Fox News Ad Revenue Plummets Because Hannity

Media Matters reports:

Fox News’ role as a secondary communications shop for Donald Trump and host Sean Hannity’s advertiser troubles are apparently starting to affect the network’s bottom line. In September 2017, Fox News’ ad revenue dropped a whopping 17 percent as compared to September 2016, while CNN’s dipped 1 percent and MSNBC’s increased 2 percent.

The relative disproportion of Fox’s 17 percent loss means that it can’t be attributed merely to normal market fluctuations. If the market as a whole was the primary cause, then you’d see larger changes at CNN and MSNBC too. Accordingly, this massive loss indicates that there are other factors unique to Fox that are driving the drop.

The single biggest factor likely driving this decline is the fallout from advertisers leaving Sean Hannity’s program. Yes: Sean Hannity is losing advertisers! And, as we have seen before, when advertisers start leaving, revenue begins to decline.

The Hannity boycott movement gained enormous steam over the summer due to his repeated flogging of the Seth Rich conspiracy claims even after his own network publicly backed away from the story.

  • Tawreos

    He is leading in the ratings and losing money for his network. It is a good thing that advertisers are smarter than Fox News’ ancient audience.

    • bambinoitaliano

      Fox audience spend their money hoarding guns and amos or buying MAGA hats or buying slop buckets from scamvengelists or Info War. They got no money left for milk and cereals. They might splurge on a tiki torch or two if they could dig out enough loose coins from their couches.

      • Stephen Elliot Phillips

        They are living comfortably on that reverse mortgage money

    • Uncle Mark

      FOX News tends to appeal to a much older demographic with less disposable income, and they also tend to be less influenced by advertising…maintaining loyalties to certain brands (however, if they are FOX viewers, I would suspect they are might be more gullible to advertising)

      • Adam King

        They’re my contemporaries and older, and dying off, thankfully.

        • Stephen Elliot Phillips

          oh lordy dont say that…..I was roasted on a spit the other day simply saying this era wont end until boomers die off…..

          • Xiao Ai: The Social Gadfly

            As one of them, I agree. For all our claims to be the greatest generation, we created this cesspit.

          • Adam King

            I think you’re right. The Republicans have fucked up the government–especially the courts–for at least a generation. I don’t think it’s possible to have an honest election when they’re in charge, so voting them out will be the work of decades.

        • You haven’t forgotten that while it is true our contemporaries and older are indeed dying off there are new old people every day!

          • axi0m

            Yes, but polling shows it really is older generation who don’t believe in climate change, separation of church and state, gay marriage..etc.

          • dr tod

            When I was a kid “under God” was not in the pledge. That was OK, America survived. Now my own peers have their
            Depends in a bunch concerned that “under God” might be taken out!!! Oh! The humanity!!!

          • Adam King

            I tried to forget, but now you’ve gone and reminded me.

          • cleos_mom

            The very same ones who knew absolutely everything there was to know 30-50 years back.

          • Amazing isn’t it? In your 20’s you know everything then you grow up…except for trumP of course…he still knows everything about everything better than anybody!

          • Nowhereman

            Thanks a lot, Pollyanna…

          • You’re welcome sweetie!

          • Nowhereman

            I’m laughing–because I’m usually the one looking for that silver lining…

    • Hal Witherspoon

      It’s sad to say, but FoxNews doesn’t get their main source revenue from advertising. Their main source is from fees charged to subscribers from cable and satellite. On some satellite subscriptions, Fox News is your designated choice for a news channel.

  • Todd20036

    I forget his name at the moment, but he liked making charts on white boards to explain his conspiracy theories, and he cried a lot.

    He was anti Semetic and ranted on Fox a lot. His rating were great, but the only ones who advertised on his show was a GoldLine and a bunch of Armageddon suppliers – fallout shelters, etc.

    He was eventually booted.

    I bet Hannity will be booted too, but then he’ll start his own website.

    • Tawreos


    • ConvivialVisits

      Both will still have their radio shows, which is where they have 4x the audience. It’s a win, but don’t think their ongoing influence is gone.

  • glass

    It’s about someone started a fox hunt. Maybe we can finally stuff it and mount it on a wall.

    • djcoastermark

      Right next to the singing loud mouth bass.

  • Leo

    OT Breaking. Don’t need to emphasize how huge a deal this is.

    • clay

      Is Mueller going to snap him up, or is Donald going to put his own guy in at Alexandria?

      • Halou

        The eastern district of Virginia is where Mueller was going to have his grand jury, so I have no doubt Trump will try to install one of his own there either to be a mole/informant, or to overtly derail the whole thing. And the entire time that happens the media will sing the Hillary song.

    • The_Wretched

      I’m out of free reads at WAPO. What’s the 2 sentence explanation?

    • Stephen Elliot Phillips

      can we get a fucking break?

  • Halou

    Whenever Hannity is on the lineup Trump turns his TV on and eats whatever shit-stew he is fed. Losing sponsors is just the price that Fox has to pay for having the privilege of steering US politics in whichever way they want, be it war with North Korea, executing Hillary Clinton, or whatever.

  • HZ81

    He should be fired for having Nazis and Nazi sympathizers on tv. Oddly, at the GOP’s Tv Network, it’s cool.

  • AJD

    Sean Hannity is a loudmouth bigot with no college degree. No wonder the Trump people trust his opinions.

  • Sean Williams

    Trump negatively affecting business? SSDD.

  • Michael White

    Did I miss the cat and Friday?

  • Lars Littlefield

    I maintain the losses are due to the fact that word has got out Hannity doesn’t have a willy.

  • RaygunsGoZap

    OT 1: As much as I love him, when my BF says things like “Never heard of it” (regarding Murder on the Orient Express) I am just so disappointed.

    • Dazzer

      You watching Gogglebox, too?

  • Jeffg166

    Ratings dropping. Sad.

  • wds

    Gee, it finally hits the revenue …maybe THAT will get James Murdoch’s attention since he supposedly “hates” Faux …

  • RealityBass

    Gee that’s a shame.

  • Homo Erectus

    Let’s pray for him.

  • normadesmond


  • Gianni

    I just got a pleasant feeling reading this about FUX News. They used to be just the right-wing, Republican’t mouthpiece network, but now they are wholly a subsidiary of the Trump administration and White House. I must admit that, though I rarely wish anyone bad luck, I wouldn’t mind seeing Hannity get shit-canned. He actually seems to believe that he is some kind of legal authority.

  • Dan Rowley