Devin Nunes Admits To Fox News That He Didn’t Read Documents That Are The Basis Of His Memo [VIDEO]

Axios reports:

Rep. Devin Nunes, who led the release of the memo, admitted to Fox News’ Bret Baier that he hadn’t read the FISA documents that made up the basis of the memo. Why it matters: The memo is largely based on the argument that there were FISA abuses within the FBI, particularly relating to former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. As chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, some are criticizing Nunes for not reading these pertinent documents himself before releasing the memo.

How it happened: “So, the agreement we made with the Department of Justice was to create a reading room and allow one member and two investigators to go over and review the documents,” Nunes told Baier. “I thought the best person on our committee will be the chairman of the Oversight Committee, Trey Gowdy, who has a long career as a federal prosecutor, to go and do this. And then they over a series of meetings would come back with their notes and brief the rest of the committee members.”

  • I_Misuse_Gender_Pronouns

    Fascinating article.

  • joe ho

    The political genius of the GOP. They know how to confuse to their advantage an easily confused, politically illiterate American public. One of the reasons why they win.

    • Boreal

      Their long term plan to destroy the educational system is bearing fruit.

      • Ginger Snap

        Such a sad thing that Americans no longer think education is the backbone of our country.

        • Lizard

          Some Americans.

          • Ginger Snap

            Yes some, I stand corrected.

  • Mark Née Fuzz

    By all means, though, do run with it Hannity, Ingraham, Fox &Friends, loudmouthed Jeanine, et al.

  • Scott MB

    So, yeah…this.

    What the fuck people, how can this shiy go on and no one does anything?! Nunes needs to be reprimanded if not fired from the committee. This is just a blatant act of trying to obstruct Mueller.

    FISA warrants aren’t something like the police getting a warrant to search your house .The dossier, if really used at all, would not be enough to get the FISA court to issue a warrant. A completely unsubstantiated document would be laughed out of court. They had to habe something MAJOR to get the warrant. There was already hard evidence that something was going on with Page. They are just trying to muddy the waters and try to come up with an excuse to fire Mueller. At this point the tRUMP admin will go down. Mueller would do good to wait for Dems to control before doing anything .

    • SoCalGal20

      Paul Ryan has been in on this. I suppose Trey Gowdy (chair of the Ethics Committee) and the Ethics Committee could go after him but they won’t. There are literally zero checks on Republican House members right now.

      • David Walker

        I’d like to think that somebody Boy Gowdy doesn’t hate read to him the definition of ethics. Boy Gowdy said, “Shit. Really? Ethics are a good thing? I’d better leave before anybody else realizes that.”

      • JCF

        Paul Ryan is COMPLETELY in the tank. Carter Page told Chris Hayes exactly how this was going to play out (“PAUL RYAN will release memo”) MONTHS ago.

    • clay

      They didn’t even have the dossier at the time of the first warrant– it was Covfefe Boy.

      • lymis

        AND the surveillance of Page (related to this FISA warrant) didn’t even start until after he left the campaign. The idea that this warrant is a smoking gun of trying to attack the Trump campaign in favor of Clinton doesn’t pass the smell test.

        Couple that with the FBI breathlessly reporting on Clinton’s emails and how reckless she was while completely hiding any Trump investigation, and the idea that the FBI was systematically trying to HELP Clinton is absurd.

    • fuow

      What the fuck, indeed. They get away with this because they know we Democrats have neither balls, spine nor the will to get out there and vote.
      It’s that simple.

    • Strepsi

      Well, the idea everything was based on a Dem-purchased dossier has bee roundly disproven anyway, as:
      1) British intelligence told the U.S. of communications with Russia
      2) Australian intelligence alerted the U.S. that Papadopoulos was bragging about it.

      The GOP is not only slandering 11 U.S. intelligence agencies but those of U.S. allies as well. It’s their usual scorched-Earth nihilism.

  • Michael R
  • Dramphooey

    Trey Gowdy read the documents. Trey Gowdy said the memo does not in any way discredit the Mueller investigation.

    • Gigi

      I hate to say it but, for once, I agree with Gowdy.

  • Gigi

    In the real world if I wrote and released a memo based on documents that I hadn’t bothered to read and said memo was basically a bunch of BS, I’d be fired. In GOPland Nunes will probably get a promotion and be invited to Mar-a-Lago for a special private golf game with Dolt 45.

    • clay

      It is just so embarrassing when I have to call a student in about apparent plagiarism, and they haven’t even bothered to read (let alone, write) what they submitted.

      • Gigi

        Yet here their BS is breathlessly reported as truth on Trump TV (Fox) for two weeks straight and even after it’s revealed to be bogus, they still spin it as truth. Talk about #FakeNews!

