Trump Makes “Pocahontas” Joke At White House Event Honoring Elderly WWII Navajo Code Talkers [VIDEO]

Trump just attacked Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” at a White House event honoring the elderly surviving members of the Navajo Code Talkers, who were recruited by the Marine Corps during World War II to deliver messages that the Japanese were unable to translate.

“You were here long before any of us were here. Although we have a representative in Congress who they say was here a long time ago. They call her Pocahontas,” Trump said. His comments were met by total silence.

  • Lazycrockett

    What an embarrassment.

  • I got up and went to the living room to tell my husband this story, just so I could watch his reaction. It was the same as mine. He bowed his head and covered his face with his hands.

    • Lori

      This literally made me cry. I can’t believe that those amazing men were subjected Trump’s incredible ignorance and complete lack of respect or tact. It’s just so incredibly wrong.

      • Such a travesty! They deserve recognition and respect. Not what they got.

  • Rex

    Get the jacket and remove him now.

    • FAEN

      Fuck the jacket-use the cattle prod.

      • Tawreos

        Make sure it is inserted before you turn on the juice.

        • Robincho

          Turn on the juice! Turn on the juice!
          Ten thousand volts in his caboose!…

        • Joseph Miceli

          Shouldn’t we do something he won’t like,. instead?

        • FAEN


  • Dick518

    What a fucking moron…

  • sdnative1958

    What a fuckstick.

  • bkmn
  • Bambino
  • Pollos Hermanos
  • shellback
    • Hologram of Wesley Willis

      Robespierre did nothing wrong.

    • M Jackson

      trump rehabilitates The Terror.

    • anne marie in philly

      I know many people I would like to see in here…

  • fastlanestranger

    “That’s mah prez’dent hell yeah!” – our idiot America

    • M Jackson

      He’s jes lahk ME!

  • Ernest Endevor

    Oh dear God.

  • clay

    Yes, Donny, they “were here long before [you] were here” because they are old.
    Now, can you say what makes him “special”? Can you treat non-whites as individuals, rather than totems of a class? Can you treat veterans as individuals, rather than totems of a class (which you weaseled out of joining)? Can you treat fucking anyone as an individual?

  • Ninja0980

    Anyone who thinks this is making America great again or respected is a brainless twit, period.

  • Tread

    Jesus fuck. I hate this motherfucker with every fiber of my being.

    • DreadPikathulhu

      Each and every day.

    • james1200

      Dementia is a bitch and so is Trump.

      • Todd20036

        This isn’t dementia. Dementia is a legitimate reason for behaving oddly.

        Trump is a Nazi. He gets no quarter for his appalling bigotries.

        • pch1013

          A demented Nazi. He used to be a coherent Nazi.

          • ColdCountry

            WHEN was he EVER coherent???

          • pch1013

            Well, if you look at 80s footage of him being interviewed, he was at least able to compose complete sentences that didn’t consist entirely of right-wing tropes.

          • ColdCountry

            Well, if we’re going that far back, he was probably more coherent as a five year old. I though you meant since the start of this nightmare.

    • anne marie in philly

      you ain’t the only one, honey. 68 million+ of us voted for Hillary. all 68 million+ of us hate this motherfucker with every fiber of our being.

      • zhera

        Don’t forget the billions of people outside the US who hate and loathe the Orange Menace!

        • Steve Smith

          Pretty much everyone. Making America Irrelevant Again.

        • Richard Kennedy

          Yes, most of Australia LOATHES him.

        • JackFknTwist

          That would be me.
          Trump/turd must always be ‘ad hominem’.
          He can never argue the merits of a point.
          It’s always Liddle Corker, or Little Marco , or crazy Ted, or lying Hillary, or low energy Jeb….and on and on.
          He must always belittle.
          He is just too stupid to engage in the issue, any issue.

          F uck Trump/turd.

        • JackFknTwist

          Europe hates him.

          • Texpat

            I met a young Albanian gangster that was a fan.

          • JCF

            Recognized a kindred spirit (or maybe even a partner in crime!)

          • Erin

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    • Lawerence Collins

      This must be shared as much as possible!

    • Chris Gardner

      Of all the places in the White House where he could honor them, he chose to do it in front of Jackson’s portrait. Maybe he can find a portrait of Hitler to stand in front of when he decides to honor some Jewish people.

      • ColdCountry

        You don’t think he knows who Jackson is, do you?

        • Maxk1947

          He’s the one who made the compromise that prevented a civil war, right?

      • JackFknTwist

        that is absolutely shocking. The f ucker is either a c unt or demented or both.

        • Bj Lincoln

          Both and more. This is why I tweet him every day to remind him what a ‘fucking moron’ he is. I have NEVER been so disrespectful to a President in thought or word before. This man is not my President as far as I’m concerned. There is a lot of us that feel this way.

        • Carrie Scott

          I thought is just fucking stupid.

          • JackFknTwist

            So who set up this presentation deliberately in front of the painting of Andrew Jackson, ( in the corner of the room, )who killed most of the Native Americans?
            I would say it was Stephen Miller, Bannon’s succubus. He is a Nazi and a white fascist.

