Carl Bernstein On CNN: Trump Is Setting Himself Up As The Head Of A Neo-Fascist Media Empire [VIDEO]

Via Mediaite:

Carl Bernstein made an appearance on CNN this morning, and he opined that Donald Trump‘s refusal to say whether or not he’d accept the results of the election are an ominous sign of what’s to come after November 8.

A great deal of conversation still surrounds Trump’s debate remarks, as well as the psyche-out he offered while addressing criticism yesterday. When asked to discuss, Bernstein said he doubted that WikiLeaks will bring down Hillary Clinton, and he wondered whether Trump’s recent antics are all part of a plan to make sure that his political following survives should he lose the presidency.

“He is setting himself up as the head of…a real neo-fascist movement and media empire with the people from Breitbart,” Bernstein said.

  • bkmn

    Trump is a threat to national security. Period.

    • Frostbite

      Hope they hang him for Treason.

    • Chuck in NYC

      I keep reminding myself Roger Ailes is behind a lot of what’s going on. That creep can’t have a heart attack soon enough for the good of the world.

      • bzrd

        isn’t there a wonderful “health spa” lodge somewhere in texas that has very comfortable pillows ?

  • Macbill

    We need more lying liars.

  • Michael R

    Less airtime for Trump after the election please .
    Treat him like a lesser Kardashian .

  • ShawnSwagger


  • JustDucky

    Why would anyone be surprised by Trump’s desire to run a propaganda media network? He’s just emulating his significant other.

    • ShawnSwagger

      Awesome. That magazine needs to be in every newsstand and airport from now until election day.

    • Balderdashing

      The irony of CNN asserting this, when they have so many Trump campaign consultants on staff. Are they hinting that Trump should buy their network?

      • basedonfact

        It isn’t an assertion. It is reporting of facts. Trump JR has been talking rather openly about this in recent weeks

    • JCF

      Voters FORBID!!!!

  • David

    Has Dump TV filed for bankruptcy protection yet?

    • mjcc1987


  • Tiger Quinn

    Allllll so Trump can “get back” at the people he thinks have hurt him.

  • Randy Ellicott

    I wonder if this is a plan with Ailes, and Fox News to an extent. I feel that Fox news wants to pivot back (ok well not back but towards) being a “Fair and Balanced” news organization, they have been hurt the last few years and while they consistently get high ratings their professionalism and reputation has been destroyed through their one-sidedness. Their talent have few options to go anywhere else because of this. Now if we get trump tv, and i think we know who would help set that up (looking at Ailes), it can become the “True Voice” of the wingnuts and Fox can move towards being more fair and balanced. Just a thought that popped up…

    • canoebum

      Murdock will go where the most money can be made.

    • kanehau

      I rarely watch Fox News, but my SO and I happened to watch it last night, as well as Fox Business, as the various stations were covering the charity dinner event.

      I was shocked at how anti-trump Fox News was in covering the issues.

      Shocked I tell you.

      It does seem like they are trying to move back towards the center somewhat.

      • Same as the GOP.
        Same as buying the word conservative.
        Phoney, sneaky, wingnuts pretending to be the voice of reason

      • lymis

        I’d say, rather, that they are trying to move back toward the profit somewhat, and the knee-jerk wingnut routine ain’t pulling in the cash any more. The real wingnuts go right to Breitbart, etc.

        They’re trying to rebuild their brand, not participate in actual journalism, although they might actually have to do some of that to pull it off.

        • Chucktech

          IOW, the Internet is eating Fox News’s lunch.

          • lymis

            Actually, they’re being munched on from both sides, because the rest of the mainstream media has pretty much stopped pretending to treat them as journalists, too. Unless they ARE the news, like the Ailes thing or national discussions about Megyn Kelly’s wherever.

    • j.martindale

      Evidently, Murdoch is getting his kids involved, and they may not be quite as right wing as he. I see the introduction of another fascist propaganda outlet as a not bad thing. I don’t think they can get any crazier than Faux, and this may introduce infighting in the right wing media.

      • Dazzer

        Murdoch’s son Lachlan is exceedingly right wing. Moreso tan even his father. The other son, James, is still right wing, but veers more to the middle of the road.

