Pokemon Go Boosts Nintendo Stock By $7.5 Billion

Via Reuters:

Shares in Japan’s Nintendo Co Ltd soared again on Monday, bringing market-value gains to $7.5 billion in just two days as investors cheered the runaway success of Pokemon GO – its first long-awaited venture in mobile gaming.

The game, which marries a classic 20-year old franchise with augmented reality, allows players to walk around real-life neighborhoods while seeking virtual Pokemon game characters on their smartphone screens – a scavenger hunt that has earned enthusiastic early reviews.

In the United States, by July 8 – two days after its release – it was installed on more than 5 percent of Android devices in the country, according to web analytics firm SimilarWeb.

It is now on more Android phones than dating app Tinder and its rate of daily active users was neck and neck with social network Twitter, the analytics firm said. The game is also being played an average of 43 minutes a day, more time spent than on WhatsApp or Instagram, it added.

A word of caution from Wired:

Augmented reality gaming app Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm but the iOS version of the game is causing privacy concerns over how much data it has access too.

The Apple version of the hugely popular game – so popular in fact, Nintendo has seen a massive valuation boost since its launch on July 4 – has permission to access a vast array of personal data from Google accounts.

Pokémon players logging into the iOS app with Google accounts grant it certain access permissions by default. But unlike other applications, the game doesn’t display what permissions will be granted. As first noted by computer architect Adam Reeve, the app for iOS is granted permission to access Gmail, Google Drive data, and full access to all data in the Google account.

Many of my Facebook friends seem obsessed with this game.

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  • olandp

    I have never understood Pokemon, now a pokey man, we’ll talk, or something…

  • Michael Abbett

    We love it at our house. We hate exercise for exercise’s sake, but this makes getting out and walking a lot of fun, and we’ve met some interesting people along the way. No dead bodies or armed robbery at this point, but we’re keeping our eyes open…

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    • medaka

      Umm, why does Robin have an ushnisha?

      • RaygunsGoZap

        Man bun!

        • safari

          Just the one?

    • That’s not nice. Maybe Robin needs a Jigglypuff to help with his insomnia!

      • barracks9

        That’s why the universe gave us weed.

    • WebSlinger

      I have to agree….when I see someone over the age of 21 playing these games and there are quite of few of them…I just shake my head and keep on walking.

      This is YET another distraction from human interaction and while I do not think Einstein said this quote it is SO very true whoever said it.

      I have NO friends that can not sit and enjoy any event that they need to be tethered to a device of any sort.


      • CottonBlimp

        Lol, get a load of this old fart. Everyone plays video games now and we use technology to supplement and improve our lives, there’s no reason to turn into Grandpa Simpson over it.

        That Einstein quote is fake, btw.

        • WebSlinger

          Let’s start off be correcting something which is WRONG and leads to a painful misconception and lack of social connection: “everyone does not play video games, watch tv, have a Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter account, etc”…when many people are greeted with this reality they tend to view the person as a pariah or maladaptive and it is more of a personal choice. While, I feel that you were speaking in a grandoise manner it nevertheless sends the wrong message.

          Yes, supplement (something that completes or enhances something else when added to it) our lives which I personally do not see video games for someone over the age of 21 doing successfully but alas this is not my bailiwick HOWEVER it should not replace KEY and ESSENTIAL elements of it such as basic human interaction, disrupting sleep patterns and lacking in basic social skills.

          That would not be an example of supplanting which would be a clear example or erosion and/or destruction of one’s life or at least what I view as a rich an meaningful one…

          As I mentioned in my post I was fairly confident that the Einstein quote was not authentic.


          • CottonBlimp

            I hope you can see the irony of posting an image about how video games are socially isolating and bad for your health to talk about a phone game that requires you to go outside for long walks to places where you’ll meet people with similar interests. Also, insomnia is largely caused by insufficient mental stimulation during the day, which video games can really help.

