PAYBACK: Colorado Republicans Vote To Defund Civil Rights Commission That Ruled Against Anti-Gay Baker

The Denver Post reports:

Republican members of a powerful budget committee in the legislature on Thursday voted to withhold funding for the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, a move that could be revisited but which quickly stoked political outcry from Democrats and the LGBT community.

State Sen. Kevin Lundberg, a Berthoud Republican who sits on the Joint Budget Committee, which held up the funding, said he voted to withhold money for the commission — which operates under the the Colorado Civil Rights Division — because he is waiting to see if lawmakers vote to renew the law to authorize the commission’s existence (which is coming this session).

“This is the commission who ruled against Masterpiece Cake, and now the U.S. Supreme Court is reviewing that decision,” Lundberg said in a Facebook post. “My argument against approving their funding today is we need to wait and see what the legislature does with the renewal of the law authorizing the commission, which is up for sunset review in this session.”

(Tipped by JMG reader Alan)

  • kcken

    Let. Them. Eat. Wedding. Cake!

  • Todd20036

    The GOP hates us. I have no sympathy for any LBGT who votes republican. None.

    • Ninja0980

      They only care about money and in some cases sticking it to people with darker skin color, nothing more.

    • S1AMER

      Agreed. And I have no patience with any of us who believes all will be well in the coming years. We are very definitely under attack, and it will only get worse.

      • FAEN

        Yes and no. It depends IMHO on who the fuck is in office and who the fuck controls Congress.

    • kcken

      I unfriend and block them. I don’t have time for that level of self-hatred and “justification”. No sireee.

      • Ninja0980

        I’ve cut any and all homocons out of my life.
        My cousin did the same with her former homocon friend.
        They are toxic to the core and no one should be friends with them.

        • Leo

          I’ve cut all Trump voters that aren’t already acquaintances, neighbors, co-workers or family out of my life.

          • kcken

            Some of my partners family refer to the democats as “tax and spend”. I counter with taxcut and spend Republicans. Although, I try to avoid as much of that “family” as I can ….

          • FAEN

            BLOTUS supporters are so out in their own fucked yo universe no matter the facts they choose not to believe them. I keep arguing with an acquaintance about politics and he’s finally coming around but the hate of Dems is so ingrained I don’t think he’ll ever vote for his own interests.

          • olandp

            I call them “borrow and spend”.

          • Generic Commenter

            You made an exception for neighbors, co-workers, and family? You are a bigger man than I

          • HandsomeMrToad

            One of my dearest friends is a Trumpie. (Also gay. When he gets laid, it’s Trumpie-rumpie-pumpie.)

          • Leo

            Oh no no. It’s not by choice. I don’t go out of my way to invite them to anything, etc. It’s only if they invite me and I have to prep my small talk. It’s phenomenally taxing.

          • Judas Peckerwood

            Yup, I’ve cut ALL of the known Trumpsters out of my life.

        • kcken

          That’s all you can do. Facts and logic don’t work on them, you’re just wasting your breath.

          • Ninja0980

            I learned that the hard way from our one and done teabagger Congresswoman who made it clear again and again she didn’t think LGBT people were worth of equal rights.
            But because she was “good” on fiscal issues, the Log Cabin idiots supported her.
            Stupid, arrogant fools.

          • FAEN

            They really are worthless fuck heads.

    • JCF
  • Joe in PA

    stoked political outcry from Democrats and the LGBT community.

    JFC, that should have “political outcry” from EVERYBODY. So, they think this commission only deals with LGBT?

    • MT YVR

      Yes. If it’s one part per billion GBLT? Throw it out because now we know it’s a GBLT run organization. One part per trillion black? Or female? Or..? Ooooh yeah you wanna throw that shit out because it’s now contaminated.

      I wish I was joking but I seriously think they think this way. (EDIT: I mean… look at planned parenthood. It helps ONE woman get an aborti-“IT’S ALL ABOUT ABORTIONS AND SUBVERTING MEN’S RIGHTS!”….)

      • JWC

        I resent that and it went to someone else Are you experiencing a similar problem???

  • 2patricius2

    Log Cabin Republicans, where are you now? This is your party. Are you ready to see the light yet, or do you crave yet more abuse?