      • lymis

        If they want the profit – especially from younger people – they need to at least appear more balanced. And less sexist.

        Pandering to the teabaggers isn’t a moneymaking model any more.

        • Hína Kemenduro

          That is probably an accurate analysis, but I have worked at many a now-failed company that could not adjust to such changes.

        • BudClark

          I can’t imagine any person 30 years of age or under (and in possession of all their teeth) would be interested.

      • Hína Kemenduro

        I am not so sure that such infighting would be a good thing… although it would be entertaining. My head spins when I try to keep up with all the bizarre conspiracy theories out there… there is no bottom to crazy.

    • CanuckDon

      Once they shitcan Hannity, we’ll know for sure.

  • Sam_Handwich

    i’m more inclined to think that his scummy kids will steer him away from damaging what’s left of the yuge family empire

    • Gustav2

      Or will they go toward a new shinny object.

      • Bj Lincoln

        They were trained to do just that.

    • Bruno

      They’ll try, but he won’t be able to resist the absolute adulation and worship he gets from the neo-Nazis.

    • ShawnSwagger

      Ivanka has reportedly been put in charge of trying to salvage the brand, and Donald Jr. seems to be the person they send out to talk to investors. Not sure what Eric does.

      • TrollopeReader

        screws up whatever Ivanka and Donnie jr are doing ?

        • ShawnSwagger

          I do wonder about that. In his deposition in the restaurant case, Trump claimed that almost all the legal/business decisions were made by either Don Jr. or Ivanka, but Eric’s name hardly came up at all.

          • David Walker

            Maybe, somehow, Eric and Tiff will manage to get out alive.

        • paganguy

          “Ivanka, Ivanka, Ivanka”

  • TK

    When Trump loses the election (by a landslide), he’ll still have his overwhelming need to be in the media spotlight. So a perfect fit is being a new alt-right media pundit on his own TV show – with plenty of loyal disenchanted viewers. TV is his real venue, not politics. As we’ve so painfully had to observe for months and months.

    • Kate

      Except this time none of the other networks will have any motivation to give him air time for self-promotion. Setting up a network of his own to reach his followers should result in dwindling returns. After all, he no longer has the hook of describing what he’ll do once elected. How long do you think even his most ardent fans will spend watching when he can no longer credibly promise to make their sordid dreams come true?

      • TK

        I think you’re right on with that. Hadn’t really considered it but yeah, what’s the attraction?

      • Chuck in NYC

        I can’t imagine what national advertisers would want to run commercials on such a network. Fox is one thing — but a network running even further to the right of Fox? I don’t see a financial path to success that’s advertiser dependent. It would have to be a vanity project funded by right-wing billionaires.

        • David L. Caster

          Those billionaires have better things to do with their money such as purchasing Congressmen.

      • BudClark

        Why, he’ll promise to run again, of course … BARF!

    • Chucktech

      Let’s just say that when Trump loses the election (by a landslide), He’ll get so much yooge media attention, it will be just unbelievable, folks, lemme tell you. Trump will get so much media attention he’ll be sick of media attention, I can tell you that…

      Why? Because now we can focus on his rape trial, the gargantuan fraud of Trump Foundation, not to mention Trump U, and the colossal meltdown of the Trump brand and name without the distraction of the dog and pony show that is the election.

      • Hína Kemenduro

        Yes, his ego has been his downfall. He drew too much attention to himself. He moved to a bigger pond, and the fish there are not impressed.

    • That’s right. While Hillary was in the Situation Room working on the capture of Osama bin Laden, Trump was on his reality TV show not winning an Emmy.

  • TexasBoy

    Sooo, Trump is setting himself up for a media empire? And Rush is OK with that? I mean, if the GOP base follows Trump (assuming Trump start his own network, either online or broadcast radio) Rush will be yesterdays news, and out of a job.

    • Friday

      He probably is looking for a job there, the way things have been going for him.

  • Michael R
    • BudClark


  • mjcc1987

    Sounds interesting but I see egos getting in the way soon after launch. Everyone’s hate and egos are just too big for one website.

    • Natty Enquirer

      Trump has been pretty compliant so far. Breitbart is getting everything they planned for.

    • Nor with they disavow the Klan.