            I know this all seems very sensible to you, but what you’re doing is no different from all the Grandpa Simpson complaints people have made throughout human civilization. Things people have thought would ruin society include the car, the postal service, and *metalworking*. Society survived all those radical changes, it’ll survive a majority spending their leisure time playing video games that generally train problem solving and creative thinking.

            It’s okay that you don’t like video games, but it doesn’t make you superior to all the people who aren’t as arbitrarily deadset against enjoying this incredible artistic medium that’s developed just to make our short time on this Earth a little more enjoyable.

          • WebSlinger

            Your points are valid…

            Oh I know that I am NOT superior as it is a choice but I will end and say the following playing video games is NOT something everyone has to do (I know you are not endorsing and/or advocating it)…my concern is that many people are lacking basic social skills that are not electronically enhanced…

            With that I am done…

          • CottonBlimp

            Have social skills actually reclined in the past few decades? I’d be really curious to find out. I could see how that might be the case, since we’re socializing more and more electronically, without learning things like nonverbal social cues. But I kinda suspect that social skills are largely genetic, and what’s actually changed is that we live in larger social groups where people who are autistic, for example, have to socialize more with strangers instead of friendly neighbors who better understand their eccentricities.

            What I see largely is that video games are taking the place of spectator sports in our culture. People don’t just play video games to sit alone in their house, they go hang out with friends and talk about the newest games with them, in the same way people grab a beer and talk about football. And with that comparison in mind, video games, bad as they can be, seem to encourage a lot less anti-social, destructive, violent behavior than sports fans are regularly capable of.

          • PiperPine

            In regards to that comic: because we don’t see unhealthy behaviors from people who engage in sporting activities or drinking socially?

            As some sage once said: everything in moderation. Going to extremes in most things can have negative consequences and people should try and apply sense and care. Do some people who play video games overdo it? Yes of course but I’d argue addictive and bad behaviors flourish everywhere

      • Rillion

        I’ve had more conversations with strangers the last couple of days while out playing this game than in the last month. It can be pretty obvious who is playing when we congregate at a location with a lure. People have been very friendly and chat about what Pokémon are showing up where and other game related things. It is also getting people out and about, exercising some as one of the ways to get Pokémon is to hatch an egg by walking 2/5/10 km while having the app open. It is fine if you don’t want to play or don’t like games, but to disparage everyone 21 for enjoying a game is bigoted.

        • WebSlinger

          However one could say that my view is limited and isolating… but I can see that if you can benefit from social interaction while playing the game=MORE POWER TO YOU and I say graciously and with much honesty=CARRY ON and ENJOY!!

          Also BE CAREFUL out there as there are some people who are harming and stealing from others while under the guise of interaction…

      • friedpikmin

        LOL! If you think this is keeping people from human interaction, you don’t really understand the game in the first place.

        • WebSlinger

          Well, as I said this is MY personal preference and it is my preferred manner to interact and while I do play these games (for about 15 minutes as my eyes and fingers hurt) with my two god-sons of 9 and 11 years old…they are highly capable of interacting and being PRESENT with me without having a digital platform…

      • PiperPine

        Didn’t XKCD already make fun of that concept. Yes they did: https://xkcd.com/1601/

        • WebSlinger

          I LOVE IT…smart and true and funny!!!

          • PiperPine

            XKCD is often all of those. I highly recommend it as a fun comic.

          • WebSlinger

            BIG KISS and a HAND JOB


          • PiperPine

            Sorry already got that a few hours ago facilitated through Pokémon Go and a cute guy as we hunted an Growlithe together 😀 but hey if you need it *returns the favor*

          • WebSlinger

            HA HA I love it…

          • B Snow

            And for those of us who are not technologically inclined, there’s a wiki to explain them. 🙂 http://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

          • PiperPine

            that is a fantastic wiki and I salute the people who make it 😀

      • PiperPine

        Why the arbitrary age of 21? I never understood why I should stop enjoying cartoons, comics, or board games just due to some count of revolutions around the sun. I don’t enjoy sporting events, I don’t enjoy most concerts (unless there is Bach playing), and I’ve never liked going out to bars and clubs. All things that supposedly I’d enjoy as I got “older.”

