REPORT: Trump Blames Sessions For Roy Moore’s Loss

The Associated Press reports:

Exactly one week before the raid [on Paul Manfort’s home] Trump sat in the Oval Office with reporters from The New York Times and, with little prompting, veered into an attack on his own attorney general, Jeff Sessions. Trump blasted Sessions, once one of his closest allies, for recusing himself from the Russia probe, believing that helped lead to Mueller’s appointment.

Trump continued his assault in a series of tweets in which he called Sessions “weak” and “beleaguered.” Privately, he discussed firing Sessions, but was met with a wave of resistance from his advisers. Some warned it would worsen the Russia probe, while Bannon told the president it would hurt with his base supporters, who loved Sessions’ tough-on-crime approach at the Justice Department.

Kelly, in his first weekend on the job, called Sessions to assure him his position was safe. But the rift between Trump and Sessions still has not healed. Recently, Trump bemoaned the Republicans’ loss in a special election in Alabama and in part blamed Sessions, whose departure from the Senate to head to Justice necessitated the election.

  • olandp

    Of course he blamed Sessions for the loss in Alabama. It couldn’t be his fault, nothing is ever his fault. It is always someone else, just like it is someone else’s money that he loses.

  • Boreal
    • Natty Enquirer

      Why, sho’ nuff Miss Belleregard, you done tried yo’ best. Now, come rest yo’ head, child, while Mammy sings you a tune o’ de Ol’ South.

    • PickyPecker

      Bless your heart…I know how you feel, but folks are gonna talk ’bout you ’til the day you die. So stop your worrin’ ’bout it. Besides, it ain’t what they call you thats important…it’s what you answer to. You keep that in mind, you hear?

  • Boreal
  • JT

    Of course, it’s someone else’s fault. The whiner-in-chief can’t possibly be blamed for anything. Not even the bullshit he tweets.

  • fastlanestranger

    It couldn’t possibly be Moore’s fault for Moore’s loss.

  • kapp123

    Poor Donny. He is just an innocent bystander and the evil media is out to get him. Next thing you know he will be crying out “FAKE NEWS!”.

  • Well whoever appointed him to the Attorney General position should be fired immediately.

    • Scott MB


    • Chucktech

      Wanna bet Trump probably bellowed just that until some Babylonian messenger schooled him?

      • SelectFromWhere

        THIS WAS OBAMA’S FAU…what?
        Oh, cancel that…

  • JWC

    Trump is runnimng scared trying to put out the little fires as the big blazes bis getting closer

    • Yeah, I think the entire country can smell Donnie’s panic at this point.

      • Lumpy Gaga

        Donnie “Two scoops”

        • agcons

          In his pants.

      • SelectFromWhere

        anybody who knew him before last year has smelled his BS long ago. Unfortunately the rest of us are just now getting the “privilege” of it.

  • Scott MB

    Are you fucking kidding me?!? You appoint someone to a position resulting in the necessity to have an election to replace that person and then your party loses that seat so what do you do? Yeah blame the pserson YOU REMOVED from the position for the party losing the seat. OMFG…I can’t even right now!!!!!

    • David Walker

      That’s way too complicated for the fucking moron to understand. Besides, that my suggest that he was responsible. If there is one thing we have learned in the last year, it is that the fucking moron is totally IRresponsible.

  • WTF did Sessions have to do with Moore’s loss? Three things contributed:

    1. Donald’s extreme unpopularity and the fact people are enraged against him
    2. Bannon is toxic
    3. Seems most Alabamans aren’t comfortable electing a twice-impeached, Bible-humping hypocritical pedophile to the Senate

    • JWC

      sessions had nothing to do with Trump is totally frustrated and spouting

      • You’re likely right. Donnie’s in a panic.

        After all, word for the last few weeks is he was delusionally expecting a formal “letter of exoneration” from Mueller before the end of the year. And the vultures circle ever closer.

        • Chucktech

          You know, since Donnie is clearly in a panic, this would be a great time for Sessions to go to him in private and tell him to STFU and go straight to hell. And “go ahead, fire me. Right now. I’m not resigning, fucking fire me. That’ll make your dysfunctional bullshit look so presidential.”

          • Rambie

            But Sessions was one of the first GOP’ers to embrace Trump.

          • Chucktech

            That was then. This is now.

