Poland To End Sunday Shopping Because Jesus

The Catholic Herald reports:

Polish MPs have approved a bill that will phase out Sunday shopping by 2020. The Sejm, the lower house of Poland’s parliament, passed the bill by 254 to 156 to restrict Sunday shopping to the first and last Sunday of the month until the end of 2018, only on the last Sunday in the month in 2019, and to ban it totally starting in 2020.

The bill will now pass to the Senate, and then to President Andzrej Duda for approval. In a statement, the Polish bishops’ conference said the bill did not go far enough, and that everyone should be free from work on Sundays.

Breitbart is pleased:

The counter-revolution in how Poland will approach the working week, taking it back to a system that would be more easily recognisable to Poland’s pre-Communist ancestors, comes among a series of other changes by Law and Justice, a nation’s conservative, nationalist, and Christian political party.

Recent government policy, which has emphasised the role of Christianity in daily life and rejected the forced redistribution of migrants and refugees around the Europe by the EU, has brought Poland into conflict with the Brussels establishment, who treat the acceptance of non-European mass migration as a requirement for membership.

Poland is famously homogeneous, with a population that is about 90% Roman Catholic and 95% ethnic Poles. Despite that near-total uniformity, an estimated 60,000 neo-Nazis marched in Warsaw earlier this month in support of white nationalism.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Bad move. Even jesus loves Walmart.

  • clay

    The only thing Breitbart likes about this is that makes trans-national government weak.

  • another_steve

    When the world has to decide “Starbucks or Jesus” on Sundays, Christianity will officially end.

  • Boreal
  • Tawreos

    I am guessing they haven’t heard from business owners yet. If this was so popular then businesses would have already been closing on Sundays and a law would not be needed.

  • Dayglo

    Of course Breitbart is pleased. It’s an impediment to progress.

    • David Walker

      Would they be allowed to post anything on Sundays?

  • kcken

    They need people free to attend church on Sunday (and drop in some coins). Those molestation lawsuits won’t pay for themselves.

  • AlternativeQuacks

    Poland is also currently having a massive sexual abuse scandal going back years in their national cycling federation. The Sports Minister (yeah… they have those in Europe!) has called on the entire board to resign.

    Of course, it was the female athletes that were abused.

  • Boreal
  • clay

    “Poland is [now] famously homogeneous,” having gone through ethnic ‘cleansing’ during World War II.

    • William

      After the war they kicked out or killed the German population in three states and parts of two others. And in Danzig.

      • clay

        I’ll add that to the Russians and the Jews.

        • William

          Poles also massacred Ukrainians and Ukrainians massacred Poles.

          • clay

            Yes, since it was between 1917 and 1989, I incorrectly lumped them in with the Russians

          • William

            Each side remembers the victims, not the perpetrators..

          • David Walker

            At least until the new perps come along.

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      • Gustav2

        Shhhh, we are not supposed to talk about the expulsion of Germans from the western areas that were added to Poland after WWII.

        • William

          Churchill also gave Stalin the kitchen sink.

          • Gustav2

            That Damn-Pots Agreement.

      • Tawreos

        It was just payback for how Germany treated Poland during the war.

        • William

          No, it was Stalin keeping the part of Poland he took in the 1939 Molotov – von Ribbentrop Treaty. Poland was moved west into Germany. Western allies did nothing to invalidate the illegal treaty.

    • Tread

      With the help of those “Roman Catholics.”

  • William

    That will go over great in places with lots of tourists. Meanwhile, the Poles will do their Sunday shopping in Germany.

    • AlternativeQuacks

      There are other countries in Europe, or parts of countries, where this has been considered. But the main thing the merchants are concerned with is Amazon and Alibaba. They feel that having days when the brick & mortar stores can’t open will kill them in the competition with online retailers, to whom they’re already losing business bigtime.

      • Ben in Oakland

        Then they better band together and vote before the christianists destroy them.

    • Vidrax

      There’s almost no Sunday shopping in Germany. Our shops are forced to be closed on Sundays with very few exceptions. Gas stations, shops in train stations and airports, and a few small supermarkets are allowed to open on Sundays. And every city is allowed to declare a few Sundays per year “Open Sundays”. We don’t really have separation of church and state in Germany.

