Ben Shapiro Apologizes And Deletes Racist Columbus Day Video For Its “Broad-Based Stereotyping”

Yesterday Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire drew gasps on social media when it posted a Columbus Day video which depicted Native Americans as literal bloodthirsty cannibals who were saved from their own savagery by kindly Christopher Columbus, who bestowed literacy, science, and “not-scalping” upon them.

Shapiro at first defended the clip as merely clumsy satire, but this afternoon he has reversed. His statement:

On Monday morning, while on vacation, I was made aware of a satirical video that went up at Daily Wire’s Facebook page and Twitter without my input or approval regarding Columbus Day.

I was uncomfortable with the video, but in the interests of giving my employees the benefit of the doubt — and in the interests of defending satire more broadly — I decided to leave the video up. That was a mistake, and I apologize fully for it.

After 24 hours of not sleeping, I decided that I couldn’t live with the video being left up in my name. Yes, the video was satire. In my opinion, it was bad satire. It did not fulfill my editorial guidelines. It skipped over the grace injustices visited upon Native Americans, and it engaged in broad-based stereotyping. The video has been removed.

  • RKitty01

    does he look like the son of Satan or is it just me?

  • bkmn

    I give the weasel credit for apologizing. The right rarely apologizes sincerely.

    • Mike C.

      He wasn’t sincere.

      • Reality.Bites

        But he actually said the right words, whether he believed them or not. Their apologies are usually a further insult.

        • vorpal 😼

          Exactly. Usually, they say, “I’m sorry that you were offended,” which is about as apologetic as saying, “I’m sorry that you didn’t enjoy it when I punched you in the face.”

    • TCinBerkeley

      He sort of had to. The reason he left Breitbart in a huff was because of the all of the vile Antisemitism that was popping up under Reichsfuhrer von Gin Blossom. And even little Ben recognizes hypocrisy.

  • Bluto

    Let’s set the appropriate mood.

  • clay

    “grace injustices” Because they were converted wrong?

    I’m surprised he didn’t replace it with a “Maize– you call it corn” video.

  • Todd20036

    He got caught out. I don’t care if he apologized or not. Let him donate to a charity that helps Native AMericans.
    ANd then we can talk about accepting his apology

  • HZ81

    Ben’s so white he’s got two Hitler staches—one above each eye.

  • vorpal 😼

    If at first you racist too hard, claim it was a joke or blame a lackey.
    It’s the conservative way.

    • JWC

      There is also alwat “Fake news”

    • Randy503

      Just WHAT was he think he was “satirizing?” Satirizing native americans as blood thirsty cannibals? Good lord, these people just love insulting anyone and everyone — except themselves.

      • vorpal 😼

        Even suggest that they’re unhinged or bigots and they start to jump up and down like a bunch of angry monkeys screeching, “TRIGGERED! LIBTARD! SNOWFLAKE!”

        Their inability to grasp irony is a severe deficiency.

        • minidriver

          I have been replacing any RWNJ speech with howler monkeys and fart noises, and it has been far more pleasant to hear any of them speak.

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      • Friday

        Pure defamation is not ‘satire.’

    • margaretpoa

      Or both.

    • Darrel Cj

      Again, from adherents of the party of personal responsibility.

      • Octoberfurst

        I love how he says that he had this vexing moral crisis that kept him up all night and then decided that, “Hey, maybe putting that video up WASN’T such a good idea! Gee I just was trying to be funny. OK I will take it down.” Yeah he’s real sorry that he put it up. No Bennie you are just sorry people gave you so much shit for being a racist a–hole.

      • SoCalVet

        If any licensed professional supervised someone who behaved unethically, the professional would be held accountable. He should also admit that his system of supervision didn’t work, and explain what he is going to do to correct that system, so that this doesn’t happen again.

    • Cattleya1

      Have you noticed how the loudest members of the party of personal responsibility, take none themselves?

  • safari
  • AJD

    There’s nothing satirical about it. It’s just racism, period.

  • popebuck1

    You’re such a class act, Ben. [rolls eyes]

  • CanuckDon

    You can take the boy out of Brietbart but you can’t take Brietbart out of the boy.

  • netxtown

    But why, Bennie? Was it because its easier to get forgiveness? You signed off. You own it. So don’t pass the buck to any one..but you.

  • Gigi

    It wasn’t bad satire, it was despicable and vile racism. Shapiro apologized, but only after being harangued for 24 hours by advertisers and people on Twitter. Typical.