          • Rambie

            True, I don’t see Sessions walking away from Trump just yet.

      • Rambie

        Trump’s too narcissistic to admit he did something wrong, it had to be someone else’s fault.

        • JWC

          this megalomanic will never be wrong or apologize

    • KnownDonorDad

      Trump’s base got the candidate they wanted…it’s just that the rest of the electorate didn’t agree.

      • Chucktech

        Actually, a razor thin, one molecule thick majority of those who voted didn’t agree. Talk to me in 2020 about Alabama’s electorate.

        • KnownDonorDad

          A fair point, and yes, in 2020 they’ll go red as usual, but it was enough to avoid a recount or even bother waiting for the remaining ballots.

        • SelectFromWhere

          Razor-thin or not, they coalesced and got out the vote when it mattered, and should not be dismissed. More campaigns need to observe what they did in an “unwinnable” race.

          • Chucktech

            Absolutely. If it hadn’t been for Roy Moore, the Dems might not have even BOTHERED running a candidate.

          • The Democrats were running a candidate before Roy Moore got the nomination. It may be more accurate to say that Democrats across the nation wouldn’t have poured millions into Doug Jones’ race until Roy Moore got the nomination, and especially after the allegations came out against him.

            Which is why Democrats should always field a decent candidate in even the most hopeless races. You never know when a Doug Jones or Kristen Gillibrand will be positioned to capitalize on a Republican’s missteps.

          • Leslie

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        • Rambie

          I thought the same, but Trump’s unpopularity could shift the state. This is an interesting interview with Doug Jones campaign chief media strategist:

    • Tread

      On point 3, 48% of Alabama was ready to elect him. So “most” doesn’t really apply.

      • Adam

        Most does when a plurality wasn’t ready to.

      • Treant

        And given the percentage who didn’t vote–effectively saying they did not care if a child fucker was voted into office–the majority were either in support or didn’t care whether Moore held the seat.

        There’s tons of room to censure the Alabaman people.

    • Adam

      Moore wasn’t impeached, that’s not accurate or what’s done to justices/judges generally. He was suspended and censured. Were he impeached, he would have actually been charged with a crime.

      • Phillip in L.A.

        Uh, he was removed from office under the Alabama Constitution, by the constitutional body set up expressly for that purpose. No, it is not *called* impeachment, but it is very similar.(*)

        (*) Also, that *is* what’s done to judges generally, in the U.S. federal system. See, e.g., U.S. Constitution, Art. II, sect. 4 (all “civil officers” of the United States). Many State Constitutions also contain similar provisions for impeachment or removal of judicial officers.

    • Chad Boone

      Well the white ppl of Alabama still voted for the ass but fortunately they were overruled. Still can’t believe Moore was even a candidate.

      • That_Looks_Delicious

        Actually, just white Evangelicals. Non-evangelical whites in Alabama voted for Jones, but Moore got somewhere between 70% and 80% of the white Evangelical vote, and there are many more of them in Alabama, so that ended up tipping the combined total for whites toward Moore.

        • TominDC

          I wouldn’t give non-evangelical white Alabamians too much credit. As a group, they barely voted against Moore.

          • That_Looks_Delicious

            Black voters in Alabama absolutely deserve 99% of the credit for Jones’ win. But that minority segment of whites was enough to push it over the finish line; if all whites in Alabama had voted like the Evangelicals, Moore would have won.

      • Ore Carmi

        I still can’t believe Trump was even a nominee. 🙁

      • Bob

        I’m white and live in Alabama and voted for Jones. I’m tired of being stereotyped. There are a lot of us. Not enough to turn the state blue, but enough that, with the African American vote, we helped put Jones in office.

        • Chad Boone

          Point taken – thank you for your vote, too.

    • peacfulseas inWA

      4. Appointing Sessions as AG. Actually should be #1. Opening the seat.They thought it was a done deal because of the history of being a red state. If not for the angry black women showing their strength in numbers Moore would have been elected and seated before the tax scam bill came to the floor.Rise up and be counted.

      • teedofftaxpayer

        Anybody other than Moore running against Jones and they would have won. Him chasing after those teens 40 years ago hurt him. He is seen as a pedophile and they couldn’t elect a pedophile. They’ve already elected an adulterer as President, but a pedophile would be pushing the envelope.