            And doing this presentation in front of Andrew Jackson is a message to his fellow white fascist supremacists. It is a message to Elizabeth Warren also, “look what we did to your nativists, Pochahantis.”
            Even I get that message 3,000 miles away.

          • Rhode Izaguirre

            That is my suspicion as well. Actually, I don’t believe 45 knows enough American history to choose that location. It is just the type of planning expected of that wormy Stephen Miller!

      • thatotherjean
        • gothambear

          And coming up with new and innovative ways to humiliate himself and our nation daily…on a global stage

    • JackFknTwist

      He’s an ugly mean spirited f uck.

    • sdnative1958

      OMG that’s the most up votes I think I’ve ever seen for a comment!

  • penpal

    Uh, why were they even there in the first place? Trump’s disdain for Native Americans is well documented.

    • melllt

      What evs. Maybe you and i can imagine him making an ass of himself when he’s holding a ceremony honoring the code talkers. But if my dad or grandad was a code talker, better bet your ass id fly him to DC to be honored.

      • penpal

        Not me, not with Trump in office. Maybe these poor guys were uninformed prior to this visit but they’re woke AF now. Trump has repeatedly mocked Native Americans and the Republican party as a whole has shit on their requests for clean water and pipeline-free lands.

      • Supercubby

        And what an honor.

  • boobert

    He’s a disgrace !

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Scalp that POS!

  • normadesmond

    He never EVER disappoints us.

  • clay

    Will Gen. Mattis ignore this, or thank Donny for this?

  • Bert_Bauer

    Won’t someone please hit him in the back of the head with a shovel? It may not help but it couldn’t hurt.

  • TheManicMechanic

    What a condescending liddle toddler-man.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    As I noted on another thread, he truly can’t help himself…he’s a toddler with access to nukes. America, this is a rhetorical question but my disbelief at just how far gone it’s gotten I have to ask: “are you embarrassed now?”

    On a totally, completely, not-at-all-related topic….’Tis the season and these mofos are doin’ it in style:

    …cue the inevitable SADZ

    • james1200

      I can’t wait for the butthurt Christians to start bitching, lol!

      • Snarkaholic

        But it’s historically accurate: First dad = God; Second dad = Joseph.

      • JCF

        -ists. Though personally, I’m more partial to the Mary & Holy Spirit (Hebrew, Ru’ah, *feminine*) nativity: Jesus Had Two Mommies! 😀

    • Ronald Reagan is Dead!
    • LOVE THIS!!!

    • halfwaythere

      This made my day!

    • Vista-Cruiser

      I’ve been embarrassed to be American ever since Reagan was elected. Now I’m even more embarrassed.

      • prixator

        I guess that you’re glad that the old colloquialism that one could “die from embarrassment” is not really possible.

  • Lazycrockett

    Warren is on MSNBC.

  • Ray Page

    Dumb cracker. Those natives served in the U.S. military after being abused by its government for hundreds of years. Donny Dollhands didn’t have the balls to serve.

    What an embarrasment to all humanity.

    • Hank

      Herr Drumpf has NOTHING to scalp!!!!

  • crewman

    They call her Pocahontas

    “They” in this case, being “you”. Trump is a mean girl with way more power than she should have.

    • Snarkaholic

      …and not nearly as cute.

    • Buford

      ‘They’ = the voices in his head. He’s literally insane.

  • WICKET99

    Gawd, when will this fuckface have a stroke??? I grew up and went to school with native Americans and they are all better people than this half-wit will ever be.

  • boobert

    Let me rephrase my last comment. What I meant was ” WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY FOR HAVING THIS MORON AS PRESIDENT? “

    • FAEN

      But her emails 🙄! And protest voting. And Susan Sarandon’s ‘revolution’

      • That stinky female dog (I do not want to call her the b word) Sarandon is at it again. Did you see her Salon recent interview? She is happy Trump is President. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

        • Todd20036

          She could die, and I wouldn’t feel anything but gladness.

          • I was so angry. And I got attacked at KOS for calling her a virago harradan. Two people said I was misogynist. I thought I was being nice!

          • Todd20036

            Hating on a Nazi enabler is not being misogynistic. Hating on Hillary for being a woman is, however.

            Some idiots never understand the difference.

        • FAEN

          Yeah I read that earlier today. So disgusted.

        • Matt Henley

          I don’t agree with her position at all, but I read the interview and didn’t see where she said that. She said that she felt that NY was a safe place for a protest vote because Hillery (who she can’t stand now) would win it regardless. Much like my vote (bernie in primary, hillery in election) doesn’t count because TX will go to the repugs.

        • FAEN

          Let’s not insult doggies. They’re lovely 😊

        • Paul

          Plenty of comments by BernieBots / Russian Trolls getting upvoted too.

    • We let the Russians make him President even though Hillary received at least three million more votes and probably more. I did not think the Russians and the Right bought the election last year at this time. I do now btw. We were HAD! And they are going to do it again unless we stop it.

  • Leo

    This is about the CFPB. No question.

