FBI Admits It Failed To Act On January Tip Warning That Nicolas Cruz Might Commit Mass Shooting At School

Via press release from the FBI:

On January 5, 2018, a person close to Nikolas Cruz contacted the FBI’s Public Access Line (PAL) tipline to report concerns about him. The caller provided information about Cruz’s gun ownership, desire to kill people, erratic behavior, and disturbing social media posts, as well as the potential of him conducting a school shooting.

Under established protocols, the information provided by the caller should have been assessed as a potential threat to life. The information then should have been forwarded to the FBI Miami Field Office, where appropriate investigative steps would have been taken.

We have determined that these protocols were not followed for the information received by the PAL on January 5. The information was not provided to the Miami Field Office, and no further investigation was conducted at that time.

FBI Director Christopher Wray said: “We are still investigating the facts. I am committed to getting to the bottom of what happened in this particular matter, as well as reviewing our processes for responding to information that we receive from the public. It’s up to all Americans to be vigilant, and when members of the public contact us with concerns, we must act properly and quickly.

“We have spoken with victims and families, and deeply regret the additional pain this causes all those affected by this horrific tragedy. All of the men and women of the FBI are dedicated to keeping the American people safe, and are relentlessly committed to improving all that we do and how we do it.”

  • bkmn
  • tbj5
  • DreadPikathulhu

    Cue the GOP blaming the FBI for the shooting. Anything but the shooter’s easy access to military weapons and unlimited ammunition.

    • HZ81

      Exactly. “More reason to investigate our horrible FBI” sayeth the douchebag cowardly traitors of the GOP.

      • DreadPikathulhu

        I expect that they’ll be calling for hearings.

        • HZ81

          Any minute now, surely.

          God, hate is not too strong of a word for them.

    • liondon#iamnotatraitor

      The fbi was also busy fighting off attacks from the GOP.

    • Frostbite

      But but but 2nd amendment!

  • safari

    The question is: How can Donald use this to disrupt his investigation?

    • AltheaTheCat

      Yup! I’m guessing he’ll use this as a reason to fire people so he can then put in new people who will either fire Mueller or derail the investigation.

  • joe ho

    Breaking: Special counsel releases new indictment against 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities accused of violating U.S. criminal laws in order to interfere with U.S. elections and political processes. https://www.justice.gov/file/1035477/download

    • safari

      Presser at 1:15PM

      • joe ho

        my comment yesterday.

        joe ho 18 hours ago
        Come on, Bob, give us another indictment to brighten up our day. It’s been too long.

        • Joe in PA

          You’ve got the power! Ah, could you promise to do this every couple of days? Oh please. 🙂

      • Dreaming Vertebrate

        Has it started? Any more news?

    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      Go – go – go!!
      Lock ’em up!!!

    • safari
    • Joe in PA

      Oh please, I hope they’ve tied the money back to the Trump family.

      • safari

        The only phrase I’ve seen so far to connect it to the campaign is “unwitting contact”

    • Uncle Mark

      I love it when Mueller times these indictments on Fridays. This is going to wreck Trump’s Mar-A-Lago weekend…as well as the Playboy bunny affair bringing more fury from Melania. (Someone’s gonna need a lot more mulligans this weekend, during their golf games)

  • MikeBx2

    “deeply regret the additional pain”
    Additional pain? Seems understated. Their loved one’s murder could have been prevented.

  • Uncle Mark

    Ugh…I can hear Donnie and his deplorable crotch-fruit tweeting some tripe saying something like “If only the FBI was doing its job, instead of persecuting dear old Dad.” I sure hope this won’t be used as an excuse to shitcan vital members of the FBI or Mueller’s team.yy

    • David L. Caster

      It will be a right meme in moments if not already. It was probably reported that way in Faux News.

  • Max_1
  • bkmn
  • Tulle Christensen

    The FBI admitting to a mistake is the worse thing, Trump will fire them all. With Trump you can never admit to a mistake

  • JWC

    Ah now the GOP has a reason to can Chris wray

  • netxtown

    So why didn’t the secret caller start with the local police? How did that secret caller know to call the FBI – instead of the local police?

    And why is the FBI “confessing” so quickly?

    Something fishy smelling….

    • Tulle Christensen

      Cause they knew what law enforcement agency handles what type of investigations. If I thought someone was going to do a terrorist attack I would call the local FBI office

      • netxtown

        maybe so…but something stinks here.

    • Tread

      Because the FBI have a hot line for this kind of thing specifically and are supposed to act quickly on these tips.

    • boobert

      The police were well aware of this guy, but did nothing because of he wasn’t convicted of a crime.