    • Steven Jaeger

      Hair dTrump probably thought, knowing how much of how the government he understands, that the keebler elf could work both jobs. You know how fast them elves make cookies.

    • The Alabama Senate seat wouldn’t have been won by a Democrat if Sessions hadn’t resigned it to become Attorney General.

      (Which only makes sense if you imagine Trump had nothing to do with the appointment.)

  • Oscarlating Wildely
  • Lazycrockett

    Um Drumpf offered the Cabinet position. What a fucking idiot.

    • Hank

      Imagine if he had offered it to Krispie Kreme Christie!

  • Leo

    Both Pompeo and Sessions are loathsome but crucial lynchpins to prevent Cotton and Saturday Night Massacre 2.0 respectively so let the toddler have his tantrum and keep it moving folks.

    • thatotherjean

      I hate that you’re very likely right.

  • Halou

    “The party of personal responsibility”

    • Blueflash

      and family values…like Roy Moore’s.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    I thought it was Jared’s fault ? Or Bannon’s Or Ivanka’s ?

    I cant imagine anyone in his immediate circle not freaked out by him.

    • Henry Auvil

      Hello! It was Obama’s fault.

      • peacfulseas inWA

        No it was Hillary’s fault. She was supposed to win evidenced by their no acceptance speech and the pic of the campaign team, with the Dotard seated with the, ” Oh Fuck Me I will have to WORK. My brain hurts already ” look on his puss.

    • peacfulseas inWA

      I’m guessing they draws to see who does his bidding that day or gets to relay the latest poll numbers.

  • Tomcat

    Don’t worry about it,,, in a few days Sessions won’t remember a thing about it.

  • KnownDonorDad

    I’ll fly away, oh glory, I’ll fly away…

    • Phillip in L.A.

      Is that show still on?

  • Ninja0980

    He is aware the only reason for that seat being open is because he appointed Sessions AG right?

    • Boreal


    • I doubt it. Donald’s memory is like rotten Swiss cheese these days. Plus with all the lies, he doesn’t remember objective reality anymore.

      • canoebum

        Please don’t insult Swiss cheese. His memory is closer to a rotted fish left on the shore of a back bay after a Spring high tide. Crabs and flies call it home.

      • John30013

        That’s what syphilis does to the brain.

    • boobert

      The moron has no grasp on reality .

    • Sporkfighter

      “He is aware…”

      You’re referring to Trump?

    • Barry William Teske

      Only, in this case, the implied misdirection ie; the blame game, is exactly as it appears.
      Part of the game.
      Typical of ‘privilege’ speak.
      A common tactic within the fascist ideology of HATE.

  • bkmn

    More venom for Sessy. When Mueller takes him down he will be ready to turn on Trump bigly.

    • Y’know, your comment here makes me wonder how many other Trumpies might actually be operating in the WH while under secret plea agreements…

      After all, Jeffy definitely committed perjury several times now. Sure, it was before Congress and the GOP doesn’t care when their own commit crimes. But if in any interview the evil little elf lied to the FBI, whammo.

      • Boreal

        I hope the ‘deep state’ is in many WH positions.

        • Chucktech

          Of course they are! Hannity has confirmed this.

        • jimbo65

          That’s how they hope to gaslight the American public. Say “deep state” enough times and it’ll be true.

      • bkmn

        And it is not Mueller’s first time taking down a crime syndicate. He and his team are very experienced in building their case. Meanwhile the orange buffoon is surrounded with lawyers that barely know the difference between civil and criminal courts.

  • Henry Auvil


  • Hank
    • Lumpy Gaga

      “freedom from cash”

      — is this the lost Norman Rockwell painting?

  • Treant

    (rubs hands together) Good. In this case, my goal is the same as Putin’s–confusion at the highest level of government for as long as we’re stuck with the Shitgibbon.

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    If he had only stayed in his tree baking cookies…

  • boobert

    The moron makes no sense at all !

  • That_Looks_Delicious

    This moment of deranged hallucinatory revisionism brought to you just two days ago by Twitler.

  • Barry William Teske

    Oh look!
    A timely reminder.
    ‘Fool me once, shame on you.
    Fool me twice, shame on me.
    Fool me three times?
    …not going to happen.’

    In other words, not even a nice try, but, hey, thanks for playing with the potential lives of billions…

  • Blake J Butler
    • Hank

      One ballot was for the Democrat and then crossed out and filled in for the Rethuglican. They are currently counting it for the Rethuglican, which makes it a TIE VOTE!!! Next step is to flip a coin!!