    • kcken

      They’re busy, counting their tax savings and trust fund money.

    • Boreal

      No. They are all for the right to discriminate against us as long as their trust funds get a tax cut.

    • another_steve

      Moral and ethical pain, among the mentally disturbed, can be interpreted as pleasure.

  • Joe in PA

    As I like to say: of course they did. 🙁

  • bkmn


  • Bambino

    Who knew not selling cake to the gays are GOP core agenda all these decades.

    • Lars Littlefield

      It’s right in their charter.

    • greenmanTN

      They’ve been using god, guns, and gays for decades. Throw in abortion and they’ll milk it like a cow.

      Never mind that their personal ethics would make a whore blush.

  • Boreal

    I thought Colorado was fairly progressive.

    • Bambino

      Only those who smoke weeds.

    • bkmn

      Only Denver, and Boulder – when college is in session.

      • Jefe5084

        Fort Collins, Aspen are blue too.

    • Ninja0980

      Colorado Springs is evangelical central and home to Focus On the Family.
      It’s trending Democrat but still has a long way to go.

      • Boreal

        I meant the state govt as a whole.

        • Joe in PA

          From various sources:

          Currently, the Colorado General Assembly has split majorities, with the Republican Party controlling the Senate (18–17), and the Democratic Party controlling the House (37–28). Democrats also hold the Governor’s office.

          Currently more registered D than R, slightly. But tons of “independent” apparently.

          • Boreal

            I hope our side gets out to vote in the next election.

          • Joe in PA

            Yeah, I hope Trump tars every Republican in the state.

          • Michael White

            If our side doesn’t get out and vote we are all fucked

          • j.martindale

            The thin air evidently leaves a lot of them stupid. My sister and brother in law are perfect examples. Also a lot of Mormons.

          • Joe in PA

            Yeah, hubs grew up in the Springs. Hot bed of religious right. A lot of his family have moved around a bit but now they are all moving back to CO. Nope, nope, nope.

          • Butch

            I used to live in Colorado. Some cities, and especially Boulder, tend to be more liberal but the rural areas are really, really conservative.

    • Silver Badger

      Most of us are. Unfortunately, not all of us.

  • Taylor Bixler

    This is like the PA GOP members who now want to impeach state Supreme Court justices who ruled the congressional map to be unconstitutional.

    • Generic Commenter

      California Ex-Chief-Justice Rose Bird was impeached by voters after Repubs attacked her for being “soft on crime” (i.e., overturning too many sentences of death)

      • Stev84

        That’s another reason why America has such a high prison population and why no other country elects judges

        • Generic Commenter

          I don’t really agree with electing judges, either, Stev84.

          You are quite right that our system sets up an “unholy trinity” of:
          • (1) elected prosecutors (District Attorneys beholden to police and police unions, often, for re-election); plus
          • (2) elected State judges (who also often rely on police far too much and too often for their bread-and-butter [i.e., convictions]); plus
          • (3) the police (who become more and more militarized in training and equipment every year).

          This trinity results in the unfortunate phenomenon in the real world of “anyone who gets tried must be guilty” (which is of course directly contrary to our U.S. constitutional doctrine of “presumption of innocence.”)

          • prixator

            I’d go a bit further and say the perception is that “anyone who gets arrested must be guilty”. After an arrest gets reported in the media, the absence of charges, the dropping of charges and even an eventual acquittal will rarely garner the same media attention as the arrest.

      • Franciscan

        And this included two other justices as well. Basically it was Republican shenanigans to get rid of some liberals so that Governor Deukmejian of the far right could appoint some conservatives. And that’s essentially how things turned out. It was also a culture-war opportunity to get high Republican turnout as Deukmejian was seeking re-election. See for instance this academic paper at:

    • clay

      … KS GOP members who wanted to impeach state Supreme Court justices who ruled the school district funding system was unconstitutional.

    • (((GC)))

      “Hypocrite” can be spelled “R-e-p-u-b-l-i-c-a-n”. (with a nod to the cartoon bkmn posted)

      The Republican state rep who circulated that memo ran as a “constitutionalist”, claiming that the Founders who wrote the US Constitution, and whose influence carried over to the 1776 and 1790 Pennsylvania constitutions, had a “unique” understanding of “human nature relative to governance”.