      • David Walker

        I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

      • William

        I’m trying to remember how I survived every Sunday when I was in Germany.

        • ChrisMorley

          They have the equivalent of your Mom and Pop stores.

          • William

            I’m not sure what was going on with that reply. It was a Google link to a store in Berlin that insisted on showing an Austin address.
            Russian Shop at Bahnhof Charlottenburg, open 24 hours a day.

        • David Walker

          I have trouble remembering how I got through weekends before ATMs.

          • William

            You had to cash a check at the grocery store.

        • Vidrax

          Did you live in Berlin? Because Berlin is rather generous with special permits. Berlin central station is basically a mall, and its shops are actually allowed to be open every day of the year. But this is the exception.

          • William

            I’ve never lived there, just visited a bunch of times, going all the way back to 1984. There is a 24 hour store at Bahnhof Bahnhof Berlin-Charlottenburg that is close to where my friends used to live. There used to be a couple of really good looking Russians working there.

            There was a Spätkauf in Dresden Neustadt referred to as the bread store. It mostly sold beer.

  • TexasBoy

    It wasn’t so long ago that we had Blue Laws in Texas, prohibiting the sale of any dry goods on Sunday. Stores would have to rope any area that wasn’t food. It was ridiculous. And what about people that work the other 6 days a week?

    • skyweaver

      I remember blue laws. I remember once when I was a kid my mom wanted to buy advent candles (we were Catholic) and she couldn’t buy them. On Sunday. The whole thing was so silly.

      • Boreal

        We had them for alcohol sales for many years and then you couldn’t buy alcohol before noon on Sunday. Finally all of those have been repealed.

    • another_steve

      Maryland is a very Catholic state. Has been since its founding. We had Blue Laws here until the 80’s.

      Counties are still authorized to ban liquor sales on Sundays, and several have done that.

      • Statistics Palin

        So you can give booze away in church but you can’t buy it on Sunday? I left Catholicism because the Doublethink was exhausting.

        • clay

          . . . and to under-age drinkers, too.

        • nocadrummer

          Oh, you’re buying it in church too. Why do you think they expect you to tithe? (Well, besides paying off alter-boy lawsuits.)

          • Statistics Palin

            Catholics don’t tithe. They don’t pledge a percentage of income to the RCC. Also, altar boys are no longer “altered,” just buggered.

      • stuckinthewoods

        Even worse here, VA counties are still allowed to entirely ban liquor sales, and several are “dry”.

        • William

          Hell, parts of Dallas are dry. To get a drink in restaurants, you have to join the club.

        • Gustav2

          It is all over the US, including Ohio, which allows local precincts to determine what kind of sales.


          • stuckinthewoods

            very interesting. It appears that in 33 states localities can prohibit sale, consumption,… and even possession, of alcohol.

        • Sebastian

          Why are you opposed to local control?

          • stuckinthewoods

            There is adequate control at the state level. Those who object locally can abstain.

        • prixator

          There is a neighbourhood in Toronto (the Junction) that was dry until 1997, after a referendum passed (after 4 previous failed attempts from 1966 to 1988).

    • Dayglo

      Maryland had Blue Laws until 1987 and, as John Waters will tell you, a Board of Censors. Goddamn squares ruin everything.

      • another_steve

        Lol. We were typing at the same time. (See my comment nearby.) 😉

    • David Walker

      Pennsylvania blue laws went so far as to prohibit movies and stage shows and any (as in ANY) sales of alcohol, including restaurants. Stores were closed, of course, and grocery stores were kind of iffy. Pennsylvania, always the decisive leader, first gave Philly and Pittsburgh nearly free-rein, and then did away with most blue laws by letting the voters in a municipality or township decide. Although the city of Lancaster got movies right away, I remember that the drive-ins, which were in townships, really had to fight to show movies Sunday nights. In fact, some waited until midnight so they could legally show movies on Mondays.

      Restaurants could serve liquor IF most of their income was from food. Some townships and towns are still dry to this day, and a sort of recent vote in one of them maintained the ban on liquor.

      It’s amazing how far xns will go to keep their own in line and to deny pleasure to everybody else.

