Houston Cops: Mass Shooter Wore Nazi Uniform

Houston’s NBC affiliate reports:

The gunman who carried out Monday morning’s shooting that wounded nine people was wearing what appeared to be Nazi paraphernalia, two law enforcement sources told Channel 2 Investigates’ Robert Arnold. The shooting was reported just after 6 a.m. near a shopping center on the northwest corner of Weslayan and Bissonnet streets.

Interim Houston Police Chief Martha Montalvo said that officers responded to the scene and were able to quickly locate the gunman in the 4400 block of Law Street. She said the shooter immediately began firing at the officers and they returned fire. The gunman was found dead shortly after, she said.

KPRC2 has confirmed the owner of that vehicle is 46-year-old attorney Nathan Desai. Ken McDaniel, Desai’s former law partner, said that they decided to go their separate ways in February because of economic reason. He said he hasn’t spoken to Desai since then.

Curiously, the Nazi uniform aspect has not yet made it into Breitbart‘s relentlessly updated report on the shooting spree.

  • Nazi mass shooter = Will be forgotten immediately, and absolutely not even mentioned at the debate tonight.

    Had he been Muslim, well, it would be mentioned obsessively, with Trump rage-barking that Islam should be banned entirely in the country.

    • MrSkippy

      Had he been black he’d be a violent criminal.

      A Hispanic would have been some kind of drug cartel enforcer.

      Were he Muslim he’d be a terrorist.

      But nope, he’s white. So he’s mentally ill and not responsible for his actions.

        • Rex

          Cookie Monster is Muppet-American.

          • Brian in Valdosta

            Clearly a for’ner. I mean, he cain’t even speak American too good. All he says is ‘cookie this’ and ‘cookie that’.

          • ColdDesert

            Cookie Trucks on every corner!

          • B Snow

            I approve that message.

          • ColdDesert

            “Me Cookie, me approve message”

          • Katiersmith2

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        • Joe in PA

          Mmmm, a furry AND he’s got cookies. What’s not to like?

      • Alan S. Lee

        He is not white. He is Indian-American.

        • Chuck in NYC

          I highly suspect he’s even more insidious – Polyester-American.

        • Menergy

          Is that Native American Indian-American? Or? What is American?

        • ultragreen

          He was an immigrant from India. Not native American-Indian.

      • another_steve

        One of the characteristics of a racist mindset is the injection of race into every thing and every event and every place.

        An obsession with race.

        • Geoffrey Snyder

          Another is to deny that race isn’t a factor in things when it obviously is an issue. Denial doesn’t look good on anyone.

          • immortalwombat10 .

            “deny that race isn’t a factor”

            thanks for that.

      • William E. Shaw

        Indian or Paki by the name.

        • MrSkippy

          Interesting. None of that had been released at the time I posted. So yes, given Nazi junk I figured he’s white.

          Assumptions… making people look like dicks for… ever I guess.

          • Ore Carmi

            Nah, that guy was a dick. You’ve got to be a dick if you’re wearing Nazi paraphernalia, even if you’re not white.

        • ChrisMorley

          ‘a rude abbreviation of the word ‘pakistani” and
          ‘A racist term that is often applied to people of Pakistani or South Asian descent. Its origins are commonly traced back to about 30 years ago, when British hooligans used the term Paki-bashing to refer to the gang beating of ethnic minorities.’

          • Tipsy

            It’s a slur in most Commonwealth countries (UK and Canada for sure) but pretty unknown in the US. I seem to recall George W. using that term once, and Tony Blair needing to inform him what it meant.

          • William E. Shaw

            Suck it up Snowflake… It is what it is. (I’ve been there.) Funny how you get your panties inna wad over a nutcase inna Nazi get-up who shoots people.

      • Chucktech

        Mentally ill, but locked and loaded… Ain’t that America…

      • LoveCoates

        We need a complete and total shutdown on white males entering the country until we can get a handle on what’s going on. Why are all the good white men, and why aren’t they condemning this? We definitely need to check out his family and his church.

      • Todd20036

        Hmmm. I did Nazi that coming…

      • StraightGrandmother

        No, you got black wrong, if he was black he would have been called a thug.
        I’m not the all current on things but I do no all people who are black are thugs , how could you miss that one?/snark

    • Ore Carmi

      I bet Hillary will mention this mass shooting.