        A lot of that is that I just don’t like hanging out with big crowds of people. I prefer my time with small numbers of folks and quieter settings and I like hiking by myself. These sorts of games allow me to have fun with those who share my interests and, generally, are also less comfortable in big groups and less socially “active.”

        Now I grant you I’m a person who just likes to read books, bake, hike, and I prefer sightseeing and going to museums by myself. But I’m clearly not the only one in the LGBT crowd who feels this way otherwise stuff like Haven Con wouldn’t exist http://www.havencontx.com/

      • vorpal

        Reading books is a distraction from human interaction, too. Do you similarly oppose and mock those who read?

        I socialize just fine. As an introvert, I enjoy spending time alone playing video games, too: while the Pokémon games are just simplistic, cute entertainment, the world of video games is about as diverse as the world of literature: there are many games with deep, philosophical plots as well, for example.

        • PiperPine

          My one contention is that I think video games are a very new form of interactive entertainment and it will take time to develop a fuller catalogue of games and stories. Literature in the modern fiction sense has been around since the 1700’s (we’ll leave oral history and memorized epic poems aside) so it has a larger catalogue of diverse concepts.
          I think video games have the potential for greater story telling and more depth and we’ve seen games with brilliant writing for different audiences but I think its still very new and we have much to look forward to.

          • vorpal

            Some random thoughts my brain is just vomiting out as I read your post:

            1. Video games ARE fairly new, but in some senses, one can think of them as being an evolutionary branch of literature (or at least movies / television, depending on genre) where the entertainment that was formerly passively enjoyed takes on the interactive role: thus, while the element of interactivity and indeed the presentation as a whole will undergo refinement, at the core of most games is an element of fictional story telling, which does not need to be reworked but can simply be extended from and exploit developments in literature.

            2. I can also see what you mean mirrored through, say, the progression of television shows: it seems like there is a matter of style and acceptableness that possibly butts heads with story-telling ability and depth. For example, if I look at TV shows from the 60s / 70s, they feel “boxed in” in terms of the depth of story because of more strict social rules at the time, which prevented them from properly mirroring real life and instead following something of a “civilized ideal” that probably never existed in society (thankfully, I would say).

            If, on the other hand, we look at TV now, since shows now have more freedom in expression AND the medium has grown and developed, we see far greater exploring of a diversity of plot lines, and in more depth, I would posit.

            3. Unlike mediums like literature and television, games exploit technological advances far more quickly, which pretty much guarantees that they will change dramatically in the future. This also ties in, but changes and advancements to user interfaces will dramatically change the potential for experience and storytelling that games will hold.

          • PiperPine

            1) right that’s why I made an aside about novels starting out in the 1700s or so all forms of human story telling are inherently interrelated and very ancient. Its human condition to create narrative and patterns and tell stories. Its just telling stories with a different technology. I’ll try to clear myself up a bit: Literature as we conceive it is also constrained by its own traditions and technologies (the amount of paper that can be bound in a work, the size of readable script, the price of production) as well as previous ways that stories were told.

            Video Games and literature can interrelate and inform each other (and stand on the shoulders of other story telling methods and I’d argue Video Games should look much more strongly towards the narrative methods of plays and opera) but my contention is we’re only at the beginning of really exploring what videogame technology can bring in how we tell stories. We can harvest ideas from literature and literature can borrow from video games but lets keep in mind both are constrained by their technologies.
            2) I’d argue it isn’t just morality that constrains those stories from the 60’s sitcom its also expenses in production from costumes, to time actors can be filmed and how long the story can be viewed without interruption. Television shows outside of Netflix in the USA are highly constrained in their time (they have to fit certain boxes of time with commercials of 30, 60 and 120 min increments (90 min are highly rare) and comedies can’t be an hour general for “reasons” and so forth) and the 1960’s was just the beginning of really hammering out these constraints as well as the techniques of how to film and create a tv show. Let’s keep the reason most movies are the length they are is so that a theater can have an optimal turn over rate to stuff as many showings into a day and have more crowds. A comedy shouldn’t have to be 80~ min but it is so a movie house can turn them over quickly.