    I’m not going to anguish or rail to the heavens about any of this. I’m not.

    The Navajo Code Talkers had too much optimism in this man possibly delivering like a president, or pretending to. I empathize with those hero’s for thinking that. That’s it.

  • gaycuckhubby

    OT… what the holy fuck is this? This is the Representative who brought impeachment articles against Trump

    • Any hint of impropriety in political office, particularly among progressive elected officials and those who represent progressive constituencies, now requires explanations. They can no longer be ignored. What we will see are more efforts to “nip accusations in the bud” before they cause damage which, by themselves, may cause damage in a hypersensitive environment. In other words, many politicians will be “coming clean” with information that no one had any idea about in the first place, or even realized was a problem to begin with.

      • gaycuckhubby

        The bit about the money was weird though

        • Yeah, Republicans usually end up spending taxpayer dollars paying for it.

        • pch1013

          Makes perfect sense – because otherwise fake news outlets like Fox and Breitbart would accuse Green of paying her hush money.

          As it is, they’re bound to insist that she was somehow coerced into signing this.

        • -M-

          It said there was no money involved. They seem to want that to be clear in light of the sexual harassment claims that have been paid off with congressional funds.

          • gaycuckhubby

            It appears that years ago he admitted to a sexual relationship with one of his aides. Months later she said he forced her to have sex and sued him for sexual assault. He threatened to counter-sue but before anything went to court they both signed a document saying that everything was consensual and nothing happened.

          • -M-

            You asked why they brought up the issue of money.

            Clearly in light of recent reports and suspicions they want to get the facts of their story out before someone else brings up what they said then and make it clear that there was no payoff and especially no money from a congressional hush fund.

          • gaycuckhubby

            It makes sense.
            In the end transparency is a good thing. And I think he will retain his seat.

    • The_Wretched

      Did you want to call out two republicans today or are you only hitting dems (liberal ones at that)?

  • Blake J Butler

    His birth certificate was an apology from the condominium factory.

  • Cuberly Deux

    Soon to appear headline on Breitbart.

    “President attacked by elites after showing respect towards authentic native americans.”

    I mourn for our country, I really do. I’m pretty sure we’ll survive this but it’s going to take a hell of a fucking long time to somewhat heal.

    • Danieruw

      Like they would use the term “Native Americans”. You know what term they’ll use. Think the DC football team.

  • Princess Lardass

    Look up, past the clouds, into the heavens. That was once rock bottom…

  • pch1013

    The “Pocahontas” slur originated on ultra-right-wing websites – the ones that spawned the “alt-right” and helped to get this piece of shit elected.

    We are being ruled (I wouldn’t say “governed”) by trolls – the very worst trolls in existence.

    The damage they are doing, and have already done, to the body politic will not be repaired in our lifetime.

  • Slippy_World
    • Treant

      I heard that a 1 molar solution of lye solves the issue permanently.

    • The_Wretched

      Holy Water is usually contaminated with fecal bacteria from the ‘non-handwashers’.

  • Lantor

    No one there has a clue about optics, do they? Or, alas, do they?

  • Lazycrockett

    Well it could have been worse, he could have called them “redskins” and asked them to do a war yell or maybe dance for his amusement.

    • Princess Lardass

      or throw around a football

    • clay

      . . . congratulate them on how their football team is doing . . . (5-6)

    • pch1013

      I hope they said rude things about him in Navajo.

      • -M-

        I hope they called him a disgraceful piece of garbage, loudly in English.

    • 2patricius2

      I wouldn’t put anything past Drumph.

    • Snarkaholic

      Or ask them to do a rain dance to put out the wildfires in Californi-oh, wait…can’t help the liberals now, can he?

    • MichaelJ

      He’ll do that next time he speaks with native Americans, when his dementia has advanced some.

  • Will Parkinson

    Total class act. :sigh:

  • Secure

    He’s already in campaign mode for Warren. He starts his insults early and often. This is Trump-style 101. He doesn’t give a shit who he offends. Even now that he holds the highest office he still doesn’t give a shit.

    Do sane Americans?

  • FAEN
    • Treant

      Are people starting to return a thumbs-down to him with a disdainful look at the suit hanging on his shapeless sack of a body?

      If not, we should make it a thing.

      • Snarkaholic

        We should also trash his tailor on Yelp.

        • charemor

          He has a tailor? I thought he bought his crappy looking clothes off the rack at Goodwill.

          • William

            New Jersey Tent and Awning.

        • clay

          Where do we think the tailor lives? NYC? Hong Kong? Singapore? Moscow?

      • FAEN

        I concur matey.

        • Treant

          If I were up for a meeting with him, unlike so many others, I’d take it. Then I’d walk out as soon as he got condescending (three seconds, in other words) and complain mercilessly to the news media.

          “He grabbed my boy-pussy,” might be used. :-p

  • Palmer

    What a stupid, repugnant creature.

    • Menergy

      succinct! and +1,000

    • In the New York metro area and South Florida we just call him a putz. Same definition, shorter, more to the point.

      • pj


        • JCF

          You’re both right!