    • Paul

      This is the first i’ve heard of it. Twitter is all about the ‘Muslim Skittle’ who killed 3 in Macy’s.

  • Rex

    Was there a “Make America Great Again” bumper sticker on the vehicle?

  • PickyPecker
  • Clive Johnson

    An alt-right shooter, apparently.

  • safari

    I’m sure this is in no way connected to the alt-right. I mean… this could just be an early halloween trick gone bad… right?

  • JoeMyGod
  • Mark Neé Fuzz

    Did Trump call terrorism first? If so, did he do an Emily Litella never mind when the Nazi aspect came to light?

    • If it’s murder and mayhem happening, Trump is a giddy little schoolboy.

      But seriously, we already know the narrative trajectory:
      1. It’s a radical Islamic terrorist! (“No, it’s not, he’s a Nazi.”)
      2. No really it is! (“No, it’s not, here’s photos of the Nazi materials.”)
      3. They were planted! (“Nope, the murderer left a long trail of radical Nazi writings online and documented his plans for mass murder. His rat-infested home is FULL of Nazi memorabilia.”)
      4. FALSE FLAG OP! (“For fuck’s sake…”)

  • Terrorist. Lets call him what he is.

  • RainbowPhoenix

    White supremacist? Must mean we’re not supposed to call this terrorism.

    • Alan S. Lee

      He is Indian-American.

  • MikeBx2

    Since Trump gleefully tweeted this recently, will he update it to include a Nazi sympathizer rampage?

    • Gustav2

      No but here is one of his greatest supporters with the EuroRight


      • Yikes. Just LOOK at the size of that man’s head!

        I mean the comically huge one on the right. Not the pinhead on the far left.

        • Paula

          I can’t look away.

        • Bomer

          A girl I used to know in college once told me that should would never marry a man with a large head. I asked her why and she said “Think about it. When you have kids you’re gonna have to try pushing that out.”

          I feel for that man’s mother.

      • Cuberly

        Holy shit!

      • Clive Johnson

        Looks like he’s standing next to two wax statues.

        • William

          Which is the real live human?

    • JCF

      Turkey is not the Middle East.

      • TrollopeReader

        well, it *is* over there somewhere ,,, (says Trumpie)

      • Max_1

        You’re talking about the man who thinks the Pacific island chain is called Kenya.

  • Henry Auvil

    This story is currently just a tiny blip way down on the NYTimes. Either mass shootings have become too commonplace to sell clicks, or the shooter isn’t muslin enough. Both, probably.

    • McSwagg

      It didn’t happen in NYC or LA so it’s not that important to the NYTimes.

  • DrRobY

    Remember, he’s not a terrorist; he’s not Muslim.

    • Before long, the Trumpites will morph him into an angry but misguided patriot. Mark my words.

      • Oscarlating Wildely

        …who voted for Obama and became disillusioned. “Sad.”

      • Ray Butlers

        After the election. That sound you here is the explosion of the heads of the Confederacy. ™

      • DrRobY

        Sad thing is that I know you are right.

  • Ninja0980

    For a minute, I thought it was a terrorist.
    Thank heavens it was just a mentally ill white guy who needs thoughts and prayers.

    • melllt

      His last name is DeSai. His dad’s name is Parkash. I’ve seen his picture, trust me when I say my Gramps wouldn’t consider him white.

      • Ninja0980

        Ah okay, so he IS a terrorist after all.

        • melllt

          That’s exactly what I meant.

  • Sam_Handwich

    New Reuters/Ipsos Polls

    NH: Clinton +15 .. NM: Clinton +9 .. VA: Clinton +7 .. NC: Clinton +6 .. FL: Clinton +4 .. OH: Clinton +3.

    CO: Trump +2 .. GA: Trump +3 .. SC: Trump +7 .. AZ: Trump +6 .. IA: Trump +10

    • Gustav2

      I saw somewhere someone reported Clinton was pulling out of Ohio, still seeing plenty of ads here…of course it is not the end of the month.

      NO TRUMP ADS of any significance.

      • Sam_Handwich

        also this

        William & Mary/TargetSmart Ohio Poll

        Clinton 40%
        Trump 37%

    • Alan S. Lee

      No wonder Iowa has a rancid racist Steve King representing it in the congress!

      • Sam_Handwich

        Iowa has been the most disappointing state this cycle

        hard to believe Obama won it by 9 and 6 points

        • Cackalaquiano

          I was wondering what the fuck with Iowa. I didn’t think they wee that crazy.

