Fox News Will No Longer Air In Britain

CNN reports:

Rupert Murdoch and his sons are pulling Fox News off the air in Britain. The network’s parent company, 21st Century Fox, has announced that the controversial news channel will no longer be broadcast in the U.K. after failing to attract an audience. The network has also become a lightning rod for critics seeking to spoil the Murdochs’ planned $15 billion takeover of Sky, the top pay TV provider in the U.K.

“Fox News is focused on the U.S. market and designed for a U.S. audience and, accordingly, it averages only a few thousand viewers across the day in the U.K.,” 21st Century Fox said in a statement. “We have concluded that it is not in our commercial interest to continue providing Fox News in the U.K.,” it added. 21st Century Fox (FOX) said the network’s final broadcast in the U.K. would be Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. local time.

The decision to jettison the network in Britain could help insulate 21st Century Fox from criticism as it seeks to win approval for its takeover of Sky. U.K. culture secretary Karen Bradley said in June that she was likely to refer 21st Century Fox’s purchase of Sky for an additional review, setting the merger up for many additional months of delays.

U.K. media regulator Ofcom ruled in June that the Murdochs and 21st Century Fox qualified as “fit and proper” holders of a U.K. broadcast license. But it also said it had found evidence of “significant failings” at Fox News.

There’s much more about the Sky angle at the link.

  • Tawreos

    Now if they would just follow suit here at home, the world would be a much better and eventually smarter place.

  • Todd20036

    Britain, congrats!

    • KarenAtFOH

      They will tune their propaganda and pump it out over Sky. Britain, beware!

    • Jeffg166

      They know shite when the see it.

  • fastlanestranger

    “After failing to attract an audience.” sigh oh America

    • james1200
      • Todd20036

        LOL. James and the Bigly Peach!

        • justme

          more like an alligator pear…

        • GinaVLee

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      • Nowhereman


        • BarbaraMSylvestre

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          • Nowhereman

            Go do the impossible with the unavailable. And you should talk to your coworkers. They are getting $99 per hour. And what is with the effing land rovers. go away Spammard.

    • ChrisMorley

      It deluded as many as 2000 people in 24 hours in the UK.

    • Skokieguy [Larry]

      I read the headline and assumed (wishful thinking) that maybe they had their license pulled and were blocked from broadcasting for not being news or for promoting hate speech. Frankly I’m disappointed it was strictly a financial decision.

      • Paul Duca

        Money is sometimes the only thing that gets through to certain people…

  • Paula

    Damn!! Congrats, GB!!!

  • FAEN

    They had this faux BS in the U.K.? Oy!!!

  • Adam King

    Britain has sufficient home-grown idiots; they don’t need ours.

    • Todd20036

      Ah, but OUR idiots make great floatation devices in an emergency

  • “…a few thousand viewers across the day in the U.K.”

    Really, it comes down to the money.

    • MaryJOGrady

      Also, broadcasting authorities in the UK were and are not all sure they want the UK’s premier pay TV purveyor run by Murdoch, who owns the most sensational and scandal-ridden (as in staff facing criminal charges for obstruction of justice) newspapers in the UK and who ruined the “Times of London” quite predictably when they took that over years ago. Taking Fox News off British TV screens is a gesture toward cleaning up the Murdoch image, as well as pulling the plug on a money-loser.

      • Adam King

        Murdoch has a bucket he keeps neglecting to kick.

  • Tomcat

    The Brits are smarter than 30% of Americans for sure.

  • Tomcat

    Britain already has Royalty, they don’t need to be bothered by ours.

  • I.Smith

    Cue Hannity or other idiot claiming the Left have forced Fox News out of UK violating the first amendment.

    • Tomcat

      I will be happy to take the credit.

    • It’s not enough that we gave them Russia.

    • Frostbite

      How dare they? Why do they hate freedom so much?

    • Adam King

      Those Brits have no respect for the Constitution!

    • Nowhereman

      That is funny on so many levels.

  • Hank

    Just wish the same would happen in the US!!!

    • Tomcat

      Not as long as 90% of businesses have cable but only show Fox on it.

      • The_Wretched

        Always ask the business if it can be changed. Enough people ask, and it will be.

  • Tawreos

    They are exporting Fox News and people wonder why the rest of the world hates us.

  • AmeriCanadian

    Now if only Canada would remove the stinking propaganda channel from its cable and satellite lineups!

    • Tomcat

      And the US.

      • AmeriCanadian

        I’m afraid there is little hope for the U.S. ever coming to its senses regarding Faux News.

        • Adam King

          As my generation continues to drop dead, you youngsters might have some hope.

          • Tomcat

            Hell, there is a whole new generation of haters out there just waiting to play in the shit and stir the stink.

