Hillary Won’t Rule Out Challenging Election Result

Talking Points Memo reports:

Hillary Clinton said in an interview that aired Monday that she wouldn’t rule out challenging the legitimacy of the 2016 election based on the ongoing investigation into Russian meddling in the election.

“Democrats have said that they think there was Russian interference in the election, but that they’re not challenging the results of the election,” “Fresh Air” host Terry Gross asked Clinton in the interview. “As more and more information comes out about the depth of Russia’s interference in the election, do you think, at some point, that it would be legitimate to challenge the legitimacy of the election?”

“I don’t know if there’s any legal constitutional way to do that,” Clinton said. “I think you can raise questions.” Gross returned to the point: “Would you completely rule out questioning the legitimacy of this election if we learn that the Russian interference in the election is even deeper than we know now?”

Hillary: “No, I would not rule it out.”

  • safari

    Breitbart orgasms.

    • Karl Dubhe

      I am going to have to drink everything in my liquor cabinet to get that image out of my head.

      I hates youz… (or my liver will.)

    • RaygunsGoZap

      Only when shown child porn.

      I finished that sentence for you!

  • Leo
    • DaddyRay

      It is upsetting when you are prevented from robbing another country

      • Dramphooey

        This is like putting together the perfect team to rob a bank and the whole thing falls apart because the driver of the getaway car can’t drive a stick.

      • Jean-Marc in Canada

        So true, just ask George W or any of the military who looted Baghdad

        Hey, just keeping it a 100

    • JCF

      Just wait, people: in 2018, Putin’s coming for Congress…

  • Kelly Lape

    I certainly don’t rule it out. An illegitimate senile bigot has no place in the White House.

  • gaycuckhubby

    I think.

    I’m not sure America would survive the chaos of a true challenge to the legitimacy of a sitting President. Even with evidence. It would be scary times. And, yes, even more chaotic than now

    • Nick in Pasadena

      Right know we’re suffering the chaos of the sitting president. Challenging his legitimacy could hardly be scarier than what we’re going through now. Such a big step would not be undertaken lightly–not without a LOT of supporting evidence. (What could be scarier, of course, is a Pence presidency–but let’s worry about one thing at a time!)

      • Leo

        Not if Pence goes down too for the Flynn saga. Rachel’s been hammering that point since December.

      • Phillip in L.A.

        “Challenge”? How? A Petition to the House? lol This is not a board-game (although it is a bored game)

    • MBear

      Either challenge it now, figure out a way to stop foreign interference, or get set for more of the same year after year

      • gaycuckhubby

        It sounds great. But how do u challenge? On what basis?
        If Russia spread false info so their preferred candidate won there is still no way to invalidate the results.

        • MBear

          It is unprecedented.
          The old rules, written 200+ years ago, do not apply.

          If there is no way to address it, live with it…?

    • Ragnar Lothbrok

      Let s find out !

      Just kidding. Somewhat.

  • Leo

    Can you make a case of illegitimacy on just dumb voters in the 3 flipped Rust Belt states THAT CHOSE to believe the fake news microtargeted to them by the Russians on Facebook? How exactly would that work?

    If, at the end of the day, proof comes out of changed votes from hacked machines I join her on this crusade. As of now, I’m staying quiet and stewing.

    • Ken Burnside

      Yeah, I don’t see this changing anything. Even if they remove Trump, the line of appointments for acting POTUS is clear…

      • Palmer

        Not really. If 45’s election is held to be invalid, wouldn’t that invalidate Pense? Would Hillary be declared winner if it’s proven voting machines were hacked? Would we have to redo the presidential election?

        And what about Gorsuch? Since he would’ve been nominated by Hair Furor does that mean he’d be removed from the Supreme Court?

        Lots of question, no real answers.

  • Sam_Handwich

    we don’t have an election for president. we have 50 elections (that count in terms of the electoral college, plus DC and other off-shore territories)

    any challenge would be state-by-state, challenging already certified results.

    • gaycuckhubby

      Good point! Even she admits she doesn’t know if any way to challenge… just question.

    • Gregory Mullins

      actually just the 50 states and DC (and even then they needed a Constitutional Amendment to give DC it’s 3 votes) The territories can vote in primaries, but can’t vote in Presidential elections. Only representation they even get on the national level is a non-voting delegate to the House.

    • danolgb

      The headline puts her answer on a follow up question as the answer to an earlier question. Arguably, it’s not what she said at all. I hate when “news” does this. Especially since so many don’t click through to see what she actually said. Click bait on TPM and actually on Joe’s behalf as well.

      • JCF

        Same here. I keep hearing this as a soundbite. I’d earlier heard the interview (Fresh Air), and the soundbite misrepresents the entire context. She in no way is demanding any court make her President, for any reason. [Sigh—even as we might wish such a court would!]

        • danolgb

          We need to demand better. This is partially how we ended up with Trump in the first place. Click bait needs to be called out.

          This is a good analysis on how media took a clip out of a well-intentioned quote and turned it evil. I do take issue with them blaming it all on the right-wing tho. The first people to seize on this out-of-context quote were the Bernie supporters.


          • RoFaWh

            How you guys ended up with the orange ego?

            Simple: Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” was like infecting a large, powerful organism (the GOP) with a bacterium that doesn’t quite kill, but renders mad while being incredibly infectious.

          • danolgb

            The media failed us completely in 2016 and click bait was a huge part of that. “Lefty” sites are just as bad as “Right wing” sites when it comes to it.

          • RaygunsGoZap

            Truth! Without referring to anyone here, media consumers share a lot of the blame too. Our whole society is hooked on click bait, memes and tweets they can react to emotionally and without regard for consequences. We’re addicted to conflict and shaming.

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          • BigGuy

            CNN giving Trump $3 billion worth of free airtime was the biggest problem.

          • CNN & MSLSD gave people like MadCow plenty of free advertising. You don’t complain about that.

            People those networks maintained Trump was not bugged. Turns out he was. they have not apologized to Trump or you. I guess you have no respect for yourself.

          • BigGuy

            Hillary Clinton’s announcement speech was cable cast in full. None of her campaign speeches were. At least a dozen of Trump’s campaign rallies were cablecast from beginning to end.

            Hillary spoke more about what she would do to increase employment and improve the economy than any other candidate, but the majority of voters told pollsters she said NOTHING about the economy since NONE of what she said went on TV, except for 15 seconds saying that coal mining jobs weren’t coming back.

          • The vast majority of the cable & broadcast news media are liberal.

            If CNN & MSNBC did not broadcast her in full, then it is a failure of liberalism. Simply put, conservatives do not run CNN or MSNBC.

            They broadcast Trump, because they thought it was great fun, great ratings, and they thought they could bag him.