        • Ninja0980

          And the only people you have left are the types who vote in people like Steve King.
          And the only people you have left are the types who vote in people like Steve King.

    • Ninja0980

      The CO poll also has Mike Bennett down by 9.
      I do think CO will be close but I don’t buy that one.

      • Alan S. Lee

        I heard they didn’t survey enough Hispanic voters.

      • joe ho

        Ipsos is junk.

        From electoral-vote.com
        We Are Removing the Ipsos Polls from the Database
        Ipsos has been conducting Internet polls of many states. Since some of these states have been rarely polled, our first reaction was to include the polls in our database. However, our second reaction is that maybe this wasn’t such a great idea. Internet polling is in its infancy and is very hard to pull off, because even if one could take a true random sample of all Internet users (which is totally impossible), then the pollster still has to deal with the fact that the demographics of the Internet are not a good match for the demographics of the electorate. Fixing the problem requires elaborate statistical techniques and a very good model of the electorate.

        We ran an analysis yesterday as follows: We first removed all the Ipsos polls and then ran the software to calculate the map. Then we removed all the non-Ipsos polls and did it again. Ideally, they should be quite similar, indicating that Ipsos is getting more-or-less the same results as the other pollsters. That’s not what we found. In nine of the 44 states Ipsos has polled, the Ipsos and non-Ipsos results differ by 10 or more points. That is way outside the margin of error (usually about 4%). In 21 states, the difference between Ipsos and non-Ipsos was 5 points or more. Based on this analysis, we have decided to retroactively remove all the Ipsos polls from the database and not use its Internet polls going forward.

        Interestingly enough, Ipsos is not biased. Averaged across all states, Ipsos favors the Democrats by a very small margin: Only 0.70%. That is fine. Except that it gets this small margin by having large errors cancel out. For example, Ipsos has Arkansas 18 points less Republican than the others, but has Texas 15 points more Republican than the others. Given all the problems with telephone polling, Ipsos is to be credited for trying to improve matters, but it hasn’t quite figured out how to do it yet. For the time being at least, we will continue to include Internet polls from SurveyMonkey and YouGov when they are sponsored by major media outlets which (we hope) carefully watch what their pollsters are doing. (V)

    • Oscarlating Wildely

      I have a hard time buying the CO one. The rest makes (hopeful) sense.
      Oddly, there’s no PA?

    • safari

      Are they just a random number generator now?

      • Clive Johnson

        I’m rather thinking the polls are capturing the random thought generators which happen to be identical to the minds of the fickle undecided voters.

  • Ore Carmi

    His name is Nathan Desai and he was wearing Nazi paraphernalia? He wasn’t just deranged, he was effin’ stupid! Like neo-nazis would accept an Indian American into their ranks.

    • Sure they would. There’s always a few tokens. Plus he can pass for caucasian:


      • Ore Carmi

        Maybe you’re right.

        • To be honest, it would not surprise me if I were to learn there’s a Klan chapter somewhere that has a black member who isn’t David Chapelle playing a blind African American who doesn’t know he’s not white.

          • Ore Carmi

            Kind of like Jews trying to blend in by joining the Nazi movement? Never ends well.

          • Exactly.

      • safari

        That mouth

      • JCF

        Dang, he looks like my cousin! (he’s not) We’re about as white trash-y on this side of the family as they come…

      • Todd20036

        Remember Piyush JindaL? I mention him because he wanted to be white (remember his portrait)

        There are always going to be a few non whites to are envious of white people AND white privilege.,

        Yes, I know how pathetic that is

    • Circle Thomas

      On alt-right Twitter, they’re saying the Muslim Brotherhood was in cahoots with the Adolf Hitler, so it makes sense that the Democrats would plant this guy to perform a mass shooting to make Donald Trump look bad.

      And after reading all that, I now need a drink.


      • I need a bigger glass. Like swimming pool sized.

        • TrollopeReader

          npr was just joking about the drinking games around the nation tonight …

          • William

            When Trump says “believe me”, drink!

      • Ore Carmi

        Oh! You went down the alt-right hole? Why’d you do that to yourself?

        • Circle Thomas

          An interesting trend I’m learning about alt-right Twitter is that they’re the first to jump on any news story to spin it to their POV–way before, say, Black Twitter–which means if you search a trend early enough, the top results will almost exclusively be from the alt-right.