            Netflix and other on Demand technique productions means we have a loosening of those strictures and a different way to explore stories with a visual medium which is only at most 110 years old.

            the question is how will the constraints both physical and economically impact game storytelling.

            3) I think what you’re saying makes sense but I have to disagree to an extent. The fact that it is so dependent on newer technology and advancements can also mean that storytellers don’t get comfortable with one technology before having to move on so they cant explore storyteller techniques with as much depth and there is a risk of a story being hammered into a gimmick technology and depending upon it (the new Star Fox game springs to mind). The rapid advancement is great in some ways but it can hamper indepth storytelling and experimentation that comes with familiar technology. Also the cost of new systems means the stories will be aimed at a certain type of consumer.

          • vorpal

            Oh, and one question: do you play video games? Now you have me curious :-).

          • PiperPine

            I’m not a big video game player. I prefer board games and tabletop RPGs. This is in part due to the technology I like to keep around me and in part because I have a very addictive personality. It is very easy for me to get into a video game and lose good sense and my health. Most people avoid those pitfalls but I can not so I don’t play many games due to those issues. I play a few and I already must admit they swallow too much of my time and mind up. I downloaded Pokémon Go over the weekend and I can already tell its not healthy for me personally. I’m seriously considering deleting it due to my worries of it being too much for me.

            That said I respect video games and I keep up with the culture and reviews. Yahtzee’s zero punctuation always makes me giggle. I have friends who play in a healthy way. So I respect the genre more then other forms of entertainment.

          • vorpal

            Oh! Nice! We also love board games. Haven’t gotten into tabletop RPGs yet, but we have a new group that started playing some Legend of the Five Rings lately.

            What are some of your favourite board games? We love many of the ones based on H. P. Lovecraft’s work (Arkham Horror, Eldritch Horror), Agricola, Blokus, Carcassonne, Puerto Rico / San Juan, and a whole whack more.

            I can have a very addictive personality, too, so I understand. When I was a kid, I was extremely addicted to video games that playing became the focus of my life: when our computer got a virus and needed to be brought back my dad’s office to be repaired, he decided not to bring the computer back since he could see that it was having such a negative effect on me socially, which was one of the best things that could have happened to me.

            As an adult now, I no longer find myself so obsessive with things, so I do play video games and love them, but just tend naturally to keep things in moderation. (LOL that is not the case with everything in my life, though.)

          • PiperPine

            Five Rings is a fun game. I got started in table tops during high school and when I went to college it was in Minnesota and you need hours long indoor activities there.

            I really love Kingsburg and Pandemic but Tokaido has REALLY grown on me. Arkham games are great have you tried the Tales of the Arabian Nights board game by Z-Man games? its one of the most original board games I’ve ever seen with a unique style! Love it though you do need someone whose played it before to really help with the little rules.

            Yeah I didn’t get that obsessive as a teen due to the structure of my family. My parents kept tight controls on how long we could play video games (looking back I think they understood my obsessiveness).

            One can’t be moderate in everything its recognizing when being immoderate is causing you real harm that is tricky. Still yeah if you enjoy fun games enjoy them! My major video games these days come from watching the Two Gay Guys Play youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/twogayguysplay/playlists

  • Kevin Perez

    I caught some Pokémon yesterday at The Boatslip 🙂

  • Butch

    I had never even heard of this game until yesterday. I think I will pass on this fad.

