MSNBC’s Morning Joe Team Blasts Back In Washington Post Op-Ed: Donald Trump Is An “Unmoored” Liar

MSNBC’s Morning Joe team blasts back in a WaPo op-ed:

President Trump launched personal attacks against us Thursday, but our concerns about his unmoored behavior go far beyond the personal. America’s leaders and allies are asking themselves yet again whether this man is fit to be president. We have our doubts, but we are both certain that the man is not mentally equipped to continue watching our show, “Morning Joe.”

The president’s unhealthy obsession with our show has been in the public record for months, and we are seldom surprised by his posting nasty tweets about us. During the campaign, the Republican nominee called Mika “neurotic” and promised to attack us personally after the campaign ended.

This year, top White House staff members warned that the National Enquirer was planning to publish a negative article about us unless we begged the president to have the story spiked. We ignored their desperate pleas. Mr. Trump claims that we asked to join him at Mar-a-Lago three nights in a row. That is false. He also claimed that he refused to see us. That is laughable.

The president-elect invited us both to dinner on Dec. 30. Joe attended because Mika did not want to go. After listening to the president-elect talk about his foreign policy plans, Joe was asked by a disappointed Mr. Trump the next day if Mika could also visit Mar-a-Lago that night. She reluctantly agreed to go.

After we arrived, the president-elect pulled us into his family’s living quarters with his wife, Melania, where we had a pleasant conversation. We politely declined his repeated invitations to attend a New Year’s Eve party, and we were back in our car within 15 minutes.

Mr. Trump also claims that Mika was “bleeding badly from a face-lift.” That is also a lie. Putting aside Mr. Trump’s never-ending obsession with women’s blood, Mika and her face were perfectly intact, as pictures from that night reveal.

And though it is no one’s business, the president’s petulant personal attack against yet another woman’s looks compels us to report that Mika has never had a face-lift. If she had, it would be evident to anyone watching “Morning Joe” on their high-definition TV.

  • Tawreos

    It really is too bad that facts don’t matter to Trump or his supporters. As long as they don’t care, refuting any story will be a pointless endeavor.

  • Dejerrity

    I just watched them on Morning Joe a little while ago…both Mika and Joe were calm, poised and direct. A stark contrast with Trump.

    They also completely shredded the orange one.

    • FAEN

      They were BUT they also helped build this insanity were living in.

      • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

        During this whole story, I’m reminded that bleeding facelift or not, they were still at fucking Mar-a-Lago for New Year’s Eve.

        • FAEN

          Exactly. Not sure why they’re complaining about it now.

        • GayOldLady

          I’m no fan of Morning Joe, but from what I’ve read they were there to try to get an on-air interview with President Elect. Obviously POTUS tweeted outright lies about them. Joe went to Mar a Lago one night alone because Mika didn’t want to go. Trump invited him back and requested Mika’s presence. She went reluctantly. He then invited them both to the New Year’s Eve party and they declined. In other words, every fucking word Trump tweeted was a LIE. Mika had no plastic surgery. They provided photos to prove that. They did not beg Trump for a visit, they were invited by Trump. He’s a pathological liar and a SEXIST PIG. He needs to be removed from Office by the 25th Amendment because he is MENTALLY unstable and a danger to our Democracy.

          • GeneInSJ

            I keep waiting for the Republicans to start impeachment proceedings. I seriously don’t think they have anything to lose at this point. What will it take?

          • GayOldLady

            Don’t you know if Trump was willing to use the National Inquirer in an effort to get good coverage from Mika and Joe that he will use whatever he knows, thinks, conjures up in his own head, against members of his party who might try to impeach him? I think they fear him. The man is MENTALLY DERANGED and has proven he will resort to any tactic to absolve himself from criticism or to retaliate against those he thinks are trying to take him down. This guy is Caligula on steroids.

          • KarenAtFOH

            And Putin will provide him whatever kompromat he requires. He will make an offer they can’t refuse.