  • Lazycrockett
  • Robert Little

    He boasts ad nauseum about his wealth, but all the money in the world won’t buy you an ounce of class. What a worthless piece of trash.

  • 2patricius2

    What a jerk. What a pig.

  • Worst

    • 2patricius2

      And that is being mild…..

    • Trump. He is going to go down as one of the bottom 4 joining
      -Corrupt Warren Harding (who had the good sense to die in office at the posh Palace Hotel in San Francisco after two years in office in 1923). I think though that the corruption in the Trump administration makes the Teapot Dome Scandal look like child’s play.
      -Utterly ineffective James Buchanan who did nothing to prevent the Civil War — he left office in 1861 – and supported slavery even though he was a Pennsylvanian
      -Andrew Johnson, impeached and kept in office by one vote, did nothing to help the rights of the newly freed slaves. He replaced Lincoln and was the bane of the Republicans in Congress when being a Republican in Congress was being on the correct side of human rights (unlike now).
      This is a pretty low group.

      • SelectFromWhere

        At least Buchanan was a ‘Mo, though…

      • Right now, if any President that Trump resembles, it is John Tyler. If Trump’s approval ratings are this bad in 2020, he will have a challenger, a possibility that he won’t either run or lose the GOP nomination in 2020..

      • DonnaLee

        Buchanan would be a vast improvement over someone who is actively trying to screw up.

    • MichaelJ


  • Tomcat

    My prediction that this man will be killed in office just came closer to fruition.

    • Snarkaholic

      A co-worker of mine has a friend who claims to be a ‘seer’, and who says that it’s going to happen…in his first term…while speaking outside…and the gunman will be 35 years old…and will approach him from the left side.

      • zhera

        A ‘seer’ in Norway also says that Donnie will be killed. No details, though.

  • Christopher Street

      Of ‘Known Victims’, they left off every human with an IQ above 50.

      • Treant

        Even the less-intelligent (perhaps particularly them) suffer during economic downturns and nuclear war.

  • justmeeeee

    …cause the fucking dickwad knows she’s going to wipe the floor with his ass in 2020.

  • mikeinftl

    I’m sure they spoke “in code” when they left.

    • Treant

      Words of two or more syllables constitute a code around the Dumpster.

  • Treant

    You can’t really blame toddlers, he’s just repeating what he hears from the adults around him. I’d call Jared and Ivanka to task for this one.

  • clay

    Two more things (statement & portrait in the back) to suppress Indian participation in the Census.

  • William

    What a maroon.

      • Treant

        She’s dead to me. All of her work, past and present and future, is dead to me. Yes, that includes both Thelma and Louise and Rocky. It’s a small price to pay to hit her, in some tiny way, in the wallet.

      • Cuberly Deux

        Ok, I may get slapped for this but, it’s ok she’s wrong. That headline sort of irks me really. Why the need to get her being shamed on record?

        Yes, she’s the last person I’d go to for political advice. And I’ll still watch and appreciate her work.

        • I see your point Cuberly and consider your an ally. Hillary Clinton is still being made out to be the bogeyman (person) of 2016 by Trump. And if some on the left join on his bandwagon by saying that it is better that Trump, and not Hillary was elected, which is what she is saying, it is understandable that some of us here (like myself) will get infuriated. I see millions of children being kicked off health care for starters. I frankly would like to see the matter just ignored — Bernie and Hillary supporters need to get together and not argue the election all over again. But anyone who gives an interview to the Guardian and says this is bound to cause anger. Here is her interview in the Guardian.

          • Cuberly Deux

            No worries Eddi, I’ve pretty much resolved to work on GOTV efforts. I have serious fatigue when it comes to revisiting the purity police. I’m more concerned about the boots on the ground people that actually DO the work to get sane policy moving. From dog catcher on up we have to start grooming the future.

            I saw the interview with Sarandon and I just shook my head.

        • gaycuckhubby

          I think people are angry at her not because we think she swayed the election much, if at all. but because she was representative of a minority of liberals who wouldn’t face the fact that we have a choice to make in the election

          • Cuberly Deux

            She definitely sort of became the figurehead of the purity police, I’ll grant you that. And I’ll admit that she pissed me off, so many of her claims were just whoop-de-doo detached from the gravity of the election.

            I think I’ve reached maximum infighting though. Like I told Eddi, I just want to work. We have a lot to do, last thing I want to do or have time to do is beat my head against a wall attempting to change the opinion of someone whose wealth insulates her so completely.

          • gaycuckhubby

            Yes Ma’am! Count me in!

        • The_Wretched

          “Moderate Dems” are copying the republican play book and need a target for hate. Hating “cross check” and “unauditable machines” or “gerrymandering” is too abstract (and accurate but they don’t seem eager to fix the problems) so they have picked “the left” as their hate target. It’s depressing how well this hate-messaging has captured the Loyalist Dems here.

          • Cuberly Deux

            From my own experience I’ve definitely had my run ins with the far left. Locking horns online isn’t getting the work done. I just don’t think savaging each and every niche or shaming them is going to get us anywhere.

