Jared Kushner To Head New “Office Of American Innovation” To Privatize Some Government Functions

The Washington Post reports:

President Trump plans to unveil a new White House office on Monday with sweeping authority to overhaul the federal bureaucracy and fulfill key campaign promises — such as reforming care for veterans and fighting opioid addiction — by harvesting ideas from the business world and, potentially, privatizing some government functions.

The White House Office of American Innovation, to be led by Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, will operate as its own nimble power center within the West Wing and will report directly to Trump. Viewed internally as a SWAT team of strategic consultants, the office will be staffed by former business executives and is designed to infuse fresh thinking into Washington, float above the daily political grind and create a lasting legacy for a president still searching for signature achievements.

“All Americans, regardless of their political views, can recognize that government stagnation has hindered our ability to properly function, often creating widespread congestion and leading to cost overruns and delays,” Trump said in a statement to The Washington Post. “I promised the American people I would produce results, and apply my ‘ahead of schedule, under budget’ mentality to the government.”

  • Boreal
    • Adam Schmidt

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is the biggest bank robbery in history and we have a front row seat. To these guys, the government budget is just a bigger bank to rob and they can do it all “legitimately”.

      • Boreal

        Keeps those kids out of trouble working for pennies while lowering taxes for the wealthy-win, win.

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    • Alexander Stallwitz

      Enron and the housing crisis should have proven without a doubt that Free markets dont work. What worries me is that Wall Street and the banks didnt learn from the mortage bubble. Instead of “lets not do that again” its more like “meh, the government will bail us again if we screwed up” Trumpy is eager to wipe away what few laws we got to protect us so we could see a sequel.

      • Boreal

        That is trump’s intent. Remove the protections and he and his cronies can buy up the wreckage on the cheap.

  • Tiger Quinn

    Because things weren’t Soviet enough as it was. “Office of American Innovation”? We have that. It’s called Silicon Valley. Well at least they didn’t use “Minister.”

    • olandp

      “Innovation Tsar.” Wait for it.

    • BlindBill

      Silicon Valley reeks of sustainable energy – hippy traitors to established old school profit centers.

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    Headline should read, “Jared Kushner To Head New “Office Of American Innovation That I Can Steal” To Privatize my own wallet.

  • olandp

    “…my ‘ahead of schedule, under budget’ mentality…”

    Yeah, open before it is ready and don’t pay your contractors. That works.

  • geoffalnutt

    The “Office” is for something else entirely, surely. Remember, it all has to do with Putin’s wish to destroy America. Start there. The Trump “family” business has to make money, too.

  • Duh-David
    • Reality.Bites

      Perhaps they feel they may do some good and that when they’re forced to resign in disgust their opinions may carry some weight.

      Not that the open disgust of a former Republican President and California governor has done much.

  • Mark

    In other words – what can be handed out to our loyalists for their profit?

  • Michael R

    This quote is a couple months old …

    “What we’ve learned in the last few weeks is the kind of government Donald Trump is building:

    It’s a Mafia state .

    In a Mafia state, the patriarch rules as in a family. He doesn’t need to spell things out — he expects intuitive obedience, and there are penalties for not intuiting his wishes.

    He’s going to choose people based solely on loyalty and family membership. If they get their positions through merit, they wouldn’t owe everything to him. It’s not his ultimate goal to destroy freedom and democracy, but you have to, if you want to steal as much as possible .” – Masha Gessen

  • Skokieguy [Larry]

    He’s going to need to multi-task…

    The congressional and FBI inquiry into Donald Trump’s campaign ties to Russia took another step closer to the commander-in-chief, Monday, with the New York Times reporting that Jared Kushner has been summoned for questions before the Senate Intelligence Committee


    • Tiger Quinn

      If it’s not under oath and in public it’s not worth shit.

      • BlindBill

        the Attorney General Jeff Sessions proved that “under oath and in public” is not worth shit

  • Kevin Perez

    This is about privatizing the prison system. This “idea” has already failed. It’s like trickle economics, an idea that just won’t die no matter how bad the outcome.