      • Chucktech

        That one ballot was probably folded, spindled, mutilated, and dog pee’d-on. But, HEY, it’s a REPUBLICAN vote!!

        • Mikey

          republican? ahhhh, that explains the folded, spindled, mutilated, and dog pee’d on.

      • 2guysnamedjoe

        An altered ballot? THAT SHIT IS VOID!

        • David Walker

          You don’t understand. It was altered in favor of the banana republican’t. It indicates a voter came to her/his senses and voted for lies, injustice, and the Murkin way. Had it been tampered in the other way, it would not be counted or would have been ruled on the clear, obvious, righteous, god-intended original intent of the voter who, for a brief moment, was overtaken by Santa and forced to vote for that…that… Jezebel.

        • SelectFromWhere

          That’s how it was counted the first time (and should remain). Rigging has suddenly made altered ballots valid IF they were changed to a Republican.

      • Ore Carmi

        No, she stopped the coin flip (actually the pulling of a name out of a bowl) by filing suit to disqualify that tying ballot.

        • Hank

          Good for Her!!!

        • SelectFromWhere

          I can only imagine that “name draw”–her piece of paper was probably on a 1×2 piece of paper and his on an 8×10.

      • John30013

        Last night (I believe), MSNBC showed a photo of that ballot, and it does seem clear that the voter’s intent was to vote for the Republican. However, as she (the Democrat) later mentioned on the same MSNBC segment, there were a number of similarly situated ballots in her favor that also weren’t counted, and if the Republican is allowed to go back and recount excluded ballots, then she should be too. Alternatively (and this is her actual argument), since the recount has already been certified (by, I believe, a three-judge panel), that result should stand (wherein she won by one vote).

  • Lindoro Almaviva

    Of course, because Sessions just got up, quit and then walked right up to the oval office with an automatic in his pants and held Trump at gunpoint until he unilaterally made him AG, right?

  • Sam_Handwich
    • Lazycrockett

      The Hill is running late with that news.

  • j.martindale


  • greenmanTN
    • Lumpy Gaga


  • Ninja0980

    One could also blame the Alabama primary voters who made sure to nominate the only Republican candidate any Democrat had a sliver of a chance of beating even before the assault allegations came out.

  • Bluto
  • thatotherjean

    The idiot in the White House either doesn’t know that Sessions did what the law required, or has convinced himself that Sessions’ recusal was somehow a deliberate move against him. Nothing is ever Trump’s fault. He can do no wrong, but he surely can be wronged, by anybody who does anything he doesn’t like, whether it’s legal or not. Please, somebody push back against this nonsense!

  • Bluto
  • Barry William Teske

    A Godwin moment, indeed.
    So without further ado, how ‘Hitleresque’ of #45 and his AG co-hort.

  • Stogiebear

    In a way, it’s unfortunate that dead-and-buried Mary Trump isn’t still alive. We could find out from her who he blamed when she first caught him masturbating.

    • Hue-Man

      He’s fortunate he has tiny hands…

    • bkmn

      I doubt her vision was good enough to see those little fingers tugging his “ego”.

    • Treant

      “It’s YOUR fault, Mommy! I was thinking about YOU!”

      • Dreaming Vertebrate


  • Steven B

    Read this Twitter thread by @SethAbramsom in light of this report on Trump’s accusation.

  • Bryan

    Hey, why not.

  • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

    Pretty stupid move if he’s gonna need elven magic to fire Mueller.

    • Treant

      I believe Sessions was stripped of his magic after misuse last season. He’s no longer capable of making anything magically delicious.

      • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

        Do you really think that would stop Orange Hitler from trying anyway?

  • Licensed Troll

    It’s very clear for many reasons that drumpf does not own a mirror…..

    • kanehau

      Oh but he does! A very very special mirror…

      Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

      • Treant

        “Lord Within The Glass, declare!
        Lord who holds my beauty thrall,
        You have made me passing fair,
        Am I the fairest of them all?”

        “Once you were, and then were not,
        Now thou art fairest once again,
        While she whose beauty passes thine,
        Sleeps among her little men…”

    • Gianni

      If he did, he might just have asked Melania it those white golf shorts made his ass look as fat as the mirror shows.

