Wolf Blizter On Today’s Implosion Of Trump’s Lies: What An Embarrassment For His Administration [VIDEO]

Raw Story reports:

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer said that Comey’s testimony before the House Intelligence Committee was a disaster for Trump, whom he said now faces a major problem with credibility. “This is another embarrassment right now to the president,” Blitzer said. “What he alleged 16 days ago, the FBI and the Justice Department say they have no evidence to back it up.”

Gloria Borger also said that the Comey hearing was a bad sign for Trump, as the FBI’s investigation into his presidential campaign will leave a cloud hanging over him for as long as it continues.

“I think that what Comey did was he confirmed the investigation, but then he refused to characterize it,” she said. “Without putting it in any kind of context, Wolf, this now hangs out there over the administration like a soggy, wet tent over their heads.”