FLORIDA: Liberal Group Trolls Outside Trump Rally

The Hill reports:

A liberal group targeted President Trump’s campaign rally supporting Alabama’s GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore on Friday night in Florida with a mobile billboard featuring his daughter’s sharp criticism of Moore. American Bridge posted on Twitter a picture of a mobile billboard truck emblazoned with the younger Trump’s face and the quote, “There’s a special place in hell for people who prey on children.”

  • Michael R
  • Ninja0980

    Trolling Trump is nice but you know what would be a better use of liberal groups time?
    Helping people register to vote or get the id they’ll need to vote.

    • Dramphooey

      This isn’t entirely a waste of time. People are liable to click a link to view something trolling Trump and see the ad.

    • MBear

      Pointless. Voting is rigged

    • vtdave

      Especially those ungrateful Puerto Ricans moving to Florida! Florida…land of the better paper towels!

    • Grumpy Old Man

      It is possible to do both; it is not an either/or thing – we just need to make sure both get done.

  • vorpal

    Also, what happened with the official White House statement a few days ago that Trump was not going to specifically endorse Moore?

    Did he get out of his leash again? I know all that KFC and Big Macs make him slipperier than a greased pig, but this ricocheting is ridiculous.

    • David Walker

      I think it’s cute how you still want to believe anything that comes out of the shite house.

      • vorpal

        So many things come out of the White House that reality has become a buffet.

        • coram nobis

          An all-you-can-eat buffet. $12.99 at Don’s Big Boy.

          • vorpal

            Three Big Mac Minimum.

    • Bob Conti

      Funny, I thought he WAS a slippery greased pig.

  • Do Something Nice

    President Poligrip is going to wear out his Twitter thumb when he sees this.

  • David Walker

    Tangentially OT, but, then, my life is pretty much OT. This just popped up from Novaya Gazet, the not-state-run newspaper in Russia. Very curious that them there Ruskies are contemplating an election boycott. The full comment is at (ask Google or some other service to translate) https://www.novayagazeta.ru/articles/2017/12/09/74854-pochemu-prizyvy-ne-hodit-na-vybory-pomogayut-kremlyu?utm_source=push

    For the umpteenth time before the elections, the calls to boycott these elections start to sound passionately. Because they are “farce”, “imitation”, and in general “the power will not change in the elections.” I do not know for sure whether these or those “candidates for candidates” in the presidential election are “Kremlin projects”. But what is much more like a “Kremlin project” – in fact, and not by source, is the idea of ​​a boycott of elections. And to prove it is very simple.

    Rules of the presidential election: the percentage of votes received by candidates is compared. The percentage of votes for each of them is a simple fraction. In the numerator – the number of voters who voted for the candidate. The denominator is the number of voters who participated in the voting (determined by the number of ballots in the ballot boxes). That is, the number of those who came to the polls, signed for the ballot, and dropped the ballot into the ballot box (and did not take it with him).

    And now we sit down and count.

    In the election, Vladimir Putin and other candidates participate. Denote the number of supporters of Putin who came to vote for him by the letter A. Let us denote the number of those who came to vote for other candidates by the letter B. Thus, the number of P – the percentage of votes for Putin – will be A / (A + B).

    Since the supporters of the boycott are opponents of Putin, the more successful their agitation for a boycott, the less the number B. The number A does not depend on this agitation – the Putin voter will not react to the “boycott” persuasion. Consequently, the MORE is the number of P.

    In other words, the success of the boycott tactic – the refusal to participate in the election of supporters of oppositional views – increases the percentage of votes cast for a party representative – the incumbent president.

    • TominDC

      That… is a lot of words to describe how simple fractions work.

      • Dayglo

        I’d require a triple dose of Asperger’s to wade through that dissertation.

  • Dayglo

    Why does everyone insist that Ivanka is the moral arbiter of this administration?

    • vorpal

      When Ivanka is the closest thing to a voice of reason in the White House, you know we’re FUBARed.

      I can’t stand her, but I think if it wasn’t for her, things could be a lot worse.

      • Dayglo

        “Please, Eva, talk some sense into Adolf.”

      • Grumpy Old Man

        I think we are heading for SNAFU now – it is all being normalized.

    • David Walker

      It’s not that so much as it’s a great quote. She lost her moral arbiterness with her LGBTQ double talk. But face it: this quote coming from the fucking moron’s daughter-wife is perfection for an outside-the-arena ad. How could it not be used?

    • EdmondWherever

      Exactly. This isn’t going to make Alabamans turn on Moore, they’ll just turn on her.

  • Harveyrabbit
    • That_Looks_Delicious

      I love that meme. I hope Donald sees it. Has anyone responded to one of his tweets with that?

      • Jean-Marc in Canada
        • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

          Surprised you haven’t been banned yet. Would you know?

        • Rebecca

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        • Margaret

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    • Todd20036

      All that money and he’s too stupid to know how to brush his teeth

    • ted-

      I can’t up vote more than once, ugh.