    • bzrd

      no lunch because food fight

    • David Walker

      That’s what Palin “learned” about her website. You just can’t cover as much shit or spread it around as much as you can with your very own TV channel. Trump TV could narrowcast 24 hours of constant hate and harassment. Website? Not so much. And the vaunted names of hate and fear who would appear. And Tony PerKKKins could be in charge of the religious programming on Sundays. And they’d all pay Drumpf to be on his channel because that’s the way those channels work (think religious channels). He might not pay his employees, but the honor to work for Drumpf in keeping America hateful ought to be sufficient.

  • Texndoc

    Who the hell is concerned about the Breitbart Gang?
    They’re comical. Probably have less of a shelf life than Sarah Palin.
    (BTW, the only one missing is their queen Milo)
    The dork in the blue shirt next to Bannon is “Chief Political Reporter” who actually saw himself as Trumps White House spokesman (LOL!)

    • paganguy

      Maybe Milo was on his knees behind the couch.

    • Mike C

      Milo’s not missing. They’re sitting on him.

    • BudClark

      I’d do a couple of them … in a severe drought / pinch .

  • Blake Jordan

    Nothing of substance on Sec. Clinton, so now Putin-leaks is going to try with Sen. Kaine…

  • Brooklyn Joe
  • Jeffrey

    If his little Trumplings have any hope of saving their inheritance they will stop him from continuing to destroy the brand. Whether he knows it or now he has significantly damaged the Trump brand and contesting his loss will only exacerbate the damage.

    • bzrd

      ivanka has her rich husband so it’s dooday and pooday who need to worry about the brand

      • Jeffrey

        Indeed. Ivanka was smart enough to marry more cash than her daddy has.

  • greenmanTN

    I have disliked Republican policy before I was even able to vote, for reasons most of you probably share.

    But Donald Trump is another thing entirely.

    Someone can, with good reason, say Trump might start up a Neo-Fascist movement, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised. I think I’m just worn out from this campaign that I can’t even muster the outrage that this deserves.

    • Chucktech

      Starting up a Neo-Fascist movement doesn’t sound particularly lucrative. Once this circus leaves town, Trump isn’t going to be interested in any such movement. He may be seen as a spark for some nutty fringe group, but we already have plenty of those.

      • David Walker

        Maybe he can figure out a way to brand the neo-fascist movement, like Trump Fascism or something. Some of the best people are already suggesting it.

        • greenmanTN

          We have the BEST goose steps!

      • greenmanTN

        It isn’t that I think it’s going to happen immediately, that there’s going to be this big rally and Trump will stand up and say, “Hi, my name is Donald and I’ll be your new Fuhrer.

        But this alleged new Trump media channel, if it happens, could be whole other kettle of fish, bring some pretty awful people and groups together and that ain’t good.

        I don’t actually believe that Trump has those views himself, but he would sell his mother to a dog food factory to make another dime.

    • Hína Kemenduro

      Well, I am similarly tired, but lots of people, younger than me, will be pretty charged in their outrage, and they will have a few handles on Hair Furor. The “muck raking” that comes with any election has brought to light some rather shady uses of his “charity”. So, if he does go the neo-fascist media-empire route, I think people will use that and other deeds of his past to take him down. He has made a lot of enemies, and they are beginning to know each other. Who knows what might arise, synergistically from their being in contact. Also, he is a terrible businessman. How long could he run such a thing before it came crashing down. True, he has Ailes, and I would assume he knows how to run such a thing, but Ailes is not without his weaknesses. He may well have too many of his own problems before long, and he would also present another point of attack.

    • dr morbius

      lol liberal fantasias.

      He wants to start a cable network.

      • greenmanTN

        Well, given that he’s a clueless dipshit who manages to drive everything he touches into the ground, I say have at it.

        I hear they’re hiring boot-lickers at Trump Tower, so you might want to look into that.

    • Orly

      Agreed. My hope is that the Republican party gets rid of the Deplorables and Trumpsters – they can start their own Nazi party.

  • worstcultever

    Donald has only one tool in his toolbox – say outrageous shit and get attention. Then when the attention dies down, say even more outrageous shit, then get some more attention.

    He is a deeply stupid and shallow person, and I doubt his media “empire” would even measure up to Palin’s. At least Sarah had enough sexy to give the old white crackers a semi-boner.