          I guess this is what happens when you don’t have a job and depend on welfare.

          • Ore Carmi

            Also when your aims are nefarious. 🙁

      • GayOldLady

        Pass it around, please!

    • edrex

      This is me just free associating without ANY info., but I wonder if the paraphernalia was a swastika, and could it be related to other religious delusions that a deranged person might have, as that symbol has roots in South Asian Buddhism, and this person is (maybe) of Indian descent.

      • Look to the comments below where Joe has a tweet showing at least one of the items.

        Having spent some years in India, I can assure you that they know the difference between their ancient symbol and the black swastika in a white circle, surrounded by a field of blood red. It has no other interpretation.

        • edrex

          I was just speculating without any knowledge (I’m prone to that). And I haven’t seen any photos. I realize that the symbols are clearly distinguishable. Thanks.

    • boatboy_srq

      Still Aryan donchano.

      • Ore Carmi

        True, true.

      • Friday

        Not actually the same ‘Aryan’ theory there, stupidly enough.

        • boatboy_srq

          True. But they don’t know that (or won’t, in this case, admit that they do).

  • Michael R

    Trump hasn’t covered this yet …


  • TheManicMechanic

    Your people, Drumpfbart.

  • Some Deplorables wear Nazi uniforms and plan on voting for Trump. Some are Jihadi terrorists (you know they support Trump – he’s the best recruiter they have, for Al Qaeda and ISIL), and while some of them may well be voting for Trump, not all of them are citizens or even residents of the US.

    The neo-Nazis and Jihadis, the Christianist Fundamentalists and ISlamic fundamentalists, they have their commonalities – and they are DEPLORABLES.

  • abel

    An Indian friend of mine (working on his citizenship here) is very disgusted that so many of his Indian-American friends are voting for Trump because of his anti-Muslim politics. Trump seems to appeal to the worst in everyone.

    • Ore Carmi

      Ugh, I had no idea! 🙁

    • bambinoitaliano

      It’s the schtick of the con man. To sell everyone what they hate most in this election cycle. Hate sells because people are frustrated and they need someone to lash out at.

    • Alan S. Lee

      Feels like Indians are looking to Trump to defeat Pakistan.

      • Ore Carmi

        Because getting involved in a war between India and Pakistan is not at all scary!

        • popebuck1

          Do they still both have nukes? Because it’s just not as exciting without nukes.

          • Ore Carmi

            They do.

    • whollyfool

      The logo on this “Hindus for Trump” sign is the strangest thing I’ve seen this election, and that’s saying something.

  • bambinoitaliano

    Trump is waiting with his fingers on his phone just as soon as the mention of a Muslim name. He need the extra edge for tonight’s debate.

  • Ninja0980

    The Berniebots are back out of their caves to talk about how this wouldn’t be happening if he was the nominee and that or Biden would be winning by double digits right now.
    Glad to know the media and the GOP would have laid off attacking both of them.
    I’ve hated this election cycle more then any other for the ugly on the left and the right.

  • Sam_Handwich

    It’s been quite a day for fresh polling data, much of it is very good news

    New NBC/SurveyMonkey Poll:
    Four way: Clinton 45 / Trump 40 / Johnson 10 / Stein 3
    Two way: Clinton 51 / Trump 44

  • RealityBass

    Jeez I know exactly where that is. It’s the big ‘flagship’ Randall’s grocery store. It’s just a few blocks away from where I used to stay when I visited Houston. Damn.

    • McSwagg

      I used to live on Law Street about one block from the shootout location.

      • RealityBass

        Apparently the shooter’s condo was on Law St. (Appropriate for a lawyer.) He drove a Porsche. It’s a nice neighborhood.

        • McSwagg

          I lived in an older apartment (now torn down) on the other side of Wesleyan, behind Bering’s Hardware.

  • coram nobis

    The hydra’s teeth have been scattered, and will sprout one by one.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    RWNJs on Twitter are saying this is the False Flag Operation that Alex Jones warned them about on Prison Planet.

    • Max_1

      The sun goes down… They call it a false flag operation to make it dark.

  • bkmn

    Will not be surprized if he is exposed as a Trumpthumper.

  • JCF
  • Belthazar
  • GayOldLady

    These are the people who scare me and I guarantee that there are more people like this nut in our country than “radical” Muslims. We have the KKK, the Neo-Nazi, the White Nationalists, the Alt-Right, the Cliven Bundy types. All of them would cut the ripcord off of our parachute if they could figure out how to get away with it.