      • leastyebejudged

        The local cops are the ones with blood on their hands, and Rick Scott knows this, but ofc he’s gonna protect the local pigs, they ALL do !

        Cops are liars, who knew !

    • leastyebejudged

      Just like the other day when the autopsy for the vegas shooter was released and hardly anybody commented much less noticed.

  • Lazycrockett

    Mueller is indicting 13 Russians.

  • MikeBx2

    It’s Mueller time!

    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      A real American hero!

  • zhera

    The person to blame must be punished just like the shooter. Failing to act on such a tip is like failing to respond to a 911 call about a fire.

    Whoever made that decision, high or low in the ranks, now has 17 deaths on them.

    • Tulle Christensen

      This is why I turned down the job to write code for medical equipment, I did not want one of my bugs to kill people, so I took the one for a video effects machine…

      seeing what videos have become that may have been a mistake too

      • zhera

        Not really seeing the connection there…
        A decision to not investigate something can hardly be explained as a bug, or an accident. Whether its excuse is budget, manpower, weather, the color of grapes, or whatever they come up with.

        • Tulle Christensen

          Causing harm by making a mistake

          • zhera

            But do we know this was a mistake, and not a order from above, about redirecting/ignoring/whatever?

          • Tulle Christensen

            you are saying it was something other than someone not filing out or filing the paperwork incorrectly. OK then

          • zhera

            I’m saying that I don’t know what’s behind this failure to act. Assuming it was a pure accident is just as bad as assuming some cray cray conspiracy theory.

            The reason I’m skeptical to the ‘pure accident’ is the numerous stories about arrogance, bigotry, corruption, and ignorance among the people who’s work is supposed to protect the public. The problem is usually situated higher up, allowing the bad elements to continue.

  • GayOldLady

    Breaking News: Mueller Indicts 13 Russians for meddling in U.S. Elections

    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      The Jaws of Justice may be slow to act – but when they do – SNAP!!

  • boobert

    It was not just the FBI. Local police new he was trouble from numerous complaints. Now blame the victims again for not speaking up.

    • leastyebejudged

      But the cops can lie about their role and responsibilities and get away with it. AGAIN, because local media are cowardly pieces of shit.

  • Hue-Man

    • Quotation of the day
    “If they’re not able to purchase their first drink of alcohol, then how
    are we allowed to buy guns at the age of 18 or 19? Obviously whatever
    we have going on, it’s not working.”

    — Lyliah Skinner, a survivor of the mass shooting in Parkland, Fla.

  • DisqusD37

    It hurts my heart that the FBI bungled the investigation, here. And it only salts the wound that Republicans will use it to impugn the agency’s reputation to protect Trump.

    • Longpole

      Or to protect us from Trump?

    • BostonBud

      Exactly my thoughts. They’re trashing everything right and left that when an organization makes any mistake they scream and shout that they are right. They are destroying everything in their path from the news media to our security forces.

    • They had to admit it. Not to admit it and let it be discovered would be worse.

  • Longpole

    Florida Major to Trump, stay away, your a hypocrite.

    CNN)-Mark Bogen, the vice mayor of Florida’s Broward County, said Friday that President Donald Trump’s expected visit with the victims of the Parkland school shooting is “absolutely absurd.”

    • JWC

      it is essential that, at this time, every GOP has their feet held to the fire. Do NOT buy into the terrorist, mental illness, or whatever other deflective move the GOP/NRA try to maneuver Make these kids lives MATTER

    • Tulle Christensen

      Broward County vice mayor? I guess things have changed since I lived there in the 80s and 90s

      Never heard of a mayor for a county before

      • Longpole

        Ya, looks like recent changes there.

        BROWARD COUNTY, FL -The face of the Broward County Commission is changing with three new Commissioners and two incumbent Commissioners sworn in to office on Tuesday. The Board also selected a new Mayor and Vice Mayor.

      • Tulle Christensen

        Yea says the guy who lives in a county with a mayor, duh, in my defense it is both a city and county government together

    • boobert

      Let him go and get booed outta town !

  • Hue-Man

    Post 9/11, everyone promised to “connect the dots” to prevent future terrorist attacks.

    Total FAIL.

    • JWC

      the terrorist are the GOP

  • Nic Peterson

    He’s a MAGA wearing Trumpanzee, so he wasn’t seen as a threat.

    • leastyebejudged

      He was protected from scrutiny by his politics, that’s what I take away from this.

  • Jerry Kott

    Many of us are living with a false sense of security that someone is at the helm. This doesn’t surprise me that this time b0mb was out there. There are many more that only need a nudge to go off. The choices are there to either live like a prisoner or to speak truth to power. There is a solution but don’t expect Law Enforcement to be your friend , especially LGBT folks.