          • Joseph Miceli

            He wasn’t bugged. Fake news. We know who was. Again, you embarrass yourself. Go back to Breitbart, little Troll, before I think up a name for you.

          • 1) Manafort was bugged. That is public record. Trump may have been bugged in Trump towers.

            2) I did not say anything about bugging in the post to which you replied. What I said was the liberal news services made a decision based on (a) ratings & (b) a desire to ‘get’ Trump.

            (3) Have not been to Breitbart n a long while. It is a fine site. I should spend some time there while still monitoring the asshat, nutjob, winger craziness here.

          • Joseph Miceli

            You are manifestly full of shit, little Troll. The people here are grounded in reality. Sadly, your lying ass is probably over at Breitbart every day, flinging poo with the other apes in the cage while talking about what fine men you think you are. Bah! You are no better than you should be.

          • Saying Manafort was bugged is to not be grounded in reality?

          • Joseph Miceli

            Red herring little troll we know what you’re up to . President Obama did not order electronic surveillance of the Trump campaign . You can slippery slope all you want but we are all too smart for you here . You should go back to playing with your Tonka trucks .

          • “President Obama did not order electronic surveillance of the Trump campaign . ”

            Very carefully lawyer/weasel words.

            Like Rush said. Louis Lerner did not have to be told what to do. People like her are appointed by other Leftists and they know that the Lerners of the world will do the “right thing”, break the law.

            Still, there was too much unmasking by people like the harridan, Samantha Power, for the whole administration not to be in on it.

            Actually, I do not play with Tonka trucks. I play with mid-sized bulldozers, which is kind of expensive.

          • Joseph Miceli

            Yawn. Reagan committed treason . George Bush two committed treason. Don the con committed treason . Clinton got a blowjob , and Obama never did a goddamn thing wrong , which no doubt chafes your ass beyond belief. You take good people like John Kerry and Hillary Clinton and smear the fuck out of them and you expect me to get excited by anything you say . Coolest little troll this is not a dialogue . No one cares what you have to say . There’s no point to be made . You are just another deplorable who’s beneath contempt . Go wallow in your hatred for everyone who is not a straight white ” Christian ” male over 40 . No one can stop you . Just don’t expect us to take you seriously .

          • John Kerry, is a hypocrite & a gold digger. He also has terrible acting skills.

            “Can I buy me a hunting license” – John Kerry.

            Hillary is a good administrator. She can threaten an woman raped by her husband. She has a well oiled machine to deal with it. To this day I cannot watch Elizabeth Gracen in any role without being reminded that Bill Clinton of Lolita Express fame is a rapist and that Hillary “Stood by her Man.”

            “wallow in your hatred for everyone who is not a straight white ” Christian ” male over 40 ”

            My spouse is not white nor Christian.

            Go wallow in your gay theology. Go wallow in that guy’s butt, who said he had room for more. You can go where hundreds of gays have gone before. I am sure he is popular with the like of you.

          • Joseph Miceli

            Yes, lies, hate, smears, character assassination and racism. Shoddy research and prejudice. I see you. What I don’t need is your treason and your stupidity. Bye now, evil troll/twat.

          • John Jerry is a gold digger. He was married and then he hooked up with Tereza Heinz.

            John Kerry is hypocrite. He wants high taxes and then he parked his yacht the next state over to avoid Massachusetts taxes. Typical libtard

          • Joseph Miceli

            Yawn. Blah blah blah from someone who wants to take healthcare from sick people and retirement from old people poison are wetlands and revoke child labor laws . Fuck you you silly person I’m done with you.

          • So you did not defend Kerry. Instead you attacked others. Interesting.

          • Joseph Miceli

            Oh please. Kerry is a principled statesman and a policy wonk. He was active in demonstrating against the war in Asia AFTER he served (something Republitard leaders seem to be too chickenshit to do) and was decorated for extraordinary valor…but that didn’t stop you deplorables from bearing false witness, did it? You dirty everything you touch. Again, fuck you, we have nothing to discuss. You are a failure of human tissue and if there is a Jesus he will delight in flinging you into Hell like a used chicken bone for your sins. Ta ta little Troll.———–

          • McCain served.

            So did George Bush.

            Clinton served Moscow.

          • Joseph Miceli

            LOL go find Bush’s records and your boy in the White House got served Russian pee pee hookers. Deferments: Newt, Cheney, Trump, McConnel … all too good to serve their country. Again: fuck you little Troll. I see you. No need to keep coming back for more.

          • Bush was in the Air National Guard.

            If his unit had been activated and he had bailed from it, you would have a point. As is, you don’t have so much as a fig leaf.

            Flying military aircraft is inherently dangerous. For example, my unit lost 3 aircraft in one 3 month period.

          • “… fuck you little Troll. I see you.”

            You are not my type. Besides I don’t want to sero-convert.

          • Joseph Miceli

            Yawn, little troll thinks it’s clever . Boring

          • You very cleverly say “Fuck you” just about every post.

          • Is your lubricant anti-viral?

            How the anal cancer epidemic in gay and bi HIV-positive men can be prevented


            Look at the bright side. If the obit says it was cancer, people won’t know that it had anything g to do with your lifestyle choice.

            So there is that.

          • Joseph Miceli

            More personal attacks . Silly Biggotted troll, Not every gay man has anal sex . Also , You failed to consider that more and more straight men are experimenting with anal pleasure . You people live to say it’s a gay disease until so called innocent people come down with it . How vile.

          • 1) It was a very well reasoned question. You have a vaccine for this virus Hep B, you have PreP & AZT for HIV. So you think you are set.

            As the recent news on zika is showing viruses that were previously unknown, in watched or unknown suddenly change 1 gene and are subsequently killing or maiming people.


            So you think by demanding that the government find this cure or that cure, that other people, scientists can save you from yourself, your lifestyle choices. That is pretty selfish and delusional on your part.

            2) HIV / AIDS was known as Gay-bowel-syndrome. This description was given by the medical community, a secular community. Why is it that the gay community got it 1st? Could it be because the gay community is exceptionally promiscuous, has open marriages and engage in risky sex?


            If you look at the “The Optimal Penalty for Sexually Transmitting HIV ” you find that per instance of intercourse anaI sex is 1,000 times more risky than vaginal sex. You should pay attention to the study ,because the gay community ballyhooed another study by the same authors. But I bet you like you statistics only when the benefit you lifestyle choice. So it is not so much pro-science and you find you shamans. You are into scientism.

            Men are like dogs. Also considering that The Left educates most people, it is little wonder that highschoolers read at the 5th grade level, college students at the 8th grade level and more men are going anal.