          • The_Wretched

            My complaint centers around how the loon fringe 1-3% is uncritically lumped in with the 40%+ of the base that’s ‘left’.

          • Cuberly Deux

            Well, to be fair, the far loon fringe does tend to get a fair amount of ink. The narrative of “Dems in disarray” tends to be a knee-jerk reflex a fair number of outlets like to push.

          • The_Wretched

            “Dems in disarray” I’m not pushing that, however.

  • Kelly Lape

    During the next Republican Primary election it has become obvious that we’ll need to hand out crayons with the ballots.

    If you vote for these idiots, it’s because you’re a fucking idiot too.

  • edrex

    what’s Navajo for “fucking dotard?”

    • DoctorDJ


  • -M-

    People need to flip him off and leave when he pulls this shit.

    • Treant

      Exactly. I wouldn’t tolerate this from a “friend” or acquaintance or supervisor or dude on the street. Anything from a trip to HR to writing them off as a human being would occur.

      So why, exactly, does anybody tolerate it from this guy? Strip him of honor, respect, and any consideration every time he opens his mouth and insults somebody.

  • Gigi

    Trump is an international embarrassment.

    • Mike C.

      You’re far too kind.

  • Cipher

    No. Just HELL NO!

  • margaretpoa

    Words fail. How does one describe such a colossal piece of shut?

  • gaycuckhubby

    Ok. Fact checking time… did Elizabeth Warren lie about or misrepresent her heritage to gain access?

    • Treant

      If memory serves, Warren does have some percentage of American Indian blood.

      Of course, I’m a lineal descendant of William Penn and you don’t hear me going on about that very minor blood tie, so I guess you could play that one either way depending on how Mean Girls you want to be. In both cases, the blood tie is present.

      • Lantor
        • Zeldacat

          I suspect there are a lot more people with small percentages of said ancestry than will ever find out. You go back far enough and there might not be records but there were plenty of horny humans.

      • gaycuckhubby

        So Warren try to use a program set aside to help minorities advance even though her minority status is highly questionable?
        no wonder this plays bad in Middle America. These are voters that are already hesitant about social programs that favor minority classes, and to find out that a privileged white person was misusing them plays into every fear they have.
        Unrelated, Pocahontas is definitely a racial slur and Trump needs to be called out every time he uses it

        Edit. I am learning more about the controversy and it doesn’t seem as clear cut as I stated. I apologize. Read Beccas comments for actual facts.

        • clay

          There is no evidence that Warren tried to use a program set aside to help minorities.

          • gaycuckhubby

            Then when/why/where did she recount her heritage?
            I’m honestly trying to learn because I’ve never heard Warren speak about this or defend this.

          • clay

            Family stories come up a lot of ways in academia– examples in class, examples in faculty meetings, getting to know each other, . . .

          • gaycuckhubby

            she should just point to the advertisement where a man thought that he was German and and participated in lots of German cultural events and after DNA testing learned he was Irish. this should be something that is easy for Warren to rectify. I’m a pretty high information voter compared to the rest of the populace and I thought she had used it to get into college and for advancement. this is where you can’t be afraid of trump and to attack him for this

          • clay

            When she entered college, Native ancestry would probably have only gotten her into Haskell Indian College or the Sante Fe School of Art. By the time she graduated, and was teaching at Harvard, it was the school that would have been touting their “diversity”, not her.

          • cleos_mom

            She already made it clear that this is based on family stories, and that she didn’t seek any advantage from it. A number of people on this thread also made it clear. In what alternate universe would her truckling to the likes of the Dotard and Talkradiowingnuttia produce anything positive?

        • Treant

          Six on one, half dozen on the other. I wouldn’t call myself William Penn–the blood tie there is actually much more dilute at 1 part in 16384 if I’m winging the math in my head correctly and not missing a link on the other side of the tree as well. However, it’s completely accurate to say that I am a descendant.

          It’s completely accurate to say she has a blood tie as well, and if the program in question is applicable to people with NA great-great-great-grandparents, then I don’t see the problem.

          Middle America is inclined to see a problem with anybody getting any advantage that they, themselves, did not also receive. I actually see more problems with that. 🙂

    • clay

      Without evidence that it either advanced her career or that it was intended to.

      BTW, fuck you, Sarah Sanders, for implying that the career advancement of American Indians is some how “easy” compared to “normal” people.

    • No, she did not. She merely recounted she’d been told she had Native American heritage in her ancestors. It was called into question…then it so happens it was verified. She’s 1/32.

      • gaycuckhubby

        So she did not participate in any program that was set aside for the benefit of Native Americans?

        • Helen Damnation™


        • -M-

          Subheading from the 2012 Atlantic article linked above by Lantor.

          The Democratic Senate candidate can’t back up family lore that she is part Indian — but neither is there any evidence that she benefited professionally from these stories.

          • gaycuckhubby

            Ok. So it was just getting facts wrong? And not benefiting from it? Why on Earth is she not forcefully combating this and why is she letting him get away with this narrative? She’s the Democratic Firebrand

          • clay

            Pick your battles– she prefers to battle over financial policy that effects middle- and working-class Americans. She’s one of the few Senators who will talk about the poor, at all, let alone without condemning them.

