TAKE A KNEE: Police Brutality Protests Sweep NFL As League Announces Re-Showing Of “Unity” Video

USA Today reports:

NFL players responded in full force Sunday after President Trump repeatedly called for swift punishment against those who chose to protest by not standing during the national anthem. Demonstrations spread throughout the league as many players broke out of their routine by joining the protests or engaging in team-wide displays of unity.

Several players from the Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, New York Giants, Detroit Lions, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons were among those who chose not to stand for the anthem. The Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts and New York Jets stood with arms locked, though some players from those teams chose to kneel.

Included in the group of players who protested: Julius Peppers, who did not to join his Carolina Panthers teammates on the sideline; LeSean McCoy, who stretched during the anthem before the Bills game; and Adrian Peterson, who was one of several Saints players to remain seated.

CNN reports:

With President Trump taking aim at the NFL and its players who protest during the national anthem, the league is broadcasting a message of unity. The NFL is dusting off a one-minute ad that it produced for the Super Bowl earlier this year. It was originally made to “demonstrate the power of football to bring people together,” the league said.

So the NFL is going to run the ad again on NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” telecast on Sunday. The decision was finalized on Sunday morning. We think this is the single best response to demonstrate what we are about,” an NFL spokesman told CNN. “It stands in stark contrast to some who practice the politics of division.”

The NFL’s “Unity” clip has to be viewed on YouTube.

  • safari
    • PickyPecker

      Poor donnie. He just doesn’t get it.

      • Jeffg166

        He has to twist reality to fit his mind set.

      • Wynter Marie Starr

        He’s too stupid to get it. Sad.

    • Nowhereman

      Is that for real? Now he wants to tell us what posture to use when we protest?

      • safari

        Yes. It is for real.

        • Friday

          I wasn’t sure if that was the real dunce or one of the satire ones either. 🙂

          • Bad Tom

            Hard to tell sometimes.

        • Nowhereman

          Gawd, he is more ignorant than I thought he was. Oh well–Twitter will set him straight.

      • Treant

        You’re not DOING it RIGHT!

        No, you orange fucker, we’re doing it LEFT. Go away.

    • Hank

      Herr Drumpf does not get that the locking of arms was IN SUPPORT of those kneeling!!!

    • Lumpy Gaga

      Shorter DT: I win!

  • Frostbite

    Hmm. I may actually like the NFL now. Maybe.

  • safari
  • TrueWords
    • Todd20036

      I’m not sure what the first half of that quote means, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t mean what I think it means.

      Though I still agree with the intent.

      • EdmondWherever

        I know, it’s confusing. Take a knee “with” Kaepernick? Only one of us should be kneeling at a time.

      • David Walker

        Rather than take a knee with Colin, I’d rather give a knee or seven to 45. It would probably be a rush with Colin; it would certain be feeling of great relief giving 45 several knees to his nuts. Sorry. I was thinking about Folsom today.

  • Jeffg166

    How many will struggles does Donald think he can handle? This one is blowing up in his face faster than usual.

    • JWC

      Donny won’t handle it He has no intention of handleing it The only way it keeps boiling is us listening to and commenting on. As in any catclysmic event the flash is over. Its what we do as, mature level headed clear thinking adults, about it Do NOT be swept up in the motion Thats what he wants

      • Jeffg166

        It’s gotten so old. It’s so predictable.

  • JWC

    Takes me back to the times of the Vietnam war. When people were hated for wearing “Old Glory” as a patch on the seat of their pants or as a T-shirt Oh the unpatriotic bastard who threw the flag to the ground Times feelings and emotions change

    • Jeffg166

      Donald is driving all sorts of diverse groups together.

      • JWC

        His plan I am sure ther is a chapter on this in “Mein Kampf”

    • Friday

      Yeah… that was a thing in my college days, too. I’ve always been in the camp of not wanting to concede the national symbols to the *bad* guys, but they’ve always tried to claim those things for jingoistic faux patriotism.

      • JWC

        Guess what, we are still here today inspite of all the insane rhetoric of the time We survived , not saying here there should be no pride in your flag but chill a bit

        • margaretpoa

          Wait…we DIDN’T get hit by a planet yesterday?

          • JWC

            Ya realy that was just another Trump shit storm

        • Friday

          Err, wut?

    • Treant

      My uncle and his hoodlum friends ran a Nazi flag up the flagpost at their local university under dark of night.

      It was just post WWII. It was not received well.

  • margaretpoa

    You have to know this is causing a slow motion explosion of Il Duce Arancia’s head.

    • Treant

      What’s the PoS (probability of stroke) for the PoS (piece of shit)?