          • Joseph Miceli

            Silly bigot! You went from a “discussion ” of policy to attacking my sexuality. I’m not playing along with your manipulation. Fuck you, little troll. Any point you make is tainted by animus. Yiu have no power here, Little Troll.

          • Asking “Is your lubricant anti-viral” is a fair question.

            Does a drug taken by itself or say as part of a lubricant, which offers protection against HPV, HIV & hep B, would it also offer protection against Zika or so me other emerging sexual disease?

            Ad hominem attack? Hardly. There are different types of gays. Some just engage in frotting and some are full spectrum. I do not know what kind you are.

            “Yiu[sic] have no power here, Little Troll.”

            Cutesy LOTR reference. My power means nothing. It is the power of Mother Nature you have to consider. All you stupid memes and pontificating your religion will mean nothing to a virus.

          • Joseph Miceli

            Bigot says “what?”
            Little Troll, please keep working your ass off typing away. I haven’t read more than the first line of anything you write. As if this were a dialog! LOL
            Remember, I’m not laughing WITH you, I’m laughing AT you, little Troll!

          • Funny but you do not go through a complete list of comparable politicians.

          • Joseph Miceli

            I don’t have to . 97% of the chicken hawks are on the Republican side . Google it ! Your leaders are morally bankrupt .

          • My leaders are not found on ‘ The Lolita Express’.

            Yours are.

          • Joseph Miceli

            LOL, as if! Dennis Hastert, Mark Kirk….Republicans LOVE them some boy poon tang! Hell, you were probably a Duke fan, too! Republicans, you make me physically ill. Not one fag I’ve ever known has EVER lusted after kids. All the child molesters I’ve ever encountered have been Republitards in Congress.

          • Democrats support Bill Clinton. they give him a pass on prosecution.

            Hastert is not welcomed in Republican circles.

            “All the child molesters I’ve ever encountered have been Republitards in Congress.” – JM
            So you deny knowing about Bernie Ward.

            As strident as your tone has become, you would deny hearing about Bernie.

          • Joseph Miceli

            Silly Troll, Monica Lewinski was not an underage boy. I should call you “Red Herring Troll” for your inability to formulate an actual argument. Oh…and who the ever living fuck is Bernie Ward? Let me Google…Oh for fuck’s sake. Can’t you ever formulate a cogent argument without moving the goal posts. Say…what political office did Bernie Ward (who I have NEVER heard of before this moment, by the way) fill? Answer: he didn’t! YOU support leaders who diddle little boys. Bernie Ward was a radio show host, not a Congress critter. Too bad you won’t admit the problem because then you’d at least be honest. Sad.

          • “Silly Troll, Monica Lewinski was not an underage boy”

            I am talking about liberal, gay talk show host Bernie Ward.

            Another point is that the Left will not tell the truth about any LGBT congressmen, who is a Leftist.

            the Portland and Seattle mayors were not so lucky.

            Dude, seriously, you have to circle the wagons better and protect those mayors so as to protect yourself. Protect the guilty dude. Be consistent. Protect those mayors as well as you protect the congressmen.

          • Joseph Miceli

            The discussion wasn’t about Ernie Ward. You moved the goal posts again, which is what you do every time you don’t want to take responsibility for the pederasts in your Republican Party leadership . Republicans : Second only to the Catholic Church in fucking little boys. It’s good to know what you stand for .

          • It is Bernie Ward not Ernie Ward.

            He was an inspirational leader of your lifestyle movement until you went all 1984 and scrubbed your websites

            Then we have those homosexual west coast mayors doing minors.

            Lot of homosexuals have joined the seminary.

          • Joseph Miceli

            You keep trying to make this about some failed Rachel Maddow wanna be. I don’t care. I didn’t start out discussing him and I won’t change to a new topic because you are incapable of defending the sexual predators in the Republican leadership. Ta ta, little Troll!

          • No I made it about him, 2 gay democrat mayors and more after you brought up Hastert.

            You brought up Hastert and were high fiving yourself. Now you want to run away from Bernie and those Democrat mayors. My god you are a coward.

          • Joseph Miceli

            No, actually, I listed a slew of people you voted for or supported in leadership positions, little troll. I never endorsed any radio personality from the west coast…because that’s all you have. Republicans like to fuck little boys. It’s what you people do. As to being a coward, I served my country and my Army buddies back me up. I have nothing to prove to some morally bankrupt little troll on the net. Fuck you, little Troll. Fuck you very much. 🙂

          • Radio host Bernie was highly admired by the gay community until he got caught and then they scrubbed their websites.

            I believe Bernie worked outside of the West coast. I think I heard of him. Yes, Bernie was a true liberal & highly admired like Harvey Weinstein. At least until the non-liberal Americans found out and then ‘no liberal knew nothing’.

          • Joseph Miceli

            You silly troll, I STILL never heard of him and I don’t care. Ta!

          • You mean you wish you had never heard of him.

          • I have served and have a campaign badge. I do not regret voting for Trump over bathroom server Hillary.

          • Joseph Miceli

            Then you’re an idiot . Jump in the Republican Congress keep trying to cut your benefits. Democrats keep trying to preserve them . You’re either stupid or a fool but having been subjected to your rhetoric you’re probably both .

          • 1) You lie.

            2) You are too stupid to know you are lying.

            3) My benefits have not been cut.

          • Joseph Miceli
          • You should learn to read.

            “The deal, authored by … Patty Murray, Washington Democrat…”

          • Joseph Miceli

            You should learn to stop dishonestly take things out of context, but then if Republicans stopped bearing false witness, you would never speak. This was REPUBLICAN legislation. Republicans control both houses. NOTHING passes without Republican approval.

          • The bill had bipartisan sponsors..

            The bill might tend to have more Republicans vote for it than Democrats to pass, but it hasn’t passed. that it keeps coming up shows something about the state of the U.S. finances.

            Over a quarter of a century ago a general proposed defined contribution instead of define benefit. This problem has been building for a long time.

            In the last analysis the Democrats would vote for welfare over the troops. There are more votes there and the short sighted Democrats would never pass that up.

            If or when it goes to defined contribution instead of defined benefit many, many more people will never re-up. That bodes ill for people that want a safe space to play hide the salami.

          • Joseph Miceli

            Everyone of those bills had overwhelming Republican support and only lost because Dems didn’t play along . Little troll you must think you’re talking to an amateur I follow politics I most people follow football and you are completely full of shit. Remember support tax and spend democrats before supporting borrow and spend Republicans !

          • Democrap

            Tax & spend, raise taxes & spend even more, rinse repeat.

          • Joseph Miceli

            reduce taxes on the rich, borrow from Russia to make up the difference, add to the national debt, rinse and repeat.
            Traitors, every last one of you.