  • Jeff Breeze

    Quelle surprise! Is anyone else shocked that Trump is blaming anyone else save the person staring back at him in the mirror?

    • Cattleya1

      Cela va sans dire!

  • Dana Chilton

    Haha.. he appoints sessions to the post then blames him for leaving the senate

  • TexasBoy

    Nothing is EVER Trump’s fault…ever

  • jm2

    ummm….. I forget… who was the “idjit” who nominated Sessions to be Attorney General? Melania? Ivanka? Obama? That’s it! It must be Obama! He does all these things to get in Trump’s way. S.O.B.! Trump. Not Obama.

    • Girlgoon

      Or any one from the religious right with a giant stinky foot in the white house door.

      We need a world wide religious war so all the religions can eliminate one another.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada
  • Lars Littlefield

    Poor Trump. I would suggest a nice Velveeta to accompany his whine.

    • J Ascher

      I’d suggest a well-aged Limburger instead.

    • Girlgoon

      With blackened filet mignon

  • -M-

    Remember the transcript of his call with Turnbull? I wonder how many times they’ve tried to explain to Donnie dotard what recused means and why Sessions isn’t allowed to oversee the investigation of his boss’s campaign that he was a part of.

  • Jefe5084


  • Phillip in L.A.

    Translation: “Sessions, you could have just been taking it easy in the Senate, you dumbass.”

  • Jack

    Bull! If Trump had left Sessions in the Senate, Moore wouldn’t have run. If he hadn’t run, he wouldn’t have lost. Trump, you’re an ass.

    • Girlgoon

      Where would you say Sessions can do more damage as AG Or as senator. Id rather he were still a senator but who would be our AG then and would they have recused themselves?

      • Jack

        Uh, Ok.

  • JAKvirginia

    Man who takes no responsibility for anything he does sez what?

  • Kevin Andrews

    Why is Little Lying Jethro Sessions even still in office? Unfit for the bench, unfit as a lying top cop and unfit as a human. In a perfect world he would be in prison. Indicted, tried & convicted is where this creature belongs.

  • Ogre Magi

    Damn, he really does look like a possum

  • Al Prazolam

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Sessions getting squashed like a bug by Trump. He’s the most regressive AG I can remember. His latest move: keeping suspects in prison perpetually because they’re too poor to pay petty fines. He must have learned about justice by reading Dickens novels.

  • Gregory In Seattle

    Anyone else getting the idea that Trumpster is trying to drive Sessions to resign, so he can appoint someone willing to fire Mueller?

    • Gianni

      Yes, I get that impression. I’m surprised how Jefferson is holding fast.

  • Girlgoon

    Always has that look like his mama is scolding him at the dinner table. “Little Jeffrey Beauregard sessions, you let that little black boy out of your father’s tool shed or I’ll whip your hide right good you here me !!!”

    • “…you let that little black boy sneak out of your father’s tool shed?! Get’im right back in there fast or I’ll whip your hide right good you here me !!!”
      fixed it for you

  • Gianni

    Donnie has to blame someone. Afterall, he’s been embarrassed by the fact that he threw the famous Trump name and weight behind Roy Boy and he lost anyway. Someone has to take the blame. Donnie’s circular reasoning: He picks Sessions to be Attorney General. Sessions leaves his seat in the Senate to take the job of Attorney General because Donnie picked him to fill the position; Sessions’ vacant Senate seat gets filled in Alabama’s special election; Donnie backs Roy Boy because he’s a Republicant; the Democrat wins the seat – there’s now one less Rep and one more Dem in the Senate; so Donnie blames Sessions for leaving the Senate because Donnie wanted him to be Attorney General. Donnie is so fucked in the mind.

    • You misspelled “Repricklicunt”

      • Gianni

        Well, at my age, my spelling ability has gone downhill a bit. 🙂 Thanks.

  • ” . . . blamed Sessions, whose departure from the Senate to head to Justice necessitated the election.”

    And who appointed him?

  • Chris Baker

    Truman had a sign on his desk ‘The Buck Stops Here”. Meaning he was ready to take responsibility. Trump’s desk has a sign that says “Don’t blame me, it’s his fault.”

  • “…while Bannon told the president it would hurt with his base supporters, who loved Sessions’ tough-on-crime tough-on-people-of-color approach at the Justice Department.”

    There, fixed it.