          • RoFaWh

            Like Caligula, but with this exception: no one will ever make a movie about the excesses of His Orangeity’s court.

            Why? Because they are one and all so fucked up mentally from working for that asshole they don’t have sex at all anymore, highly kinky or otherwise.

          • Nowhereman

            If they are afraid of him, then they are as bad as he is.

          • JCF

            Do NOT hold your breath, Gene.

          • Anastasia Beaverhousen

            I do watch them everyday. He trolled them and obviously they trolled him, however, he is lying about them coming to Merk- A – Woodo. They did go, but from the start it was that they were invited. I’m sure they didn’t pull up to the gates and say, “Hey, Donnie said it was okay to come in… tell him Joe and Mika are here.”

          • Nowhereman

            Sadly, we have to hope that the republicans will do the right thing since they own all the marbles right now. Besides, he’s only doing and saying what they would like to do and say themselves. I’m trying to remember the last time they did the right thing. Even with Nixon, they waited until the very bitter end. As long as Donnie Two Scoops will sign their evil bills, they will prop him up and hand him a pen.

          • DonnaLee

            I’m hoping he keeps peeling off these Neocons one by one, like an onion layer, until there is not much left. Then, maybe, we’ll get rid of him.

        • CB

          That’s not what they wrote. They said they declined the invitation.

          • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

            I thought there were photos of them there?

      • JT

        Joe Scuzzbucket was certainly part of the plunge into darkness.

        • FAEN


      • Buford

        Devil’s Advocate – I’m also frustrated that Morning Joe didn’t smack down Candidate Trump much earlier, but they now seem to be eager to make the point that President Trump is not the same person that they were friends with prior to his election. They stated very plainly this morning that President Trump is ‘mentally ill’ and represents a very real danger to our country… that’s pretty bold for a major media outlet.

        • RoFaWh

          If he’s mentally ill today, he was mentally ill long before the election. He hasn’t changed at all as a result of becoming President.

          • Buford

            Per those who were friends with Trump prior to his becoming President, his demeanor and behavior HAS changed…. drastically… and that’s why they are speaking out so vocally now. They have the perspective that should be most alarming to the rest of us. They are saying he is becoming more and more unstable and dangerous.

          • RoFaWh

            Citation, please. This is so very important that it’s desirable to be able to point doubters to an obviously reliable source.

            Pretty please? With a cherry on top?

            s [anti-snark]

      • cleos_mom

        And for some reason, we’re all expected to wax hysterical over Trump dissing a Cute TeeVee Couple.

        • FAEN

          Exactly. While his ‘administration’ continually attacks immigrants, Muslims, refugees, LGBT’s.

    • Ranger One

      Trump is a nutter. He is an un-hinged guy who is unfit.

    • Leo

      I have zero sympathy for Joe and a slight if diminishing amount for Mika.

      What disturbs me most in this story and is getting overshadowed is the effort and time both Trump and his team put into the Enquirer blackmail.

      That alone should disturb everyone.

      • Acronym Jim

        Extortion is another high crime and misdemeanor, or doesn’t it count because it’s actually a federal felony?

  • bkmn

    They forgot:
    Not up to the job

    • -M-

      Not interested in the job

      Using the office to both funnel taxpayers’ money to his businesses and give them free publicity

  • ChrisMorley


    Hitler house seizure backed by Austria’s highest court
    Judges uphold government decision to expropriate Nazi leader’s birthplace in Braunau to stop it becoming pilgrim site

    • Dejerrity

      Burn it to the ground and salt the earth it stood on.

      • lymis

        Paint it in rainbow colors and make it a gay jewish community center.

  • Gustav2

    They are now talking about how the National Enquirer harassed Mika’s kids about some scandal and the story would go away if Joe would talk to Trump.

    • Dejerrity

      The National Enquirer, what a perfect group for Trump to use as his minions.