    Years ago, in an attempt for sanity ,civility and peace of mine, I contacted Sen Robert Casey’s office in Pennsylvania. My partner and I have been subjected to what many have termed terrorism/Hate for years. The extent including real bullet holes in our property, reported to local police and no on sight investigation was ever done by any aspect of Law Enforcement of the crime. However an FBI Agent showed up unannounced to our home which we believe may have been the resault of contacting Sen. Robert Casey”s office. I immediately felt some sense of sanity until I wanted to show the FBI Agent the bullets holes. His immediate respond is “I am not interested in the bullet holes” I was stunned. He didn’t want to see any evidence of criminality. Others are stunned when they hear this.
    So we have had to live for years knowing that anyone can shoot at our property and get away with it. So I believe it is naive to believe that the FBI is at the wheel running defense for you or has your back. But then again institutionalized bias towards LGBT folks is a deep stain in Law Enforcement and doesn’t always come out in the first wash.
    You are on your own.

    • zhera

      People suck. 🙁

    • leastyebejudged

      Well, when law enforcement has such a shining reputation for gunning down mentally ill people who’ve asked for help or who’s famalies have asked for help, and get away repeatedly with doing so with not only zero repercussions, but we’re supposed to, according to them, express eternal gratitude to the pigs every time they gun an innocent person down – I find it hard to blame people for not saying anything.

  • Jon Doh

    Maybe if the FBI wasn’t spending so much time defending themselves and investigating Trump, his family and his cronies, they would have more time to investigate possible terrorist threats.

    • Tulle Christensen

      yea cause those guys in DC would be handling cases in south Florida

      • Jon Doh

        No chance the FBI has allocated more agents from other areas to help with the DC bullshit?

    • Robert K Wright

      That’s plain ridiculous. There are about 35,000 employees at the FBI. They aren’t all involved in investigating Trump, or all busy defending themselves. Someone dropped the ball and now there are 17 dead people. Wake the fuck up!

      • Jon Doh

        I didn’t say they are blameless, but things aren’t exactly operating as usual since Trump.

    • leastyebejudged

      Or spying on US citizens, or illegally compiling data on us, or any number of shitty, corrupt bullshit they do every single day.

      No, the FBI isn’t getting me to defend them in ANY fucking way, this is the same government organization that kept dossiers on us for being gay back in the 80’s, they’re the same creep cops you can find anywhere in the US.

  • Ninja0980

    The fact is there are so many people who say and do crazy things online there is no way for anyone to keep track of them all.
    I blame the people who made it so this monster could carry his plan out so easily more then the FBI.

    • Tulle Christensen

      Er did you read the fact he was reported to the tip line set up by the FBI for this very purpose? No I guess not that would be too hard

  • Gigi

    Well that’s a major cluster fuck. What’s the point of having a tip line and telling people who see something to say something if, after someone suspicious is reported to them, they do nothing about it?

  • justme

    But under tRumpazzee FBI we only follow up on the blah people..


  • I totally misread that as:

    FBI Admits It Failed To Act On January Tip Warning That Ted Cruz Might Commit Mass Shooting At School

  • Captain Jack

    WOW, The FBI is now owned by the rethugs…

  • LesbianTippingHabits

    Let’s be honest: Why doesn’t the media check out other potential situations on YouTube – how many are there, probably dozens?

    And if the FBI interviewed one individual who claims to have been joking, the media would have complained about that.

    Sad !

    • leastyebejudged

      Dozens ? Try thousands. Youtube comments sections are a cesspool of idiocy, bots and lies. Kinda like Breitbart comments.

  • Bob Black

    The FBI Official I saw on TV yesterday said “we pursued the information to a dead-end”. Was he lying or was he misinformed? Because that sure as hell ain’t what they’re saying today. I want that spokesperson to apologize for spreading fake news.

    • leastyebejudged

      OMG really, cops lied ?

      Look, people, if you learn one thing today learn this – cops are trained to lie, they lie constantly, there are no repercussions to their lies, and their lies are protected by the system, by judges, by DA’s, by prosecutors, and by our POS brown nosing for access scumbag friends in the media..

      THAT is why any half assed lawyer will tell you do NOT speak to the cops without representation present.

      Yes, the pigs lied, they always lie, and they rarely ever are prosecuted for their many crimes.

  • MusicBear88

    I guess he wasn’t using a private email server.

  • ColdCountry

    Someone will be living with this mistake for the rest of their lives.

  • leastyebejudged

    The cops don’t care about you, all they care about is their huge retirement package and immunity from their criminal activities.