      • margaretpoa

        Dunno but I think a stroke would presuppose a brain.

        • Treant

          Tru dat. OK, no heart, no brain…kidney failure? We know he spews piss constantly.

          • margaretpoa

            I’m hoping for an erupting colon. All that shit has to go somewhere.

          • UrsusArctos

            I doubt something like that would bother this walking anal fissure. My money’s on undiagnosed polonium poisoning after a state visit by his Papi Putin.

      • Jeffg166

        The magic 8 ball says ask again later.

    • Hank

      The use of ” Il Duce Arancia”, took me back. I am currently studying Italiano for my trip to Tuscany. (I was in Rome, Naples and Sicily earlier this year.) Learning the words for colors and fruit, made it quit understandable. LOL

      • margaretpoa

        It was either that or “the Orange Benito”.

    • -M-

      I think you underestimate his ability to automatically twist his perception of anything until it flatters his ego.

  • wineflask
    • safari

      AP reports 7 shot, 1 killed. A recent report said the shooter shot himself after being confronted by a parishioner with a gun. All but one of the victims were over 60.

      • wineflask

        Thanks. I was scared it woukd be another racist murder.

    • Treant

      Not much yet, no, but we’re well within the window of the “news uncertainty horizon.” They won’t have picked a socially acceptable culprit until at least 6 PM.

      • safari

        Gotta scrape facebook first.

  • PickyPecker
    • Todd20036

      Well for one thing, because I REALLY want Chris Kluwme to kneel in front of me.

      For another, same with Kirkpatrick.

      I could go on, but you get the idea.

      That being said, throw that son of a bitch out of the WH!!

      • agcons

        Chris Kluwe could kneel before be and then I’d kneel before him and then I’d grab my ankles for him and then he’d grab his ankles for me, and so on. Well, you know.

        • April

          Why do some turn everything, no matter how innocent into something sexual?

          • agcons

            Because we like to annoy people like you, that’s why.

          • April

            I’m not annoyed. Just asking a question.

          • David Walker

            And, from the perspective of this ol’ fag, it reads to me like, on the whole, you got some pretty good, insightful, fun, and sincere answers. Besides, this is the world’s greatest gay bar and community center…we come here to relax, to discuss, to have fun, to be informed, to enjoy our straight friends and not hold it against them that they’re straight (they were born that way, too), and to let off steam. Nothing is meant for everybody, but this is a fun loving, fun, and loving bunch of people. Accept the differences and join us.

          • Wynter Marie Starr

            Because it’s fun? Because we enjoy getting under people’s skin? Because we are sexual beings. And, lastly, because we like to make fun of prudes.

          • April

            It also feeds into the stereotype that all gay men are sex crazy and could care less about anything else.

          • SFHarry

            You might be worrying too much about what other people think. Having to change your thoughts and actions so that other people don’t have a bad opinion of you when there is nothing wrong with your thoughts and actions is exhausting.

          • Wynter Marie Starr

            Only if that’s what you choose to see, April. I’m a straight woman and recognize the play that goes on here. If you are seeing something else, you haven’t been here very long. Others also choose to see what they want. It’s unfortunate they don’t also see the humor and the snark.

            A large majority of the men on this site are married or have been with the same partner for a good long while. It doesn’t mean they are dead. It doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate a good looking person. One could say the say thing about straight men and their comments about good looking women. It feeds into the stereotypy that all straight men are sex crazy and could care less about anything else. Take the pretender in the WH who thinks it’s cool to grab women by the pussy. That okay with you?

          • David Walker

            Thank you, Wynter. You always know exactly what to say and you say it so well. I assume you’ve moved and are easing into the new place. How’s that going?

          • Wynter Marie Starr

            We are now living by the ocean and it’s very healing. How have you been?

          • David Walker

            It sounds wonderful. I remember you were looking forward to the move, to the “change in venue,” and I’m really glad it’s having a good effect. I have become pretty much a total recluse. It works for me.

          • Wynter Marie Starr

            I’m sorry to hear that, David. You have so much to offer that to become a recluse hurts you and all those you may come into contact with. I will say that many members of this site helped save my life last year. I am so grateful to you and all the others that helped me.

            If you need to take a step back right now, I get it. I only hope you will rejoin the world at some point. I will tell you that the ocean is peaceful, healing, and makes one tranquil.

          • Ragnar Lothbrok

            Ever hear Str8 Guys talking about women / sex/ & body parts I cant even bring myself to type ??

            Fact is, Gay or Str8, all dues are into sex talk equally.
            We just get labeled for being boy-whores.