    • clay

      Yes, but not only about the prison system.

  • DaddyRay

    More Corporate Welfare – Republicans have no problems doling out Tax Payer Money when it is given to private corporations they approve of and can grift off of

  • Halou

    Yay! Nepotism.

  • Tiger Quinn

    I swear Trump watched the Godfather once and decided that was how government worked.

    • Todd20036

      Oh please. Unless the Godfather were animated and lasted 5 minutes, there’s no way Drumpf would have sit through that movie.

    • BlueberriesForMe

      Can we put a horse’s head in a certain person’s bedroom? The horse’s ass is already there.

  • Gerry Fisher

    Evil presenting itself in such a baby face. [sigh]

  • DaddyRay

    I am sure the focus will be to destroy any public sector union jobs as possible

    • Nowhereman

      Yup–they’ve wanted to destroy the post office for years.

  • Fight for Your Lives

    Privatization is just another way of saying exploitation. It’s a way of institutionalizing oligarchy and corruption.

    Is the American public so anesthetized that it doesn’t realize that its very organs are being harvested? Can it wake up and fight back?

    Fight to the death.

    • MaryJOGrady

      Mrs. Thatcher did it in the UK. I saw the damage.

      • Todd20036

        Yeah. Lots of little baby Thatchers….

        • MaryJOGrady

          They’re all over.
          (I’m just glad the Leaderene did not live to see Brexit. She was such a Little Englander.)

    • Stev84

      Americans have been brainwashed for decades to believe that government is a bad thing

    • Tawreos

      We have had years of the people being told the government can’t do anything right, accompanied by years of politicians making sure that government can’t do anything right and along comes a “savior” to make it all better.

      • David L. Caster

        Capitalist fundamentalism.

      • The_Wretched

        See also FEMA pre and post “heck of a job Brownie” in the Bush the Lesser years. It went from effective to worthless and increased spending.

  • Tawreos

    I have the feeling this will be more like an auction house than a government agency.

    • clay

      So, you’ve seen the early drafts of Trump’s infrastructure plan?

    • Reality.Bites

      Don’t be silly. Auctions raise money for the rightful owner.

      This is a crook fencing their haul.

    • BobSF_94117

      Auctions are public. This will be backroom dealing at its finest.

    • The_Wretched


    • Orly

      … And a power center out of the reach of the prying eyes of the public.

  • Joe in PA

    float above the daily political grind…

    So in other words, we’ll do whatever we fucking want…at taxpayers expense. Got it.

  • JDS

    He is a PUTZ!!!!

  • Joseph Miceli

    When are these assholes going to learn that capitalism is NOT the answer for everything? Health care should NOT be for profit, nor should Vet care or fighting drug addiction…and most certainly NOT our prisons! If anyone is profiting off of disease and addiction then there is someone benefitting from their continued existence.
    Capitalism is not always the answer.

    • sadoldguy

      “When are these assholes going to learn that capitalism is NOT the answer for everything?“
      When they are no longer able to make obscene profits from it.

      • Alexander Stallwitz

        They will be trying to make money when the bombs fall, or the flood waters rise. Greed and Selfish has blinded them to whats important

  • Ernest Endevor

    Because retired old men who’ve outlived their usefulness are so riding the wave of innovation.

  • MaryJOGrady

    Translation: #45 wants to get rid of the civil service.

  • Smartypants

    This has to be a violation of the anti-nepotism law. Warren G. Harding must be so pleased that he’ll no longer be rated the most corrupt administration in U.S. history.

  • Gigi

    But I thought cons were against nepotism. Where’s the shrew who runs Twitchy? She railed for eight years about Obama and Clinton and nepotism. Now she’s MIA.

    • olandp

      Don’t look a gift horse, or a Filipino anchor baby whore, in the mouth. Just be grateful you don’t have to listen to her.

  • Silver Badger

    Privatization = Less service for much more money.

  • Ernest Endevor

    Princeling inherits daddy’s money and thinks he’s the king of the world.