      Unfortunately for him, the Pa. constitutions always required judges and other officers to swear to uphold the constitution, and from 1790 on, also stipulated that “elections shall be free and equal.

      (Cris Dush also had among his policy goals “Constitutional Amendments defining life as beginning at conception and marriage as being between one man and one woman.”)

      • Generic Commenter

        A fascinating historical personality is Pennsylvania’s Chief Justice John Bannister Gibson (1780-1853). Gibson served on Pennsylvania’s highest Court from 1816 to 1853, with 24 years as Chief Justice.

        Ironically, perhaps, given his position, then-Justice Gibson did not support the constitutional “theory” known as judicial review. In Eakin v. Raub, 12 Sergeant & Rawle 330 (Pa. 1825), Gibson dissented from a majority attempting to apply Chief Justice Marshall’s “theory” of judicial review, enunciated in Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. (1 Cranch) 137 (1803), to a case involving Pennsylvania land-titles.

        Gibson’s dissent basically stated that the Pennsylvania constitution does not give judges the right to strike down laws duly passed by the legislature; this dissent has been called the “classic judicial refutation” of Marshall’s position in Marbury. Stanley I. Kutler, The Supreme Court and the Constitution 31 (S. Kutler, ed., 1984) (cited by, Robert Clinton, “Eakin v. Raub: Refutation or Justification of Marbury v. Madison?,” 4 Constitutional Commentary 81, 82 (1987) [University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy]).

  • Frostbite

    Bah, the GOP has no need for any sort of “civil rights”!

  • bkmn
    • Hank

      Another meme to add to my Hypocrite collection!!! How apropos!!!!

  • mikeinftl

    At least they are good sports.

  • another_steve

    I am once again going to send the Evil Eye to the entire Republican Party. I do this periodically here on JMG.

    This is an extremely potent curse among Ashkenazi Jews (religious and cultural-only). If you are pregnant or expecting to soon become pregnant, please divert your gaze.

    Here goes.

    • Bryan

      Thankfully, 49% of my blood protects me from Ashkenazi curses. But it might explain why that person burst into flames after cutting us off in traffic that time. I’m rather partial to using the Chinese Curse on people but that’s because I love insults disguised as backhanded compliments.

      • another_steve

        The Chinese – among the most ancient of people – are among the most proficient when it comes to the curses.

        I did the DNA test thingy, and the results showed that I’m 97 percent “European Jewish” with a tinge of “other.”

        Among the “other” listed was “Italian.”

        That excited me, since I’ve always found Italian men to be incredibly sexy.

        • Bryan

          23&Me for us. 49% Ashkenazi, something like 13-15% Irish, .01% Japanese, I think about the same amount of Sardinian. There’s supposed to be some NA in there but I’m having trouble getting genetic confirmation. I’m something like 3.2% Neanderthal too. It’s a real hodge-podge. I’m a mutt.

          • another_steve

            I bet there’s an evolutionary advantage to being genetically diversified as you are, Bryan. A mix of DNA that might mitigate the negative consequences of being genetically “undiversified.”

            Case in point: Researchers have discovered a susceptibility among certain Ashkenazi Jews for colorectal cancer. There’s a test Jews can take to see if they possess the susceptibility.

            As mentioned above, my DNA test had me at 97 percent “European Jewish.” My family history is Ashkenazi as far back as my relatives can recount. Here’s the kicker: Both my father and his father had colorectal cancer. I have periodic screenings for the disease, for obvious reasons, every four or five years.

            I could have the test to see whether I possess the “bad gene,” but what would be the sense of that. Why would I want to live with the anxiety, in the event I’m found to possess it.

          • Bryan

            Some advantages more than others haha! I could live (and have lived far better aha) without the Moyamoya but I do agree with you.

            As a plus I can wear virtually anything I want in any color I want and look absurdly good…apparently even when I think I look like cold diarrhea.

  • Boreal
  • Pollos Hermanos

    Here’s his Facebook post.

    Commenting is wide open.

    • Boreal

      Cesspool of RW troll comments there.