  • Michael R

    Remember this ?
    Trump tells a 10 year old girl he will be dating her in 10 years


    • bzrd

      Yes, he’s always been the Bad Seed

  • Kevin Andrews

    There is a special place in Hell for the Holy Teapublican Cannibal Cults of Jeebus Inc and their Missionary of Hate. These are the most disgusting slime to ever ascend to the Israeli Owned and Operated Oval Office thanks to the Treason of the Roberts SCOTUS in their Cash = Free Speech fraud on AmeriKKKa. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d8ecd08cf8cad57e4b096eeb506487b60d14d63b404727bdc5453f44bec5aec4.png

    • Michael R

      deplorable ?

      • Wesinoregon

        And irredeemable.

    • greenmanTN

      Israeli owned Oval Office? Try Russian owned, at the moment, troll.

      • David L. Caster

        Maybe a little of both.

  • Kevin Andrews
    • Goodboy

      I’ve seen all his documentaries. The guy is very respected and knows his shit.

  • zhera

    Love it!

  • Michael R
  • sadoldguy

    Deplorables don’t care what women say, even when it’s ivanka.

    • Dayglo

      … and many of ‘em couldn’t read the sign on that truck.

  • Dayglo

    Hooray! Our side has a truck!
    It’s a start, I suppose.

  • gaycuckhubby
  • Gigi

    If baking a cake for a same-sex couple means you support same-sex marriage then voting for Roy Moore means you support child sexual predation.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Trump and the Republicans are using a full arsenal….liberals have a truck.

    Just surrender already, because it’s clear you have no intention of actually fighting this prick.

    Sorry, but this display, while funny in its trolling, is absolutely useless and does nothing to stop or even hinder them. If this is all the left/center/liberals can come up with, the fight is already lost. That’s not defeat talking, that’s the harsh reality of where you’re at.

    Don’t like what I wrote? Then stop pretending you can fight clean when it comes to these scumbags. Get in the mud, crawl through a sewer if you have to, but stop pretending that holding the high ground at any cost is worth it. Many great achievements came at a price, sometimes a dirty, messy price…that’s reality. Get your latte drinking oh so SJW heads out of your asses and get in the game already!

    I can’t apologize for this; at this point if you’re offended by what I just wrote, you’re part of the problem.

    • Claude Jacques Bonhomme


  • ColdCountry

    A campaign rally supporting Moore in Florida where he tells people to get out an vote for Moore. Umm, am I missing something? Is our system now so corrupt that people in Florida vote for a senator from Alabama? Or does Dump not know: 1. Where he is? 2. Where Moore is?

    • Reality.Bites

      The rally was just across the border and was meant to attract Alabama voters without having Trump need to appear with Moore.

      • ColdCountry

        He’s campaigning for him but he won’t appear with him? That is so screwed up.

        • -M-

          He wants to take credit if Moore wins while avoiding responsibility for campaigning with a child molester or a possible loser.

          • JCF

            It’s the same courage he showed in joining the Heel Spur Corp!

    • Snarky

      The rally was in the far western side of the Florida panhandle. It’s part of the Alabama media market, so local Alabama TV stations would cover it. Plus of course some Alabamans would attend the rally itself.

  • Sashineb

    Apparently, the Rump has been boasting about the great crowd, when the arena really had poor attendance. https://www.rawstory.com/2017/12/trump-boasts-of-packed-to-the-rafters-florida-rally-after-online-photos-show-mostly-empty-arena/

    • Treant

      Now who are you gonna believe? Your makin’ murka grate President or your lyin’ eyes?

  • hdtex
  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    I’ve had differences with my parents but they’d never be pissed that I openly said child abuse was bad.

  • JWC

    Ivanka sweetie a little late to distance from daddy

  • Snarky

    Love the comments here that assert this truck is the only thing being done. Just ignore protests, hounding GOP Reps when they visit their home districts and (sometimes) meet with constituents, blocking the hallways of the Senate and the House with their bodies, all the energized people running for office at the local, state and federal levels across the country, the fundraising that is being done for people like Doug Jones, etc.

    Claiming that this truck is the only thing being done to fight Trump et al is disingenuous, and a real disservice to people who are working their asses off to fight this administration and what they are trying to do.

  • JDS
  • JCF
  • GanymedeRenard

    Satin gloves off. That’s the way to go!

  • MassageBear
  • coram nobis

    And the Guardian rummages up an August interview in which Roy Moore just looves Vladimir Putin.


    It has to do with Putin’s dislike of LGBTQs, which Moore thinks makes Russia superior to the U.S.

    Told that Reagan said Russia was the focus of evil in the modern world, Moore answers: “You could say that very well about America, couldn’t you? Well, we promote a lot of bad things, you know?”

    Asked for an example, he says: “Same-sex marriage.”

  • Tempus Fuggit

    Ivanka Trump on Roy Moore? Ew. No.