          • Bluto

            It’s not a gay thing, it’s a MAN thing. All men are pigs.

          • M Jackson

            I give you two oinks.


            With the constant barrage of garbage that keeps coming at us from Lord Dampnut we need a release valve, sometimes it’s sexually charged humor and other days it could be cavalcade of kitties or a plethora of puppies.
            As for doing what some might feel enforces the sterotype of what LGBT is, i can only speak for myself but I beleive many here would agree, we stopped giving a fuck about what people thought of our behavior and whether it enforces a stereotype or not.
            I’m not addressing this as if you did or said anything wrong, just answering your query.

          • Gerry Fisher

            If anyone is interested in being a Super-Duper Goody Gay so that the haters won’t hate us so much, then go right ahead. I won’t be joining you. I’m too old for that crap.

            Anyone can skim this blog for 5 minutes and it’s glaringly obvious that we care about a lot more than just sex. If someone can’t see that truth because some harmless, frequent sex banter makes them uncomfortable, then they aren’t worth my time.

          • Because we can.

          • bzrd

            sounded like a hot yoga class to me

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        • CherieHDahms

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  • Treant

    Good for them! And blast those who are throwing stuff onto the field.

    One act is illegal, for good reason. The other is not, also for good reason.

    But please, Donald, try to suppress free speech and free expression. Because if you bottle it up, people get…motivated.

  • It’s hilarious. Donald actually thinks the linked arms are in opposition to those kneeling.


    It’s just a different expression of the SAME DAMNED PROTEST AGAINST TRUMP.

    This, by the way, is a textbook reaction of attempted shame & criticism avoidance by a pathological narcissist, which is one of their highest priorities at all times. It’s why, for example, any widely reported anti-Trump protest enrages the hell out of him and he feels the irresistible need to denigrate and mischaracterize the protests.

    Hence: Nazis & white supremacists march with Nazi and Confederate flags (both flags representing causes which were enemies of USA) = He’s fine with them, because they support him.

    Counter-protesters? He has to portray them as violent lefists, even though it was one them killed by a violent white supremacist, with dozens more injured.

    But notice as well another of Dotard Trump’s triggers: When a person-of-color speaks out against him, refuses to be submissive and obsequious, that enrages him most of all. And it’s because his extreme racist bigotry is one of his deepest core beliefs.

    • margaretpoa

      Really I don’t see how it’s possible for that moron to be any more clueless. Hear that, NFL? Locked arms are too ambiguous. Next week it has to all be done by taking a knee.

      • Jeffg166

        He sees what he wants to see.

      • He’s not clueless. He’s willfully blinding himself because to acknowledge there are all these people out there—including famous athletes—expressing opposition to him is intolerable to someone whose narcissistic personality disorder has advanced to psychosis levels of dysfunction.

        • -M-

          He’s providing a narrative for his supporters to rally around. Aka an excuse or an out.

      • Todd20036

        It doesn’t matter. Even if Trump doesn’t know what’s going on, everyone else does. At least, everyone else on our side knows.

        And who cares what Nazis think

    • Friday

      Sorry, Drumph, the *solidarity* is against your attempts to divide the league and push players *around.* You have failed, bigly.

    • safari

      Daddy got arrested at a Klan rally.

      • UrsusArctos

        45*’s first real estate venture with his daddy ended with them in federal court for racial discrimination. It’s not just his hobby, it’s his business model.

        • zhera

          It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

        • Reality.Bites

          Declaring bankruptcy is his business model.

          Melanoma is his business model.

    • zhera

      Granted I’ve only seen a few pics of today’s anthem protests, but my take away from what I’ve seen is that most of the people kneeling are black, while most of the people standing with locked arms are white.

      I don’t know what that means, but I can guess the Dotard’s reaction: White people = OK. Black people = Thugs.

      • Lumpy Gaga

        I think it says more about the structure of pro sports,and who gets to do what, than anything else.

        I thought the article pic showing support staff locking arms behind the kneeling players was an inspirational image. Much more so than the spotty, half-assed “I’ll lock arms but I won’t kneel” or “I’m wearing special underpants in solidarity” foolishness.

        • David Walker

          Good observation. Thanks for that. Also, do you know if the Steelers stayed in the locker room as announced?

  • PickyPecker

    Sorry, this is a bit long, but wanted to post the very intuitive remarks by Dan Rather:

    “It’s football Sunday, and I have a pit in my stomach, and a sickening sense of deja vu. Who knows what the day will bring?