  • Proud MOFO Beaner (bkb)

    Never forget that our country was built through an unspeakably evil system and that racism, prejudice and oppression is in the DNA of this country. Posted for Black History Month

  • Generic Commenter
  • so, selfishly off topic, um.

    i may have really Fucked the Chicken here. “oops” is too small a word for it. i suck with the suckage of the best sucking people to suck off all time champions of suck.

    • The_Wretched

      At least eggs aren’t too big. Good luck with the hatchlings.

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        the vet told us any surgery, including getting her fixed, would kill her. she is the most Beautiful thing in the world, a pure white, medium haired, sea green blue eyed female. she is also the Friendliest Cat ever. so i’m dying inside, a little bit. and i can’t really blame anyone but myself. if my renter is a lazy drunk, well… it’s still my fucking responsibility to take care of my babes and i Blew It. this is me, on the Cross. i suck, in the completely and not good way.

        • Tempus Fuggit

          Oh, eek. I’m sorry. {{{Hugg}}}

        • The_Wretched

          I apologize for being glib. That’s not an easy thing.

  • Of course they did. The GOP enshrined their deeply-held “religious” belief in ridding the world of LGBTQ in their party platform in 2016. What we really need is a major gay-owned or gay-friendly business to openly deny them service. Then, when they come out against that business in print and on social media, the same tactics can be used against them in the courts, including the court of public opinion. Let them have their say, no matter how hateful. Let the world hear and see them for what they are; unrepentant, deluded, vicious bigots who live by the rule “do not as I do, but as I say.”

  • Ninja0980
    Stories like what the Colorado GOP just did and what just happened in North Carolina are only the beginning if a ruling is done in favor of the bigots in the Masterpiece Cakeshop.
    If one business is allowed to ignore LGBT discrimination laws, why can’t the rest?
    If a clerk or magistrate can refuse to do his/her job when dealing with LGBT people, why can’t other government officials do the same?

    • Lizard

      Fucking ridiculous.

      “The state has since changed their law and allows officials to opt out of performing marriages if they cite a religious belief that requires them to discriminate.”

      If your religious belief “requires” you to discriminate, maybe your religious belief sucks. They never even consider that.

      • -M-

        If your religious belief requires you to discriminate then it excludes you from any kind of public office for a start.

    • Silver Badger

      While Colorado is a fairly progressive state, never forget Colorado’s Amendment ll, legalizing discrimination against gay people. Our Republicans are outnumbered for the most part, but they are extremely vicious, hateful people.

      • fuow

        And, they vote.

  • HandsomeMrToad

    Don’t they know?

    Bakers can’t be choosers.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada
  • It Takes a Village, People

    This is war. Never compromise again with Republicans on any subject. The only way to survive is to replace them.

    • fuow

      But, but, but – that would mean voting for candidates who fail a purity test with only 99.9999999% agreement with us on everything!
      We can’t do that. That would be selling out our principles!

  • clay

    “My argument against approving their funding today is we need to wait and see what the legislature does with the renewal of the law authorizing the commission, which is up for sunset review in this session.”

    BULLSHIT: Budgets are planning documents. By leaving it out of the budget, you’re planning to leave it out of the system. If that were your argument, you wouldn’t have had any reason to bring up who ruled against Masterpiece Cake and who the U.S. Supreme Court is reviewing.

  • Rex

    When we don’t get our way we change the rules, simple as that. – GOP

  • fuzzybits

    Seriously,fuck all these narrow minded bigots!

  • Hank
  • safari

    We can’t nominate a judge in the last year of a presidency and now groups don’t get funded in their last year. It must be great to not follow law and order.

  • Talisman

    Can we get Elon Musk to launch all the Repuglicants into the sun?

  • FAEN

    Something tells me if they had ruled against us this commission would be funded.

  • JWC

    GOP is anti LGBTQ and this asshole baker brought it all down on his own shoulders. I still maintain that if he has a right to advertise and he thinks he should have a right to discriminate then his advertisements must contain his discriminations This is to protect unsuspecting customers from shoddy practices

  • Chris H.

    These fuckers DO NOT know how to govern. All they know how to do is cheat and be vindictive!!! I hate Republicans soooo much.