      • zhera

        This is quite interesting. Here in Norway we do have so-called blue laws (why are they called blue laws?), but it’s getting more and more eased up on, and through the entire December you’ll find all shopping malls open every Sunday. Because Jeeziz?

        Still no alcohol sale in the grocery stores on Sundays and a few other days. It’s really not a big problem; I’m rather meh on the whole subject but people in Norway have strong feelings about this.

        • David Walker

          Dictionary.com: “1781, severe Puritanical code said to have been enacted 18c. in New Haven, Connecticut; of uncertain origin, perhaps from one of the ground senses behind blues, or from notion of coldness. Or perhaps connected to bluestocking in the sense of “puritanically plain or mean” (see bluestocking, which is a different application of the same term; the parliament of 1653 was derisively called the bluestocking parliament).”

          They were also known as Sunday laws. When the various areas of the blue laws came to a vote, mostly the Mennonites, Amish, and catholics were opposed (in my area). I think it’s pretty obvious that they were intended to keep the religious free from temptation, because how’re you gonna sin if the sin ain’t there? (And I think the shopping malls are open December Sundays more for money than for Jeeziz.)

          • William

            Puritans were the ISIS of their time. I’m so glad my first ancestors arrived in America in 1635 Virginia.

      • jmax

        Pretty much how it played out here in Kansas too. I remember the days when you had to have a “membership” or BYOB and pay for set-ups to have a damn drink at a bar.

      • Galvestonian

        I used to go to a gay bar in Bridgeport ( the Lark ) run by a really hip and charming straight couple that to be open on a Sunday had to have ‘rooms’ for rent upstairs – something like 6 tiny rooms (never rented) with cots and a key panel in the bar. I remember one of the owners used to supervise the dance floor and was constantly freaking about ‘too suggestive’ dance moves and any hand action below the waist. It was a blast.

        • David Walker

          Thanks for this. I love our history.

      • jerry

        Yet they never minded restaurants being open…it was OK with them as long as it was other people working on Sunday. Kind of like the various sects of Amish who won’t drive/own a vehicle…they’re fine getting a ride as long as it’s someone else running the devil’s machinery.

    • eyefidelity

      Bergen County, New Jersey still has blue laws. Did you know that iced cream sundaes were an answer to blue laws of more than 100 years ago which forbade the selling of iced cream sodas on Sunday?

    • Ninja0980

      We have mini Blue laws where I live where the liquor stores and others things are open but only until 5 on Sunday.

      • William

        Liquor stores in Texas are all closed on Sunday. Only beer and wine can be sold, after 12:00 Noon. We can’t have people drinking while they should be in church.

    • TampaZeke

      I remember strict blue laws, as well as dry laws, in Mississippi.

      • TexasBoy

        There are still some dry areas in Texas.

  • Boreal
  • TexasBoy

    Next Step: Mandatory church attendance

    • Todd20036

      Not exactly a huge leap from what they’re doing now.

  • William

    Polish neo-Nazis really don’t get it.

  • Michael R
    • pj

      the stupid runs deep in that family. and still they think they are american elite. wow.

    • Robincho

      The reporter IMPLIED. Qusay INFERRED. But this is a distinction that would require intellectual participation, something of which Qusay is incapable…

      • BobSF_94117

        The reporter didn’t imply. The reporter reported.

    • Treant

      Well, that’s certainly true, isn’t it, Eric? Or should we just call you Quasimodo?

      (They earned lots of money off Hunchback, so that shouldn’t be taken as an insult). And I’m barely warmed up…

      • David Walker

        Is Quasimodo related to Semimodo?

        • Treant

          Sorta-kinda… 🙂

    • David Walker

      It’s odd to see the fucking moron green rather than orange. Pertinent to this thread is the second day, but you may well enjoy #5, #6, and a few of the others.

    • Todd20036

      Sam Hamwich is not amused.

  • Boreal

    Poland is going to lose big bucks in tourism money by doing this.

    • ChrisMorley

      It’s quite common in Europe. Germany survives OK with Sunday closing. Ladenschlussgesetz (Shop Closing Law)

      • Rich

        Indeed. In my Europe visits, we’ve had to adjust stuff based on this. It’s quite frustrating but you learn to deal with it once you know.

        Just recently in Spain, I couldn’t go to some ruins (at Trento) because it closed earlier on Sundays at 3:30.