    “I do know the source of my disquiet. It is the stench of bigotry as a demagogue stirs the potent cauldron of racial division. I want to say, this is so unnecessary. We have so many other things we should be worrying about. But of course now this is real, and it must be called out. This is an age when no one can be neutral. To remain silent in the face of race-baiting is to be complicit. And I have seen the cost of complicity. It is ugly.

    “On Friday night, and then in a chain of tweets (what else) President Trump targeted African American athletes for provocation and ridicule. He has called into question their Americanness, as he called into question the Americanness of his predecessor President Obama. Perhaps what is saddest about this moral cowardice is that Mr. Trump may derive some political gain from these attacks amongst his supporters, but he fails in the test of leadership. Big time. For a President to be doing this – pouring gasoline on the embers of racial resentment – is really unspeakable. Instead of trying to reduce the potentially explosive emotions about race, he is trying to exacerbate them for his own gain.

    “I have seen this game plan before. My mind is transported across the decades. I hear the adjective ‘uppity’, and much worse. I see the mouths of authority curl with disdain and mutter ‘what do you think you’re doin’, boy?’ – the last word spit out in disgust.

    “I feel time click into rewind, to when African Americans weren’t thought of as being ‘smart’ enough to play quarterback, to when there was a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ amongst college basketball coaches to the total number of African American players on the court. Backwards still to all-white teams, and all-white leagues. I remember Jackie Robinson, and a time before someone of his skin color dared to think he could earn a living as an athlete in the United States.

    “I know this history. And so does Donald Trump. He understands how salient the trope of the ‘angry black man’ is. It was said of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other now-revered leaders of the civil rights struggle. It is so ingrained in our history that it can become resonant even in those who say they aren’t bigoted. So Mr. Trump plucks at it. He knows that he can use the American flag as a symbol of division and not unity. So he sows that thought.

    “I grant that there are many who are offended by players taking a knee during the National Anthem. That is their right, as it is the right of those who protest to have their speech protected. This is how we discuss our differences peacefully in a democracy. But calling out these players as S.O.B.s (but using the actual profane words) who should be fired, that’s a pointed attack on our Constitutional rights. And it is summoning the dark shadows of centuries of racial stereotyping. Let’s just say I have seen plenty of white S.O.B.s in sports who have been given awards rather than pink slips.

    “President Trump is not trying to win over the majority of the American people. He wants to animate his base and bask in its approval. Will his supporters in Congress continue to stand by in tell-tale silence? Will his donors, including some of the owners of professional sports teams?

    “We are not a nation of majority bigots. The strident ranks of the intolerant can be overwhelmed by enough people agreeing that this is not who we are, or who we want to be. Mr. Trump’s cheers can be drowned out by a chorus of justice.

    “And one final thought, we have seen these distractions before. As Mr. Trump dominates the news cycle over race, as he issues bellicose threats to North Korea, one wonders what bombshells may be brewing in the Russia investigation, which seems to be gaining speed and scope.”

    • Put simply, he needs to be removed from office ASAP, before it’s no longer possible to remove him. And before 2016 was the last regular-cycle election we’ll ever see again.

    • Hank


      Thank you PP for posting the entire thing!!! Dan Rather says, in a nutshell, what we all believe!!!

      • E.J.

        With 40 upvotes, why is PP’s comment hidden and awaiting moderation?

        • sdnative1958

          Likely ended up in the SPAM folder due to its length – I’m a MOD at another disqus board so all the MOD’s here need to do is to fish it out of SPAM if that’s the case.

  • another_steve

    Totally predictable. All the cable news commentators have been predicting this.

    To the extent that it causes embarrassment to and turmoil in the Republican Party and gives Democrats a new club with which to beat them over the head, it’s a very good development indeed.

  • Cuberly

    So people in the crowd freak out, boo, throw crap onto the field. Did they leave?

    Donnie’s call for a boycott appears to have gone unheeded.

    • Treant

      Hey, they PAID for those TICKETS. Or whatever crap they’re spewing as an excuse.

      • And they aren’t come by cheaply either!

        • Treant

          Bubba paid three dollars and a sucking pig for that there ticket!

          • I just looked at our local team the Cardinals here in Phoenix, and the ticket ranges from $107 for nose bleed seats to 390$ for the close to the field seats. So that is one expensive suckling pig!

          • Lumpy Gaga

            He swallows.

          • Lumpy Gaga


            Athletes are “overpaid”, but somebody’s got $800 to drop for a pair of game seats. Apparently those guys are not “overpaid”.

  • Westcoast88

    Taking a knee is a non-verbal, non-violent form of protest.
    If it upsets you that much, you are a SNOWFLAKE.

    • Hank

      A melting cone at that!!!

  • Paula
    • kareemachan

      That’s too fucking good a photo of drumpster.