          • I was in the military that was going to fight the USSR.

            A silkworm missile would have had less than a 1 minute flight time to reach my unit.

            Where were you pre-1991 in a BATH HOUSE?

          • Joseph Miceli

            I was in high school. From the sound of it you wish you’d been in a bathhouse getting plugged at both ends, but you were probably diddling some little boy. You are, after all , a conservative. You people are usually hiding something shameful. That’s why you hate everyone else.

          • My unit passed within 6 miles of Iranian Silikworm missiles

            At that range flying at mach .8, their flight time would be less than a minute. So really there would be no warning at all. About the only amount of significant time you have is the time it takes to paint you.
            They carry a one ton warhead. I was not hard to mentally calculate what the resultant damage would be.

            I was in the military that faced the Iranians and the USSR (Russians). So I do not support the Russians. I do support people like Hillary that sell Uranium mining companies to the Russians; so I am not like you.

          • Joseph Miceli

            Again…Don’t care. I mean, I’m glad you found the joys of stimulating your anus later in life, but unlike you people I think that is your business and I say “live and let live.” Now, fuck off little troll.

          • That bird flew about 5 years ago after the gays got what they wanted and then went after more.

            So the culture war continues.

            Only now we have more and more reports of post-op gender-benders changing back and having regrets. This says a lot about your religion of scientism & your shamans.

          • Would Kerry’s war wounds be reportable under OSHA?

            Can Kerry show a scar? “Look guys, here is my 1.2 centimeter scar! I was so scared!”

            Occupational Safety and Health Definitions

            An injury or illness is considered by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to be work-related if an event or exposure in the work environment either caused or contributed to the resulting condition or significantly aggravated a pre-existing condition.

            – Medical treatment (beyond first aid)


          • Joseph Miceli

            See that’s what I’m saying . Fuck you ! You support the troops until they’re democrats , then they’re fair game . You can take your anti-American anti-troops bullshit and shove it right up your ass. I served honorably and I support all the troops : Black white Republican Democrat no matter what . You people sicken me .

          • I read up on Kerry’s wounds.

            You doubt that he could point them out. So you went all ad hominem.

            You and Biff Tannen think alike.

          • “I am stuck on a band aid because a band aid is stuck on me!” – Kerry


          • Joseph Miceli

            So you did not thank Kerry for his service but instead denigrated a hero. I don’t even do that to McCain. Interesting.

          • I could thank Kerry except for the fact that:

            – He did the whole Winter Soldier thang.
            – He received 3 paper cuts, declared them 3 war injuries and then skedaddled from Vietnam.
            To be fair he poured lemon juice onto one of those paper cuts.
            – He compared us to Genghis Khan. It is an unfair comparison and it proves that he is not well read about historical events or he is a shameless liar. Now, if your average Vietnamese after 1975 was 17% Caucasian genetically, he would have a point. As it is he is an idiot or a liar.
            – Kerry is of the Forbes and Dudley–Winthrop families.. They made their money on the China trade.
            Maybe that is one of the reasons Herr Kerry could testify in uniform against the U.S.

          • Clickbait was invented in 2016 to fool you and it did.

            There was no clickbait before 2016.

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          • All the racist stayed with the Democrat Party after 1972.

            Please play again.

          • Joseph Miceli

            Hello little troll. I see you’ve come to play. Too bad you aren’t in your weight class, because tossing around little bitches like you is boring. Saying things like “all the racist (sic!) stayed with the Democrat(sic!) party after 1972” is so patently in denial and so ridiculously stupid that no one really feels the need to rebut it.
            You are a joke that we are laughing at, not with. Ta ta!

          • First, there was a study that proved it.

            Second, the Democrats, arch-liberals 7 wingers cannot point to a policy position that is racist. All they allege is stuff about ‘dog whistles’.

          • Joseph Miceli

            Oh, there was “a study?” One that you conveniently can’t cite and that for all we know was pseudo science from the Heritage Foundation? Puh-leeze! Make me laugh some more.
            As for your second “point” I’m not even going to try. Nazi shit heads like you defend the indefensible and then deny it outright. It is a waste of time to try and convince a racist he’s a racist when we all know he’s a racist.

          • I remember every article I read and can really google.


            I index every article I have read.

            “Oh, there was “a study?” One that you conveniently can’t cite” -JM

            Get effing real.

          • Joseph Miceli

            I just did a little troll . Now go cite it. Dance for me troll

          • 2.814 files in my documents folder. I know I saved it to there. I “ain’t” going to look for it now.

            So in the meantime you can stay willfully ignorant, because I know you would not want to look for anything yourself.

          • Joseph Miceli

            Yawn. I have sources somewhere that say that you like to wear your dog’s Poodle panties. I don’t have time to look to the millions of files that I have to prove that , So you should give me the benefit of the doubt .

          • Studies have been done on Southern racism, but none have been done so far enquiring if you have a predilection for poodles.

          • Joseph Miceli

            My sources say you do. Sad, really…but we all know conservatards are about projection.

          • Joseph Miceli

            Yes! All Bernie supporters must be burnt at the stake! They are the problem… not evil Republicans who want your kids to drop out of grammar school and work in the coal mines. Death to All Bernistas and their “Healthcare for All” foolishness. That isn’t what being a Progressive is about at all!

          • Silver_Witch

            This. Simply this!

          • Silver_Witch

            Ohhh noes the evil BernieBros at it again. Who shall save us

          • There was no clickbait in the 20 years of the internet before Trump arrived.

            Oh my Gosh! We must do something!

      • narutomania

        Or listen to the interview itself, which I did yesterday evening.

        As always, I thought she was well-spoken. And it could never be said that Terry Gross goes easy on her.

    • j.martindale

      Aren’t you assuming that the only basis for challenging the veracity of the election is by challenging the vote count? I don’t know that that would need to be the case. If fraud by way of massive foreign influence and collusion or other criminal behavior were involved, I would think the Supreme Court could listen to an appeal of the election results and demand o new election. The Supreme Court has great liberty in interpreting the Constitution.

      • jonfromcalifornia

        The same Supreme Court that handed the presidency to GW Bush? I don’t think so.

    • BigGuy

      According to Greg Palast, if provisional ballots are counted, Hillary won MI and WI. The provisional ballots were nearly all Blacks with common names who were removed from the election rolls because someone with the same name — in another state — had died or was in jail.

    • Tony Adams

      Sam, the challenge would be to the legitimacy of the Republican candidate, not the vote.

