HYPOCRISY: Propaganda Minister Kellyanne Conway Blasts Corker’s “Incredibly Irresponsible” Tweet [VIDEO]

Mediaite reports:

Kellyanne Conway — counselor to President Donald Trump — has some counsel for Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN). Never tweet. Appearing Monday on Fox & Friends, Conway blasted the retiring Senator for his Sunday tweet in which he referred to the White House as an “adult day care center.”

She, apparently, took issue with the Senator for delivering a harsh personal insult to the President — with whom he shares a political party — via Twitter. “I find tweets like this to be incredibly irresponsible,” Conway said — without any trace of irony whatsoever.

  • Sam_Handwich

    did she finally find her comb?

    • KarenAtFOH

      It was buried in nits, until they croaked.

    • Furface

      No, she stole one from Miss Patti’s Puppy Parlor dumpster.

  • Scout

    Why does anyone care what she thinks anyway?

    • Controversy based ratings? Because she gets $179,700 a year from the government to be a propagandist? They’re not very good reasons.

    • Uncle Mark

      They generally don’t. That’s why she primarily spews her crap on FOX. Those are the only people who care, and the FOX mannequins won’t argue with her.

  • barrixines

    The mortuary attendant who did her up this morning is to be commended. She looks almost alive.

    • jm2

      new colorist?

    • UrsusArctos

      Still so ugly inside that it’s seeping out around the edges.

      • DawnVComstock

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    • Skokieguy [Larry]

      She finally discovered weaves! Before KellyAnne, I thought it was a requirement to appear on Fox news.

      • Rolf

        I thought she snatched Anne Coulter’s wig.

    • Paula

      They need to do a better job on the eyes next time. Is there a way to not make them look soulless.

      • TampaDink

        No. Not possible.
        (I realize your question was rhetorical…but had to weigh in.)

      • Maga Tron

        I hear lens crafters is working on a set of soul replicating contacts for the entire administration.

    • Nic Peterson

      She gorges on fetal tissue.

      • Jeffg166

        She drained a few infants of their young blood before going on.

    • Uncle Mark

      …except she’s still dead and rancid inside…and speaks as much truth as any corpse does

    • Steve Willard

      Your an idiot

      • Chicago joe

        Yer inabilitie to spel is shokking.

        See how a finely honed message suffers when delivered poorly?
        If you want to defend Ms. Conway, you’ll find no sympathy here.
        But labor away, we’ll always find it amusing.

        • Don’t forget that lotters will be shoot on site!

          • Chicago joe

            I are such a Moran fergeting that.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Downvoted for being a dumb fuck

      • Steve Smith

        if you wish us to take notice of your opinions, learn elementary grammar so that we will not immediately see that you’re an idiot. Thank you and goodnight.

      • Waarki

        Urine idiot ?

        • grada3784

          Careful. He’ll get pissy.

      • barrixines

        To respond would be like shooting a moron in a barrel.

      • Robincho

        Blow it out you’re ass…

    • Marty Pavelka

      You know, scrolling past that pic on my phone, I first thought that it was Ann Coulter. Ye gods…

    • TrueWords
  • Tawreos

    The preisdent is going to tweet us into a nuclear war, but someone insulting that same asshole is irresponsible? This bitch needs to go the fuck away. Looks like she got a new makeup artist, now she looks more plastic that Barbie.

    • JackFknTwist

      I have thought all along that the war of words between Trump/turd and Kim was all BS.
      Now I think Trump/turd is the madder one and will do a preemptive strike at the next test North Korea does.
      I now think Trump/turd is mad enough.
      What happened during the Madness of King George ? Wasn’t there some adults on the ward round ?

      • Steve Teeter

        There were. The reins of power were gently taken away from George III and given to his son the Prince of Wales, who ruled as Regent until George III died in 1820. Hence the period called The Regency. So it can be done. If it didn’t give power to Mike Pence I’d say go for it now. But he makes me nervous.

  • bkmn

    How many layers of Spackle is that?

  • Scott Fitler

    I’m blaming insanity like this for causing me to do things like dress up and drive to work today forgetting it’s a holiday. It’s not old age, it’s Smellyanne!

    • Nowhereman

      I’d like to see Columbus Day dropped from the Holiday calendar completely. He didn’t “discover” a damn thing. And what came after was atrocious.

      • Steve Smith

        I think, to be accurate, he discovered that there were previously unknown places where his royal paymasters could steal untold quantities of stuff that didn’t belong to them, and murder countless millions of native people, too.

      • Todd20036

        I’ve always wondered about this holiday. Not that I have a problem with an extra day off in October, mind you

  • Tatonka

    She should be institutionalized for her own safety.

    • TJay229


  • Michael R
    • TexasBoy

      You have to admit, the makeover did make the pig look a bit better.