      • William

        Bakeries are open on Sunday.

  • Paula

    When I first moved to Texas, the state still had Blue Laws on the books. They were a pain in the ass. You could buy food, any non food item couldn’t be purchased.
    Most people were happy when they were repealed. The main group that didn’t want them repealed was auto dealers.
    They liked it when people didn’t have anything to do on Sunday and went to look at cars.

    • Jeffg166

      Philadelphia had the same laws in the 70’s. Nothing was opened on Sunday. If you ran out of milk too bad. It had to be factored in to be supplied to get though Sunday. Add not going to church and it wasn’t all that bad. Everyone had to relax one day a week.

    • Kissmagrits

      I was stationed in neighboring Oklahoma in 1958 when they were still a dry state and were the sole property of rum-running good old boys and the oil industry. They were also the murder capitol of the Southwest. (Oklahoma voted to go wet in June 1959 after I was long gone.)

  • Dayglo

    Except Chic-fil-A. In Poland, Chic-fil-A is only open on Sundays.
    … and yes, I did really make a Polish joke.

  • Gustav2

    …because Brietbart readers are not either spewing bile on the site or sleeping it off on Sunday morning just waiting for the Beer Drive-Thru to open?

  • BobSF_94117

    There’s something to be said for reducing the workweek and giving people more time off. We’re not having a national/world discussion about labor in an ever more automated economy. Sundays are a logical place to start in much of Europe, where Sunday shopping is relatively new. On the other hand, they could mix it up, alternating Friday and Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

    The sad thing is they’re just accelerating their online economies, to the detriment of small businesses.

    • Bambino

      I don’t mind Sunday shopping ban to force retailers from abusing their employees. Not for religion reason. They should include statutory holidays. Anyone work in the retail and restaurant business would know the unspoken threat for employees who are not willing to pick up the extra shifts on the holidays and weekends. Day of rest should not be exclusive to those who held a good job. As much as the working class needs the money, they are being overwork, sometimes for free when they have to go over their schedule their employers do not compensate for. Until there are stringent labor laws enacted to protect the labor workers and until corporation and businesses come to their senses to stop over compensating their CEOs and executives by providing better wages and benefits distribution among the employees, Sunday and holiday shopping should be ban.

      • marshlc

        A conversation I overheard, many years ago now:

        “What? John can’t be here because he has to work today? What a shame – people should get Sunday off so they can relax with their families”.

        How did I overhear this? I was the waitress bringing them their meal.

        In order for you to have a fun relaxing time on your day off, somebody else is working.

        • William

          I worked at the local supermarket when I was in high school. As I took a cart-load of groceries to a woman’s car one Sunday afternoon, she turned to me and said that it was a sin for me to be working on Sunday.

  • Nate

    This is stupid, I’ve been using my weekends to remodel my house. There is always some piece you forget to buy, especially when doing plumbing. My house would never get finished. If your religion is so precious to you don’t get a job that makes you work Sunday.

  • bkmn

    So I guess they don’t want any weekend tourists in a few years.

  • vorpal

    WTF? I thought Breitbartians were libertarians and capitalists.
    So what exactly about this reflects their “values?”
    (Sorry, I can’t talk about Breitbart values with a straight face.)

    • Gustav2

      Christianist Whitie Identity trumps all political ideology.

    • clay

      “Destroy the EU!” reflects their value of “Destroy!”

  • Bluto

    So all 1st responders, transportation, hospitality & food service workers, the media & military get the day off too, amaright? Do these morons have any idea what it takes to shut down a power plant, refinery or steel mill & then restart?

    • Harveyrabbit

      Well if everyone in the country is huddled praying in front of their own personal jesus statue all day on Sundays in candlelight why would they need any of that unnecessary stuff? Jesus won’t let anything happen to them would he??

  • Sam_Handwich

    people work at catholic churches on sundays


  • HZ81

    Note to self: Don’t move to Poland, but if the church wants to increase attendance there, they should sell smokes and gum after services.

  • j.martindale

    Regardless of the motivation for this, I think that closing stores one day a week is a good thing. My family had a store in a mall in Florida for years, and the mall required that they be open seven days a week. It was very hard for the owners and often for the employees who had to cover long hours and many days of the week.

