Pope Slams Populism In Speech To EU Leaders

The New York Daily News reports:

Pope Francis urged European leaders on Friday to resist the “false forms of security” promised by populists who want to wall themselves off and instead bank on a future of greater solidarity and union.

Francis welcomed 27 EU leaders to the Vatican on the eve of a summit to mark the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, the founding charter of the bloc.

The summit falls just days before Britain triggers a procedure to leave the EU and comes amid a wave of anti-EU populist sentiment sweeping the continent that threatens the very essence of the EU.

“Politics needs this kind of leadership which avoids appealing to emotions to gain consent but instead, in a spirit of solidarity and subsidiarity, devises policies that can make the union as a whole develop harmoniously.”

Some reactions from Breitbart readers:

“If he is the spiritual leader of the Catholic church, why does he sound so much like a minion of Satan?”

“No, you POS “Pope,” populism is a revolution by WE THE PEOPLE against scum like you who lust to destroy our freedom and vest control of our lives in the worlds’s elitist career politicians… like you.”

“He clearly DOES NOT CARE innocent people are being raped and slaughtered by an islamic invasion of the West. He’s a monster.”

“He and Soros are on the same page when it comes to one world government under the control of a socialist elite.”

  • Lawerence Collins

    Ignorance on both sides of this issue.

    • Capritaur

      You probably think populism is a good word.

      • Lawerence Collins

        To much of anything can be a bad thing.

    • another_steve

      From an evolutionary perspective, it’s a dreadful error to make enemies with “the other.” We as a species are much better off being allies with one another than being each other’s enemy.

      In the fullness of time, those who don’t learn that lesson do not thrive.

      • Christian1234567

        You have a very good point. I’m not sure how to be allies with people who don’t want me to exist, though. I maybe am not evolved enough to figure that out…

        • another_steve

          So, you can seek out and rejoice in what in Yiddish culture is referred to as your “mishpucha.”

          One’s family. One’s extended family of loved ones.

          Among out and proud LGBT queer Catholics, there is a mishpucha.

      • PickyPecker
  • another_steve

    Francis is a leader of a Church in transition. Some of what he says is good, some of what he says is horrid.

    Transitions are always messy.

    • Adam King

      That church needs to transit to some obscure landfill.

    • Natty Enquirer

      It’s been four years. What are the changes in church doctrine so far?

      • bkmn

        1. Be nice to the gays (but nothing will be done to any church officials who are not nice to the gays, so go ahead and be hateful boys)

        • Christian1234567

          He was very specific about “not judging” those who “seek the Lord.” He only meant not judging those who hate themselves for existing so much that they’re willing to deny themselves any chance at love and/or they pretend to be hetero.

          • Carl

            He changed the narrative. He insists his church is denigrating us in a loving nonjudgmental way. Casual observers eat that shit up.

      • another_steve

        A fair question. One has to be an incrementalist to appreciate what we’re living through today, I think.

        The “tone” coming out of the Vatican has changed. This Pope’s Sunday sermons to the people assembled in Vatican Square don’t focus on the demonization of LGBT people. And of course, there’s his “who am I to judge” remark.

        He recently indicated that there was room in the Church to explore the possibility of married priests (above and beyond the current rules governing that area). This is significant, I think.

        A small step in the inevitable evolution of the Church and its adapting to 21st Century realities.

        Again, one has to be an incrementalist at heart or the above will come across as bullshit.

        • Carl

          You and I have very different ideas of what is inevitable.

    • Christian1234567

      I can’t stand him. He is better than his predecessors, just like being surrounded by only 50 pissed-off rattlesnakes is “better” than being surrounded by 500.
      You’re right that transitions are messy, and I do like some of what he says/does. I abhor the way he encourages anti-LGBT bigotry to flourish, which causes very real harm. I knew a young man who committed suicide after he couldn’t make himself hetero. He was very, very Catholic, and thought he was condemned to a loveless, miserable life and hell after that based on the Catholic Church’s teachings–including Frank’s perpetuation of these and reiteration of adamant opposition to equality, etc.
      I think I’m harder on Frank that I should be due to the damage done to this young man by the Church (and by Frank’s words and actions), and due to the damage that I’ve seen done to many other LGBT Catholics and to myself when I was Catholic.

      • another_steve

        I’m married to a Catholic LGBT activist. He’s very tied into the American Catholic LGBT movement. It’s a large and active movement, one that this blog doesn’t report on (for reasons entirely up to Joe — his blog, his decision).

        LGBT Catholics fighting for inclusion and equal rights within their Church are divided on Pope Francis. Most acknowledge that he’s a vast improvement over his monster predecessor who took delight in demonizing LGBT people. Francis, according to these activists, has said some good things. And he’s said some not-so-good things.

        All agree that the Catholic Church still has a long road to travel.