          • gaycuckhubby

            I guess I can respect that. But if she wants to be a national politician she will eventually have to deal with this. And it doesn’t help to have it out there for years and years

          • -M-

            At some point she repeated family legend about their ancestry because she thought it was an interesting or informative factoid about herself. It may or may not be factually true but she didn’t try to get a minority scholarship or anything.

            And she does hit back at him regularly on policy and the use of Pocahontas as a slur.

          • gaycuckhubby

            oh I agree, she hits him back harder than probably any other Senator. I just never heard her address the facts behind the Pocahontas slur

          • The_Wretched

            Yes, truly it’s all her fault. Keep going. Say more. Please. don’t stop now.

        • Jamie Brewer

          Elizabeth Warren has too much class to piggy back on affirmative action programmes when not needed. i had a coworker who was always so proud to be 100% Italian. He always made a big deal of it till he was working on getting into “skilled trades.” All of a sudden he was a “minority” because his grandmother came from Puerto Rico. That entitled him to extra perks to boost his “testing scores.” He lost any respect I ever had towards him…

          • gaycuckhubby

            Cool. Glad to hear she never misrepresented her heritage

      • gaycuckhubby

        Recounted to whom?

        • melllt

          Your devils advocate shtick is cool and all. After all, this is the jmg bubble. But for fucks sake, have you ever considered google before spouting off? Or maybe keeping up with the news? Or maybe just reading jmg?

          • I do not think gaychuckhubby is being a devil’s advocate or being lazy. He is just asking here. I do the same thing at times. Nothing wrong. We can have conversation here.

          • gaycuckhubby


    • Bambino

      The deplorables already defended his racism, bigotry, pedophilia and pussy grabbing, what is another racist remark?

      • gaycuckhubby

        True. I think if The Apprentice tapes come out showing him using the n-word. It would be apocalyptic. For 3 days. then you have people defending him again

  • Cuberly Deux

    OT: Uh oh, I just noticed the Waffle House waitress drew her right eyebrow considerably higher compared to the one on the left. It’s REALLY bad.

  • liondon#iamnotatraitor

    Did he go “woo woo woo” while palming his mouth? Did he make them call him kemosabe?

    • whollyfool

      Not yet

  • Keith D Plane

    Jeez the things I’m thinking if I said out loud would put me in jail.

    • Tomcat

      Yeah, I would love to do that too.

  • Tomcat

    Unless one believes in the bible version or the ancient Alien theory we are all related.
    I really don’t give a shit, hell I don’t talk to my family so it is easy to not talk to these assholes.

    • clay

      (IF one believes in the bible version, we are all related.)

    • The_Wretched

      Basic biology, all humans are related.

  • Tomcat

    If this shit had his way he would take their ancestral land away from them and build golf courses and hotels.

  • anne marie in philly

    J! F! C! STFU, you muthafucka!

    • Or as my grandmother used to say, “Christ on a Cracker, you damned fool!”

      Waving HI! To Anne Marie!!

      • anne marie in philly

        (waves back to biki) hiya honey!

  • Tomcat

    So I guess we need to point out trump is a NAZI. His blood comes from there.

  • chris james

    Another T T T moment….Totally Tasteless Trump….our national embarrassment

  • Henry Auvil

    I can’t wait until he honors the heroes of the civil rights movement by referring to his predecessor as Little Black Sambo.

  • zhera

    I wish for once someone would grab the microphone and say “Shame on you, Mr. Trump! Shame on all of you!”

    Instead, the people who choose to come to the White House keep their mouths shut.

  • danolgb

    Dear GOP..

    Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?

  • motordog
  • motordog

    I wish they had one of those rolls of soft, beautiful paper towels…to shove in his big pie hole! I bet the Dotard is wondering how these ‘foreigners’ even got over his wall and into this country!

  • SilasMarner

    He’s such an insensitive ass hole.

  • SFBruce

    I don’t remember when I didn’t understand the word “shameless.” Until little Donnie appeared on the scene, I thought it was a perfectly fine word for a certain group of people. But now, I think we need an entirely new word, since the old one is inadequate to express the complete and utter lack of anything remotely resembling shame the biological organism occupying the White House is capable of feeling or showing.

    • Treant

      I’m relatively shameless in the sense that if you wanna see me do something or have me do something in the sack, if I’m physically capable, I probably consider it a turn-on. Certainly I’m generally happy to comply at the very least.

      This goes beyond shameless. It’s more a flagrant and blatant lack of any mental filter whatsoever.

  • Megrim Twist

    Indeed, in front of the portrait of Andrew Jackson. There are no words to express the total disdain I have for this stain on humanity. And, that’s being kind.

  • pj

    i guess he thought the indians would think he was a riot.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Today in history:

    This Date in Native History: On November 27, 1868, Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer led an early morning attack on a band of peaceful Cheyenne living in western Oklahoma

    • coram nobis

      It was also on this day, Nov. 27, 1978, that Dan White murdered Mayor George Moscone and Sup. Harvey Milk.