      • Gustav2

        The owner of NE is a member of Mar-a-Lago and a friend who visits the White House.

      • -M-

        Or vice versa.

  • Do Something Nice

    OK, Mika has been egging-on Trump for months now. But that Trump responded the way he did is despicable. Joe and Mika are right – what does this say about a president who can be so easily played?

    Time for congress to declare him unfit for office.

    • lymis

      I periodically watch Morning Joe in the background. Mika has been openly disapproving of the President.

      But any comments about “egging on” of a President by the media, to be in any way meaningful, have to be compared against the last 8 years of what FOX routinely said about Obama, and what other networks allowed their guests to say.

      Right or wrong, apply the same standards, and by those standards, what Mika Brzezinski has been saying about Trump wouldn’t even have been on the radar during the Obama years- neither the radar of those who approved of Obama, or the radar of those who cheered on those trashing him.

      Hell, don’t even bother to contrast what Mika said about Trump with what the right-wing media said about Obama. All you have to do is compare it to what Trump himself said about Obama on a regular basis.

    • swimboy

      What’s going to happen when someone suggests that the nuclear football he has is just a prop because nobody trusts him with the codes? That thin-skinned baby will push the button just to prove them wrong (or right).

    • ohbear1957

      So true.
      “A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.” —Hillary Clinton 8:18 PM – 28 Jul 2016

  • That_Looks_Delicious
  • Gustav2

    Google “25th Amendment” today.

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      It’s popping up quite a lot on Twitter today, with mixed feelings.

      • While it may be the lesser of two evils Pence would end the nightmare of daily media tweets that are truly distracting and dividing this country…

        Yes, Pence has some deep issues but Trump’s issues are FAR deeper and far more disgusting…

        • JCF

          Sadly, I agree. I don’t trust Pence w/ my civil rights, AT ALL…but I do marginally more trust him w/ the nuclear codes.

  • ChrisMorley

    More good news

    #HeterosexualPrideDay backfires as LGBT users subvert it on Twitter

    Attempt to mock gay pride movement is hijacked by LGBT people using it to highlight discrimination they still face


    • FAEN

      Heterosexual Pride Day is every fucking day! What a bunch of snowflakes.

      • JCF

        …to be sure, the snowflakes are the @sshats behind “Heterosexual Pride Day”, not heterosexuals in general (many of whom are pretty flipping great allies!)

    • JT

      Maybe Milo Whineopolous had something to do with that stupid idea.

    • ohbear1957
    • Acronym Jim

      They try the same thing with asking why there aren’t “white pride” celebrations. I bring up Columbus Day and ask if they have ever been to a St. Patrick’s Day parade or Oktoberfest.

  • barrixines

    Well that little bit of Teutonic uplift didn’t last very long.

    Good morning heartache,
    You old gloomy sight…

    • Gustav2

      “Teutonic uplift” is an oxymoron, not that I would know. 😉

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      You’re not here, but you’re welcome to participate in our daily fresh hell via internet.

  • Michael R

    Donnie Deutsch said it better ,
    ‘He’s a vulgar pig — he’s physically disgusting’

    Even before this point Trump should have been showed the respect he deserves by absolutely everyone : NONE

  • Bernie Keefe

    The petulant man-child will probably have a rebuttal to their op-ed. He just can’t help himself.

    • probably?
      uh. it’s all but guaranteed.

    • Rambie

      I hope so, it’d mean this is getting under his skin. The more we can do that the more he’ll hurt himself and the GOP’ers

      • RoFaWh

        I just hope that hurt doesn’t include a war provoked by his orangeity solely to distract everyone from his many serious shortcomings.

