Conway: Trump’s Gun Meeting Wasn’t On Gun Control

Talking Points Memo reports:

After President Donald Trump concerned Republicans on Capitol Hill by floating the possibility of raising the age to purchase rifles to 21 years old and seizing guns from those who may post a threat, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway insisted that Trump’s meeting Wednesday was “not about gun control.”

During an interview on “Fox and Friends” this morning, Conway described Trump’s meeting with lawmakers about addressing gun violence in the wake of the deadly school shooting in Florida.

“This meeting was not about gun control. This meeting — let’s not forget — is about school safety,” Conway said. “We’re talking about all of this in the context of the tragedy that occurred in Parkland, Florida.”

  • liondon#iamnotatraitor

    Trumps diaper change wasn’t about shitting his pants.

  • So, the meeting about gun control was not about gun control.

    • Gustav2

      Especially when the Preznit mentioned gun confiscation with later due process.

    • GayOldLady

      They were just sharing recipes.

      • gaymex1

        Spam Sushi, Wacky Chocolate Cake, Shaking Beef.
        Edit: Those are actually the names of dishes and probably all too complicated for a Trump meeting.

        • 🐾vorpal🐾

          Spam sushi is actually a big thing in Hawaii.

          Even though I lived there for 11 months, I am happy to say that spam has never entered my body.

          • gaymex1

            Hola Vorpal…I hope all is well.
            I can’t believe I lived in Hawaii and somehow missed out on Spam Sushi. Can I just say “YUCK”?
            I did have lunch once at a friend’s house in Honolulu and was served Spam baked with a coating of brown sugar and crushed pineapple.

          • 🐾vorpal🐾

            Hola gaymex1! Long time no hablamos!

            I am very, very glad that my time in Hawaii involved exactly 0 spams.

          • gaymex1

            I think of you often…just up to my ass with construction workers. Hmmm, that didn’t sound right.
            Usually too tired to deal with the internet, but I do think of you and hope everything is okay in your life.
            I will emerge from the cement dust soon. It’s everywhere.

          • ZRAinSWVA

            Hope you’re taking proper precautions to protect against exposure to respirable crystalline silica. Nasty stuff with significant health effects. If you’re in the US, and the dust is from grinding/abrading cement products and the dust is ‘everywhere’, it’s likely you’re being overexposed.

          • gaymex1

            Thank you very much for that concern. I appreciate it and I do need to be more careful. No grinding, just mixing concrete and pounding out old block walls. I’m more worried about the workers who face this day in and day out with no health guidelines here in Mexico. I talked to them yesterday about the importance of protection if they were grinding and polishing concrete. I have masks for them, but they are quick to put them down.

          • ZRAinSWVA

            Even those activities could put you in jeopardy. We have a quarry where we mine all the stone for our buildings, and we have a breaker to break stone into the right sizes. Even the process of fracturing the rock had us over the limits in the US. Knocking out block walls will almost assuredly be a concern. Good luck (and wear respiratory protection!). When I have a chance, and if you’re interested, I’ll have our English-Spanish translator work on our silica awareness training and would be glad to send it your way.

          • gaymex1

            I really do appreciate your advice. I will take more precaution in the future and I will see what I can do to help the workers. We recently had a new stone facade added to our place and when I visited the workshop where the guys cut the stone, I was amazed at the amount of rock dust. They had face masks, but I’m not sure they were much protection…better than nothing, but still inadequate.
            I would be glad to have more information and I will pass it along to the owner of the quarry as well as to the guys who work in concrete.

          • Tatonka

            I had, like a giant spam breakfast sushi roll when I was there. I don’t know what else to call it. It was like a sushi roll, except it was the size of a breakfast taco.

            Anywho, it was surprisingly good.

          • Snarkaholic

            Nor scrapple?

          • 🐾vorpal🐾

            As a true sophisticat, any meat that has seen the inside of a can does not enter into this body.

            (The only thing more vile in stench than canned tuna is Kim Davis’ undergarments.)

        • BuckyB12

          My mother used to make Wacky Cake. It tasted ok, but I forget what the “wacky” ingredient was.

          • gaymex1

            I never figured that out. It may have been because it was mixed in the same pan it was baked in. ???

        • witch

          I adore wacky cake, made it all the time

          • gaymex1

            Do you know why it’s called “wacky”?

          • witch

            No eggs, used baking soda, coco powder, lots of oil to get it to rise and be moist … I think it was from the 1800s when frontier cooks had to make do with what was on hand.

          • gaymex1

            Hmmmm. Sounds like the sort of cake my granny (very rural Tenn.) used to make. We just called it “cake.” lol. Whatever she had, plus lots of sugar or honey. Eggs–if the hens laid that day and if we hadn’t eaten all the fresh eggs for breakfast. Life, in retrospect, was much simpler then, especially when seen through the eyes of a child and filtered by the foggy memory of an old man.
            Thanks for stirring those almost lost thoughts.