  • acde

    Even the : “But you know what?” he said. “I like YOU. Because you are special.” is racist and vile because it clearly implies that he should not like them and has no readon to. Is this just dumb, or egregious, crafty vileness?

    • cleos_mom

      “Yer one of the good Injuns, son.”

  • Boreal

    I now know why some go ‘Postal.’ Day after fucking day of indignity, heaped upon embarrassment and shame.

  • OT- I am not sure I should post this here (I am not getting any commission or anything) but ancestry . com has a $59 special today — usually it is $99. I have never seen it that low — for a dna makeup test. You spit in a vial and mail it in. I found out I was part Irish (I had no idea) by taking this test — the rest of the results matched my family tree (lithuanian- that part of Europe). This explains why I like St. Patty’s day so much. You all can find out if you are part native american or whatever also.

  • Michael R

    Maybe he’ll be the president best remembered for
    starting the conversation on malignant narcissism .

  • Vinnie NYC
  • gaycuckhubby

    I know I can be frustrating ☺️
    If Senator Warren runs 4 president in 2020 we will have to answer a lot of inane questions like the ones I posed. So consider it a trial run. thanks to the responses that I got on here as well as additional research I did I now see Warrens heritage controversy as incredibly silly and not disqualifying at all.
    I wish more people would defend her on this issue and not gloss over the controversy.

    Also I’m waiting 4 the day when someone publicly storms out of one of Trumps ridiculous soeft congratulating, insulting ceremonies.

  • JAKvirginia


  • Joseph Miceli

    What a classy guy!
    The man was standing behind the door the day they were giving out grace.

  • Stogiebear

    And next month he’ll be addressing the Kosher Dairy Producers of America in front of the Old Heidelberg Crematory because that’s, you know, where dairy products are processed.

  • Chanel5

    What an idiot. He can’t even honor anyone without saying something stupid.

    • clay

      He can’t honor anyone without making it about how he feels about himself.

      • Cuberly Deux


      • Well ya know, it has to be him, him, him 24/7/365/∞

  • I am guessing, he thinks Warren will run in 2020..

    • clay

      I am guessing, he doesn’t think ahead; he just remembers (was reminded of) Warren’s support of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

      • Natty Enquirer

        I’m sure Trump has noted Warren’s sharp words about him. No love lost between the two.

  • Cuberly Deux

    Um, Nicole Wallace’s reaction literally had me LOLing.

  • gaycuckhubby

    WAIT!!! Is this ceremony being held in front of a portrait of Andrew Jackson?

    • Halou

      Yes, it is.
      It would be like greeting the Polish ambassador with a copy of Mein Kampf sitting on the desk.

      • coram nobis

        Or a picture of Joseph Stalin on the Oval Office wall — which might be appropriate for this occupant.

  • netxtown

    jeebus h kriste! give this idiot the hook – and let’s get on with it.

  • Clive Johnson

    What’s become clear as the noonday sun to me over the past 18+ months is that there’s a significant part of the public that doesn’t see anything wrong with Trump. The reason, I’ve concluded, is that Trump’s vulgarity, brutishness, ignorance, lack of thinking ability, etc., is shared by his supporters. Perhaps this seems obvious. But, I haven’t wanted to conclude such things about large numbers of the public. Now I feel that the conclusion can’t be avoided. We should take his supporters at face value when they so often say ‘Trump is saying things that I’ve thought all along’.

  • It’s calculated. He insults on purpose to see who he can and can’t bully. He’s the worst human being to waddle on two limbs, PERIOD!

  • agcons

    Nothing awkward about any of that, NO.

  • Gerry Fisher

    Memo to all Americans: You cannot attend an event at the White House alongside this creature without the super high probability of him showing disrespect to you or yours. If you’re smart, you won’t go to these events anymore. They are no longer “an honor.” They are an opportunity for him to abuse you and yours.

  • ByronK

    It’s very difficult to put it in nicer terms – he is a rude, disrespectful, ignorant, classless son of a bitch that embarrasses the US and himself on an almost daily basis. They should have walked out on the fucker and left him standing there with his pathetic little prick in his hand.

  • jimbo65

    People need to start declining the honor of being honored by this POS president.

  • ColdCountry

    Good nonexistent god! He just can’t stop digging, even when he realizes he’s in a hole.

  • FelineMama

    HEY ‘cuntgress’. Ever listen to, watch, hear, see what YOUR prezinint does? DO you give a rats fuck for this country & the people? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ALL OF YOU??!! YOU NEED TO GO, NOW!!!!

    • An immovable parliament is more obnoxious than an immovable king!
      Scum! WHOREMASTERS! REMOVE THEM! Oliver Cromwell knew best.

      • coram nobis

        This is what Cromwell did tell Parliament when he dissolved them. And, yes, it is on point for today’s Congress.

        It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonored by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.

        Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not barter’d your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?

        Ye sordid prostitutes have you not defil’d this sacred place, and turn’d the Lord’s temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices? Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress’d, are yourselves gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there [the ceremonial mace], and lock up the doors.

