Lin-Manuel Miranda- Almost Like Praying [VIDEO]

Via press release:

Atlantic Records has announced this week’s release of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Almost Like Praying” (Feat. Marc Anthony, Ruben Blades, Camila Cabello, Pedro Capo, Dessa, Gloria Estefan, Fat Joe, Luis Fonsi, Juan Luis Guerra, Alex Lacamoire, John Leguizamo, Jennifer Lopez, Rita Moreno, Ednita Nazario, Joell Ortiz, Anthony Ramos, Gina Rodriguez, Gilberto Santa Rosa, PJ Sin Suela, Tommy Torres, and Ana Villafañe).” The extraordinary all-star single will be available at all digital music retailers and streaming services beginning today, October 6th.

With music and lyrics by the Pulitzer Prize, Tony, GRAMMY, Emmy Award-winning creator of HAMILTON Lin-Manuel Miranda, and produced by Jeffrey “Trooko” Penalva, “Almost Like Praying” was written and recorded last weekend at studios in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, The Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Miranda traveled to each location to work closely with the contributing performers. Penned by Miranda only last week, the original song borrows its title and instantly indelible hook from Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim’s classic, “Maria,” from the original Broadway musical, WEST SIDE STORY.

CBS News reports:

Much of the new track’s lyrics are the names of the 78 towns in Puerto Rico. Miranda said he was inspired by the frantic calls on social media from those on the island who were hoping to hear something about the towns, cut off from communication, where loved ones were.

“What I saw on my Facebook feed — and I’m sure a lot of other Latinos feel the same way — was this roll call of towns. ‘Has anyone heard from Isabela? ‘Has anyone heard from ‘San Juan?’ ‘My grandmother is in Lares,'” Miranda said.

“If I can manage to put all 78 towns into a lyric for this song and then use the song for fundraising relief, that’s something we can all get behind.” Miranda also said he has no regrets criticizing President Trump on social media following the disaster in Puerto Rico.

And from Mediaite:

After discussing the lengths he went to record the song with people still on the hurricane-ravaged island, the composer and playwright expanded on the song’s title “Almost Like Praying.”

“Thoughts and prayers are great but thoughts and prayers are not enough,” he explained. “We need more. We need action. We need the governmental response to be equal to the response of the people which, you know, I have never had more hope in the American people and people all over the world.”

“I go to my Twitter feed, it’s people breaking their piggy banks, it’s employers matching employee donations,” he continued. “We are not the issue. If our government can step up to where the people are, we’ll be on the road to recovery a lot faster.”

  • Rex

    I’m almost, like, crying.

  • Tomcat

    October job losses,,,,, all of Puerto Rico.

  • Joe in PA

    What an ensemble.

  • Mark

    It’s too early in the morning to be peeling onions….

  • Phillip in L.A.

    Human League–“The Things That Dreams Is Made Of”

  • Bluto

    Awesome! Obviously the rest of us have to step up & help PR since our regime will only do enough to maintain a veneer of giving a shit.

    • Todd20036

      Ralph really would have made a better president

      • vorpal 😼

        Not sure we would have noticed a difference.
        Maybe less nose picking with Ralph?

        • Beagle

          Ralph would be better. Lisa would be an adviser or high-level appointee, and Ralph would listen to her.

    • Rolf
      • Bluto

        I was reading this earlier this am, woot! This is what PR needs, however the goddamn federal government will never go for it. cheeto just picked a coal lobbyist & climate change denier to be 2nd in charge of the EPA. It’s fossil fuels or nothing.

  • JoeMyGod
    • Mark

      Love her to pieces!!

    • JoeMyGod

      She’s 85!

      • HAAAAAAA
        • Gerry Fisher

          LUV huhr!

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      • Jack

        I saw her perform in San Juan in 1980 or so. She hung around after the show to talk with people in the audience. My partner and I went to get an autograph and she kissed me on the cheek.

        And, yes, I washed around that spot for several days.

        • Lars Littlefield

          A friend used to insist that, “Chita and Rita both played Anita.” But of course, that’s not true. It would be interesting, however, if it were true. But it’s not. Nope. Not at all.

    • fkevin
    • M Jackson

      “HEY YOU GU-UYS!” YS!”

      • Lane

        OMG! I’d forgotten about her work in (for?) the Electric Company!

        • M Jackson

          Morgan Freeman too!

    • Puckfair52
  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Just saw him on the Charlie & Gayle show . I really like his guy.

  • JoeMyGod

    Lin-Manuel Miranda is just an Oscar away from joining Richard Rodgers and Marvin Hamlisch as the only two people in the world to have scored a PEGOT.

    PEGOT: Pultizer, Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony.

    He was nominated for an Oscar this year for his song in Moana, but did not win.

  • Jack

    Bien hecho!

  • Adam King

    Say it loud and there’s music playing.

  • Todd20036

    And our fucking Nazi Orangatang cannot be bothered to help save US citizens

  • j.martindale

    I am always struck, when listening to songs from West Side Story, how Bernstein must have been inspired by his latent homosexuality in its composition. The lyrics of Maria and, especially, I have a Love, are dripping with gay undertones. The latter song, on Art Garfunkle’s “Lefty,” is incredibly moving. (I am afraid I will never come to appreciate rap and hip hop–too old I guess.)

    • Mike_in_the_Tundra

      You didn’t mention “Somewhere”. It’s a song about longing for a place where they will be accepted.

      • j.martindale

        Of course! I was in summer camp as a boy when West Side Story came out on vinyl. I hadn’t a clue about sex, but that song always made me cry. Portends of things to come.

    • David Walker

      Leonard Bernstein was cautious regarding his preference for young Hispanic men. Stephen Sondheim, on the other hand, was in full denial mode, as he would be for too much of his life.
      This is a new passion on YouTube for me: pit percussion. This is a “West Side Story” that takes the orchestra a bit to get into full-Bernstein mode, and some of the actors never do, but this guy? Amazing.

      • Shane

        Well, these are going to take up most of the evening. Thanks for the rabbit hole David!

        • David Walker

          Are you a percussionist?

    • David Gervais

      Not so latent or even very secret. From Wikipedia,

      In a book released in October 2013, The Leonard Bernstein Letters, his wife reveals his homosexuality. Felicia writes: “you are a homosexual and may never change—you don’t admit to the possibility of a double life, but if your peace of mind, your health, your whole nervous system depend on a certain sexual pattern what can you do?” Arthur Laurents (Bernstein’s collaborator in West Side Story) said that Bernstein was “a gay man who got married. He wasn’t conflicted about it at all. He was just gay.”

  • Silver Badger

    Just a thought, is the Republican answer to Puerto Rico a ploy to get the American people to pay for the damage through a voluntary tax, double taxing people to do what the government should have done in the first place?

    • Todd20036

      No. They are idiots, not clever

      • Silver Badger

        Are you sure about that?

  • -M-

    Relatedly, from April of last year:

  • CharlestonDave

    Lim-Manual also promised that if his playlist got to 50K subscribers on Spotify, he’d tweet a photo of himself in college wearing J-Lo drag. And J-Lo promptly re-tweeted that. Currently at 37K.

  • Pablo Sánchez

    No Ricky Martin?

  • TheManicMechanic

    This makes me sad. Until I actually visited Puerto Rico, I didn’t have the personal connection to the island I have now. The way the US government under the racist shitgibbon is handling (or not handling) the devastation in PR is beyond sickening.

  • ChinChin