    • vorpal 😼

      24… sleepless… hours…
      Only in that state of sleep deprived altered consciousness could Benny muster up an apology.

      • Bad Tom

        Under enough stress, people will do anything.
        Sometimes even the right thing.

      • Rambie

        and the threat of loosing money

  • safari
    • clay

      I KNEW I’d left a name off my dream list this morning!

    • JWC

      Both this twit and Roger Stone are dumbassed nitwits media whores They have little or nothing to offer and want to play it for all they can

    • Joe in PA


      Donald Trump — who said last year that only guilty people invoke the Fifth Amendment….

    • Months ago, he said he’d willingly and gladly testify, but that was before. Back then, he assumed he’d face only friendly, consequence-free GOP-dominated questioning.

      Also, he has a tell when he’s lying or hiding something: He grins and giggles like a complete ninny.

      • Rambie

        I think you mean, “…like the complete ninny his is” 😉

  • Mike C.

    He looks like Damien. No, that’s not a compliment.

  • alguien

    it might interest them to know that north american indigenous contributions include aspirin and quinine

    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      Not to mention they discovered America!

      • clay

        and burritos (soft tacos!) and popcorn, so important in this political climate.

        and pumpkins and turkeys, let’s see what Turmp says come Thanksgiving– “Thank you for my Pilgrim Fathers.”

  • edrex

    24 hours of not sleeping. ha! i call bullshit. the antichrist never sleeps

  • AJ Drew

    “It skipped over the grace injustices visited upon Native Americans”

    Hmm. In insomnia veritas?

  • Mike

    Whoever this Ben Shapiro is, I see he does that creepy vulture-eyes thing that Milo does. It must be a nazi tic.

  • Nychta

    Love the wording: “On Monday morning, while on vacation, I was made aware of a satirical video that went up at Daily Wire’s Facebook page and Twitter….” Poor guy, taking a well-deserved (I’m sure) vacation, only to wake up to this! And, the video “went up”? All by itself? Personally, I hate it when I’m on vacation and a racist video “goes up” on my FB page.

    • Snarky

      They always use the passive voice after they take some shit for the things they said and did.

      • m_lp_ql_m

        The passive voice is used after some shit is taken for things that were said and done.

        • Snarky

          What you did there is seen.

    • Josh Shapiro

      well deserved…..his wife’s the actual bread-winner of the two, it’s her salary as a doctor than enables him yo be able to not work a real job and do this childish nonsense

  • royinhell

    I don’t think so, Damian. Stereotyping is exaggerating certain characteristics of part of a group (like the Swedish Chef’s voice). This was blatant racist bullshit.

  • margaretpoa

    Threw those wonderful employees right under the bus, didn’t you? And “grace” injustices? Am I seeing a hint of Freudian slip there?

    • clay

      Qwerty and Freud were friends.

      • margaretpoa


  • Leaving this here…

    This is supported by a reported close friend of Columbus, Michele de Cuneo who wrote the first disturbing account of a relation between himself and a Native female gift given to him by Columbus:

    “While I was in the boat I captured a very beautiful Carib woman, whom the said Lord Admiral gave to me, and with whom, having taken her into my cabin, she being naked according to their custom, I conceived desire to take pleasure. I wanted to put my desire into execution but she did not want it and treated me with her finger nails in such a manner that I wished I had never begun. But seeing that (to tell you the end of it all), I took a rope and thrashed her well, for which she raised such unheard of screams that you would not have believed your ears. Finally we came to an agreement in such manner that I can tell you that she seemed to have been brought up in a school of harlots.”

    There’s lots more and all of it is bad.

    • GeoffreyPS

      Reading that makes me so sad.

  • Dreaming Vertebrate

    After spending a sleepless 24 years waiting for his testicles to descend, Ben has finally admitted he is likely to spend the rest of his life with the stature of a dwarf pygmy. Sad!

  • Proud MOFO Beaner (bkb)
    • pablo

      I was thinking little Damian all grown up, but I like yours better.

    • JerryRich

      The two main kids, John Franklin as Isaac (above) and Courtney Gains as
      Malachai put in really great performances. Too bad the special effects are so poor, even for 1984.

  • Snarky

    Either he doesn’t know what satire is, or (more likely) he is trying to weasel himself into a place where he casts himself as a First Amendment defender.