          • Adam King

            They should only drop dead too.

          • Tomcat

            Preferably before breeding replacements.

          • Tomcat

            There was not any old white men in the hate rallies lately, they just provide the basements they live in.

          • Adam King

            Their knees aren’t up to all that marching, and their elbows and shoulders no longer serve for holding things aloft.

          • Tomcat

            The only hope for America is diversity.
            Diversity allows people to learn to get along together peacefully.

          • Adam King

            A thousand upvotes.

          • JAX

            It’s a start.

    • prixator

      I doubt that it gets much more viewership than it did in Britain. On my cable system, it costs extra to subscribe and I assume it’s the same with other providers.

      I’d prefer that they remove themselves.

      • AmeriCanadian

        You are correct. It is rarely (if ever) offered on the basic tier. But at the same time, MSNBC (when offered) is also in the higher tiers that come at additional cost.

    • kaydenpat

      I wonder how many people actually watch it in Canada. When I was in Montreal, the locals I spoke with were very pleased with Trudeau so I doubt that kind of Rightwing bullocks pushed by FN works well up there.

      • AmeriCanadian

        My guess is that it’s very popular in Alberta, Canada’s Texas.

        • kaydenpat

          Probably not enough to make it profitable. If my memory serves me correctly, most Canadians live in Quebec and Ontario.

  • boobert

    If only the people is the US had that much sense!

    • james1200


      MSNBC Ranks as No. 1 Cable Network in Total Viewers for First Time Ever

      “Across all of broadcast in primetime, Wednesday’s episodes of “The Rachel Maddow Show” and “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” were among the top 10 shows of the night in total viewers, with Maddow averaging 3.25 million viewers at 9 p.m. and O’Donnell averaging 2.54 million at 10. They were both the highest-rated and most-watched cable news programs in their respective time slots, with Maddow also nabbing 778,00 viewers in the key demo and O’Donnell nabbing 597,000.”

      • Stev84

        MSNBC is veering hard right though

        • james1200

          You can’t be serious! You can call them moderate during the day (though moderates that brutalize Trump even during their regular newscast) but at night? Rachel is a progressive and Lawrence is an admitted Socialist and even Brian Williams spends his hour trolling the shit out of Trump. There is no one on that network that doesn’t bash the shit out of Trump day in day out, starting with Morning Joe, who may be a Republican but he sure doesn’t act like it anymore.

          • another_steve

            Aside from Scarborough’s obnoxious persona, his show is watchable again.

            He’s emerged as one of MSNBC’s most vocal critics of Trump.

          • james1200

            He’s also brutally against things that you would think a conservative is for, like Trump’s hardline on immigration. Joe is outraged by it and has been brutalizing Trump and Arpaio, who he keeps calling a criminal thug. Maybe he’s trying to atone for his past sins, maybe it’s Mika’s influence but he’s been one of the heroes in all this.

          • another_steve

            You know, I assume, that he switched parties and is now an Independent.

            He’s one of the dying breed of non-theofascist conservatives. Not a social conservative, which most of the Republican Party is today.

          • CottonBlimp

            Don’t read too much into that. Switching to “independent” is what the Republicans always do after they’ve fucked up the country. Remember all those “independents” in the tea party?

            Joe Scarborough is just a fucking windsock.

          • Librarykid

            More like a used scumbag.

          • Librarykid

            If it is Mika’s influence, the man is whipped.

          • Stev84

            Sure, they have some progressives And they’re doing well. But the owner hasn’t made any secret of wanting the network to be another Fox. It’s why they’ve hired so many former Fox anchors.

          • james1200

            Those are rumors from months ago and they’ve since reupped Phil Griffin as the head of MSNBC. He’s the one that hired Rachel and Lawrence and moved them left a decade ago. Why would they want to be like a network they’re beating the shit out of?

          • Paul Duca

            They have dumped Greta Van Sustern

          • Librarykid

            The right wingers they have brought in make me change the channel.

        • another_steve

          Not the 8 pm – midnight EST lineup.

          And certainly not Joy Ann Reid.

      • Lumpy Gaga

        And just at this critical juncture…. MSNBC shows previously available on my tablet with the Xfinity app (Comcast) are now not because I’m not “on my home Wi-Fi network.”

        Which was a surprise to me.

        • james1200

          They upload most of Rachel and Lawrence and the other hosts, as well as their regular newscasts, to their YouTube channel.

          • Lumpy Gaga

            That’s good news because their website under Chrome for mobile jumps around LAMF. I felt like I was playing a video game, trying to select a single RM clip last night. (Oh nooo! Watch out for the Matthews!)