        In the name of God, go!

        • Someone said this to Chamberlain before Churchill assumed office — in 1940 — in Commons also. When France was falling — I have to look it up. It was the end of Chamberlain as Prime Minister.

          • coram nobis

            Amazing how it fits most periods of history.

          • Leo Amery I think was directly quoting Cromwell. I am looking forward to the movie The Darkest Hour coming out next week with Gary Oldman playing Churchill.. He is an Oscar contender.

          • coram nobis

            Maybe a different part of this or another speech. It sounded like him. This is the text I found on the occasion.

  • Elsewhere1010

    “I like you. You’re one of the GOOD ones.”

  • Publius

    America will need a hot shower on January 20, 2021.

  • coram nobis

    His scalp would look impressive on someone’s lodge-pole.

    • EdA

      He probably has several that he can spare.

  • EdA

    Andrew Jackson would be so proud of this contemptible successor of his.

  • AtticusP

    Trump: another day, another embarrassment.

  • Halou

    “They” call her Pocahontas?

    Who is this elusive ‘they’? Because I’m pretty sure only one person has said anything even remotely like that.

    • EdA

      This has been a frequent jibe by Republiscum in the Bay State and elsewhere, who claim that Senator Warren’s mother and grandmother, lifelong residents of Oklahoma (“Indian Country”) spent their lives lying about their own Native American ancestry even though it would have been more advantageous to them to “pass for white.”

  • Robin Bailey

    Personally, I’m surprised Trump didn’t show up wearing fake eagle feathers to remind everyone that he’s the Chief. SAD.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
  • Gianni

    I wonder if those Navajo men realized that he was insulting them, too?

  • seant426

    God, is he dumb.

  • Galvestonian

    Oh please, make him stop !

  • Friday

    What a stupid asshole. And, no, “They” don’t call her that, only you do, Drumph. No one thinks it’s a thing but you.

  • andrew

    He has absolutely no sense of decency or propriety.

  • Cyndie Chester Buck

    Trump couldn’t be more of an ass!

    • coram nobis

      It’s only Monday. Give him a chance.

  • It’s like Family Guy’s Peter Griffin became President …
    As a cartoon, it’d be hilarious. Real life … not quite so much.

  • bobbyjoe

    You know those movies where some clueless asshole developer builds something on a Native-American burial ground and vengeful spirits return to utterly destroy that person?

    Yes, more of this, please.

  • EdA

    To roll in the slime further, read the whole presentation. Not surprisingly, the racist-in-chief had barely a clue as to whom he was meeting and why, and dragooned General Kelly afterwards into re-explaining the importance of what they had done.

    On the other hand, apart from posing the ceremony in front of the portrait of Andrew Jackson and the “Pocahontas” slur, there were a lot of other disgraceful things that a wretch like the Ingrate White MF could have said. Maybe in the speech he decided not to give.

  • vtdave

    Bet those brave Navajo fought through the pain of their bone spurs to get the job done! Wonder if #Drumph could stand a scalping for insulting these veterans?

    • (scalpings were actually done en mass by white settlers; they received a $10-$25 bounty from the government for each “Indian” scalp they turned in)

      • arithrianos

        and of course the scalps of women and children were worth the most, that is how you do genocide efficiently after all.

        • All in their God’s name.

          Racism, greed and religious disdain for rationality are truly an evil mix (see: “Manifest Destiny”).

        • Well, yeah. Although the men can more easily pollute with their genetics, hence accusations of rape & counter-wise, the rape of out-group women.

          (and yeah, I threw up a little in the back of my throat typing that, it’s a near quote from a white supremacist cite that was trying to justify the practices in the modern world)

  • Dave F.
  • Paula

    I am surprised he didn’t refer to them as injuns.

  • fuzzybits

    Damn,why haven’t we seen someone clock him yet!!!???

  • JCF

    And you KNOW that Drumpf meant “special” in the sense of “_______ Olympics”.*

    * Mad props to Special Olympians—but they’re not the same as war heroes.

    • TampaDink

      And…in his “mind” war heroes do not include P.O.W.’s.

  • Macbill

    What a Class Act. I believe Trump found his manners in a box of Cracker Jacks.

  • SDG

    President Scumbag!

  • Marides48

    Maybe he should work on his joke delivery skills?

  • Rebecca Gardner
  • blackstar
  • blackstar

    wonder what the real reason he’s leaving ? I enjoyed his rants.

  • This was not a “joke” even if 45 thought so, but another truly cringe-worthy moment. And we, as US citizens, are all put to shame by 45’s insensitive, racist, condescending, 4th grade comments. To use this ceremonial moment to scratch his itch and slam Elizabeth Warren was just beyond crude.

    His turning to these men who gave their service to this country saying “I like you” and calling them “special” betrayed his sense of privileged superiority, his lack of knowledge, his limited of vocabulary, and his all-encompassing hubris. The Navajo men who suffered this abuse from the president were supremely gracious and dignified. I wish they had turned to him and said “fuck you.”