    The video is nothing more than vile and overt racism. With a hefty dose of white-savior thrown in. Fucking disgusting.

    • TCinBerkeley

      And if it was say a video professing to be about Hanukkah and included any of the vile slanders made against Jews over the centuries, he would be UP IN ARMS. So fuck him.

  • I think he misses the point. People aren’t really as made about the stereotyping as they are for condoning genocide.

    • clay

      He aims to miss the point. Even his apology paints us as snowflakes.

      • Cuberly Deux

        He’s new at this sort of thing. Takes a LOT of effort on his part.

        ….and it comes up Waaaaaaay short.

  • Blake J Butler
    • clay

      Yeah, well, we might have Pres. Orrin Hatch and VP Matthis by then.

    • Tomcat

      Hatch is already in his 80’s, and has not decided if he will even run again. Hell he could be dead by then.

    • ByronK

      Instead of elections, why don’t they just start holding track and field events and the first candidate to break a hip is out. Is anyone under 70 running?

    • SoCalGal20

      Would this be Bannon’s candidate?

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    On another, not entirely off topic tangential note, I thought you guys might enjoy this bit of nonsense. They’re actually crying about Nazis being portrayed as the bad guys….the lack of self-awareness is staggering.

    And you know me, I can’t just leave it alone….

    • MT YVR

      The best part is this is installment like… 12 or so of the franchise. Which has been doing this exact story line for years.

      (back from Wiki)

      Yep. 1981. It’s SET in World War II. Um. (ponder) I love these people.

    • Two of my boys were avid game players and several of the games they played centered on killing nazis. I usually didn’t allow shooter games in the house, but softened on those, as they WERE known bad guys.

    • David Walker

      Roger DeBris in “The Producers,” being talked into directing “Springtime for Hitler”: “And that ending has to go. I mean, they lose the war!”

    • vorpal 😼

      I love that they think that being an SJW – social justice warrior – is somehow a terrible, shameful thing, but being a Warrior for Christ – i.e. fighting for 2000 year old mythologies and ideals – is noble.

      We don’t really need to know more than that.

      • Jean-Marc in Canada

        The only difference between a savage man and a noble man is the manner of their dress.

      • Bad Tom

        Jesus, if He really manifested as a human being today, would most definitely be a Social Justice Warrior. He would also most likely end up in jail, or executed by the state.

        Like last time.
        As per myth.

  • David Walker

    Yeah, there was a time when the national anthem kind of got my heart started and I liked the story behind the stars and stripes, but for some strange reason it’s words set to an old English drinking song and a piece of cloth produced in China. So after the absolutely disgusting stunt 45 & Pence pulled on Sunday (“You guys stay in the van. He’ll leave in a little while.”), Keith did a little addition. Apparently billionaires expect us to pay their way on chartered and military jets so they don’t have to mix with the (ugh) people paying their way. I mean, they’re owed that, right?

    • Robincho

      The song is “To Anacreon In Heaven” — and there’s a certain degree of lavender around its edges, if you get my meaning, and I think you do…

      • David Walker

        And a lavender blue is worth two dillies any day of the week.

  • canoebum

    Pre-Columbus-3 million Taíno and Carib populated Hispañola and surrounding islands.

    After Columbus (by 1550), 85% were dead.

    • Cuberly Deux

      I can’t remember where I read it but from what I hazily recall, upon one of Columbus’ return visits he noted the overt diminished native populations.

      More souls for christ I spose.

    • vorpal 😼

      Christian love tends to be fatal.

    • Stephen Elliot Phillips

      Plague infested ship rats. Syphilis and small pox. Those superior europeans brought such nice gifts

      • canoebum

        Along with the gifts, don’t forget murder, torture, pillage, burning crops and forced conversion to Christianity. Always a reliable way to make an impression on the locals.

  • Tomcat

    Today has been one squirrel filled day, I am drained.
    But since I stayed up way too long last night watching LA beat the snakes I might just be tired. Either way I am hitting it early tonight, got doctor appt in morning anyway.

    • Hope your doctor’s appointment is filled with good news! Sleep well, and be ready for yet another day of snakes and squirrels and wombats.

  • ByronK

    Ben needs to have a lesson about what constitutes satire beaten into him.

    • Cuberly Deux

      A collection of low-brow pot shots intended for nothing other than to offend.

  • Cuberly Deux

    It was hardly Rabelais or Voltaire ya fucking moron.