  • Halou

    In other words Trump is setting up a new department of departments answerable to no-one and with the “authority to overhaul the federal bureaucracy”, or in other words to impose itself on any and all other government offices with no regard for the established rules and the chain of command.

    And as far as “reforming care for veterans and fighting opioid addiction” are concerned, I thought departments already exist for these things. Doesn’t the VA deal with veterans’ affairs? Trump would know as much if he bothered meeting the head of the VA instead of flying out to mar-a-lago every damned weekend. The FDA is supposed to contend with opioid addiction? The same FDA whose budget and purpose Trump is screwing around with.


    The Trump Administration has apparently found out the FDA can rake in more than Two Billion Dollars from healthcare companies by tweaking the FDA’s mandate, turning it into a tax collection agency for a situation in which no such tax exists.

    I guess hammering that down over the objection of the FDA will be Jared Kushner’s job? Oh, and guess what policy gets the blame when healthcare providers are forced to pass that $2bn existence tax onto their customers.

    • Halou

      Furthermore, such a tax is being imposed upon Americans without consultation with or seeking approval from the Congress. Is that not illegal?

      • clay

        Not if they call it a “user fee”.

    • BobSF_94117

      I don’t see how forcing the drug companies to pay more for review and approval of their products is a bad thing. In fact, I’m surprised they didn’t go the other direction, increasing govt subsidy of the pharma industry.

  • GeneInSJ

    We’ve gone total Banana Republic.

    • Todd20036

      “Banana Republic” would be a great title for a porn movie

      • Stogiebear

        Unfortunately, if it’s allowed to be made we’ll discover it’s snuff porn.


        Push It Out by Lucas Ranch has a great bananna scene, I’ve been told.

  • clay

    Private subsidiaries, off-shore accounts, multiple limited partnerships, multiple bankruptcies with stock holders or lenders holding the bag, THOSE innovations?

  • JT

    This Jared should be in an orange jumpsuit like the other one.

    • ByronK

      And both for screwing around with things they shouldn’t.

  • canoebum

    This is a very bad idea. “harvesting ideas from the business world”? Like drug testing everyone who comes through the door, except the ones with money in their hands? Enforcing dress codes, applying sensors to chairs to monitor when employees get up to go to the rest room and how long they’re gone, background checks for everyone except the CEO and Board of Directors? The list goes on and on. What assholes! Government is not a business, and shouldn’t be run like one. Sure, there may be a few innovations which could help make government more efficient, but what are the chances these bozos are going to find them, instead of simply imposing harsh workplace rules on civil servants and giving the shaft to recipients of government assistance? Jimmy Carter had a solar water heating system installed on the roof of the White House to cut costs. Reagan came in had it removed, because reasons. Expect more of the same.

  • Todd20036

    Trump’s son in law. Anyone want to guess at the screams of cronyism if Obama did something even remotely similar?

    • canoebum

      Please, they complained about his mother-in-law living in the White House.

      • PeterC

        And now we are paying for THREE “white houses” ; the US White House, Melania’s white house, AND Mar G Lago. the summer (but year around) white house. Whoopee

        • Acronym Jim

          Four if you include Camp David. Even though it’s not currently in use, it still needs to be staffed and maintained.

          • David Walker

            Gee. IT has a golf course. Ike had it built. Obama used it. I wonder why…oh.

          • Nowhereman

            Trump wastes more of our money and makes more money for himself when we have to fly him to his own place and pay him to stay there. What a racket. And not a peep from the teabillies and budget hawks.

  • Halou

    All Americans, regardless of their political views, can recognize that government stagnation has hindered our ability to properly function, often creating widespread congestion and leading to cost overruns and delays,

    Which party was it that shut down the government a few years ago? Which party refused to even hold a single hearing for, let alone confirm Obama’s SCOTUS nomination? And countless more nominations across the board?
    The government is only unable to function because of Republican obstructionism. And costs that the Republicans so loudly complain about are imposed on sane and well-meaning policy as a concession to the Republicans simply so something more than nothing at all can be passed.

