TRAILER: Game Of Thrones Season 7

The Verge recaps:

We’re only a few short months away from the return of Game of Thrones, and after months of speculation and teasers, HBO has finally released a full trailer showing off some of what we can expect from the new season.

In short: Queen Cersei is rallying troops for battle, Jon Snow is preparing for war in the North, and of course, Daenerys and her dragons are finally making their way back to Westeros with an eye on the Iron Throne. Game of Thrones is set to return for its seventh season on July 16th on HBO.

  • Jonathan Smith
  • another_steve

    Hubby and I are bad homosexuals.

    We don’t have HBO. πŸ™

    • Jonathan Smith

      and we make three…..

    • Tawreos

      I don’t either, I buy the dvds when they come out and keep up that way. It is much cheaper than paying for cable and HBO just to watch one show.

      • another_steve

        HBO has some good stuff but also a lot of dreck.

        We’ve considered it, but to date have decided “no.”

    • Rex

      Me neither. I don’t have cable, or satellite. I have an old fashioned TV antenna. Living in the 50’s is fun!

      • another_steve

        Ohmigod… thanks for being here, Rex.

        Compared to you, I’m state-of-the-art techno-savvy. πŸ˜‰

        • Rex

          Get this, there isn’t even internet access where I live. Thank god the Pony Express comes by twice a month.

          • another_steve

            So you use a smartphone to access JMG? Your eyes must be better and stronger than mine.

            We have a choice here between Comcast internet and Verizon internet. We have Comcast, which is fine until something goes wrong — and then you’re up shit’s creek.

            I’ve noticed that their customer service has improved recently, though. They were consistently getting ranked at the bottom of the “customer service” barrel, so it looks like they’re trying to take corrective action.

        • Uncle Mark

          For $14.99/month you can get HBO_NOW, which will let you see the previous seasons at your own leisure….as well as any number of movies or series. You can watch it on your tablet, PC, and/or smart phone…in addition to a smart-TV (or Roku or Apple-TV). (Or “borrow” the username/password from a friend, who has an account)

    • Adam King

      I don’t even have cable, but I use streaming services.

      • another_steve

        Hard-wired electronics are soon to become obsolete in the U.S.

        One example: People are abandoning their PCs and using tablets instead.

  • it appears from the trailer that Danaerys has landed in Westeros, but I’m trying to figure out where. It looks like how I imagine Casterly Rock, but that would be on the opposite coast of the one she’d be closest to.

    • clay


      • Adam King

        That’s what I thought. Original seat of the Targaryans before they took over Westeros and moved to King’s Landing.

  • AmeriCanadian

    I’m torn between wanting Jon Snow or Daenerys be the next monarch of Westeros. Speculation is that they will marry and will rule as Fire and Ice. Aren’t they related?

    O/T: I discovered that “BREAKING NEWS” and MSNBC are now burned into the corners of my plasma TV. Dammit!

    • zhera

      I haven’t watched GoT in ages, but I want Tyrion to be king. He’d be a good king (unless he ‘turned dark’ after I stopped watching.)

      • AmeriCanadian

        Now wouldn’t that be a twist! Especially if Cersei lived to see it happen.

      • Roy Biv

        He’d be the Hand as he’s been — to Snow and the Dragon Queen.

    • Tomcat

      Just watch ONLY MSNBC and it won’t matter.

      • AmeriCanadian

        LOL. I caught hubby watching Fox News the other day. That remote was ripped out of his hands faster than a Melania hand slap.

    • but isn’t she barren? in the books she was.

      • AmeriCanadian

        Did you read book 5? The answer is found therein.

    • another_steve

      Lol. Everything is “breaking news” these days, to MSNBC. I guess they want viewers to think, “Wow, they’re really on top of things!”

      Breaking News!!!… Trump’s ties to Russia under investigation!!!

    • They are related, but that never stopped the Targaryens. :p

    • John

      Some suggestions:

      If you have access to a totally white screen, let the set sit on it for a while. It may not eliminate the burn-in but it will reduce it. No white screen? Try an unused channel that creates ‘snow’. My set has a scrolling bar setting that passes a white bar across a black screen that helps reduce the burn-in.

      • AmeriCanadian

        Good idea. I’ll look in the settings to see if there is that option. Thanks.

