John McCain Denounces Trump’s Attacks On The Media: Trump Is Providing Cover For “Repressive Regimes”

Politico reports:

President Donald Trump’s assault on the press, most often through barbed tweets and harsh words, has manifested itself more dangerously around the world, Sen. John McCain wrote in a Washington Post op-ed, granting the legitimacy of the White House to press-stifling efforts worldwide.

“Reporters around the world face intimidation, threats of violence, harassment, persecution and sometimes even death as governments resort to brutal censorship to silence the truth,” McCain (R-Ariz.) wrote in his op-ed, published Tuesday night.

“Unfortunately, the Trump administration’s attitude toward such behavior has been inconsistent at best and hypocritical at worst,” he continued. “While administration officials often condemn violence against reporters abroad, Trump continues his unrelenting attacks on the integrity of American journalists and news outlets. This has provided cover for repressive regimes to follow suit.”

Read McCain’s full op-ed, which was clearly timed as specific criticism of Trump’s “Fake News Awards” – which was supposed to happen today although yesterday Sarah Huckabee Sanders downgraded that bullshit to a “potential event.”