  • Rocco Gibraltar

    You are not helping us.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      The same could be said of Sanders and his followers….and don’t even get me started on the Steinbots…

    • Dramphooey

      She’d be a complete fool to say she wouldn’t challenge the election results when we don’t even know what might be found. Is she supposed to lie so some jerks won’t have anything to talk about on Twitter?

  • Do Something Nice

    I’m one of those people who wish the Sanders/Clinton squabbles would stop and I take a lot of heat here for that.

    BUT, I fully support Clinton in this effort.

    • Todd20036

      They’ll stop when the Bernie bros figure out that an imperfect liberal is better than a Nazi, and not before

      • MarkBuster

        Which one is she?

      • downtownla

        They’ll stop when Third Way Democrats realize the Democratic Party isn’t a kindler, gentler version of the Republican Party. The Republican Party is an extremist right wing organization. You don’t counterbalance them with a moderate, center-left party. The only way you are going to get them to move back to the middle is by pushing hard to the left. It’s basic physics, people. Come on.

      • Do Something Nice

        See, you are part of the problem. Not taking your fucking bait.

        • -M-

          The tone may be strident in a way that is counterproductive, but he’s not wrong. He’s just not taking time to write a complicated disclaimer about the difference between Bernie supporters and anti-Clinton saboteurs aka Bros.

          • Do Something Nice

            A higher percent of Sanders supporters voted for Clinton than Clinton supporters voting for Obama in 2008.

            But don’t let facts derail you petty biases.

          • -M-

            I didn’t knock Sanders supporters.

          • Do Something Nice

            The difference between Sanders saboteurs a Clintonistas who voted for McCain in 2008 is that a higher percentage of Clintonistas betrayed the party.

            Regardless, we need to move on. I get it. I hated Clinton because of her despicable campaign against Obama in 2008 and yet I voted for her.

            We need to move on from these silly, destructive squabbles. And it needs to start with the leadership, Clinton and Sanders.

          • downtownla

            He is wrong. The centrists/moderates in the Democratic party got the candidate they wanted and they lost. The fact is America (and not just the left) didn’t like what they were selling. That’s like the American car companies blaming the Japanese for not buying their products when they made cars that were too big for the Japanese road (and their bodies) and the steering wheel was on the opposite side of the car. Don’t blame the voters (or buyers) for your bad product.

          • Ron Robertson

            Actually, the voters chose Clinton. The electoral college chose trump.

          • downtownla

            True, but the campaign should have known that. In the past, the Democrats have been great at winning fewer states, but counting the electoral votes. (Please see my other response comparing this to basketball. You can’t complain if the other team won because they had more three pointers.) Frankly, I think Hillary lost because she assumed she had MI and PA in the bag. I think when Trump won the Republican nomination, she got over confident. She probably thought there was no way she was going to lose to this buffoon, so if you track all of her big campaign decisions in the general election, she took the safe route, whether that was choosing Tim Kaine, to avoiding large rallies, or not making any big policy statements. As they always say, you should play as if you are two points behind, and in the case, Hillary didn’t do that. She should have been bolder and more aggressive in her campaign.

          • MarkBuster

            We’re going to have to accept more republican presidents unless it changes, and fast. The DNC can’t win a presidential election with NY and Ca only, and the progressives can’t win one without NY and CA. So that leaves scum to sweep up the leftovers.

          • -M-

            She literally got a majority of the votes. In the general election and the primary. A majority of voters liked her better than what the Republicans were selling.

            The Japanese didn’t buy an inferior product out of spite.

          • downtownla

            The best analogy I can think of is basketball. Just because a team gets the most balls in the basketball, doesn’t mean they win. It’s the one who gets the most three-pointers. You can’t rack up the votes in CA and NY and win the election, if you are losing all the SD and ND. The campaign should have known that. As for your comment about the Japanese, I will not respond because, as an Asian American, it makes me a little uncomfortable.

          • -M-

            You brought up the Japanese. All I said was that they made a positive choice to buy products that better suited their needs while in your analogy they would have been buying something even worse just to punish Detroit for making poor products.

            I don’t care about Clinton or the Democrats, but Sanders wasn’t any more entitled to a coronation than she was and I do care about not handing my government or the world’s most powerful military and economy over to fascists and imbeciles. The main point about Clinton or Sanders is even if they’d been the worst president to date they’d have been better than Trump.

          • downtownla

            Sorry, I’m not quite getting the second half of your sentence. Anyway, my point is that you can’t blame the buyers if they don’t like your product, just like you can’t blame the voters if they don’t like your candidate. It is the job of the candidate (and the party) to nominate someone who understands the mood of the country and can articulate the solutions they are looking for. If a candidate fails to do this, as Hillary did, then they will lose. Even in the excerpt I read, she seems to acknowledge that she failed to see the depth of anger out in America.

          • -M-

            I didn’t say she won the election, I was pointing out that you’re analogy of her as a product nobody wanted was wrong because literally more people chose her.

            I also haven’t said that she was the perfect candidate or leader that everyone should worship. Just that the general election was between her and someone far worse for the U.S., all its citizens who aren’t wealthy and quick enough to escape, and the world.

          • downtownla

            Fair enough. Let’s just say not enough people, particularly white voters in key states, liked her enough to win. In terms of the “being better or worse off,” you and I know there is a huge difference, but maybe to lower income folks, they didn’t see much. After all, the Democrats protected Wall Street as much as the Republicans during the bail out. To them, both parties protect and support the uppermiddle class, college-educated people in America. They wanted someone to fight for them and unfortunately, the liar in office understood this better than the Democratic Party.

      • jonfromcalifornia

        I don’t think so. The Bernie bros just want political anarchy and welcome Russian help getting there. No amount of reason is possible with them. Don’t believe me? Just try chatting with any of them or just wait for the inevitable attacks on us for daring to talk about them.

  • Steverino

    Sore loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!1!!!!!!!1!!!!!!! Lock her up!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!

    • jpinphx

      because what we have now is sooooo much better.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    While it’s an idea, the reality is that it’s too late to really make that change. Now, having said that, if and it’s a big IF, Mueller succeeds on showing that Russia did unequivocally fuck with the election (I believe they did), then it does open up the question to not only both houses, but more importantly, the people themselves. What do you do in case like this America? A question that may soon be put to the test.

    • Phillip in L.A.

      There are only a couple remedies, which have been revolved here and in other media outlets ad nauseum: Impeachment (which can only be initiated by the House of Representatives); Amendment XXV (disability).

      If there are others, I’d LOVE to hear about them!

      • Jean-Marc in Canada

        As would I.