  • Treant

    New Thread.

  • Skeptical_Inquirer

    OT but kind of not: I just find it a bit ironic.


    “The bands, which are tasked with ceremonial duties and raising troop morale and are used as a public affairs tool, had more than 6,600 members across the services as of last year, the report found. That’s a 7.5 percent cut since 2012, when the bands had almost 7,200 members.

    The total number of bands across the services decreased from 150 in 2012 to 136 last year, the report states.

    But though the military services collect information on the number of band events held and work they do, none has the ability to measure how the bands meet their objectives, the GAO found.”

  • Mike

    Is that a kickline of nazi trump youth standing behind the players, all wearing the trump costume we saw in Charlottesville, or are they good guys and the trump costumes are an unfortunate coincidence?

    • That is the teams support staff behind the players. They aren’t often seen, and its good to see they are on the same page as the owners and players.

  • Mrs. Councillor Nugent

    New England Patriots owner and Trump supporter Robert Kraft has come out in full support of his team’s protests.

    • Lizard

      Brady is one of Trump’s fans. He’s been strangely quiet through all this.

      • Jean-Marc in Canada

        Probably the smartest thing he’s ever done in his life. If he comes out against Trump he will seen as either paying lip service or he’ll get shit on by the orange shitgibbon. Either way, it’s lose-lose for him.

        • UrsusArctos

          Couldn’t happen to a nicer person. /snark
          Isn’t he mulling running for office and trying to avoid too much association with the tweeting anal fissure?

  • Paul

    If any of you honestly think they were protesting due to racial justice, you need to get your heads examined. They were only locking arms and kneeling together because Trump was running his big fat Twitter mouth again.

    If Trump wouldn’t have called them out, no one would be kneeling today (apart from the 5-10 players already doing it).

    This is nothing more than a big middle finger to Cheeto Mussolini.

    • -M-

      A big public middle finger to Hair Furor and his dictates is a good thing, and maybe this’ll open the eyes of some of those who were standing by before.

      • RJ Tremor

        He needs to affect more people. He needs to prove himself as toxic so others will see we’re not just crying and throwing tantrums like Repubs did for the era of Obama.

    • kareemachan

      So, what’s your point? You pissy about people showing their minds?

      • Paul

        No, it’s just that I don’t think the players should be commended as if they’ve found the cure for AIDS, autism, or cancer, when these same people likely wouldn’t have kneeled if Trump hadn’t gone on his Twitter tangent.

        • don


    • swimboy

      If Trump hadn’t called them out, a lot of them wouldn’t be kneeling; but do you think that Trump changed their mind about the issue? Or is it just that Trump made all of these other athletes and coaches and staff realize how important it is to speak up against injustice?

      Perhaps many have realized that Colin Kaepernick and a few other players’ voices aren’t enough when the president of the United States can publicly call for firing people who speak out.

      These people aren’t doing this to antagonize the President. They’re doing this because the president’s actions have motivated them to take a stand on the issue, because as other people have pointed out, silence is being construed as complicity.

    • ultragreen

      They are protesting, at a minimum, the racism that is implied in President Trump’s comments when he attacks the exercise of 1st amendment rights by minorities when they protest against social injustice.

  • Jim Maloney

    But, but they’re protesting for ‘religious’ reasons so it’s ok, right?

  • BigGuy

    Colin Kaepernick showed leadership by taking a knee during the anthem and telling why he did. Now he’s not on any NFL team, but his example is respected by nearly all the NFL.

    Our President accords greater respect to the USA anthem and flag than to the USA Constitution. He demands that others honor USA customs, while he ignores USA laws. He does not measure up to CK’s example.

  • BeaverTales

    Yay, sportsball !!!!

    The debate over our national conscience at least isn’t in Congress, where too few policymakers are willing to go on record discussing difficult issues

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    OT- Someone was looking for a link to Joy’s take down / fact check of the republican lyin cow this morning.
    Enjoy !


    • Ann Kah

      Joy Reid is a treasure, and one really smart lady. One of my favorites on TV.

  • Cucker “Dick” Tarlson

    Seriously, this was a comment this morning from a local upset at the unnecessary peaceful protesting by the black folk… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e6be780d3e8760b009fca2ee68fea3bc4ed9464d5c41b42ceb4cbf50e9f576d3.png

  • drbrentzenobia

    With people dying in Puerto Rico, the Orange One chose this moment to pick a racist fight with professional athletes.

  • Sporkfighter
  • JCF

    OK, I’ll admit it: the third verse of the SSB (quoted by W Kamau Bell): WTF does that mean?