  • Rex

    The entire country knows the president is dealing with some serious personal issues, he can not focus on his job and is easily distracted with personal matters. He’s showing more and more evidence of mental problems, and with behavior that is not appropriate for the office of the president. Those who thought he’d shape up once in office are now seeing that’s not happening. This was clearly evident when he was running for president and his supporters excused it away, just as they are doing now. The media can be cited for giving him more coverage than was deserved for ratings, he should have never gotten to the point of getting the nomination, but here we are. It’s a national embarrassment to be sure, but my fear is that in a time of crisis he’ll fall apart and the American people will pay the price. I’d like to say that those who voted for him are getting what they deserve, but the majority of people did not vote for him, and we’re going to pay the price as well. This is a no win situation.

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      Did you see Seth Meyers’ latest ‘A Closer Look’ on how Trump can’t explain the Trumpcare bill? Scathing. I think part of this is just his personality, but a bigger part is he can’t talk about it because he’s got some pretty serious cognitive decline going on.

      • Rex

        He is not intelligent enough to be President. He’s gotten by bullshitting his way though life, I have no doubt he doesn’t have a clue about healthcare.

        • RoFaWh

          He hasn’t a clue about any aspect of the Presidency.

          He thinks he’s now CEO of USA LLC, a Part of the Trump Organization.

          He isn’t.

        • David Walker

          Why should he? He’s never had to pay a doctor in his life. He has no concept what “his subjects” have to go through and just assumes any problems we may state are made up.

        • Nowhereman

          I’m sick of his “victory/reelection” rallies too. He hasn’t even bothered to try to do his job for his first term. His speeches are made up of the same 200 single syllable (mostly) words that he just repeats over again. In his mind, he’s still running against Hillary. WORST PRESIDENT EVER.

      • -M-

        I think it’s mainly his personality/character. Without the dementia he might be able to do a better job of faking it, but he doesn’t care what the bill says or does just about checking off the win of repealing ‘Obamacare’.

      • GeoffreyPS

        The “about healthcare” part is unnecessary.

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen

      Remember when the presidents would go on the late night talk shows and sell their programs and yet be personable and funny. Can you only image Trump on a late night talk show?

      • RoFaWh

        The adjectives “personable” and “funny” do not belong in the same room as the Orange Asshole.

        /capitals because after all, he is Prez.

      • David Walker

        Is Alex Jones doing late night now? Maybe he could be O’Reilly’s first guest whenever and wherever that waste of skin shows up. Lord knows he’d get the craved-for softballs and orange-nosing from Hannity. We need John Stewart and 45 on a pay-per-view conversation.

    • RoFaWh

      He has ―or should have ― absolutely no personal issues whatsoever. He isn’t as rich as he claims, but he never seems to lack money, he has a beautiful woman to screw when so inclined (but at his age he may very well be completely impotent), he has flunkies, sidekicks, and gofers galore to do his bidding, he lives in a house where he doesn’t have to pay for a new roof if leaks occur.

      I could go on, but if he has personal issues it’s his own goddamned fault. Maybe he needs to do a little introspection and learn a few things about himself that will make him very unhappy.

      Poor little darling!

      • David Walker

        I’d suggest seeing a shrink, but, of course, “real men” don’t do psychotherapy.

        • RoFaWh

          With mental illness such as the orange asshole displays, the patient has to want to change.

          Shrink: “Do you want to change, Donny?”

          The Orangeness: “No, I’m perfectly. happy just as I am.”

          Shrink <throws up hands in frustration>

        • Nowhereman

          He’s a sociopath. They never change. They just get more skilled at hiding it. He’s too far gone and sheltered to bother to even to that.

        • Straight jacket, muzzle and a rubber lined cell are the only “treatments” for his unique disease because there’s no one else who’s ever demonstrated psychopathic behavior of this degree. He’s already proven to be a danger to society.

        • Richard, another Canuck

          No psychiatrist wants to take on a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. There is no ability for introspection and treatment rarely leads to any success or improvement.

    • Schnackenpfefferhausen

      So imagine a crisis invoked by Russia. He will just back down and let them do whatever they want, since he shows no signs of standing up to them or even showing interest in their meddling in the 2016 election. America has lost face since then due to DT, but still has much more to lose.