  • BlindBill

    it worked so well with prisons …. well for the business owners & stockholders it did, not so much for us lowly taxpayers.

    The kid’s dad was a criminal and 45 is too – if they are suddenly volunteering what JK is doing, I suspect he is up to something else.

  • geoffalnutt

    The Trump crime family has created a central hub out of which to work: The White House.

  • ByronK

    So the golden son-in-law with no experience in government or international diplomacy is in charge of overhauling gov’t bureaucracy and fixing the Middle East. This should go well!

    • clay

      “So, ‘son’, what do YOU want to do?”

  • Guest

    Yet more ways to bleed taxpayer dollars to put into private hands. Way to go, you schmuck.

  • Silver Badger

    During my 19 year career with state government every year we were subjected to private sector management innovations which did not work. The two worst were “Total Quality Management” and “Pay for Performance”. The first was management by committee, which worked about as well as you would think, and the second required employees to constantly work in high gear, burning them out, and then refusing to pay them.

    • BlueberriesForMe

      TQM sounds vaguely familiar. I recall something else like “Quality Circles” and “Group Theory” or some such where employees were put in “groups” to “coordinate” with other “groups”. It was a textbook experience because the idea(s) came directly from a textbook. I left the company shortly after that started.

  • Readen Reply

    They will privatize everything and give contracts to their buddies… and the cost will be marginally less and employees will be paid less while management rakes in the bucks.

    • Silver Badger

      The cost will only be marginally less at first. Once established, the costs soar.

  • Sissy Spacedout

    Selling off the public assets is theft.

    It’s a hell of a con, by the rich, to convince people that something that’s theirs should be given to the rich to manage.

    We did it up here with our electric utility, used to be run by the local government and was affordable and the bills were clear. Now the bills have fees everywhere, and the price has risen far higher than the rate of inflation.

    • Silver Badger

      In Colorado, a producer state, we watched our rates rise “to bring them in line with the rest of the country” under the blessing of the Republicans.

      • The_Wretched

        Minnesota used to be top 5 on most positive demographics. The State republicans would argue with a straight face that meant ‘we were too far in front’ of everone else and had to scale back (make like worse for everyone).

  • tbj5

    No way a nepotistic spoiled brat that’s billions in debt would EVER use this to fill his own pockets.

  • crewman

    1) Why don’t they privatize Trump family vacations?
    2) Did Putin give you the inspiration for privatizing government functions and publicly held resources?

  • Henry Auvil

    Great. So trump can take what he did to Atlantic City nationwide. Ahead of schedule, under budget, bankrupt.

  • John Clerkin-Whitcomb

    And here we have Kushner discussing the size of the Presidential penis.


    • Treant

      “I didn’t even notice it was in, but yes, after that I crapped orange. That was the last time I let The Donald bareback me.”

    • Ray Taylor

      I doubt his mouth is even that big.

  • clay

    How, exactly, will adding another layer in the Executive Branch reduce stagnation in the Legislative Branch?

    • Halou

      Once he settles in to this new “job”, all the other offices with which he will be competing will be disbanded over time as ‘superfluous’, so whenever Kushner arranges for a dispute with them on any given issue. And their responsibilities given over fully to Kushner.

      Then he will complain in a very rehearsed way about having too many responsibilities because who knew governing a superpower was hard, and Donald will feign sense and decide all the government offices need to be restored, packed with long-term loyalists of course.

      • clay

        You make it sound as if Jared’s being polished to be president, which he might be.

  • Michael R

    Trump’s Son-In-Law Jared Kushner To Face Questions On Russia Ties


    • jimbo65

      Sometimes I think the only way to get 45 out of office is to go after his precious Jared. But that’s assuming he gives a shit about anyone other than himself.

  • jimbo65

    I just hope that after the orange Cheeto gets out of office that strong anti nepotism, and travel caps are introduced to keep this shit from happening again.

  • Butch

    A bunch of military installations have been forced to privatize utilities such as electricity, water, and sewage; the usual result has been an increase in cost of up to 400 percent.

