘Crusader Kings 2’, a game once described as a “medieval eugenics simulator” that rewards you for such things as ethnic cleansing, religious extremism and all manner of ‘intimate’ and extreme violence against NPCs. Just because it’s not graphic doesn’t mean it is any less real.

    This is a game that allows you to play out all of the Game of Thrones type sexual and murderous fantasies you can imagine in a real-world historic setting.

    Like in one playthrough, my Viking warlord kidnapped an English Duke who couldn’t afford a ransom so I sacrificed him to Odin… then promptly sent a thousand warriors to pillage the castle that his underage son just inherited (I wanted to get at least some of that gold). The dead Duke’s body wasn’t even cold before his daughter was captured and given to my warriors to do with as they pleased.. she died too. But again, it isn’t a graphic game, these things merely appear in text boxes laid over a big strategic map.

  • Halou

    Penn & Teller once created a game called Desert Bus in response to a previous round of this “videogames make people violent” nonsense. It is literally a game where you drive a bus from point a to point b in as realistic a manner as possible, including travel time. In order to reach point b you have to play for 8 hours. And at the end you are rewarded with what you’d get in real life, the chance to spend another 8 hours driving back.

    This is the type of game that would send me off the rails, not COD or whatever where I can vent my frustrations on non-people in such a way as to satisfy myself and not harm others at the same time.

  • MBear

    Pong made me violent!

  • stuckinthewoods

    Everyone told Odo that violent tapestry would encourage pillaging and conquest.

  • JCF

    Drumpf, watching this over and over: “This is TERRIBLE! Bring me some more popcorn and Diet Coke. I have to keep studying it.”

  • Taylor Bixler

    Meanwhile, this is what HS kids are being subjected too. Jesus effing christ this country is so backwards

  • BlindBill

    I can see where the killing of the Nazis might get the white house upset – but they failed to name the games, year of publication, and publishers the screen shots came from ….. or to list the rating of each the sited game ….. I would guess that all of them are ESRB rated as “Mature” 17+

  • NZArtist

    It has always astounded me that video games and movies can show the most sadistic gore, death, torture. But they’re absolutely forbidden from showing an erect penis. The world is truly fucking crazy.
    That said, I dont actually believe video games cause people to become violent.
    I just want to see more erect penises in movies and games. 🙂

  • WretchedMouse

    Oh boy, this ole argument again. Ignorant people trying to connect dots that have nothing to do with each other. Just because a shooter played video games does not mean video games created a violent person.
    I wrote a research paper on this some years ago and would be interesting to do a follow up as recent studies have emerged, but the conclusion was violence in the video games do not cause violence.

    I even showed, at the time, some school shooters were caused by other factors such as lack of gun laws and easy access to guns. For example, the VA school shooter would have been denied a gun had it been known he was or had been going to outpatient therapy. I forget if he even played video games that often. The Columbine School shooting was not caused by the video games they played but their personalities and mental state at the time. That portion of the paper was rather long, so I won’t subject you all to psychology babble. One doctor stated these two boys were highly aggressive and as such they sought out violent media rather than just passively model the violence in the games.

    Some key points:
    The aggression displayed or noted in these studies one studied stated is the same shown in sports. Competitions of video game activities and the difficulty level was the cause of the rise in these aggression levels not the content.

    Hell, puzzle games can induce violence in players simply for their difficulty level alone so studies that measure for aggression need to account for that in order to get correct results.

    Playing violent video game is therapeutic, it lowers aggression as the player is releasing their tensions.

    Violent crimes decreased between 2001 and 2010 by roughly 22 percent.
    Long-term exposure to violent video games, however, “was associated with reduced hostile feelings and depression following a stressful task. Subjects who were exposed to violent video games were not less aggressive, but they were less hostile and depressed”

    Different factors are at play to a violent childhood such as; a history of violence in the family, an already aggressive child, and a child that is addicted to video games will become aggressive if the game is taken away.

    Studies have shown that is a child is addicted to video games, as they hit the same pleasure center as other addictions, they can become violent but not the go out and shoot up a school violent. This is simply to illustrate one aspect of violence. If you take something away from an addict they become angry and will lash out.

    Sorry to rant but as a gamer who suffers from depression and anxiety these games help with clearing my head and helping me get through tension and a long day much like someone who has a beer after work or someone who runs or works out after work.

  • Greg B.

    So basically, it’s computer generated images of guns, not actual guns, that’s the problem.

  • John Calendo

    X-box controllers don’t kill 17 people at a clip; AR-15s do.
    But lets keep talking about video games.

  • Michael McReavy

    Doesn’t look like the video game gambit is obtaining much traction anywhere on the political spectrum:

  • Gianni

    If we’ve learned nothing else about Dear Leader, it’s that you can count on him to get right to the heart of the matter and seize on the best solutions after deep analysis of the problem. He has a great brain; is a stable genius; best memory in the world; is like a really smart person; makes the best deals…………need I go on? I know it. You know it. Everyone knows it.

  • agcons

    Here you go again with the time-capsule car, you idiot.

    • ChrisMorley

      Bots use time machines to resurrect classic cars that went out of production 35 years ago.