  • Belthazar

    And as troubling as the defunding is, this is much more troubling, “…we need to wait and see what the legislature does with the renewal of the law authorizing the commission, which is up for sunset review in this session.”

    In other words, lets just get rid of the ruling body (commission) so we can avoid these pesky decisions.

  • Buford

    Just for the record, one doesn’t have to be ‘pro-gay’ to be ‘anti-discrimination’. I’d suspect that a lot of Americans reject this homophobic BS simply because discrimination is wrong, without having to air their personal feelings on sexual orientation.

    It just infuriates me when the media frames the argument as pro-gay vs. anti-gay.

    • Friday

      90 percent of Americans thought nondiscrimination against LGBT people already *was* the law of the land, not too long ago, never mind felt ‘persecuted’ by non-discrimination. The only ones that didn’t were hardcore Fundie lawyers and LGBT people, for the most part. They just did like they usually do when they want to discriminate, anyway: Discriminate anyway, just pretend it’s about something else.

      • Buford

        My point is simpler. This issue isn’t pro-gay vs. anti-gay, yet even open-minded media outlets like to portray it this way. Instead, this issue is anti-gay vs. anti-discrimination… the latter group being far larger and more diverse than simply the ones who identify as pro-gay.

        The same BS logic applies now with Trump doing these idiotic, spastic things to distract from the Russia noose. The media tells Trump’s side, then frames the anti-Trump perspective as coming from Democrats… so it’s always Democrats countering what the White House says, per the media. The truth is that we all know that the anti-Trump perspective almost always includes a group much larger and more diverse than just ‘Democrats’.

      • leastyebejudged

        People are still fired from their jobs for getting married in the USA.

        And people still don’t give a shit.

  • Pip

    Just more names to be added to the folks to vote out.

  • Friday

    Just like Christianist Republicans, make you waste your lifetime *arguing* for your civil rights, then they lie and cheat and commit treason to get their way anyway when they lose.

  • fuow

    This is just the beginning. Wait until June, when we gay men become the first group of Americans against whom discrimination is absolutely legal and encouraged.
    Thanks, all you gay men who stayed home or voted ‘Green’ in November 2016. We have you to thank for this. Hope it was worth it.
    How’s your taking a position to ‘teach us Dems a lesson’ working out for you?

    • leastyebejudged

      HRC has what, like 3 million more votes ?

      You really think that what, 200K tops of the folks you describe would have mattered ?

      Maybe grow up a little bit, pull your idiot head out of your idiot ass, and recognize that YOUR idiotic acceptance of the system as legitimate in the face of all indications otherwise is actually the problem, and not a trivial group of people that had basically zero sphere of influence.

      You and you fucking moron upvoters need to practice your right to euthanasia.

      • Ann Kah

        Oh, goody, it’s “lest ye be judged” being judgmental again.

      • Rrhain

        Actually, yes. Just a few thousand votes in literally three cities (where Democrats are more numerous) would have flipped the Electoral College and we wouldn’t have this happening.

        Maybe grow up a little bit, pull your idiot head out of your idiot ass, and recognize that YOUR hissy fit over what you see as an “illegitimate system” is part of the problem and not the work of people who are trying to maintain all the progress that we have made.

        Acceptance of gay people has actually *declined* under Trump.

        You and your fucking moron temper tantrums need to learn that it isn’t about you. People are now going to literally die because of your inability to see the forest for the trees.

  • Lawerence Collins

    This is all just more reason why electing actual progressive candidates is so important!

    • joe ho

      lol. This is why voting blue no matter who is so important.

      And why self-defeating Bernie or Busters and Green Partiers need to be punched.

      • Friday

        There *is* no real American Green Party since Dubya. *I* *identify with the Greens elsewhere, that just ain’t how I vote cause I’m not a maniac or a faker. 🙂 Really, someone forgot to lock up when everyone with a brain left.

      • Halou
  • canoebum

    Where can we move the goalposts to next? Can we fire the referee? Banish the umpire?

  • Halou
  • Sean5280

    Coloraodan here: Just placed a quick call to the members of the JBC; interestingly enough…the Dem Reps/Senators phones get answered by staffers, the R’s roll to voicemail.