      • youtube also has full res screens to do something similar to the traveling white bar. a full white screen causes sets to reduce the intensity, thus the traveling white bar does a better job because it’s at full power.

    • related yes: (if confirmed) Rhaegar and Deanerys are brother/sister. Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark produced Jon Snow. Deanerys would be Jon’s Aunt. (born only a year apart) And Jon’s half brothers/sisters would actually be his cousins by blood.

  • Tomcat

    Sounds like something people that play games on their phones would do to me.
    Too millennial for me.

    • another_steve

      Man and I just purchased our first smartphone. (Yes, you read that correctly — our very first.)

      I’ve figured out how to turn it on, but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten.

      • Adam King

        I’m still working on how to get ballpoint pens to pop in and out.

        • another_steve

          Lol. Hear ya. πŸ˜‰

          For my birthday, some friends (knowing I’m a techno-moron) bought me an expensive state-of-the-art “Pilot” pen. The thing is beautiful. Heavy but perfectly balanced. Writing with it is a sensual experience.

          It’s spoiled me.

          I can’t write with any other pen anymore.

      • clay
        • another_steve

          Babe, I still use an 8-year-old Nokia cellphone. No fold. No camera. Just a phone.

          The fucker is indestructible. I’ve accidentally dropped it getting into my car and then ran over it with not one but two tires.

          Works as well as the day I bought it.

  • meltedrubbersoul

    Cersei is one of the prime examples of a complicated villain. For all of the horrible, fucked up shit she has done, she was motivated by one thing, and one thing alone:m she loved her children. All of them, even Joffrey.

    The scene of Jaime entering the throne room and seeing her sitting upon the throne with a look of complete despair upon her face was fucking powerful.

    Yes, she is a horrible person. But there is this tiny bit of purity that shines through it all.

  • Tawreos

    When are they going to answer the most important question: Will Jon Snow do a full frontal scene?

    • narutomania

      Well, the one that I wanted him to do the full front scene with is already dead (the former King of the North, Lord Robb Stark). (sigh)

      • Palmer

        Well, Olyvar, Renly, and Loras all gave us some eye candy.

  • PickyPecker
    • That_Looks_Delicious

      I can’t upvote this enough. Now I’m going to spend the rest of the day watching it over and over again.

      • another_steve

        Lol. Me too.

        “PickyPecker… forever bringing intellectual content to the LGBT blogosphere.”

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    • meltedrubbersoul

      Goats have the most terrifyingly human screams!

      • David Milley

        Just think of how our screams must frighten the goats!

      • Miji

        Yeah, that one goat screaming was pretty creepy. We had goats when I was a kid and I don’t recall any of them ever doing that. Maybe nothing ever scared them enough. We did have a neighbor though with peacocks that sometimes sounded like women screaming when they would call.

    • Pat

      I’m crying, PickyPecker, crying! Omg!! Lol!!

  • O/T: The Montana special election’s tomorrow. Rob Quist (a progressive Dem) has a shot to win the Representative seat.

    In really good political news, from last night:

    Considering Trump won heavily in this district, this is huge!

    And another seat flipped, too, this time in New Hampshire:

    • canoebum

      OMG, Amy Farrah Fowler is in the NY Assembly now?

      • LOL.

        But seriously, having red seats flip blue (one of which a progressive in a deep-red area of NY) is YUGE!

  • Adam King

    Last season I managed to ignore it until it was completed, then I used my first-month-free of HBO to binge-watch it. Took a little patience, but it was worth it. This season I’m awful tempted…

    • AmeriCanadian

      I was introduced to the entire series this past winter. I went from “I don’t really want to watch it” to “OMG I can’t get to the video store fast enough for the next season”. If you know where to look, it’s available online (streamed) almost immediately after being broadcast, on sites that are hosted offshore.

  • JT

    Let’s see more like what this leads to.

  • JT

    Gay sex in GOT! We want hot man on man action as often as possible.

    • Miji

      I don’t think I saw any opportunities for much of that this season as they pretty much killed off all the gays in the series. It was nice to see Grey Worm getting some affection. He’s so adorable. I think I could be just fine with him, even as a eunuch. Also, the ladies have something to look forward to as it looks like they’ve paired up Yara and Ellaria Sand.

  • narutomania

    All i gotta say is: Squeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TJay229

    I. Can’t. Wait

  • Rod Steely


  • Jean-Marc in Canada