          • Lazycrockett

            For while you could watch AM Joy in its entirety on their site, but after it got popular they started chomping it up also. SMGDH.

          • Lazycrockett

            After Drumpf got elected you could start finding their shows on torrent sites here and there, now the prime time is on the sites daily.

      • Librarykid

        I wonder why Rachel used to be rebroadcast at 4AM which is when I watched it while getting ready for work and now, at that time slot, it is the 11th Hour which does not interest me at all. I wonder if there is some jealousy at MSNBC over her big numbers.

  • safari
  • Jonathan Smith
  • Lars Littlefield

    Shed some tears.
    Heave some sighs.
    FAUX News can’t tell more lies
    In Britain.


  • Moebym of the Returners

    I showed a home to some buyers yesterday, and the owners had left the TV on Fox News. It’s a downside to living in a conservative part of town.

  • Nowhereman

    The headlines I’d like to see: “Fox News no longer airing in the US do to increased efforts in public education and an overall lack of interest in fake news.”

  • William

    Putin stopped paying Murdoch?

  • -M-

    Just say no.

  • Tomcat
  • JWC

    Ewh Mah goodness we are not amused

  • barrixines

    Nothing to cheer about here. Sky News already pushes it as far as British broadcasting rules allow. It’s already Fox-light. Murdoch’s newspapers in the UK are far more toxic than anything you have in the US. This is just a stunt to guarantee that the British government hands over even more media control to this foreign provocateur. There has been no more destructive and malign influence on British political life than this evil bastard.

    • justme

      It’s not FAUx but have you seen the Enquirer
      It’s still the rag of choice on the right..
      Hillary is still getting a beating..
      Wish some lawyers would get together and start a law suit for her..

      • Gianni

        I’m not sure whether it’s the owner or editor of the Enquirer who is a friend of Trump and doesn’t fail to praise him at every opportunity. Stands to reason they’d keep trashing Hillary.

    • Robert Pierce

      Paul Dacre is another one, editor in chief of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, DMG Media, Metro tabloid and others. An evil force backing Brexit. Incidentally, the Daily Mail is registered in Bermuda, a tax haven. The Daily Mail or Fail as it is often called once promoted Hitler during the 1930s under Lord Rothermere’s watch who flirted with Hitler and Mussolini. The Rothermere dynasty weren’t that much better than Murdoch.

  • Johnny Wyeknot

    The U.K. Has enough problems without Fox.

  • another_steve

    Please don’t call it a “news channel.”

    A “propaganda channel” is more like it.

  • Tomcat

    Britain still has their tabloids if they want FAKE NEWS.

  • safari
    • kaydenpat

      Somebody please take me away now!! **buries face in shame**

    • Tor

      Please tell me it’s the Onion.

    • Treant


    • AmeriCanadian

      “We won’t say congratulations. We don’t want to do that. We’ll congratulate each other when it’s all finished.”

      • ZhyKitty

        Oh, the shame of it…

    • Friday

      “Atop this firetruck?” More like hiding behind two of them. 🙂

  • Gustav2
  • Tomcat
    • Halou

      Todd Starnes vomiting onto his keyboard again and publishing whatever comes out of it.

  • kaydenpat

    “the controversial news channel will no longer be broadcast in the U.K. after failing to attract an audience.”

    Go U.K.! Just another reason to love the British.

  • Snownova

    UK education standards are too high to breed a FOX news audience. And I say that despite Brexit.

  • Hue-Man

    I was introduced today to George Grosz’s “Pillars of Society”.
    Journalism is represented at left, the Judiciary in front, the Political class on the right, and top left is Religion, all supporting the military in the background. Instead of late 1930s, it dates from 1926…but could well be 2017 USA.

  • Bj Lincoln

    The Brits are educated and know bull shit when they hear it. Not surprised no one watches it.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    While Fox Noise is available in Canada via specialty cable, it’s not very popular. Our own version, SUN News lasted about a year before it went belly up. Even Rebel News is flailing because it can’t find an audience. It’s true, when you have a more educated populace, the far right nor the far left, can gain any real traction.

    • CottonBlimp

      When you have an educated populace, the “far left” are the moderates.

  • JCF

    How the message was delivered to Murdoch:

  • andrew

    Sadly Fox news realizes that there are not as many stupid people in the UK as in the USA.

    • Girlgoon

      I’m sad over this country’s collective stupidity, I’ll get my news from the BBC.

  • These days a “Simpsons” parody of Fox News contains more factually correct information than an actual Fox News broadcast.

  • Marti386

    “Fox News is focused on the U.S. market and designed for a U.S. audience”

    Translation: It’s designed for idiots. Because we Americans are a special kind of stupid.