    • marshlc

      I remember when stores had restricted days and hours, and I remember how hard it was to get your errands done, if you were a person who worked in a store.

      • j.martindale

        I also like the idea that EVERYTHING needs to be closed for major holidays, so that workers aren’t schackled to their jobs at Food Lion and Walmart.

        • marshlc

          Sure, and restaurants, hotels, mass transit, gas stations.

          • j.martindale

            You are right. I am wrong. Retail outlets, for sure.

      • clay

        It’s a way to attack single parents (i.e. single mothers).

  • marshlc

    Oh, I love this, this is great.

    Hey, Alabama? Kentucky? Why not try this? Bring Sunday back as a holy day of rest for all your god-fearin’ citizens. And don’t be a pussy about it, like Poland is being, phasing it in. No, be real Americans, and do it all at once.

    Make people have to choose between religion and convenience, and see how fast religion disappears.

    • Kentucky’s Blue Laws died many years ago, when the Supremes declared the laws unconstitutional.

  • Mr_Fat

    60,000 neo nazis….people forget that the poles joined in the holocaust and happily rounded
    up Jews and communists to send to the the camps until they figured
    out they were slated for liquidation also

    • Sebastian

      Some Poles did join in the Shoah, but many Poles were victims of it too. When Hitler invaded Poland in September, 1939, the first thing his army did was to arrest the cultural, intellectual, financial and religious leaders. He “removed” them, and the country was easier to subdue. Poland was a victim of Nazi aggression far more than it was a compliant country. And it was victimized by the Soviets. And by the Yalta and Potsdam summits.

  • Sebastian

    People need rest and relaxation, and the forces of unbridled market capitalism will not permit it, unless restrained by law. Yes, it is inconvenient. Yes, it will require some advanced planning. But it will also allow friends and families to have time together, without having to rush off to work in some low paid retail job. It will permit the culture to breathe.

    As for the comments about Polish Catholicism and the idea that religion ought never to influence culture, well, that is a matter for Poles to decide. In Israel, most commerce ceases during Shabbat. Why not in Poland for the Christian Sabbath?

    • Friday

      The way to do it is to change *labor* standards so each worker gets days off and reasonable hours,, not making sure that everything shuts down on the same day to kowtow to Christianists so they can’t *do* anything with one day off.

    • marshlc

      The way this tends to work is that the really low paid jobs are the ones who still don’t get the day off. If you work at a gas station, at a restaurant, if you drive a bus, clean hotel rooms – yeah, no “breathing” for you.

    • RJ Bone

      There is definitely value in taking a day completely off.

      Forcing it to be a specific day based on someone’s personal beliefs is not the way to do it.

      And let’s not even talk about denying services because of those beliefs. That’s fucking bullshit.

    • The_Wretched

      Ok…how about a 40 hour work week (or 36 or some other number) with all scheduling done 2 weeks in advance? That would allow workers to rest.

      And what about the non-Catholics? Why should we be forced by national secular laws to adhere to the precips of your religion? I can assure you that you would not like to have to follow mine.

  • Ray Page

    The Catholic Church is nothing more than an organised crime syndicate.

    • Treant

      By definition. But what did he do this time? 🙂

      • ChrisMorley

        New thread …..

  • BeaverTales

    Next come arrests for not being in church on Sundays. Tithing will be added to the taxes. Then gays will be burned at the stake. 14th century, here we come….

  • Gustav2

    Well, once again, workers in the hospitality industry are not real people.

    • David Walker

      Nor those who work in communications. Maybe gas stations that don’t also sell food. However, all of it will keep the catholics pure and temptation-free and force their beliefs on others.

  • Talisman

    This takeover by conservative/religious extremists is quite scary. There are so many parallels to the early 20th century that it feels like we’re caught in a time loop, and an explosion is inevitable.

  • Longpole

    Chick-fil-A is their business model?

    • edrex

      is chick-fil-a not open on sundays?

      • Steve

        No they are not. For religious reasons. Instead they get all their maintenance and lawn care done on Sunday’s. They want their employees to be off on Sunday to attend church, or more likely work other jobs. But others can work, so their customers will not be inconvenienced by things like lawn mowing. Especially since the workers are often people of color, usually Hispanic.

