DOJ Drops Case Against Dem Sen. Bob Menendez reports:

In a shocking turnaround, the U.S. Justice Department has dropped its case against Sen. Robert Menendez. In a court hearing in Newark today, federal prosecutors moved to dismiss the corruption indictment against the New Jersey Democrat.

Last week, a federal judge had acquitted Menendez and his co-defendant, Salomon Melgen, of seven of the 18 counts against them after a deadlocked jury could not reach a verdict in the high-profile case in November.

“Given the impact of the court’s Jan. 24 order on the charges and the evidence admissible in a retrial, the United States has determined that it will not retry the defendants on the remaining charges,” said a Department of Justice spokeswoman.

The decision will have major political consequences for Menendez, who is seeking re-election to the Senate this year and faced the possibility of a retrial on the eve of that campaign.

  • Bambino

    Maybe he’s got dirt on them.

  • AmeriCanadian

    Tit for tat? We let one of yours go, you let one of ours go?

    • Bambino

      Or backroom deals to be pay later.

  • Pollos Hermanos

    Primary him and get his ass out of there.

    The DOJ more than likely freed him up to run because Sessions knows a Republican could beat him.

    • Hank

      A Rethuglican “could” possibly beat him, but NJ is pissed after 8 years of Chrispie Cream and now the loss/limitations on the SALT deductions (Stante and Local Taxes”. The wealthier Rethuglican voters are going to move elsewhere! Still, I wish he would not run again and find another Democrat.

  • Cipher

    Will he now step aside or run?

  • boobert

    So, the jury didn’t fall for this hit job . They”l bring it up again right before the election to hurt his chances .

  • Lars Littlefield

    Compared to what’s really going with the Republican held Senate and house Menendez’s alleged crimes are on the same level of a traffic ticket.

    • John30013

      I don’t want to engage in “which crime is worse”, but I will speculate that if the DOJ couldn’t prove their case the first time, maybe they were blowing it out of proportion…?

      • Joe in PA


      • Treant

        When far less than half the jury believes the prosecution, retrial is probably a bad idea and the case doesn’t make sense.

  • Lars Littlefield

    In other news, today is National Popcorn Day.

  • Lazycrockett

    JFC MSNBC is showing armed guards protecting the GOP members on the train.

    • boobert

      There’s something fishy going on here. Why were family members going to a retreat on a Wednesday? And now they have armed guards?

      • Paula

        They were all heading to the bunker at the Greenbriar. Why weren’t they working?

        • boobert

          I bet if you tried to get to the Greenbriar, you’d be stopped ! Anyone here wanna try it ?

  • ChrisMorley


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    • Do Something Nice

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    • Chef Philips

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  • JWC

    Of course not he is a good ole boy RRRRRRRR

  • gaycuckhubby

    OT and self-indulgent. I think I’m taking a bit of a self-imposed break from here, thank you guys for being cool

    • JWC

      it gets a tad overwhelming at time don’t it Feel the same from time to time


      Completely understood. I’ve deleted more of my own missives than actually posting them lately.

      Be well.

      • JCF

        Good for you! I need to do that more often…

    • Gretchen

      Take care of yourself and come back to us when you feel up to it. You will be missed.

    • Dazzer

      Take care of yourself, big lad.

      I don’t always agree with what you post, but I always read your thoughts with interest – and you frequently make me think or rethink a previously held position.

      You’re cool yourself.

    • JCF

      I hear you. It’s called “Self Care”: we ALL need to do from time to time! Be well, {{{cucky}}}: we’ll be here when you get back (well, those of us who aren’t on our own breaks then 😉 )

  • Those evil, corrupt, biased Deep Staters in the DOJ!!!!! Setting loose that wicked lefty Democrat!!!!!! We need a coup to purge that evil, corrupt, biased Dept. of Justice that’s going after the president while he tries to MAGA!!!!!

    How’s that for an audition? Can I get that job at Fox News now? Since I’m a male I assume dyeing my hair blond is optional.

    • Chef Philips

      At least think about highlights!

