Tucker Carlson Rips Trump: If Obama Said To Ignore Due Process, We’d Have Called Him A Dictator [VIDEO]

Mediaite reports:

After criticizing the president for expressing support for a raise in the age limit to buy guns — calling that proposal “sneaky propaganda” that won’t save lives — he then took issue with Trump suggesting some lawmakers are puppets of the NRA. That is when he brought up POTUS’s “due process” line.

“Now, I mean, how honest do you want to be?” Carlson pondered. “Imagine if Barack Obama had said that? Just ignore due process and confiscating guns? Obama would have been denounced as a dictator.” He continued, “We would have denounced him first, trust me. Congress would be talking impeachment. Some would be muttering secession.”

  • Gustav2

    He is your guy, STFU,

    • It’s the “Trump’s shortcomings are usually worth it” next to Carlson’s head that says it all, although I’m surprised Carlson was even willing to admit Trump has shortcomings.

  • liondon#iamnotatraitor

    Some are still muttering the “N”word.

    • greenmanTN


  • ohbear1957
    • Todd20036

      Well, in Trump’s defense, he’s better color coordinated than the dog was

  • Karl Dubhe

    What does it say about you, Tucker, that you don’t call Trump a dictator now?

    Racist piece of butt droppings.

    • JustAndra

      At least butt droppings are useful to grow things

  • KnownDonorDad

    Who are you, and what have you done with Tucker Carlson?

    • Acronym Jim

      It’s still the same Carlson, it’s just that the NRA gets all bossy when somebody else’s dick is getting sucked.

      • KnownDonorDad

        Touché. If Breitbart can write critical pieces on Trump over guns, anything goes.

  • sadoldguy

    Good meeting: trump’s name was spoken and he was praised;

    Bad deal: trump’s name not assoicated with it.

  • greenmanTN

    He took his lips away from Trump’s asshole long enough to say that?

    • Mark Née Fuzz

      Not just his lips. He pulled his nose all the way out of Trump’s rectum.

      • Scott MB

        Nose, he is all the way up in tRUMP’s ass. He and Lemiwinks are becoming good friends. However, he has yet to meet the Katata Fish.

  • JT

    Fucker Snarlson. What a slimeball.

    “Now, I mean, how honest do you want to be?”

    If you have to ask the question, we know what your answer is.

  • SkokieGuy / May attempt snark

    Honey, ya’ DID call him a dictator. A Kenyan, Muslim dictator.

  • JT

    Wingnut Rethug: We’re talkin’ about our god given right …

    That must have been on the second set of Commandments that Moses dropped. “Thou shalt not take the holy gun away from any gun-worshipper.”

  • pj

    too late for fox to whine about the frankenstein they foisted on this country.

  • blackstar
    • Gigi

      I love this! Conservatives in Canada complain about Trudeau 24/7. A few have even said to me that they’d prefer Trump. Srsly.

  • rednekokie

    Got news for you, fucker Tucker — tRump IS a dictator.

  • Gigi

    I agree with Tucker. Excuse me while I go take a Silkwood shower.

  • Buford

    “If Obama Said To Ignore Due Process, We’d Have Called Him A Dictator”

    Let’s be honest… we’re surprised you didn’t call Obama a dictator after TRUMP said to ignore due process.

    • Droz

      It’s all Obama’s fault! If he’d have taken all the guns away, Trump wouldn’t have had to call for it! /s

  • Acronym Jim

    “Tucker: Trump’s Shortcomings Are Usually Worth It.”

    I’d say Melania would beg to differ.

    • JT

      Drumpf’s comings are short, if they ever do occur.

  • Boreal

    You did call him a dictator, you dickless shitheel.

  • Michael R
  • Max_1
    • Juvela Bumblebee

      Does that even make sense? It seems to me that it cannot be due process if it applies only after the act.

      • ChrisMorley

        Fake/Alternative “due process”.

  • crewman

    I think this was just part of Trump’s negotiating con. He starts off staking a shocking claim that he doesn’t really support, to make it sound like he’s fair, to disarm people and create chaos, which is where he feels like he plays best. He inevitably ends up at the position we all knew he ultimately wanted, but he tries to leave the other party feeling like they negotiated with him and got something out of it. Don’t be fooled by his initial apparent willingness to veer left.

  • BobSF_94117

    “Now, I mean, how honest do you want to be?” Carlson pondered.

    The usual answer: “Not at all.”

    • Halou

      My answer would be “how honest does Murdoch pay you to be… or not to be?” That is the question.

  • Pip

    I always wonder how they get the microphone far enough up 45’s ass in order to get a clear quote from ol’ Tucker at times like these.

  • Halou

    Some sense.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Wait for it….

  • M Jackson

    They talk about Obama so much, it’s almost like they miss the guy.

  • Halou

    Obama was called a dictator for his choice of hotdog condiments. And yes, if he had done even a tenth of that which he was accused then America would have seen a president impeached and worse, and the nation would have suffered a series of secessions.

  • whollyfool

    Any support Trump loses is good in the end, I think. Even coming from this jackass.

  • MikeinATL

    There are hundreds of “Imagine if Barack Obama had…” situations with the Trump administration…

  • hdtex
  • Kevin Andrews

    Who cares what Cucker Farlson has to say on any topic. These propagandists are not credible at any time in their delusional lives.

  • olandp

    Well Tuckie, you did call him a dictator and called for him impeachment repeatedly, without any grounds.

  • Gerry Fisher

    Notice that he’s a “dictator” only when he goes against conservative orthodoxy (raising the age at which someone can buy a gun). This was not a major rebuke. It was a nudge to get back in line with everyone else on the right.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    They really don’t have any self-awareness, do they? Hey Tucker, you DID call Obama a dictator for merely mentioning minor sensible gun reform. Asshole.

  • JWC

    Such stuff and nonsense and from FAUX no less

  • Lindoro Almaviva

    The difference, Tucky boy, is that the democrats chose a man with a Law degree from Harvard, among other things. The republicans chose a clown. You can not expect this clown to understand anything that does not revolve around him or his bu$ine$$e$

  • DaveMiller135

    Ooh, somebody’s hoping to still have a job, in a couple of years.

  • trouble94114

    1. Will wonders never cease.
    2. Oh wait, it’s just Tucker… never mind.

  • You DID accuse Obama of saying that you hypocritical lying cuntwaffle.