        A very long road.

        • Christian1234567

          So he’s part of Dignity? or another movement?
          That’s really wonderful of him. I admire him.
          I left for many reasons, but the main one was that I couldn’t take the bigotry anymore; I felt like I was participating in it and condoning it by remaining a part of the church. It was an incredibly hard decision to make, given the identity, memories, and family traditions that were tied to being Catholic.

          • another_steve

            Love to you, babe.

            I’m not Catholic (I consider myself an Apathetic Agnostic), but I think I understand the pain of present and past queer Catholics.

            My man — and I, through marriage to him — are very involved in a wonderful Catholic LGBT organization called “New Ways Ministry.” As a matter of fact, one of the founders of that organization, Sister Jeannine Gramick, gave the (non-denominational) benediction at our marriage celebration.

            Anyone interested can google for more information.

          • Christian1234567

            love to you, too, and hugs if you want them

            I had never heard of New Ways Ministry. It looks very interesting. Thank you for telling me about it! There are many wonderful people in the church. I just couldn’t continue.

  • Adam King

    When are we going to hear from the heads of the other organized-crime families?

  • How abhorrent populism is:




    support for the concerns of ordinary people.

    • Circ09

      Shame the fascists right wing crazies have appropriated the term populism because what they actually are about scares the actual populace witless.

    • Capritaur

      That’s a naive definition of populism. Populism typically implies the rejection of intellectualism, short-sighted policies, and tyranny of the masses. Populism would mean that segregation and marriage ban are good if most people approve. It would mean that rights of the subject of people’s scorn, be them immigrants or the rich, can be freely violated. It would mean scientific progress, the environment, and long-term economic health are dispensable in exchange for short term employment and material gain. Populist rhetoric from left and right should always be received with skepticism.

      • populism is simply “what is popular, right now?” it can be leftist, rightist, crazy, sensible… it’s just what is popular with the largest number of people in the society in question at a given time. the word itself lacks any ideological framework.

        Madonna was a “populist” movement, for a minute, in music. driving a certain american car brand was a “populist” statement, for a while. etc.

      • Having seen the effects of both, globalization and populism, I side with the people.

        “Not enough attention was paid to the fact that [Globalisation] was bound to have winners and losers, and that the losers were bound to try to express themselves in some kind of political reaction” – Henry Kissinger

        Are you a globalisation winner or a loser? Is the world truly better off because of globalisation? I’d conclude the opposite is true.

      • Reality.Bites

        And that’s a troll you’re wasting your breath on

        • Todd20036

          I blocked it. Not worth the aggravation

    • Dreaming Vertebrate

      That’s not today’s populism. Today’s populists are evil monsters like Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders and Rasputin’s evil twin – Steve Bannon. Take your poison red pill and shove it, you damn troll!!

      • PickyPecker

        Block and move on. It says the same things every day.

      • How horrible of them to protect their people. Go Le Pen!

  • Halou

    He clearly DOES NOT CARE innocent people are being raped and slaughtered by an islamic invasion of the West. He’s a monster.

    Dear old Pope didn’t care when Catholic priests were doing it, worse than that his institution gave shelter to those responsible or reassigned them to nations which had no extradition treaty with those in which the abuses took place. Why should he care when anyone else does it?

    • Adam King

      He doesn’t care when African priests ban condoms for their AIDS-ravaged populations either. The more human sacrifice the better.

      • TheThruster

        Rather evil, no?

        • Monicaarizo

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        • Angelarfranks

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    • crabufreka

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      • MB

        Flagged !!

    • clahadagad
  • clay

    Franky’s just pissed that the people might think they can take his hat.

    • jimbo65

      Well Bannon has been critical of him. He’d be wise to watch his back, there are some factions in his circle that probably have the long knives out for him.

  • T-Batwoman

    It’s funny that he thinks he’s relevant.

    • Halou

      It’s not so much that he himself thinks he is relevant, it is that the heads of the 27 EU member states think he is relevant enough for them to meet with him on the European Community’s 60th anniversary.

    • fuzzybits


  • fuzzybits

    OT: Houzz has some pretty keen videos. https://youtu.be/aVXFYKwuzn8

    • PickyPecker

      Wow. That kitchen rocks!

    • 2guysnamedjoe

      It ain’t no Castelgandolfo, but it’s nice.

    • DaveDocSC

      Definitely Comfortable looking. I could move right in.

    • Dry Creek Rocks! West Side Road! Russian River! YES! Miss it……………………Then there’s Vermont:

  • bkmn

    I appreciate the message but until the RCC opens its treasury and helps to alleviate some societal problems like hunger and homelessness I can’t put a lot of stock in anything else he says.

    • Jeffg166

      They’ve been broke for two thousand years.