  • Jefe5084

    They see them as one of their own. A sleazy, slime ball. He belongs in their swamp. A kindred dweller.

  • Leo
  • Do Something Nice

    This smells like a backroom deal.

    • leastyebejudged

      The DOJ has no problem imprisoning people it wants to.

      You never know who’s a secret Trump buddy !

    • juanjo54

      not really. Most prosecutors do not retry cases where the jury in the first trial was overwhelmingly against them.

    • The_Wretched

      Republicans think he’ll stay for the run. it was a question if he’d hand off the race to another Dem were he retried.

  • juanjo54

    I am not surprised that this happen. If you remember when the verdict came in, the government did not come close to a conviction, the vast majority of the jurors voted for acquittal. I recall the at the time I commented I thought it was surprising they were even considering a retrial considering how bad they did with the jury. The evidence must have been extremely week.

    • Treant

      I remember. I was shocked (and assumed a Republican DA) when they even thought they might retry this. Wasn’t the jury 10-2 to acquit?

      • juanjo54

        It was 10-2 or close enough it didn’t matter. I have been an attorney for 35 years and I have never seen a prosecutor retry a case he screwed that bad the first time around

        • I’d call that clear evidence of it being a politically motivated retry.

          • canoebum

            Still, we can hope the episode will give the Senator pause to reconsider his sense of entitlement. What he did may not have been criminal, but it didn’t look good. We should expect more of our public servants.

  • JWC

    O/T My own personal comment of the fiasco that was the SOTU address by the orange shit Gibbon. I watched and watched for that narrow red forked tongue to slip out of Pence’s mouth but i missed it The most refreshing part of the entire address came after , when Joe Kennedy III did his rebuttal. I found his speech a complete departure from the general “he said she said” rhetoric that exists between the GOP and the DEMS. He was factual, calm ,concise, on point and engaging Another fact I liked is his age . He is 35 , Not another gray haired old goat stuck in fossilized ideas neither willing to entertain new or change. His name and his age will be used as deterrents by the Bernie types or other DEMs believing they should have a chance first, His name alone lends itself to not being pure enuff .I don’t know about 2018 or 2020 or even 2024 but I do know a candle was lit in a darkened world last night. A man to watch

    • coram nobis

      He’s just old enough to be eligible. Of course, it won’t be his turn to be the nominee in 2020, just as it wasn’t, in 2008, the turn of that first-term Senator from Illinois, that young guy with a funny name.

      Houston, we have liftoff.

      • JWC

        he is the first in the DEM’s I was encouraged by and to me age and pedigree are a bonus.. His speaking manner has as similar slow cadence of another

        • coram nobis

          “Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans …”

          • JWC

            that is a quote of??

          • -M-

            JFK. Inaugural speech.

          • JWC

            ah ok I sorta thot so but wasn’t sure Thanx heaps

          • -M-

            You’re welcome. Sounded like it to me too, but had to look it up to be sure.

          • canoebum

            That was back in the days when we had a President who could express himself in whole thoughts, with words that rang true and gave meaning to our national purpose. The last one left office a little over a year ago. I wonder if we’ll see another in our lifetimes.

          • JWC

            He was a man of many memorable quote and created a mythical “Camelot’ Obama also had a few good memorable and he and Michele created as much a fantasy as they could in the WH Compare that to the current occupants. Shame Shame

          • coram nobis

            JFK inaugural speech. “Don’t let it be forgot …”

      • Treant

        His family might be a slight downside since they’ve been painted as lawnchair liberals for ages. He’s a little too young for me to be completely comfortable with him, but I can adjust.

        Lacking irony, you can also expect the Repubs to run a “No Political Dynasties!” smear campaign…

        • juanjo54

          They already are on it. The trolls are tying him to Bush and

    • Chef Philips

      Agree. Very perceptive, JWC!

  • JCF

    Color Me Ambivalent. Makes the seat safe FOR NOW. But Menendez is a longer term bleed not only on his seat, or Dems in NJ, but the Dems as a whole. [It certainly does Corey Booker no favors, to continue to have Menendez as his senior colleague!]