STRONGER TOGETHER: Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Theme Song Given Dance Remix Treatment [AUDIO]

Billboard Magazine reports:

The inspiring and motivational song “Stronger Together,” sung by American Idol finalist Jessica Sanchez, had its debut at the Democratic National Convention following Hillary Clinton’s speech. The anthemic song was written and recorded specifically for Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

Today Billboard Dance is premiering the first official dance remix of the pop tune, and it’s even more uplifting than the original, which can be heard below. With an additional two minutes of heart-pounding dance beats, the original is transformed as Dirty Pop (the duo of DrewG and Brian Cua) deliver what they have deemed a club remix of the track.

“Brian and I approached it just like we would with any other mix with a goal of making it a dance anthem,” DrewG said. “We wanted to be a part of helping spread a positive message. One of the best ways of doing that is through our dance floors.”

The original is below. The remix is exclusively hosted on Billboard.  The track was written by Bruce Roberts, Babyface, and Carole Bayer Sager, the last of whom has written a jillion pop music classics, including That’s What Friends Are For, Don’t Cry Out Loud, and Nobody Does It Better.

  • Lazycrockett

    Totally OT and I’m sorry but Drumpf has just departed his airplane in Baton Rouge with a huge detail of armed security what could basically be called a force unit. We are talking ak 47’s strapped to these “security” forces. Bizarro World stuff.

    • DaddyRay

      Welcome to the preview of Trump’s police state

      • Gustav2

        To be fair, Ms Clinton would have had the same detail.

        • DaddyRay

          with AK47s ?

          • Gustav2

            Yup, the locals are busy, there was not advance team time to set up on the rooftops, etc. That’s why Hillary is not there.

          • Todd20036

            Secret Service has NEVER had visible weaponry, and I live in DC and even had to talk to the SS.

          • Gustav2

            There was no time to set up the usual out of sight rooftop gunners.

          • That_Looks_Delicious

            The sniper is hidden in the “hair”.

          • Roy Biv

            mhm…I lived in DC and I’ve seen black vans, windows down, with bulky looking men carrying machine guns…

        • Lazycrockett

          I have never seen anything like this from secret service.

    • Todd20036

      Is anyone really supposed to be surprised that Trump would have the most fascist, police state this country has ever seen?

      As I, and several others have said before, if Trump wins in 2016, I strongly suspect there won’t BE elections in 2020

    • 2patricius2

      Heard the governor of LA state last night that the Federal Government is doing what they need to. They are responding appropriately, and the state doesn’t need more resources from them. He did ask that people donate to the Red Cross so they could respond in their own fashion. He also didn’t want to funnel security personnel from their work to security for the president at this point.

      From the governor: “We have to take hundreds of local first responders, police officers, sheriffs, deputies and state troopers to provide security for that type of visit…”

      “I would just as soon have those people engaged in the response rather than trying to secure the president.”

    • Dan

      There are so many damn Trump threads. Do we have to go off topic immediately to dredge him up even more? Are we CNN?

      • TuuxKabin

        A breath of fresh air. Thank you Dan. I thought I was on a different thread that the music video. Jeeeze.

      • mark99k

        Fully agree. A comment a starting with ‘OT’ says that its author (a) simplemindedly assumes readers of the thread aren’t reading anything else — not even other pages of the same site — and (b) seeks the ephemeral and artificial respect accorded someone who arrives breathless with “breaking news.” Even more annoying, it’s often the top comment, and can displace discussions of the actual article so far down the page that participation in them is essentially stifled.

  • Hank

    Other OT;

    MSNBC has breaking news, that Manafort HAS RESIGNED!!!!!

    • Gustav2

      But has Putin disavowed Trump?

  • JoeMyGod

    Bruce Roberts, btw, co-wrote “No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)” with Paul Jabara, who won the Oscar for writing “Last Dance.”

    • sherman

      I really like that song, and it always reminds me of guy who I had been seeing for a few weeks who took it personally when I started playing it.

    • TuuxKabin

      Thank you Joe, I hope everyone can stay on the thread for two or three more comments.

  • CanuckDon

    Carole Bayer Sager and Bruce Roberts joined forces with Bette Midler on the lyrics to “You’re Moving Out Today” way back in ’77.

    “So pack your toys away
    Your pretty boys away
    Your 45’s away
    Your alibis away
    Your Spanish flies away
    Your one-more-tries away
    Your old tye-dyes away
    You’re moving out today”

    Sager is noted as a great songwriter but not the best vocalist (although her “Sometimes Late At Night” album is a treasure)….

    “the grocer told me what you do with bread”….lol

    • JoeMyGod

      This song was very popular with my freshman roommate. He drove me crazy with it.

      • That_Looks_Delicious

        The grocer told me what you do with bread.

  • Hip Byroads

    “If you reach out, you can feel it.”

    I reached out, still not feeling it.

  • TuuxKabin
  • TuuxKabin

    Well, this was a bust. Quickly turned into a drumpf thread. As for the song, meh, but of course the message is on target, as redundant as it is.