      • 🐾vorpal🐾

        * 20 piece bucket of KFC
        * 12 diet Cokes

        1. Unhinge your jaw and swallow whole.

      • gaymex1

        Gum control.

      • Todd20036

        Partially hydrogenated artificial honey roasting agent
        Pressed peanut sweepings…

  • Rex

    What do you think we are? Stupid?
    We are well aware absolutely nothing is going to change regarding gun control as long as the GOP is a wholly owned subsidiary of the NRA.

    • Michael White

      we are not stupid but the base is. The base loves her, sexy blond bimbo cougar for bubba

  • crewman

    The meeting was about adoptions.

  • Bluto
    • greenmanTN

      If you think her mug is straight, you might want to pick up a level and plumb bob at the hardware store. 😁

    • Tatonka

      In the words of Hope Hicks, just more “white lies” from the White House.

    • Ron

      A straight face?!
      More like a face that turns straights gay.

    • Snarkaholic

      …and you should see what they let me do to their legs!

    • JCF

      Aw. This one, I won’t pepper spray!

  • blackstar

    just like the meeting with the Russians were about adoption.
    when ? when / will this sh*t end? reclaim our country.

  • narutomania

    Ugh. Is “Kellyanne Conway” still a thing? How is she still a thing?

    Spicey – out
    Hicks – out
    Sessions – out (oops … almost)
    Tillerson – also almost out … several times

    Why not Conway?

    • TexasBoy

      She lets him grab her several times a day.

      • charemor

        Good grief! Do you think Trump would actually go anywhere near her?

    • Todd20036

      Because she NEVER said anything critical of the Dump. Hopes one time admitted she told lies for the WH, and she’s out.

      Kellyanne is disrespectful, smug, unknowledgeable, and most likely is an addict… but she never contradicted Trump, so she’s still in

  • pj

    arent all the old white guys who beat off to the fox lady tramps sick of this shrew yet?

  • rednekokie

    Sure, sweetie, – putting more guns inside schools is certainly making them safer.
    The same as throwing more gasoline on a burning fire is going to drown the fire out.

  • Acronym Jim

    Follow the kids’ lead and focus on exposing the NRA for what it is, and Capital Hill will follow once Guns-R-Us has been gelded and the “campaign donations” dry up.

  • Max_1
  • Pip

    Does the right fall for this sort of gaslighting? I just can’t tell any more.

    • Todd20036

      Wrong question. The right has their own conclusions. And all they need are a semblance of facts that justify them. Kind of how religion works.

  • #DJTK5F

    Conjob also pointed out that the shootings in Parkland were wholly unrelated to gun violence.

  • M Jackson

    Does anyone else see the burn mark on her lips? That little pipe gets mighty hot.

  • hdtex
    • Todd20036

      The doll looks sexier. It’s not even close.

      • Snarkaholic

        What doll? On the left, I see Kellyanne Conman; on the right, I see Iskanka yelling at her sweatshop employees.

  • jmax

    So, even if the meeting wasn’t about gun control and was about school safety, does that make any of Trump’s pronouncements any less stupid and/or unconstitutional?

  • Renfield

    The meth is really getting to her. I’d say very sad, if she were anyone else.

  • Nic Peterson

    Well, at least she’s consistent. She lies to his base just as well as the rest of us.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    I hope I live long enough to use her grave as a toilet.

    Yeah, I said it.

  • The Milkman

    I can’t with her. She’s just so deeply unattractive. I’ve always heard that eventually we all end up with the face that we deserve. If so, it seems that process is already well underway.

  • JWC

    The liar in chief speaks and spews

  • #DJTK5F

    “And Hope Hicks wasn’t about being the House slut, no matter what everybody else is saying.”

  • -M-

    The tragedy in Parkland was a school shooting, enabled and exacerbated by easy access to guns, particularly to guns that are designed for killing large numbers of people quickly.

    Sensible gun control measures, which enjoy broad public support across the political landscape including gun owners, would do a lot for school safety. Not to mention concert safety, church safety, movie safety, mall safety, grocery store safety …

  • The more she lies, the lower her right eye gets.

    • Ann Kah

      Maybe we should send her a sandwich.

  • Kevin Andrews

    The sickness runs deep in Sewer Rat Barbie as she howls from the AIPAC septic tank of the Gilded Feces who are Hell-Bent on the destruction of America.

  • JCF

    How do you know Axis KellyAnne is lying? Her rictus is moving.

  • Gianni

    “This meeting was not about gun control. This meeting — let’s not forget — is about school safety,” Conway said……And, as we all know, none of these mass shootings have anything to do with guns or how easily and readily available they are. Right? Kellyanne, you didn’t even try to spin that bullshit.

  • northern_neighbour

    Get the latest English current ERGOT special U.S. propaganda translation of “Mein Kampf” by this talented Con-KKKunt money whore.

    Pre-signed copies are in bookstores now, for only $200 each, plus the publisher’s and seller’s shipping and handling expense. And local taxes. (Includes discreet & exclusive coupon for 5% off any AK-15 at your nearest gun show.)