      • Richard, another Canuck

        Trumps not standing up to the Russians is probably one of the terms and conditions of his over $100 million in loans from them. Also he likely fears the compromat that the Russians are holding over his head.

        • Schnackenpfefferhausen

          Let’s see if he curtsies to Putin at the G20 as he did to Saudi royalty.

  • Jeffg166

    Their rating will go through the roof if Donald keeps it up.

  • Boreal

    While I have contempt for these two since they helped create the tRump presidency, I welcome their attack on him. The rest of the media should also be on the attack.

    • Rambie

      It’s a “Enemy of my enemy” thing… I don’t have to like them, nor watch their show, to applaud their *finally* standing up to the Shit Gibbon.

      • Librarykid

        But they sorta got what they deserved, especially right wing Joe. He never had a good word to say about any non-right-wing plan or person. You hang out in the toilet, you are eventually going to be hit during a bombing run over the south china sea.

        • Rambie

          True, I’m not going to support them or give them any sympathy but I’m not going to stand in the way of them countering Shit Gibbon’s tweets.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Woke up early, made coffee and watched that entire show this morning.
    When Joe and Mika started to talk about that Nat’l Enquirer Story and the attempted Black Mail from the White House, calling her kids etc, I felt a wave of emotion that I had not experienced before. Not so much for them, but for the country.

    • KarenAtFOH

      Just watched a clip of that. Horrifying. Mobster-level shit from our own White House.

      • RoFaWh

        Keep in mind that the orange asshole’s behavior as President is almost certainly the same behavior he used as a real estate “developer”. Can you imagine trying to negotiate anything serious with that jerk?

  • Gerry Fisher

    I’m fascinated is that, in the mountains of offensive , unhinged bullsit that he’s thrown at USB in the past two year, only a few comments have genamersted significant across the board blow back, which is at least a mild consequence. The “blood from wherever” comment, the grab ‘me by the kitties comment, and this Morning Joe comment. (What’s his deal with women and blood?!)

    • Dagoril

      Men have been acting irrationally about women and their menses since the Bronze Age. They even go on and on about it in the Bible.

      You’d think straight men would get over it, since they’re always trying to put their dicks into one of those vagines 😉

      • cleos_mom

        Much of it has less to do with menses and much to do with the male preoccupation with the dick only venturing into what real estate developers call “greenfields”. It’s all a matter of ownership.

    • lymis

      It’s bigger than that. He has a pathological fear of things that he finds “disgusting.” And it’s his go-to insult about anyone. With men, he finds something else disgusting about them. With women, it’s usually blood.

      • RoFaWh

        Amusing in a very sad way. Was he born this way or did his parents fuck him up so badly?

    • cleos_mom

      The proverbial visitor from Mars might well conclude that everyone else Trump dissed had it coming. Enablers get the consequences anyone could have predicted.

    • JCF

      He’s so inarguably FUGLY—in the eyes of women—that he can only passingly feel OK about himself, by tearing women down. Combine that w/ some even more perverse id things re women’s bodily functions. Remember this?

  • Skokieguy [Larry]

    Yesterday WaPo revealed that a Republican operative tried to get Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails from various hackers, some of whom he believed were Russian. He implied that he was connected to Flynn.

    But all the media is talking about Trump & Mika.

    Smart like a fox. A crazy, bloated, puss filled, mango hued fox.

    • That_Looks_Delicious

      It was the WSJ that had the article on the operative yesterday.

      The buzz is that WaPo has an even bigger, more damaging story about to break on the Russian collusion.

      Whether Trump gets impeached for collusion with the Russians or 25thed because he’s fucking nuts gives the same results. Whichever happens sooner is welcome. Both are serious issues. (Almost) Nothing can stop Mueller’s investigation now that it has started and I’m pretty sure that people will be charged for their treasonous activities.