      • RoFaWh

        Power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

        — Mao-tse Tung

      • Mark_in_MN

        Responding to foreign intervention in the election could also include things other than effectively changing those who currently hold office (no matter how appealing or appropriate that might be). We could see law to protect the security of election systems, for example. We could see constitutional amendments that change the election system to direct popular vote or provide for instant runoff voting in direct popular election. There could be instituted a constitutional mechanism for calling a new election in certain circumstances. (Each of these possibilities seem to be less likely than the one before it, however.)

        • Phillip in L.A.

          Agree; although I don’t see any need for any constitutional amendments now. Protecting the security of election systems seems like a top priority to me

  • Ross

    OF COURSE Russia likely hacked the vote.


    With everything else we now know they did, why would they create ONE line not to cross????????

    • -M-

      I don’t put it past what the Republicans would do either.

      • Ross



  • danolgb

    Click-baity headline needs to be called out. Read the actual interview. There’s a difference in what she said versus what the headline says.

    • gaycuckhubby

      Yeah, kinda agree

  • Akrontru

    Christ, can you imagine the long-term repercussions from the willfully ignorant if their Lord of Idiots were deposed, either by impeachment, the 25th amendment, or an almost unimaginable court ruling as to the validity of the election?

    At least part of Trump’s win is because of the backlash against Obama/black people, and queers.

    Just look at us here. Sanders people, like me, resent the DLC and the DNC. Even though we (reluctantly) voted Clinton, we have to listen to your vitriol. You Clinton supporters resent us for all of the myriad reasons constantly posted here.

    So, we have resentments that may never be fucking healed. Not good for the country, huh? Maybe we should start promoting our issues.

    • Ross

      I am fine that you supported Bernie.

      And I am glad you voted for Hillary.

      I am NOT fine with Bernie supporters who voted for The Ass or third party. I am NOT fine with Bernie supporters who post lies, even today, about Hillary (She stole the primary!).

    • -M-

      We only resent the ones who helped elect Donnie scumbag by not voting for Clinton in the general election or tearing her down and helping spread Putin’s disinformation. If you could only support her as the lesser of two evils that’s for you to judge, the people who can’t admit that she’s at worst the lesser evil compared to Trump or the Republican Congress though deserve as much scorn as the other deplorables.

  • abqdan

    She’s right – there is no constitutional remedy, other than impeachment for ‘high crimes’. Rigging the election would certainly be a high crime. Impeachment might fly against Trump, but not against Pence; and even if both could be successfully impeached, we’d end up with President Ryan! We need to concentrate on 2018 and 2020 – there’s no point in being like a gang of football supporters yelling ‘we were robbed’. Yes, we were, but nothing is going to cause the election to be re-staged, or for Clinton to be awarded the Presidency. So let’s concentrate on a winnable strategy going forward.

    • Ross

      You wrote: “We need to concentrate on 2018 and 2020…”

      And: “…there’s no point in being like a gang of football supporters yelling ‘we were robbed.”

      You don’t get it.

      You REALLY don’t get it.

      If the 2016 election was stolen, and we do nothing about it, HOW THE FUCK DO YOU THINK WE WILL EVER HAVE LEGIT ELECTIONS AGAIN???????

      Jesus fucking Christ!

      • Beagle

        We have to start paying attention to 2018. The primaries will be on us in a few months. Now is the time to plow the fields (if I may be forgiven the metaphor) so we can harvest a bumper crop in November 2018.

        As for 2016, I’m not sure what we CAN do at the moment, other than wait for Mueller’s findings. At the least, it’s currently relatively easy for the Dumpsters to cry fake news or sour grapes, and get at least the bit of the doubt from the persuadable. If Mueller finds hanky panky, it becomes harder to present that defense to sane people.

        • Ross

          You are not getting it.

          If 2016 was stolen (as I have always believed it was) then why do you assume 2018 won’t also be stolen? And 2020?

          NOTHING is more important than securing our elections.

          • He gets it just fine. The problem is that even if we could prove that the election results were tampered with, there in no mechanism in our constitution to change the outcome. I’m for investigating this because there were crimes committed and people should be prosecuted for those. But we can win back the House in 2018 IF people show up and vote. Yes, there will be shenanigans but not enough if we turn out.

          • Ross

            No, he’s not getting it.

            And neither are you.

            If we just ignore what may have happened in 2016, it WILL happen again in 2018 and 2020.

            NOTE: I am not advocating for changing the outcome of 2016. Although I wish there was a way. I am advocating for people to open their minds to the idea that our elections may have been compromised, and then DEMAND an investigation.

          • And NO ONE here is saying we shouldn’t have a full investigation. Not only the Russians but also there seems to be some evidence of tampering with the voting machines. Maybe if we’d fully investigated what happened in Ohio in 2004 we wouldn’t be in this mess now.

          • Ross

            No one here is saying we shouldn’t have a full investigation?

            Sorry, but abqdan stated, seemingly, otherwise:

            …there’s no point in being like a gang of football supporters yelling ‘we were robbed.’

            Oh, I agree with you about 2004. And nobody did anything about that, either.

        • Mark_in_MN

          Why can’t attention be paid to both issues, and both concerns be seen as important and vital? Where does this idea that onlynone issue at a time can occupy us come from?

      • JCF

        I don’t hear abqdan (and speaking personally, certainly not myself) saying “do nothing about it”. Rather, use what we’ve learned/what we continue to learn—what we learn, hopefully, at trial by Mueller!—and apply it it to 2017/2018.

        Because the Russians aren’t going away. They’re trying this BS again.

        • Ross

          The following translates into do nothing about it:

          …there’s no point in being like a gang of football supporters yelling ‘we were robbed.’

    • Mark_in_MN

      An admittedly far fetched scenario, but one that is within the realm of the possible even if it is improbable, could go like this: The Trump presidency becomes untenable and impeachment (short of his resignation) looms, while a Pence presidency is also deemed untenable. A political settlement is reached that would involve Trump’s leaving office by impeachment or resignation, Pence naming a new vice-president that would be acceptable to Democratic members of Congress (either a member of the Democratic Party or an actually moderate Republican that would be interested in a functioning government), and then Pence leaving office by choice with threat of impeachment if he does not. Again, this is far fetched and has an infitesimal chance of actually happening, but it is a possible scenario under the constitution.

  • houstonray

    There’s a big difference in doing something about it (which we most likely can’t) and questioning the legitimacy of the outcome.

    Forever in history may Donald Trump’s name in the history books have an asterisk by his name with the footnote that Hillary Clinton was the legitimate winner.

  • JT

    A stolen election deserves the most painstaking investigation into it.

    • Ross

      Agreed! But people are INCREDIBLY resistant to the idea.

      Even people on JMG.

      • Barry William Teske

        That is not democracy.
        Or best said.
        What is the hurry buddy?

        • Ross

          What is the hurry?