    • barrixines

      I would.


    She controls what is said, is never interrupted and never questioned : State run media. Fox and Fiends : The equivalent of RT for Putin.

  • Adam Stevens

    Well, at least she combed her hair this morning. That’s something we can respect about this administration.

  • Leo
    • Paula

      Money talks and dogma walks.

  • AdamTh

    Why does any respectable news organization still bother to schedule Kell….

    Oh wait, Yeah – it was on Faux…..

    • Joe in PA

      To be fair, she’s also on CNN. Oh wait….

  • Puckfair52

    looks like a lot of filler went into that face and failed

  • bambinoitaliano

    A bloating corpse resurface in a swamp.

    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      Well then, … DRAIN the SWAMP!

  • KarenAtFOH

    Irony-free? She is morality-free. This is just another gig to pay the bills and pad the bank account. Her expression on the left is as cold and calculating as it gets.

  • greenmanTN

    I swear she allowed anywhere BUT Fox News these days? Surely any responsible journalists refuse to have her on because she is nothing but a jukebox of lies and talking points.

    • Todd20036

      Probably gets on CNN from time to time for ratings.

  • Jonny Nance

    They must have to replace the furniture there every day. There’s no way to get that much crap out their love couch.

  • David J

    She seems to have a better hairdresser and colorist these days. I think that’s the only thing I can take away from looking and listening to her for 3 seconds before I had to turn off the video. Geeze, what liars and scumbags they all are !!

  • Taylor

    She takes issues with Corker saying that Trumps White House is an “adult daycare center” but, has no problem with Trump saying Corker “didn’t have the guts to run”??

    I swear Republicans must be genetically predisposed not to be able to detect irony.

    • Nowhereman

      They are born without the irony and empathy genes. Hopefully some day there will be a cure.

    • CottonBlimp

      Self-awareness is a choice, and they choose not to have it.

  • another_steve

    Let’s make fun of her looks now. 😉

    I think the Sexual Predator-in-Chief has been sucking the blood out of her every night.

    She’s starting to look zombie-like.

    • Oscarlating Wildely

      But her hair is looking more voluptuous and well managed.

      ‘Fess up: Which diva queen thought it would be ironic to give her beauty tips?

      • greenmanTN


        • Todd20036

          At least Medusa can get me hard…

    • JackFknTwist

      IMHO she looks even worse.
      There has been an attempt to make her look less Meth-face. It hasn’t worked.
      It’s like an ‘alternative-face’.

  • whollyfool

    Oh that’s rich, it’s Corker whose tweets are irresponsible.

  • WitlessProtection
  • WitlessProtection

    It’s funny how when she appears on Fux News she look like this, but when she appears anywhere else she looks like the Crypt Keeper. Does she have a personal stylist at Fux?

    • David J

      I noticed that, too.

    • Furface

      Audio animotroics ‘liberated’ from a Disney storage facility?

  • SD51

    Was it as irresponsible as spending millions of taxpayer dollars in travel and security for Pence to pull off that NFL stunt yesterday Kelly?

  • grada3784

    Incredibly irresponsible? I’d say incredibly accurate.

    • Chucktech

      And from a Republican! Jesus!

  • M Jackson

    What was wrong with that rock she was nesting under that she had to reappear?

    • greenmanTN

      It wasn’t under a landslide of other rocks.

  • rednekokie

    Well, it’s for certain, she knows more than anyone else about irresponsibility. Further, she needs to find a better mortuary attendant.

  • RaygunsGoZap

    She’s just trying to keep from going to from the first female campaign manager of a winning presidential candidate to first campaign manager to have their winning presidential candidate deemed unfit and removed by Congress.

    Good luck, bitch.

  • Will Parkinson

    Ba. Ha. Ha. Ha.

  • Uncle Mark

    Of course, if the inflatable, bleached, toxic, gas bag was on any other network (other than FOX), she would have been reminded that the Fucking Moron was the first one to send out the nasty tweets about Corker. Corker just handed Twitler his own bloated orange ass with a witty and accurate reply. It truly must have gotten under the Toddler & Qweef’s thin skin, as he seems to have his people run all over decrying Corker.

  • seant426

    I imagine she has bad breath considering she’s always talking shit.

  • David J

    I’m just going to ask a question I cannot possibly answer on my own, since I don’t spend time dealing with fakes and con artists if I can help it. Do you think she really BELIEVES the stuff that comes out of her mouth? Stuff like the majority of people support the president and VP?

    • Ken M

      Believing it will help, and actually helping isn’t the same. Does she truly believe it at all. Truth becomes a very grey topic on Capital Hill. Her “welcome back” from the press is showing how little they believe her anymore. The validity of what she says , or says he does, is about as low as his ratings.