    • Halou

      Cost gets forwarded to the taxpayer, naturally.
      A tax by any other name…

    • The_Wretched

      Privatized prisons charge above governemtal rates once the gov jails are closed. There is the cost to run things + profit margin. Worse, the private prisons then lobby for more and longer criminal penalties so they get more profits from locking up more people. It’s been a ethical and fiscal nightmare.

  • Christopher

    Doesn’t something like this have to be approved by Congress?

    I really don’t know the answer. Anyone?

    • Tomcat

      You mean the anything you want trump congress?

      • Christopher

        While I’ll admit they aren’t doing much in the way of holding this administration accountable when it comes to his conflicts of interest, I don’t think it’s fair to call them the “anything you want trump congress” after smacking down his first piece of major legislation.

    • BobSF_94117

      It would have to go through Congress. But that doesn’t mean the WH won’t crow about all their “accomplishments”. And I’m sure the GOP congress will do whatever damage they’re asked to do.

      • KarenAtFOH

        In a hopeful sign, they did balk at voting on trumpCare, as they were ordered to do.

        • BobSF_94117

          Oh, I think any privatization will sail through, just like allowing helicopter hunting on federal land in Alaska, party-line vote in favor.

    • The_Wretched

      Yes, privatizing what used to be federal would take changes to their enactment laws. The EPA, for example, was enabled by “U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Title 40: Protection of Environment”. Under current law, the fedgov must have an EPA. Each other part of the admin FEDGOV is similarly enabled and paid for by Congress.

  • j.martindale

    Republican cure for all that ails us: add a charge for profit to everything the government does.

  • Tomcat

    I am more afraid of this little shit than I am of trump. Anytime republicans want to privatize they are saying they want to own it themselves and skim all the profits’

  • kcken

    I just searched Breitfart, and there’s not a single mention of this. When it was announced that Ivanka would have an office in the whitehouse, they complained about it, not because it was nepotism and illegal, but because she’s a “liberal”.

    Guess they missed that news story that said Trumps kids had all failed to register in time to vote. LOL

  • AdamTh

    “privatize”? That’s just another way of saying “fees, fees and more fees”. User fees, access fees, account balance fees, account maintenance fees. Want to speak to a human? There will be a fee for that too.

  • Bj Lincoln

    “…government stagnation has hindered our ability to properly function…” All because the GOP has STOPPED working for and with the government for the last 8 years!

    • MBear

      government stagnation…like that pesky EPA stuff

    • BobSF_94117

      It’s not stagnation, it’s starvation.

  • MBear

    business is exclusionary ala ‘what can we cut to make more profits’
    government needs to be inclusive as in ‘everyone who is a citizen who lives here needs this service’
    I’m not sure why people don’t understand: government is not business

    • BobSF_94117

      And more than that, when businesses grow they do exactly what the GOPers insist is inefficient and oppressive: regulate, standardize, and centralize.

      • MBear

        and outsource!

  • 2patricius2

    An offspring of Trump Enterprises: “Kushner Kares”…..

    • Michael

      Maybe Kusher Kares & Kompany.

  • Matt

    Oh good. That’s just what we need – more government agencies being turned over the for-profit corporations. Yup. Services and quality ALWAYS improve when that happens. (sarcasm)

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    I like how the Media is saying Jared AGREES to meet with committee, as if he was invited to tea time or something.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Kim Jong Kushner appointed by FIL Bigly Jong Orange

  • The_Wretched


    The wiki is a bit general but ‘Privatization’ is nothing less than the looting of FEDGOV assests to make new oligarchs or pay off to old ones.

  • Gene Perry

    The “Office Of American Innovation” is not a real thing. It’s a made up title. Is this anyway to shrink government? Just create phony titles for your relatives? What next? The “Office of Commercialism & Fashion” for daughter Ivan?

    • The_Wretched

      That’s exactly what all the dictators do.

  • Mike C

    What does a nepotic real estate investor (who got into Harvard after daddy made a $2.5 million donation) know about innovation?