    • Steverino

      When right-wingers attempt political humor or satire, it is like a right-handed person attempting to write with their left hand and insisting the result is beautiful penmanship.

      • Cuberly Deux

        Yep, it usually cringe inducing and appealing to a very base outlook.

        How are you guys doing? I’ve been checking the status of the fires through the day and it still isn’t looking so good.

        • vorpal 😼

          So… out of curiosity… why did you upgrade to version deux?

          • Cuberly Deux

            Oh, I had enough of the interwebz and deleted my old disqus and twitter accounts. Was getting seriously depressed, and a friend of mine passed away as well. It was all just a little much.

            But I’m back, but with a more muted presence.

          • vorpal 😼

            Condolences to you on the loss of your friend, Cuberly, and I think we can all understand the “enough of the interwebz” that you’re experiencing. It’s hard to stay positive with the bombardment of political crap that the alt-right is flinging.

            Glad to have you back. I, for one, have always appreciated you here, and I’m sure many others feel the same way.

          • Cuberly Deux

            Thanks Vorpal. It is good to be here and I always look forward to your posts.

            JMGers are wonderful, and that’s no surprise. 😉

          • FAEN

            I feel your pain. Just lost a friend early September but just found out a day ago. Stay strong and feel free to vent.


          • Cuberly Deux

            Thanks FAEN 😉

            Still working out the details, a few friends and I are getting together on Saturday. Looking forward to it. Sort of a small informal wake really. It’ll help a lot.

          • clay

            I’m glad you’re back.

          • Cuberly Deux

            Thanks Clay 😉

          • Bad Tom

            (((hugs to Cuberly Deux)))

            The loss of a friend is so hard.
            Blessings & Light to you.

          • Cuberly Deux

            Thanks so much Bad Tom. 😉

      • m_lp_ql_m

        Or a left-handed person writing with their left hand and insisting the result is beautiful penmanship, because we can’t help but smudge because the system is set up against us from the get-go!

  • Ninja0980

    You aren’t sorry for shit Damian so how about you STFU.

  • Adam Stevens

    If he parts his hair in the other direction, the 666 is actually visible.

    • m_lp_ql_m

      In his favorite position though, it reads “999”.

  • jpinphx

    24 hours of not sleeping because he felt sooooo bad.

  • Friday

    We know you’re a right-wing bigot, Ben, and we know that your ‘satirical’ list is nothing but lies and errors, actually.

  • Renfield

    Fortunately I have no idea who this person is. Does he always look this weird? I wonder how his staff feels, crawling out from under the bus.

  • Michael R

    Now remove the most offensive thing of all – yourself

  • JT

    Ben Shapiro Apologizes And Deletes Racist Columbus Day Video For Its “Broad-Based Stereotyping”

    Li’l Benny: Yes, I am a prick. A little, little prick. And I love to associate with Nazis, regardless of history. I also love Putin.

  • Lars Littlefield

    Did he really intend to write “grace injustices” or did he mean “gross injustices”?
    It’s not so clear.

    • Rob NYNY

      My guess is “grave.” “C” and “V” are next to each other.

  • Lars Littlefield

    OT: MSNBC has a rather long recording of Weinstein trying to get a young woman
    into his hotel room. Quite painful to hear.

    • Jukesgrrl

      Yes, it really awful. The worst part is, she was wired by NYPD after her initial complaint, sent back in to gather more evidence at her peril, and then the prosecutor declined to make a case on the evidence. Someone hid that tape so it would survive.

  • Treant

    Damien. Honey. This anti-Christ thing only works if you’re intelligent. So far, you’re seriously failing on that point and not going to do well on the plains of Meggido when the time comes.

  • Sean Taylor

    Accept no responsibility! It’s the GOP motto

  • Nope. Sorry. Conservatives don’t get to put this shit out (where it will never go away) and then pretend to apologize. This is what they do. He’s not sorry. If he were capable of understanding what’s wrong with this he wouldn’t have done it in the first place.

    • -M-

      For example, since when is cannibalism a ‘broad-based stereotype’ of Native Americans?

  • Frightened by the thought of what it would take to drive my opinion of Ben Shapiro even lower than its current sub-lowest low. Ben would have to do something so depraved and unnatural it’d give Caligula the dry-heaves and put the gods themselves in a serious smiting mood.