        Not sure if that is true everywhere, but it is here in the south.

        • edrex

          i’ve actually never been to one.

  • Treant

    Wait a second. Priests receive valuable consideration for their work, yes? They get a place to live. Food. Spending money. Reverends are directly paid, of course.

    So that means churches must close on Sunday; you can’t have those people working and getting paid for it.

  • Stuart Wyman-Cahall

    O/T….but did anybody read the latest from Angela Lansbury? It appears she’s “victim shaming” women. I know she’s 92 and from a different era. But, really? I’m dissapointed.

    • FAEN

      Yeah I was disappointed with her as well. Product of her generation?

    • PeedeResistance

      Horrible. Buying into that cancerous old ‘she asked for it’ meme.

  • The bishops want to end all work on Sunday. Hope they don’t have any medical emergencies on Sunday, or their house doesn’t burn down, or a home invasion requiring police.

  • FAEN

    Jeebus I’m sick of this rightward hypocritical religious swing too much of the world is taking.

    Jesus doesn’t give a fuck if you shop on Sunday. He doesn’t give a fuck if you fuck the Sunday away!

    Enough already.

  • Mike

    In other news, stores are closing left and right because people do their shopping online, all day, every day, and all night if they wish. Close the stores down for babyjebus’ sake if that makes you feel holy, but will the churchies still get that burst of self-righteous steam if they shut the malls on Sunday and nobody notices? There’s a Polish joke or two somewhere in this story, but that wouldn’t be nice so don’t even think it.

  • Carl

    “In a statement, the Polish bishops’ conference said the bill did not go far enough, and that everyone should be free from work on Sundays.” So they will close the churches, hospitals, and emergency services on Sunday also?

  • 1980Gardener

    I would actually love that here, for completely non-religious weekends. While I don’t like telling people when they can conduct business, the idea of a day without errands would be really nice.

    • Friday

      It’s not when you end up having to make *more* trips cause someone else’s religion thinks you should be kneeling to them in church.

  • Hank

    Is it any surprise, as to why the Nazi’s in WWII, decided to set up the largest concentration camps in Poland??? Besides, the fact, that it also had the largest population of Jews??? Glad my Grandparents left, before the war began!!!

  • Elaygee

    Given freedom from Soviets, Poles reverted to fascism

  • The_Wretched

    In case anyone missed it Breitbart / Bannon had the same plan for the US. 100% christianist christianity for everyone.

  • Jim Maloney

    Their conservative party must not have money as their prime motivator like ours here.

  • LarryChemEngr

    I wonder if a Jewish deli is now forbidden to be open on Sunday.

    • olandp

      A Jewish deli will be forbidden.

    • Steve

      A Jewish deli would be open on Sunday, but closed on Saturday. Shabbat (Jewish Sabbath) is from just before sundown on Friday until stars are visible on Saturday night. And ALL work is forbidden on Shabbat. My oven has a setting for Shabbat (I do not use it) that prevents it from being used on that day.

  • joe ho

    This new right-wing regime is rapidly erasing the last 30 years of Poland’s efforts to reverse/rehabilitate its negative image. Sad.

  • TuuxKabin

    See . . .

  • JWC

    when all is said and done from Jewish peope not operating mechanicals to Sunday shopping its all based on horse pucky Who gives a shit its the last vestiges of religious control

  • Galvestonian

    Wow ! Blue laws of the 1950’s X 100. In case you didn’t know what the blue laws were they were laws that said that you couldn’t sell certain things on Sundays – some of the stuff made illegal were downright stupid like paper napkins or candles. Liquor sort of made some kind of religious sense but not selling automobiles on Sunday is kind of stupid and there are some places that don’t allow the sale of furniture on a Sunday – Absolutely no hunting on Sundays in quite a few States. Amazingly stupid.

    • Tor

      But good for business in the neighboring states.

  • Gene Perry

    This is great news (for the economies of all the EU nations that surround Poland. All those Poles crossing the nearest border to continue shopping on Sunday)

  • pablo

    I’m all for retail workers getting one day off per week. I don’t really care what the reason is.

  • netxtown

    Poland scratched from bucket list until further notice….

