“Death To Gays” Pastor Blames USA Gymnastics Sexual Assault Scandal On “Immodest” Uniforms [AUDIO]

According to notorious Pastor Kevin “Death To Gays” Swanson, former USA Gymnastics Dr. Larry Nassar assaulted all those girls because the sport requires them to dress “immodestly.”

Kyle Mantyla has the quote at Right Wing Watch:

“There is an infatuation with the body and, of course, the sexual aspects of the body as well. Some sports encourage immodesty, revealing large portions of the body and this happens in some sports. These are the risky sports. Here they are, what are the risky sports? Gymnastics. Gymnastics and swimming. These are the sports in which there is an added risk.

“Why are all of the gymnasts [at] more of a risk than other sports? Do you really want your daughters involved in a sport that involves a fair amount of immodesty in which red-blooded American male coaches are interacting with these girls? Or, worse yet, where the infatuation of the body eventually effects the lesbian coaches?”

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: In December 2017, Swanson claimed that Roy Moore lost his bid for the US Senate because fathers are turning their kids gay by watching porn. Swanson earned national headlines in 2015 by calling for the execution of homosexuals shortly before introducing Ted Cruz to speak. A Cruz spokesman later expressed regret for the appearance, but only after weeks of furor from the media. In September 2017, Swanson warned that SCOTUS must immediately repeal same-sex marriage before God sends another killer hurricane. In August 2017, Swanson declared that pro-LGBT public schools should all be “burned to the ground.” In May 2017, Swanson warned that the goal of public schools is to turn children into “transgender communists.” In June 2016, Swanson declared that the Pulse massacre victims got what they deserved because “God gives up on sinners.”