      • kareemachan

        My kid called to bitch about this. If you’re gonna do it, do NOT make it obvious and ruin my kid’s Friday, okay?

        • clay

          Not my fault the College only gives us open cubicles so everyone can hear, and hires people with hearing loss so we speak real loud. /s

    • RemusL

      He’s also setting a good example for kids in school, that it’s totally acceptable to write a book report without reading the book.

  • Michael R

    Gowdy ( who did read FISA documents ) :
    Nunes memo does not discredit Mueller probe in any way

    • crewman

      I wonder if he made a deal to avoid prosecution and to publicly admit the memo in no way impugns Mueller and to abruptly leave Congress. The timing is suspicious. It might be that he was leaving Congress to pursue other interests, but making a statement like this is far out of character with Mr. Witchunt Gowdy. He deserves to be in prison the rest of his life. Maybe someone showed him evidence that the endless Benghazi trials were knowingly based on fraud and that that evidence would be the basis for charges unless he left immediately.

      • RobynWatts

        There is also the issue of him using public funds to pay off a former staffer’s suit against him. Either way, Gowdy was toast as a House Representative.

  • Friday’s_cat

    Why should republican legislators be any different than their constituents. Both have bumper sticker spans of attention. Raccoons can jimmy locks to get at garbage cans, republicans are just as clever.

    • JaniceInToronto

      That’s sorta rough on the raccoons, isn’t it?

    • David Walker

      The thing is, though, that a raccoon figures out how to do that on its own. It’s as if it had curiosity or a work ethic. This cannot be said for the banana republicans.

      • Ginger Snap

        Growing up on a farm when it was fall silage season we would watch the racoons work out how to climb the silos and get in and feast. There were times they would eat so much their climb down was quite hard with bloated bellies. A nice memory but damn I hated living in rural NH.

  • Gigi
    • Natty Enquirer

      Mullets Against Mueller

      • Menergy

        good one! LOL

    • ClevelandJim

      lmao, I saw that yesterday (maybe in a Jimmy Kimmel monologue?), wondered if anyone would screencap and post it.

    • 2guysnamedjoe

      You just know that kid turned in book reports about books he never even read.

      • Ginger Snap

        First let me say i was and still am an avid reader. When I was in High School I used the same four book reports for my first three years. I couldn’t be bothered to write reports on books I just wanted to read them.

  • Bluto
    • A. J. Aguilera

      Does this come on BetaMax? [row of emoji hearts]

  • kareemachan

    Gee, what a “deer in headlights” look is that?

  • Harveyrabbit
  • justme

    it’s spelled RESIGNATION…

  • netxtown

    With this shit show falling apart right in front of my eyes….I suspect I need to take a break and check if donnie did a back-door booga-booga wank-wank while I wasnt looking

    • Joe in PA

      Please, please, please…DON’T tell us what a back-door booga-booga wank-wank is. K?

      • Bubba in TX

        C’mon. Clearly it’s a reacharound.

        Gay card, please.

      • netxtown

        I wholly believe that imagination is the spice of life.
        Of course, for donnie, it’s not imagination so much as it is hallucination….

  • Natty Enquirer

    Nunes isn’t smart enough to absorb the originals. He only grasps the crude outlines of political expediency.

    • M Jackson

      You ask too much from a water-toting grease monkey.
      How many more GOP lawmakers will turn into Potemkin empty shells along the Volga?

    • lymis

      Nunes wasn’t cleared to read them. The FBI provided them on the condition that they be read by a lead Republican (Nunes having recused himself) and the senior Democrat and a staffer each.

      It’s not that Nunes could have read them and chose not to, but that he didn’t have access. That part isn’t inherently sketchy. The fact that he had his people author the memo and ran around championing it (when, again, he was supposedly recused from all Russia matters), and did so without having been ABLE to read the underlying information is sufficiently damning.

  • SoCalGal20

    So Gowdy reviews the documents along with a couple of House Intel Cmte investigators (or Nunes’ staff). And day before the memo comes out in a surprise announcement Gowdy says he’s not running again. Coincidence?

    • BobSF_94117

      He’s done his duty…

  • Proud MOFO Beaner (bkb)

    nunes Is vulnerable. The district is 44% Latino and 7% Asian. Last night I posted this and I will extend my offer to 10 am PST. The bellow has a link where you can donate to Janz or allocate among Janz and other candidates, let’s throw the trash out! [edit Although Harris won the district in 2016 both candidates were dems — forgot about that]

  • Ninja0980

    Nunes has the theme he wanted out there among Trump’s base though and that is all that matters to this bozo.

    • Dramphooey

      I’d bet money not one of them actually read it. They just go to their usual haunts for a “review” by some liar.