      • Skokieguy [Larry]

        Yup, thank you, edited. Do you think it can get bad enough for the Republicans to initiate impeachment hearings or invoke the 25th? Trump is the useful idiot to the Republicans. Sort of like Wayne LaPierre, he is the lightening rod drawing all the attention, while the dismantling of our Democracy continues, largely under the radar.

        • That_Looks_Delicious

          So far, nothing appears to be beyond the pale for them, no matter how bad it gets. But they do seem to be losing patience with the lack of foreign policy and the rudderless, drifting State department.

          • Lantor

            If Tillerson and cabinet start to jump ship, I think that may be the time that we see the end of this administration.

          • David Walker

            I’ve heard several times that Tillerson is not happy. Former CEO v former CEO. Popcorn anyone?

        • David Walker

          I doubt it. 2018 is an election year. They will not do anything that they see as casting doubt on their banana republicanism. And they need his signature on bills.

      • Chris Gardner

        We all need to contact our Republican representatives and tell them they have to dump Trump quickly. If Rethuglicans get enough constituent pressure, they might just form a backbone and impeach him.

        • Librarykid

          Pencil dick would be worse

  • Mark McGovern

    I don’t like those two and I don’t like their mickey mouse show. Nonetheless, the more opposition to the Trump insanity the better; especially coming from those who once courted him.

    • Took the words right out of my mouth.

      • Treant

        “It musta been while you were kissin’ me.”

    • Dot Beech

      Indeed, they are repellant. But, for the moment, they are useful.

      My support for them is a mile wide, but an inch deep. So long as they denounce Trump, I support them. Nominally.

      But it does cheeze me off that they got so much free publicity out of this.

  • -M-

    🙄 Yeah, and? Tell us Jika, when did you first, and most recently, get a clue?

  • olandp

    Oh Joe, you have no one to blame for all of this but yourself. If you had any integrity you resign from your show and withdraw from all aspects of public life. alas, we will have to endure for many, many more years.

    • Texndoc

      From The Hill, January 2016:

      Former congressman and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough on Wednesday indicated some openness to being Republican primary front-runner Donald Trump’s running mate, before closing the door on the idea with a series of tweets.

      After being asked several times by radio show host Hugh Hewitt
      whether he would accept the vice presidential slot on Trump’s ticket,
      Scarborough said he would do “just about anything” for a favorable
      result in 2016.

      “I will say this, and I’ve said
      this on the air, and so this is not really any secret at all, I’ll do
      anything that will get — will stop us from eight more years like the
      last eight years we’ve had,” Scarborough said.

  • Max_1
  • Nowhereman

    After the way they fawned over him and promoted him during the campaign and hung on his every word when he did his call in interviews, all I have left to say to them is “Meh.”

  • SFBruce

    I wasn’t a fan of Joe Scarborough even before they helped Donnie win the presidency. But all you have to do is read Donnie’s tweets from yesterday and this morning and compare that to Mika and Joe’s piece in the WaPo to know who’s almost certainly telling the truth. No degree in psychology required.

    I’m really sick and tired of hearing Donnie’s apologists with the “no one should be surprised” bit. No, I’m not even remotely surprised that Donnie continues to act like a spoiled 3-year old. That’s why I didn’t vote for him, along with 54% of all the other voters. I don’t know what it’s going to take for Republicans to realize the huge mistake we have in the White House. I just hope it happens before Trump does something far worse than put air his disgusting, personal vendettas.

  • TampaZeke

    Knowing all that they know about Trump, am I the only one curious about why the fuck they were hobnobbing with him at Mar-a-Lago in the first place?

  • JCF

    Mika, this morning, re her tweets at him: “[Trump] is so easily played!”

    Thanks for that info, Mika. New news to me. /s

  • Guido Miller

    Okay, so this is just coming to people’s attention now??? WTF!! It’s been as plain as the nose on Cyrano’s face for a very long time.

  • Raymond M Ursillo