  • MikeBx2
    • And it’s true but as Clinton herself said, there’s no constitutional process for a challenge at this stage. Lots of people may – and should – wind up in jail, but there’s sadly no realistically plausible scenario for her to be our President. Which makes me sad.

      • TCinBerkeley

        Agreed and even if Pence does get impeached in the whole kerfuffle, the next in line is Ryan, which wouldn’t be the worst thing since the country views him as incompetent already, but I would rather it was Pelosi or any other Dem.

        • Mark_in_MN

          The next in line could also be whoever is appointed to the vacant vice presidency (which would occur if Pence were to become president or if he were to resign or be removed from the VP’s office), and accepted by a majority of both houses of Congress under the 25th Amendment. If the Democratic Party can gain one or both houses of Congress in 2018, and such a vacancy were to occur after the new Congress were seated, that would mean needing to find someone acceptable to Democrats or at least a coalition of Democrats and Republicans.

          • TCinBerkeley

            You are correct. I was thinking (wishfully?) if Trump and Pence were impeached as a unit.

        • -M-

          I think the situation calls for a care taker president who is not a Republican and a new election as soon as possible. [Yes, I know that isn’t going to happen.]

        • Snarky

          Well, we’re just a few months into Mueller’s inquiry. If there’s an impeachment of both Trump and Pence, it probably wouldn’t happen while the House is still majority GOP – it would have to be after the Dems take a majority in 2018, which is far from guaranteed. If all that does happen, at least Ryan would be back in the minority by then, and we’d have a President Pelosi.

          • Silver_Witch

            Which Democrats will be taking the majority in 2018? Ahh to live in a bubble must be grand.

          • Snarky

            Just to be clear, who do you think is living in a bubble?

          • Silver_Witch

            Anyone who believes democrats will take the majority in 2018.

          • Snarky

            Reading comprehension is fun, you should try.

  • The headline is misleading. There’s a big difference, legally, between challenging and question. Clinton was first asked if she would challenge, and she said that there was no constitutional process for that. She was then asked if she would question the legitimacy of outcome, which of COURSE she would. Publicly questioning the legitimacy of an election if fraud and foreign collusion has been proven is one thing. But it’s not the same as a legal challenge. There’s no procedent for a legal challenge after the Electoral College’s votes have Ben ratified by Congress.

    • Lars Littlefield

      Exactly. Thanks for pointing that out.

    • Barry William Teske

      I don’t understand…is that a flaw?

  • netxtown

    If i were her….I don’t think I would have even stepped in to this fray. Mueller’s investigation will take all of it as far as it needs to go – and hopefully enough damaging evidence to make actual criminal charges stick for convictions. I don’t think donnie can skate through unscathed. Getting revenge can’t be the goal – getting rid of him and his entire regime is.

  • Lazycrockett

    If you listen to the interview shes is not saying she would personally call it out, she said she was done, she was saying in general that it wouldn’t be ruled out. Or thats the way I took it.

  • MarkBuster

    OMG.. I’ve had lost boys that are better at staying gone!

    • Lars Littlefield

      Sounds like we’d all benefit if you got lost, too.

      • Ross

        I second your beneficial hope.

    • Barry William Teske

      Well at least you admit they are gone?

  • Lars Littlefield

    I listened to Gross’ interview with Clinton this afternoon driving back from a long hike. Clinton filled me with reassurance that as long as there are people like her and the majority of us in the Democrat Party, we’ll recover from the damage of suffering a Trump presidency. I believe NPR has Terry’s interview available for free at their web site. Everyone who is a responsible adult needs to listen to it. Clinton was very impressive. So nice to hear an adult speak for once. Remember what that was like?

  • j.martindale

    Don’t know why the Supreme Court couldn’t take the evidence of voter fraud and make a decision to demand a new election. Is America bound by an illegitimate election to suffer through four years of an illegitimate president?

    • THIS supreme court? The same balance of justices that gave us the Bush v Gore decision?

      • -M-


      • stevenj

        A Republican Judicial coup.

    • Mark_in_MN

      What provision of the Constitution even remotely suggests such an option? And wouldn’t this likely be seen as a political question, and a matter for the Congress to address in the Electoral Congress procedures, which are over and done?

      • -M-

        Nothing rules it out. And since the point of an election is to have the will of the people determine the winner, evidence that the process had been seriously subverted should be grounds to invalidate results.

      • j.martindale

        I wouldn’t call it a political question, but a criminal question, which is the proper jurisdiction of the courts. But I agree that it is unlikely.

        • Mark_in_MN

          There might be criminal activity associated with the matter on the part of certain individuals. The criminal matter would pertain to those individuals and the charges and proceedings related to those charges. The outcome of the election itself, however, would probably be regarded as a political matter, unless there is clear path for the court to weigh in as prescribed by law. I know of no such path.

    • Barry William Teske

      Why it is not almost but only criminal…

  • boobert

    She can do whatever she wants. Just think of what the windbag would do if she had one.

  • fuzzybits

    All I can say is,”Hillary please have good security.”

  • Michael

    Voter fraud? How about the primary?

    I know the Clintonites on here don’t want to hear it but a true neck to neck race would be exactly like a coin toss, a “toss up.” The fact she won EVERY neck to neck race against Sanders in the primaries is proof she rigged and stole the primary from him.

    • Ross

      This morning I asked that you offer supporting documentation from a credible source to back up your neck-to-neck claim.

      You did not respond.

      So I ask again.

      • stevenj

        Looks like a hit and run.

        • Ross


    • Mark_in_MN

      The “toss up” is a matter of prediction and the uncertaintainties of poll sampling. The actual primaries are not random coin tosses. It certainly does not prove and rigging or stealing of the outcome, nor does it even constitute any real evidence. This also doesn’t mean that allegations of the primaries being “rigged and stole[n]” are necessarily false, either. It’s just not evidence that they were. A more realistic and evidenctiary based reading is simply that Clinton had larger support than Sanders did, even if it was sometimes within the ability to measure and predict possible (not certain) outcomes through polling or any other source of actual evidence.

      • -M-

        Also Clinton won actual primaries while Sanders’ delegates largely came from riggable, biased straw poll caucuses with much smaller sample sizes.

        • Friday

          And Trump supporters crossing primaries to vote against Clinton.

    • -M-

      No it wouldn’t. No it isn’t.
      1) Polling can only measure apparent closeness of a race to a rough approximation. A fifty-fifty toss up election is not guaranteed to have an equal chance of going either way, it just means the apparent support that the polls measure is equal to within however many percentage points the poll is believed to be accurate, so there could in fact easily be a several percentage point difference that the polls aren’t accurate enough to pickup.

      2) Elections are not uncorrelated events like coin tosses.