  • hdtex
  • Jerry Kott

    He cried Wolf and the only response he got was from a Fox.

  • Joe in PA

    Why the fuck does Hugh Hewitt have a show on MSNBC? It is like he has been asleep for days and is still hawking this memo shit. Insane.

    • SoCalGal20

      That’s ok. Joy Reid will be on after and she’ll wipe the floor with him.

      • Joe in PA

        I know! I only caught about a minute or so of his drivel while I was queuing up Rachel’s program from last night. He is out-there. 🙁

  • fuow

    So this is what happens when sane people don’t vote.

  • sadoldguy
    • fuow

      He’s right. Sadly.

  • The desperation here is palpable. It seems the plan is, throw everything we can at the problem, see what sticks.

    • fuow

      Their base will stand by them, regardless. The left doesn’t vote, so why not?

  • Stephen Elliot Phillips

    Cawse reedin be so hawrd…..

    • It Takes a Village, People

      I understand, but stupidity is not the cause of this situation. It’s an act of evil.

      • fuow

        Actually, it was stupidity which caused this. The stupidity of those on the left who chose to stay home or vote ‘Green’ to ‘teach Democrats a lesson’ in 2016.

        • Jmdintpa

          but but vaccines are bad and i just cant cross my “principles” by voting hillary so ill just stay home crowd

          • fuow

            Yup. That’s exactly what happened. I have ‘muriKKKan family who believe that nonsense.

          • The_Wretched

            Kkk for bernie 2020!

        • It Takes a Village, People

          I love that old story

  • Stephen Elliot Phillips

    What was that we heard from the far left about hillary being a very flawed candidate????
    The rethug mafia has been propping up Il Dunce since he decided (on a whim and with butthurt about a black man dissing him) to run for president.

    • greenmanTN

      That really is the issue. Take a look at Obama’s comments about Trump at the White House Correspondent’s dinners and you’ll see the source of Trump’s policies.

      Never mind that Trump was a “birther,” claimed Obama wasn’t an American citizen eligible to be President.

  • JT

    Nunes: Who needs to read when you can just make stuff up?

  • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson
  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Why is it that this news does neither surprise or shock?

    They really are shit at this cloak & dagger stuff.

    • David Walker

      Really. The movies make it look so easy.

  • JWC

    It turned out to be another Nunes dud and every one is distancing themselves from it

  • Who was he ghostwriting this memo for? Could it be cheetolini himself? Ya know he didn’t read the source material either….hmmm….was it Miller??

  • Jim Maloney

    It’s sharing time. What reactions do you have when you see Nunes’ picture?

    • kareemachan


    • Chef Philips

      unalloyed revulsion

    • Joe Maynard

      Not quite as punch-worthy as Martin Shkreli or Don Jr. But, as with Olympic athletes, there’s plenty of honor fame notoriety in being at that level even if you don’t quite get a medal.

    • Ann Kah

      By next week, I won’t recognize his picture at all. “Anonymous” is not a good look for a person whose position depends upon public recognition.

  • Galvestonian

    None of this matters – Republicans are running a steamroller and in charge – get out of the way – American as we know it is gone.

  • ted-

    Russian spy Nunes

  • The_Wretched

    Maybe this play is to get the FISA docs to Trump etal?

  • Gianni

    And FUX News brushed that admission aside like a bit of dust.

  • BobSF_94117

    It would be hysterical if Gowdy took “notes” that he just made up as he went.

    • LesbianTippingHabits

      It’s correct that Gowdy just made things up as he went.

      Not yet confirmed in public, but that doesn’t means it’s not true.

      And to think that POTUS continues to make threats against North Korea.

      Wait until after the Winter Olympics; you read it here first.

      Sad !

  • Lizard

    I’m completely confused by the stupid memo. As far as I can tell, the basic points are 1) the FISA apps don’t mention that the dossier was commissioned by the DNC, 2) the FISA apps don’t mention that Steele was fired by the FBI for media contact, and 3) Steele really, really didn’t want Trump to get elected.

    The answers to all of which are 1) who fucking cares as long as the info in the dossier is not politically influenced, 2) who fucking cares as long as he wasn’t fired for providing compromised information, and 3) join the fucking club!

    I mean, am I missing something?!

  • LesbianTippingHabits

    An obvious follow-up question to Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA):

    Have you ever read anything else?

    • Ann Kah

      He’s Trump’s kind of guy. What do you think?

  • Maggie 4NoH8

    OK – so Nunes relied upon Trey Gowdy to do his homework. Nunes crafts this
    “memo” alleging abuse of the FISA process. Why then, when Trey Gowdy was asked about the memo, did he state the underlying documents don’t support the allegations in the memo? But no one in the GOP has a problem with this???