  • Acronym Jim

    Jared is beginning to look a bit frayed around the edges. We all know how the dark side of the force eats away at you.


  • Acronym Jim

    We already have an “Office of American Innovation.”

    It’s called NASA and it’s staffed with actual scientists instead of businessmen.

  • The_Wretched

    I’ve read through the comments here and from UK to Russia and more generally, we all know this is a way to loot the government. Will the US media and government stand up, resist and message why this is a problem?

  • No More GOP.

    So, robber barons redux. The late 1800’s/early 1900’s all over again. Institutionalized economic oppression and theft. Fuck them all.

  • Acronym Jim

    Some businessmen like Elon Musk and Richard Branson DO come up with innovative technology, but we know the Trump administration is more likely to appoint Peter Thiel and Art “Send Me Your Pee” Robinson.

  • dagobarbz, fine Italian shoes

    I’m wrapping sticks with pitch-covered towels.
    We’re gonna need torches to go with those pitchforks, fellow peasants!

  • “—-my ‘ahead of schedule, under budget’ mentality to the government.” Trump for deadbeat Capitalism!

  • Nowhereman

    Uh, no. And what a stupid idea. Having people who have no fucking clue how any of it works going in to make it work better? Uh, no. All this is is to give away chunks of our government functions to private industry to make a fortune on us. And it will cost us MORE, not less, belieeeeeve me! In my opinion, we need to UN privatize all government functions, like private prisons and military support functions.


    This is very relevant, http://www.allgov.com/news/where-is-the-money-going/contractors-account-for-22-percent-of-defense-dept-workforce-but-50-percent-of-workforce-cost?news=850315

    “Despite claims that hiring private contractors instead of government employees yields greater efficiency and lower costs for taxpayers, information emerging from the across-the-board federal budget sequester suggests that privatization yields higher costs at the expense of taxpayers, but big profits for contractors.”

    and, “a recent DOD report “emphasized that the average contract employee costs two to three times as much as the average DOD civilian employee for performing similar work, [and that] contract employees comprised 22% of [DOD’s] workforce but accounted for 50% of its cost,” figures confirmed on the spot by Defense Comptroller Robert Hale.”

  • Astronomojo

    “I promised the American people I would produce results, and apply my
    ‘ahead of schedule, under budget’ mentality to the government.”

    Wow, is this the same ‘mentality’ that repeatedly failed to pay your contractors and bankrupted your companies 6 times, Donnie? Well, I think it might be best to keep that mentality to yourself, thank you. (dumb ass)

  • And the corrupt Nepotism Express continues…

  • 2guysnamedjoe

    This article about the Indiana Toll Road offers many insights into the not-wonderful world of privatization. https://ourfuture.org/20150403/indiana-toll-road-privatizations-highway-to-hell
    It’s all right up Drumpf’s and Kuschner’s alley. Baseless hype, financial recklessness, poor planning and forecasting, bankruptcies and bailouts — it’s all there, straight out of the Drumpf handbook.

  • andrew

    “Privatize some government functions” is code for increasing opportunities for rich capitalists to make big bucks to the detriment of the services received by the people.

  • Niblet58

    He’s nothing more than a Russian operative like his FIL.

  • infmom

    I’m glad I have good health insurance because this makes me sick.

  • Galvestonian

    Yeah – the Rethugs have been trying to privatize the postal system for many years… they’ll end up selling it to UPS or FEDEX or some other carrier and what costs less than $20.00 to ship to relatives for Christmas will now set you back $70. to $100. — hey, profiting is what it’s all about and the Rethigs will get sme huge amount of ready cash to redecorate their D.C. offices

  • CottonBlimp

    President Trump plans to unveil a new White House office on Monday with sweeping authority to overhaul the federal bureaucracy and fulfill key campaign promises… by harvesting ideas from the business world and, potentially, privatizing some government functions.

    Translation: Trump plans to steal federal resources and sell them to cronies.

    If you want to know why our politics are so fucked up, it’s because even “liberal” papers like the Post write in this bullshit politically correct language about “free market” thievery.

  • JCF