  • Friday’s_cat

    Benny and the Bigots.
    You can’t stuff the Hate Genie back into the bottle once you popped the cork Shapie.
    Sane Americans know what you are.

  • Robincho

    Who knew Wednesday Addams is a cross-dresser…

  • aagold76 .

    I always hear the music from ‘The Omen’ when I see this spawn of Satan.

  • MBear

    “it was a pun”

  • Wynter Marie Starr

    Apology NOT fucking accepted. He was a racist pig yesterday, is a racist pig today, and will die a racist pig.

    And in case this little asshole didn’t know, one of the last Navaho code talkers died recently. If not for them, WWII would not have been a sure win.

  • Spray on abs

    The face nightmares are made of.

  • fuzzybits
  • Ben in Oakland

    Yes it was clumsy satire , that also played footsie with stereotypes , bigotry and the lies used to justify both. Perhaps conservative blindrs fulfilled their function.

  • sfmike64

    “Ben Shapiro, thin-lipped, stupid racist idiot.”

  • olandp

    He loft off smallpox on the after side.

  • Jefe5084

    You are a pathetic jackass, Shapiro.

  • Robin Wayne Bailey

    The “After Columbus” column leaves out smallpox, influenza, measles and siphylus.

  • boatboy_srq

    “Broad-Based Stereotyping”

    Try Recycled Seven Years War Propaganda. MUCH more accurate.

  • Jukesgrrl

    Ah, throwing the staff under the bus. Almost as reprehensible as his version of HIStory.

  • GanymedeRenard

    One would normally think that, of all the possible persons on Earth, the least likely to be a racist would be a Jew. Shame on you, Shapiro. No deleting of a post and a following lame apology will erase your actual feelings.

    • SDG

      Let me re-align your chakras for a minute.

      Jew in Israel here… Jews can be just as racist/bigoted as the rest of humanity. We even hate our own.

      In Israel don’t be…

      Arab (or Druze, Bedouin, etc).
      Ethiopian (Jewish)
      Somali, Eritrean, etc.
      Moroccan (Jewish)
      Yemenite (Jewish)
      And… on

      • GanymedeRenard

        Sweet Moses… The thing’s graver than I thought…

        • SDG

          It’s mind-blowing… and it’s really really bad. But, what it shows… is that people, are no different, despite their collective experiences. And no matter where you are in the world… it’s the same. People use “other” to repress, and make themselves feel better about themselves. Some weird self-preservation gene… I HATE it. Even my gay friends here… are VERY VERY bigoted. It makes me very sad.

          • canoebum

            When they said, “The Tribes of Israel”, apparently they weren’t kidding.

          • GanymedeRenard


  • Hryflex

    This big news from a crypto-Nazi….who doesn’t know what crypto or Nazi means.

  • Jack

    Condescension is not satire. The message of the video is that Native Americans are better off for what happened to them. You know, like, beneficial genocide or something.

  • SDG

    ASSHOLE! Why do people in the public eye get to “apologize” when the rest of us have to suffer the consequences of our actions? Something not very fair about it.

    Then there are the lemmings that just accept these folks’ apologies.

  • SDG


    And humanity would have been just fine had the Americas or African NOT been colonized.

  • Grumpy Old Man
  • Barry William Teske

    Oh look!
    HATE fauxpologizes and gets away, yet again, with an intentional incitement, knowing it will try, try again, because it abhors diversity, and mocks that strength of collective character it can never have, or ever achieve.

    Here I was, thinking, the “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” knows better. That for even just one of its citizens to be belittled by inciteful mock cruelty, it would be for the needs of ALL its peoples, to voice a strong and definitive response.

    What is the problem?
    Ben too white? Too close to a truth that most of you would rather just pretend was’nt uncomfortable?

  • HandsomeMrToad

    Here’s an idea: instead of Columbus day, let’s have a Columbo day, when we all stay home from work and binge-watch reruns of Peter Falk’s immortal TV show.

  • I’m sitting this one out–I think everyone here can handle it, and frankly, up here in Seattle, Columbus Day is Ingigenous Peoples Day, which means I have the day off. Long and long ago, when I was on the staff of United Indians of All Tribes Foundation, Columbus Day was labeled “American Indian Day,” and we didn’t have to come in to work. 🙂

  • Shorter Ben Shapiro: “No one associated with the Daily Wire has a shred of common sense or social awareness, so it took a lot of blowback before we figured out that video was a really stupid thing to do.”