      3) Even assuming we were tossing a coin for each race, every specific sequence of results (like win first, lose second; lose first, win second; win both; and lose both) is equally likely. The average number of total wins is more likely to be about half only because there are more combinations like that than there are for zero wins or zero losses, but even with a fair coin any number of consecutive heads can happen and sometimes will. You need more than a handful of trials before you can expect statistical noise to average out.

      Now quit peddling conspiracy theories that prey on ignorance and innumeracy to create division. And if that’s not your only goal then promote the policies and candidates you support instead of smearing others with baseless accusations.

    • Barry William Teske


    • Dinz6315

      That word, “proof.” I do not think it means what you say it means.

  • Neal Broverman

    Hillary is smart enough to know it would be nearly impossible to overturn an election; even one as filthy as last year’s. That said, she was robbed and she should continue to act as proxy prez until 2020–giving interviews and challenging Herr Drumpf’s megalomania. When she was on Maddow, she was basically telling the State Dept. how to handle North Korea (and mentioned she regularly communicates with people there, so maybe she’s already involved).

    • Ross

      Hillary is concerned that if 2016 was hacked, so, too, will be 2018 and 2020.

      I agree with her concerns.

      • customartist


  • LesbianTippingHabits

    Well, the key to success – in the court of public opinion – is for Hillary and Huma to start tipping generously for good service, for a change.

    Remember, tips are good karma. And karma never lies.

    And only the wait staff knows for sure. Thank you.

    • Ross

      Do you suffer from a brain injury?

      • LesbianTippingHabits

        No, I just like to promote good karma and positive energy, through tipping generously for good service. Try it; it will change your life, in a positive way.

        Thank you.

        • Ross

          I fail to understand how endlessly repeating the same tired shtick here on JMG promotes positive energy.

          NOTE: I have been an excellent tipper for four decades. And I never blather about it.

          NOTE: I am a bit concerned for your karma.

          • LesbianTippingHabits

            Thank you for your concern, and for tipping generously for good service.

          • Ross

            Yep. Brain injury.

    • Barry William Teske

      What kind if tip exactly?
      Inquiring citizens would like to know.
      Thats a tip yes?

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    The problem is that constitutionally there is no provision for this. It would end up in front of the SCOTUS and Gorusch would need to recuse himself, something I doubt he would do.

    • Ross

      You, like so many people, are missing the point.

      Hillary did not say she supported overturning the election results.

      Rather, she would support trying to ascertain if the election was legit.

      Because if 2016 was not legit, then why presume 2018 and 2020 will be?

      • customartist

        But currently serving Republican Politicians do not even care to look at our long term national integrity. They do not DO what they have been elected to do – protect the citizenry. They only seek to keep their seats, padding their own personal wallets. “Me, me, me!”

  • lucadrian

    The electoral college didn’t think so. Might as well get rid of it too.

    • The only way to do this is via a Constitutional Amendment and this is highly unlikely at the current time — not unless both parties agree, and even then, smaller states are not going to want to give up their edge in Proportional Electors even though Wyoming with 3 electoral votes rarely gets a visit from a Presidential Candidate except when they have a Vice President (Dick Cheney) on the ballot. BTW I think the voluntary plan to eliminate the electoral college is hogwash — I simply would not trust any state won by the Republicans to voluntary vote for a Democratic Candidate if it came down to it at the end.

  • Barry William Teske

    Is this for real?
    I would think that a ‘what you haven’t already?
    Or is democracy only afforded to those who ‘might’ be right?

  • leastyebejudged

    I wish she’d stop making my vote for her look more and more absurd.

    • I love dim sum

      Hillary makes my Green Party vote look more and more justified.

      It’s like she’s trying to get a second term for Trump.

      • customartist

        Thanks for contributing to our loss.

        • I love dim sum

          Hillary Clinton is the only person responsible for her loss.

          And if you think guilting me is going to accomplish anything, I’ll let you know right now I’m voting Green Party in 2018 and 2020. I changed my registration from Democratic to Green last year.

          • customartist

            It will be interesting to see how that works out for ya

          • The_Wretched

            bugger off troll.

        • The_Wretched

          with a name like ” i love dim sum” and a negligible posting record, it’s a troll.

    • customartist

      I see nothing wrong with what she is saying, but in fact correct.

      • leastyebejudged

        Of course you don’t, that’st he problem, you have you head so far up your ass all you can see is your colon.

  • Richard, another Canuck

    This makes me giddy. I was flying across the continent today, and this is the first story I have seen. I’m still with her!!

  • Steve Teeter

    You know, there’s one thing about this Russia scandal that nobody seems to have the nerve to say. Not just the pundits and politicians, but even here. Everyone talks and talks about whether Russia “interfered” with the election or “tampered” with the election. Well and good, so far as it goes. But what I want to know is whether the Russians decided the election. That’s the word nobody dares use. And it’s the one thing most worth knowing.

    • customartist

      I believe that while it may be a daunting task, excellent attorneys could collect already existing and reliable political research, and then determine with convincing certainty just how much advertising it takes to accomplish varying degrees of political results.

  • customartist

    When it is commonly known fact that Russians not only hacked the DNC, but they also hacked States’ election systems, then summarily how can anyone make the categorical assertion that there was “no affect” on election results. How do those persons making such claims, Tumpites and Republicans, prove their assertions? I say that they cannot.

    Those individuals making such claims do so at the risk of American freedom and national security, and for the benefit of their own personal political positions.

    In addition to this, there is not only circumstantial evidence of collusion between many Trump allies and the Russian Government, but a preponderance of circumstantial evidence.

  • J Ascher

    It’s too little, too late, Hillary. At least Gore knew enough to challenge questionable results timely.

  • Remember when she was horrified that Donald Trump may not accept the results? Yeah – hypocrite.

    • StudioTodd

      Hillary said she didn’t know if there was a constitutional way to challenge the results, but if it was determined that there was illegal interference which affected the results, she wouldn’t rule out a challenge. Trump’s threats to challenge the results if he lost was based on his ego. Big difference.

      Go peddle your bullshit somewhere else…no one’s buying it here.

      • Yes big difference – Clinton is as humble as they come.

        • StudioTodd

          You’re just talking shit…Clinton is immeasurably more humble than Trump. There’s no comparison.

          • She wrote a book about how everyone but her fucked up. Not too humble.

          • StudioTodd

            You have obviously not read the book.

            Also, she could write 10 books all praising her campaign speeches and taste in pant suits and she would still be more humble than Trump.

          • I read enough.

          • StudioTodd

            No, you haven’t. Not if you’re still spreading the lie that she claims in the book that “everyone but her fucked up.”

            You become less credible with every response. Please, go on….