  • Irish856

    It was not a good day for the Trump Alt right, white supremacists, Nazis
    Here is a story from the T part of Pennsylvania.


    • Hank

      Fair officials said Monday afternoon that the vendor had been removed from the fair after they discovered he was a registered sex offender.

      So, being a Nazi appears to be acceptable for the Fair.
      https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a50eb5460a8ae0d8e218ea65251456c5d48539a7b3352187c2855ac5f0fb6753.gif https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2f9db5a804e069e7587e62c0960fbc8ab1bae5e65069dd1981ccf0f03a5648dd.jpg

    • Irish856

      The guy in my story is also Tea party and of course…
      Fair officials said Monday afternoon that the vendor had been removed from the fair after they discovered he was a registered sex offender.

      • Jerry Kott

        Sick Funks often come in a Variety Pack. Bloomsburg is in the Pennsatucky part of Pennsylvania. Even though it has a State University in it’s midst, Hate doesn’t function in a thought. The Hate Market is booming.

        • Irish856

          they have kicked him off the grounds quickly… so there is a little hope that Bloom is not all that bad

          • Jerry Kott

            Wasn’t there a challenge in recent years, where a Bridal Shop refused to accomodate a Lesbian Couple? And wasn’t adding LGBT Equality to Bloomsburg Human Rights charter voted down?
            It is encouraging that action was taken, but I wonder if it didn’t grow legs and start to walk over the internet , if this action would have been taken.
            People don’t sell their wares generally in an unfriendly market. They must have expected a more welcoming venue.
            I know that Pennsylvania has some bright spots.

  • kareemachan

    Well, let’s see what Steve King has to say about this….

  • McSwagg

    This strikes close to home. I used to live about one block from there and shopped at the grocery store who’s parking lot is in the photo above.

  • jsmukg

    Saw a comment downthread about Indian-Americans voting for dRUMPf because of his virulent anti-Muslim cant. Desai is a name of that ethnic background, and no less a Nazi than Himmler was obsessed with the debunked myth of a martial pure-‘Aryan’ society in Vedic India, imposed by invaders from the north. The swastika, of course, co-opted by Hitler and Nazism, was an ancient Indian symbol having nothing to do with fascism.

    • EweTaw

      Yeah, well the Nazis pretty much ruined that ancient symbol for everyone. Navajos, Zunis and Hopis all share forms of a swastika, but the radiating arms point counter clockwise instead of clockwise. Still, they’ve all sort of avoided using it in their commercial goods and artwork created and sold to tourists and collectors. I have a “lamanite” step brother my age who’s a relatively well-known Navajo painter. We’ve talked a lot about all of the sacred and cultural symbols other cultures (all of them white) have coopted and sullied the original meanings.

      • William

        The Nazis also coopted all things Prussian, despite being a Bavarian Catholic political party. The Bavarians were practically the opposite of Prussians in politics and religion.

  • andrew

    Of course Brietbart will play down or ignore the Nazi connection. They’re close to being full fledged Nazis themselves.

    • William

      Breitbart will describe the shooter as a “sharp dressed man”.

      • kevin vincent

        To be fair the Nazi uniforms were snazzy but hey Hugo Boss

  • EweTaw

    We’re having one or two mass shootings a week now? Interesting.

  • wmforr

    And once again, President HUSSEIN Obama will refuse to use the words “CHRISTIAN terrorist”.
    I just hope he was also wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap, made in China.

  • TawanaBrawley

    Which is it? He “wore Nazi uniform”? Or he “was wearing what appeared to be Nazi paraphenelia”? One statement sounds definitive and one is wushu-washy. I suppose we’ll eventually get the truth…

    • William

      Given the accuracy of eyewitnesses, it was probably a WWI era Japanese uniform.

  • ultragreen

    There just seems to be a growing epidemic of craziness as we approach election day.


  • Homo Erectus

    Need. More. Thoughts and Prayers.

  • Gregory Peterson

    A Nazi Indian-American with a Tommy Gun?

    I’m glad that he didn’t kill anyone, and that the injured have a full and speedy recovery.

  • txstevo

    Just to make it even weirder….he’s of Indian descent

    • grada3784

      the area by India is where the Nazis claimed the original Aryans came from.

  • Katiersmith2

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