    • Furface

      She’s a professional spox; just a hired gun. Her prior position was as a Cruz attack dawg yapping on against Trump during the GOP clown car primary campaign. Her beliefs vis a vis her employer are irrelevant; she defends/promotes what she’s paid to as long as the checks clear.

    • canoebum

      Yes, she’s a whore. Normally she just spits, but if you pay extra she’ll swallow.

  • Ken M

    The Staff must have tied his thumbs together to keep him from Tweeting in hos own defense. Don’t think it’s really going to make much difference this time. Tax plan losing steam, and the budget on extension with Trump threatening “Wall Money or else.” The adult child strikes again.

  • Dazzer

    Goebbelstiltskin has finally learned how to spin straw into hair. Who says fairy stories can’t come true?

  • ClevelandJim

    Stepford wife needs to just stfu already

  • safari

    Who is she wearing?

    • Furface

      Who’s missing down to the Key Bridge homeless camp?

  • YouGoGirl

    Remember what all of Trump’s minions say….if he gets attacked, he will strike back. Well guess what Kellyanne, Bob Corker has stayed silent and gentlemanly as long as he could. He also said that this president will get us into WWIII. Bob Corker is interested in protecting this country from this irratic, divisive, irrational person we call president. He is saying outloud what most R’s in congress are saying in private. Trump’s own Sec of State called him a moron. Stop the propoganda. You are making a fool of yourself.
    As far as lapdog Pence. Trump’s text abt asking the VP to leave if the players took a knee was basically patting Pence on the head saying “good little doggy”. He is too stupid to see he should be embarrassed.
    Both Trump and Pence, in their official positions, took an oath to uphold the Constitution. No where in the Constitution does it state you must stand during the National Anthem or you are not patriotic. They however are required to ensure an individual’s right for freedom of speech. You are a lawyer. I thought you would have learned that in law school. Please go away. You are an embarrassment to all professional women.

    • canoebum

      Constitution? You’re funny!

  • Phil2u

    She actually looks better than recently… but dipped in bleach! What..?

    • Johnny Wyeknot


  • Galvestonian

    Oh Kellyanne, you stupid bitch, how can you of all people call anyone else “incredibly irresponsible” when it has always been patently clear to everyone that listens to your pathetic mud slinging that it is YOU and always has been you that is “incredibly irresponsible”.

  • Statistics Palin

    That sociopathic zombie hooker has no business calling anyone else’s actions offensive or irresponsible.

  • Bluto
  • Nowhereman

    Oh for pity’s sake! This is the first administration that has needed a playground director as well as a hall monitor. Speaking of playground director, I haven’t heard anything about Kelly yet today. Is he still there?

    • Johnny Wyeknot

      It’s a federal holiday?

      • Nowhereman

        The White House is a 24/7 thing. Well, usually.

        • Johnny Wyeknot

          I was, of course, joking. 🙂

          • Nowhereman

            Me too–kind of.

  • canoebum

    Politics ain’t bean bags, baby. Suck it up or go the fuck home.

  • JWC

    TThe one item that defiies explanation is , if they got rid of Bannon , Spencer, Scaramouchie and othes? How the hell has this ridiculous bitch survive? Back of the axe?

  • Gene Perry

    ““I find tweets like this to be incredibly irresponsible,” Conway said — without any trace of irony whatsoever.” Without irony. Of course, ’cause the woman has no soul. None.

  • justme

    Now Kelley Anne.. We won’t blame you for missing that 4 am. diaper change and the @#[email protected] that we all had to put up with for the day..
    Maybe you should get him enrolled in daddy daycare for us…

  • Barry William Teske

    Oh look!
    It is opposites day, once again, for a representative of the Gobble Or Puke party.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Cucking Funt.

  • Frank McCormick
  • MassageBear
  • MassageBear
  • Mike L

    Do as she says, not as HE does…

  • Gerry Fisher

    Doesn’t Bob know it’s supposed to be “party above country”?!

  • 5moreminutes*imtired

    Lol I find tweets like this incredibly irresponsible. Dear god. My sides.

  • -M-

    Yeah. Trump constantly tweets insults, lies, insanity, threats, Nazi propaganda, counterproductive and even dangerous international provocations, but shame on Corker for telling him to cut it out and act like an adult.

    Conway’s dishonesty and willingness to enable evil are boundless.

  • Gianni

    It’s beyond me how Kellyanne can say some of this stuff and keep a straight face. “Incredibly irresponsible” could never be said of any of the President’s tweets, could it, Kellyanne? No, of course not. If you ever had any sense of personal values, you sold it for the paycheck and you really, really make sure you earn it!

  • Grumpy Old Man

    Beauty may be skin deep but ugly is to the bone.