    Trump’s one-trick pony act has already worn out much of its novelty, and even his most rabid fandom won’t escape the natural law so succinctly expressed by Ralph Waldo Emerson – “Every hero becomes a bore at last.”

    • Hína Kemenduro

      These are good times to remember Emerson.

    • DH Esq

      Just wait until his fans learn that they will have to pay for TrumpTV. How many will actually pay up?

      • Herald

        That will be the sticking point for many of them.

      • BudClark

        If they have to choose between hillbilly heroin and tRUMP, not many.

    • Bj Lincoln

      I hope you are right.

    • BudClark

      I can’t imagine ANYBODY getting a stiffie for Jabba the tRUMP.

  • ShawnSwagger

    I will be very disappointed in Alyssa Milano if her shampoo infomercials are running on Trump TV at 4 in the morning.

    • Bryan

      Maybe her infomercials will air during “Mornings with Boris and KellyAnne!”

  • Bj Lincoln

    The scary part is the mount of angry followers who will gladly join a ‘revolution’ and Trump’s desire to lead the lemmings over a cliff.

    • BudClark

      As long as they GO over the CLIFF, to a person!

  • Hank

    “He is setting himself up as the head of…a real neo-fascist movement and media empire with the people from Breitbart,” Bernstein said.

    • Herald

      That is good!

  • Duane Dimitrov

    The guy is absolutely right.

    Trump definitely plans to monetize his following after the election, and the easiest way to do this is to claim (1) the election was stolen from you, (2) you (that is, Trump) are the “real” president, or at least should be, and, (3) your Trump TV or Trump website is the de facto “government in exile” of the US.

    His moronic followers will eat that up like they’re an unsupervised fat boy with a cake to themselves.

    It’s not going to be good, and the next four years will be awful.

    Then we will get the lovely 2020 election…where Ted Cruz is the only viable option. Ugh.

  • Bad Tom

    If Trump were ever to be investigated for his actual crimes, there would be no further talk of him becoming the head of a media empire.

    Even if all the things he’s done (self-dealing from his “charity”) are mere torts, he can be relieved of his remaining dough.

    That would defang him.

    • Herald

      Here’s hoping

    • BudClark

      Maybe somebody could buy the gold-plated toilet and donate it to the Ali Fourney Center .

      (In case anybody’s wondering, it’s 7 pm Pacific time, and I finally got enough anti-spasmodics, pain-killers, and “herb for the use of men” into me that I could get out of bed and sit at the computer for awhile.

      Besides, tRUMP is pissing me off MIGHTILY!)

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    He’s not wrong.

  • andrew

    I think Carl Bernstein has it right.

    • BudClark

      tRUMP deserves to be ruined in every way a man can be ruined.

  • glass

    I can’t wait for trump TV to roll around. Then we get to call it CHUMP TV!
    And the best part will be when he loses 2 BILLION and goes off the air.
    He’s just a con man and anyone who gets into bed with him deserves all the shit that happens to them.

    • BudClark

      The question IS: does he HAVE $2 billion to LOSE at this point … or WILL he, once all these lawsuits go against him?

      *I* want to see him selling apples and pencils on a street corner … nice historical touch, that.

      • glass

        Remember, the “art of the deal” is about getting other people’s money. Personally I think a hot dog vendor is more trumps style. That way he can pile on all the condiments at an ala carte price. Not to mention all the hot dog cart gold cards he would try to sell. You hist wieners are the best wieners, huuuuge. The tastiest wieners ever. He gets calls about them all the time. And the warmest, freshest, biggest buns ever.

  • Mark

    wikileaks: diaper leaks

  • Joseph Miceli

    Please! As if Huckabee and Newt and the rest haven’t all tried the same thing. All they want is a captive market for their banal tweets and their 14.95 books churned out by ghost writers that they slap their names on.

  • Platos_Redhaired_Stepchild

    So….Fox News pundit?

  • BudClark

    People need to read the in-depth history of American politics during the period between WW I and WW II: the Eugenics Movement, Father Coughlin, the German-American Bund (and lots more). Southwestern Ohio and parts of Texas were particularly rife with German-American fascists. So they’ve been here for a LONG time.