      • Natty Enquirer

        And they live in an old stone building with pictures drawn all over the walls.

      • bkmn

        And have amassed wealth estimated in the TRILLIONS that they sit on.

        • Adam King

          Which they invest in real estate. But not to house the homeless.

        • Dreaming Vertebrate

          They used to be one of the biggest land and real estate owners in Manhattan.
          The value of that property alone is beyond calculation.

        • Guest

          Far be it for me to defend that child raping church, but facts are facts. They have been rich and poor. They were financially destroyed by neopoleon so much so that they were transporting stolen items to France when he fell and the church had to burn archives because they could not take them all back.

          They were dead broke about 1900. This is when they set up the Vatican bank. They are estimated to have higher tens of billions in cash.

          They may have trillions in wealth if you count priceless art, priceless records of papers signed by people throughout history. Estimated wealth of a museum is not real wealth if you expect it to sell the art. That is the same here.

          I can see why an organization that wants to be around for a long time does not want to spend down cash. That proves more they are a business and should not be tax exempt in places like the USA.

          Even with their snuggle with Nazi Germany, they still were financially hurting after ww2
          They came back after the boom of the 1950’s with the wealth of USA giving.

          JpII spent them down with his many years of travelling. Now Asia and some Africa and south America are their money streams.

          Getting rid of land is a possibility, but only some areas of the world command prices. Just some years ago, jmg posters were showing a church in Europe that is a skate rink for skateboards. it was abandoned and they took it over. Most of their land is in rural areas all over the world and prices all over are depressed still from the 2008. Crash. You can only have so many goth parties and dance clubs in refabbed churches, like in Denver.

          Please show your reliable source for the trillions claim.

          A few years ago Forbes had them under a hundred billion in liquid assets and assess that could be sold. A TV show on a channel like history had a show and it noted less than that.

          • Guest

            Really, their land started devaluing as jobs in Europe and the USA were sent to Asia, so in the seventies, late seventies. Funny how those popes did not see the hollowed out rural towns as their last as too. Funny how those popes did not speak out against globalization and these so called free trade agreements.

            Put aside all of the crap that Bernie supporters lost the election for Hillary, as 538 showed that even if 100% of those few Bernie supporters in each district came out and voted for Hillary, there were still too many white people who went for Trump from Obama because of Trump stealing the lefts jobs framing. That is Hillary’s fault. It is her campaign manager’s fault for ignoring emails begging for help from PA, wi, mi and lying when he said he was never asked. The workers showed the emails with her s replies denying funds and the candidate visits.

            This church ignored the cries of working people and now sees the danger. Hillary lost by not addressing the fear of job losses. On that subject, those who agree on the right these agreements hurt the middle class are right. They are wrong and stupid to thing that right wing policies will fix it. How many times are these idiots going to vote for lies and to then see the right help the rich and the companies?

            As to this Pope, the chief child rapist, where is he crying about the harm to the poor and middle class done by companies and the rich daily? A few comments does not cut it. And where were the prior chief child rapists screaming at all about these hurt by the rich and the companies? Hell, jp2 loved the companies. The Nazi pope just wanted to be pope and look bed the rich and powerful, what he learned as a boy licking Nazi boots.

        • I don’t know about trillions, but some Googling suggests it’s a lot.

          Also, apparently, the LDS church has a net worth of $40 billion. I would **think** the Catholic Church would have at least that?

      • SoCalGal20

        Have you been to the Vatican? The RCC is many things but financially broke is not one of them.

      • 2guysnamedjoe

        An Béal Bocht, as they say in Irish.

        • BlueberriesForMe

          Does this mean something like “the rich man cries poverty”?

          • Gay Fordham Prep Grad

            “the poor mouth” …. very close.

          • 2guysnamedjoe

            Or more succinctly, “the poor mouth”.

      • edrex

        just like trump.

    • Paul David

      The only thing any of us should want to hear from the “cool” Pope, or any Pope at all, is:

      “The Church as you know it is a complete scam.

      Our dogma is designed to deceive you, the poor suckers who have enriched us for centuries.

      As of now I am disbanding the Church, and the profits from the sale of every single thing we have accumulated will be distributed to the poor.”

      That is the only thing any of us should want to hear from the Pope.

  • david fairfield

    I see through your shroud of gilded robes. I agree, but for reasons having to do with the old adage that united we stand. But your reason, you greedy bigot, is that breaking the EU means less $$$$$$ pouring into your golden palace of lying hypocritical gay youth stigmatizing perversion. Fuck you Francis.

  • JT

    populism is a revolution by WE THE PEOPLE against scum like you who lust to destroy our freedom

    LOL. Destroy your “freedom” to profiteer and exploit at the expense of others, you mean?

    • Adam King

      The only Mafia family that wears lacy dresses instead of tailored suits.