  • Tor

    “…an estimated 60,000 neo-Nazis marched in Warsaw earlier this month in support of white nationalism.” Obviously the white Poles are being persecuted.

    • Nathaniel

      That was horrifying but even more people walk in the support for democracy, EU and the rule of law back in July.

  • Halou

    Naturally, the bishops are unhappy. They are never satisfied, any compromise is met with a whinge. Give them an inch and they’ll demand a mile, give them a mile and they’ll demand a lightyear.

  • Nathaniel

    That’s of course not good idea to ban shopping but I don’t think, after 2016 election, any American have a right to mock any other country.

    • Halou

      I’m ok with a rule saying shops can be closed on one or two days a week, but to decide that that day must only be Sunday is absurd.

      • Nathaniel

        The politicians did that because they know that people who work in the supermarkets will praise them for it. Not “because of Jesus”.

  • Halou

    “In a statement, the Polish bishops’ conference said the bill did not go far enough, and that everyone should be free from work on Sundays.”

    That is inpractical. Healthcare, policing, security etc. They all need 24/7 staffing and vigilance.

  • Halou

    “Despite that near-total uniformity, an estimated 60,000 neo-Nazis marched in Warsaw”

    I think it happened because of the uniformity, not despite it. As seen else where in Europe and the US, bigotry is more ubiquitous and virulent in places where there is no diversity.

  • Piet

    This takes me back to the 1950s in the US when it was common for towns to close down on Sundays because of so-called blue laws. “Family” restaurants were about the only business allowed to be open, and they had short hours — mostly for the after-church crowd who wanted mid-day dinner — so they were open from 11:30 to 6:30 only, and no alcohol was served (at least, in Southern California, when I was growing up there). Pharmacies’ prescription windows operated, but the rest of the store was covered in dust sheets. It was a big deal when the laws were relaxed so that grocery stores could be open.

    • Paul Ohbehr L

      I forgot about the dust sheets in pharmacies. That does bring back memories (from my childhood) of being in some small towns on a Sunday in the summertime.

  • Matt

    How stupid is that? F religion.

  • DJ John Bear

    The Blue Laws also existed here in Jersey back in the 1970s. When they were about to be repealed in favor of businesses opening, with limited hours on Sundays, there was some push-back on the part of the Mom & Pop’s who wanted to keep their “day of rest”. I hoped that the law would be repealed, because Sundays were fairly boring and growing up I was hardly a sports fan, and there wasn’t much on television.

    What was particularly troubling back during the Blue Laws was that one of the Jersey Shore towns in my area, Ocean Grove, had been “governed” by the Methodist Camp Meeting Association. Ocean Grove, part of Neptune Township, prohibited ANY type of vehicular traffic, including bicycle riding in its one-square-mile town limits on Sundays. In addition, all motor vehicles had to be completely off the streets from midnight Sunday morning to midnight Monday morning.

    Sometime in the late 1970s, a tourist was stopped by the “peace officers” and fined for bike riding one Sunday. He took the town to court citing separation of church and state, and prevailed.

    Hopefully we won’t see a return to this; it was pretty inconvenient and pointless.

  • andrew

    If the backward Polish government wants to truly follow biblical laws, they should institute the death penalty for those who work on the Sabbath. That is what the God of the bible Yahweh commands.

    • William

      Don’t have a heart attack in Poland on Sunday.

  • What happened, Dimbart? I thought you were all for less gubmint regoolashuns.

  • TampaZeke

    Poland, moving boldly into the 12th Century!

  • Noel Kanalley

    I might add that a large part of the reason Poland is so totally homogeneous is that millions of Poles, who also happened to be Jews as well, were murdered there in the 1940s. . . in large part by their fellow Poles, who apparently had no problem collaborating with the invading Nazis. As someone of Polish heritage, I really find it hard to feel anything other than shame and disgust towards this backward country. In the Middle Ages and up until the mid 1700s, it was a relatively vibrant place. But I guess with all the invasions (Germany Russia, probably Lithuania somewhere in there) and the reaction after the fall of the USSR. . . .it’s just really gone to shit. I used to want to visit Kracow, where my family is supposedly from. Not sure that’ll happen anytime soon.

  • leastyebejudged

    Polaks are just a mess.