Sarah Huckabee Sanders Gets Testy: For The 1000th Time, We’re Not Firing Robert Mueller [VIDEO]

Via Fox News Insider:

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders maintained on Thursday that President Trump will not fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

She was asked by Bill Hemmer about a speech on the Senate floor Wednesday by Senate Intelligence Committee ranking member Mark Warner, who warned of a “constitutional crisis” if Trump moves to end Mueller’s investigation.

“In recent days, the president said he is not considering removing Special Counsel Mueller. But the president’s track record on this front is a source of concern. I’m certain that most of my colleagues believed that he wouldn’t fire Jim Comey either,” said Warner (D-Va.)

Sanders responded: “For the 1,000th time, we have no intentions of firing Bob Mueller. We’re continuing to work closely and cooperate with him. We look forward to seeing this hoax wrap up very soon.”