    • Barry William Teske


  • Halou

    Hello, is this Pope-To-Go? Yes. I’d like to get two super size ‘go away’s and a side order of ‘fuck you’. Thanks.

  • Natty Enquirer

    More unassailable platitudes from the Daddy in White.

  • Barry William Teske

    Everybody doing the holier than thou dance yet there is no music – so lets lighten the load. /s
    Here is something GAY and not in a good way…so they say?


  • TheThruster

    Fuck the poop, now and eternally. That’s all I have to say.

  • andrew

    Ignoring the religious hocus pocus, when the celibate Francis in talking about things other than sexuality, he is actually one of the more reasonable voices on the world stage today.

  • Robert Conner

    So I guess the Rwandan Genocide Apology Tour is over?

  • TexasBoy

    Evidently at Breitbart believes the constitution was written to protect only their religion.

    • Todd20036

      Oh that’s a given. Remember all those RFA and the like are meant only for Christians. Never for Muslims, Atheists, Jews, Hindus, etc.

    • Uncle Mark

      Curiously enough, President Bannon is Catholic. How interesting that he allows his propaganda site to excoriate the leader of his “Christian” faith.

      • andrew

        Francis is even less popular with hard right conservative Catholics than he is with my fellow lefties who post here. Francis is in a no win situation. In attempting to move his Church toward a more moderate or centrist position, he gets no praise from the left and is viewed as a dangerous liberal by conservative Catholics, especially the entrenched Vatican Bureaucracy.

  • Ben in Oakland

    Translation: better you should give your time and money to the church

  • Bill Donohue

    A couple little screw-ups (the Inquisition, kiddy-diddling) and you bigots are all over us like glitter on a drag queen. You’re all going to hell. Ha ha ha ha ha.

  • Henry Auvil

    Fuck you, Mary.

  • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

    I have to agree with him that the world needs leadership that does not appeal to emotions, but rather to solidarity. Where I disagree strongly, is that he also says that we need subsidiarity, i.e. to be subordinates to authority. We do not need to be subservient to a Church that appeals to mythology.

    What we need is a leadership that appeals to reason, to facts, to the scientific method. We need an educated people, and equality of opportunity. We need people to be mobilized and hold their leaders accountable.

  • slathudroc

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    • MB

      Flagged !

      • clahadagad

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        • Baltimatt

          You forgot to bold your spam. How much more could you have made with proper bolding?

          • Gino_luv

            I noticed your beleaguered forum is down. Maybe you ought to invite all those brave souls over here. I’m sure they’re too cowardly though. They don’t have you to have their back

          • Gino_luv

            I see the popular people got Grngll banned.
            Everyone constantly broke the rules by picking on and ridiculing Grnglls posts and threads, no matter how much they didn’t like his opinion or his threads.
            How many warning points does smoky, dr, fever, spritely, semi, veritas and eastern terp have again? Alienrace? I would say probably collectively they have zero. LOL. Those are the people you should get rid of.
            Where did all my reports disappear to? LOL

  • JCF
  • Pope goes the weasel

  • Mike Knife

    When is the Pope going to slam the straight pedophile Catholic priest who are still raping and abusing children?

    • andrew

      “straight pedophile Catholic priests” sadly many of them are closeted homosexuals.

      • Mike Knife

        The truth is, most of the Catholic priest who rape and abuse children are heterosexual men not gay men. You must have gotten your false information from FAKE NEWS.

        • andrew

          I think the truth lies more with my statement than with yours. In prior decades many young closeted gay boys entered Catholic Seminaries and became priests. Unfortunately some of them could not lead the unnatural celibate life and sought sexual gratification among young adolescent boys. It’s always easier to believe that the bad guys are from some other group, but I think that the truth is that many, not all, of the clerical abusers of adolescent boys were closeted homosexuals. Fortunately today we live in a society where young gay men have been liberated to lead open lives and have no need to go off to Catholic Seminaries and live incomplete unhealthy closeted lives.

          • Mike Knife

            Andrew you are clearly an anit-gay Christian/Catholic who is seeking to use FAKE NEWS to make yourself right. The truth speaks for itself, most of the pedophile Catholic priest are straight men who have been stopped and suppressed from getting married by their religion and so they seek out children as sex partners. Are you saying the Pope is gay?

  • CottonBlimp

    You can always count on the Catholic church to oppose any brutal regime they’re not a part of.

  • Cody Crouse

    Far right & far left populism are both authoritarian ideologies that help to turn back progress & allow the power of the majority to oppress more vulnerable minorities. This is why I am very critical of Swiss direct democracy as democracy without proper checks & balances is merely mob rule.

  • Robert Anthony

    ‘Ever wish you could clean the shit outta their heads and convince them they’re ALL wrong and there is no magical sky wizard? I know I do.