    • Leo Tallant

      I only just heard of it about 20 minutes ago when I went out to the street to get my newspaper. It’s all over the front page.

  • hiker_sf

    I have no interest in this, but whatever floats your boat. Be careful. Consider installing anti-malware apps on your devices because anything this popular is going to attract crooks.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    I’m old. I don’t get this story.

    • Silver Badger

      One of those mass marketing cartoons that swept the world a few years ago.

    • Pokemon: It’s a heartwarming universe where little beings with (occasionally godlike) magical powers battle each other for their owners’ glory, profit, and amusement!

      The franchise has come a long way (for certain definitions of “long way”) since I first played Pokemon Red as a teenager. :p

      • clay

        Yes, capture wild animals and train them for gladiatorial combat!

    • bambinoitaliano

      Is a go around way to get people socially connected without talking to each other.

    • PiperPine

      I wouldn’t say “old” so much as this isn’t your wheel house or interest. Which is cool I’m sure you have dozens of hip and cool interests that would befog me completely.

  • JT

    The original term Pocket Monsters brings something else to mind.

  • medaka

    It hasn’t been released here in Japan yet. I’m good with that.

  • Secure

    You have to log in to play the game? WTF. Well if it’s keeping more people off Twitter, that’s always a good thing…

  • I had to look up what all the fuss was about. So now we have legions of Pokemon Go fans roaming all over creation, using their smartphones to track down nonexistent creatures. How wonderful.

    • TuuxKabin

      I’m learning not to walk too close behind people, I’ve bumped into about three people since the weekend who’ve stopped dead in their tracks to look closely at their phone screen. I stopped saying ‘excuse me’ since they are oblivious to everything but their phones. It is wonderful. /s

  • UiscePreston

    People are already finding dead bodies and getting robbed at gunpoint as they venture into locations…looking for digital creatures….on their phones. Not to mention the app randomly assigns private homes as pokemon gyms. So if a bunch of geeks with tablets congregate on your lawn, come out dressed as Charizard and flamethrow their asses to the street. They’ll die of heart attacks, nerdgasms or third-degree burns.

    • RaygunsGoZap

      I hadn’t heard about the dead body but I did read a good article about how it was a dangerous game for black men to play and there in the comments – the tale of some regular schmo walking around his own neighborhood being asked “what are you doing here?” Just before the cops arrived.

    • friedpikmin

      It does not randomly select private homes as gyms (or if it does, it is very rare). The gyms and pokestops are assigned to popular locations people frequent.. they might exist around restaurants, museums, churches, parks, etc. You never actually have to go into a restaurant or church to use the function though.

      Regardless, if you play, just use common sense. Don’t play in the middle of the night alone, be cautious of your surroundings, etc.

      I play and I love it. I’ve discovered restaurants and art work I have never seen before. I’ve met new people. And it’s a great excuse to go out for a walk!

      • clay

        It’s arguable if Westboro Baptist Church is a church, or a private home, but it’s a Pokemon gym. They now have a jigglypuff that spouts hate.

        • PiperPine

          Correction: the Westboro bapist church used an unlicensed jigglypuff cartoon to spout hate and have by some reports been contacted by the lawyers at Nintendo. The Westboro church gym is controlled by a Clefairy called LoveisLove

    • Frostbite

      Now the dead body is a bogus complaint. The young woman who came across the body was looking for a pokemon near a stream. Apparently the person there had drown accidentally. If it weren’t for her that person could have been missing for months.

    • Stev84
    • PiperPine

      The Pokémon game’s locations were chosen by the third party company that runs this game’s servers and helped develop it. This third party company was the developer of the popular GPS/AP game Ingress and uses Ingress locations. Ingress specifically forbade the creation of locations on private property years ago due to legal concerns.

      That said there does need to be better over view of locations http://gizmodo.com/the-strangest-places-pokemon-go-is-sending-its-players-1783407238

  • robirob

    It’s invasive as hell and apparently you are encouraged to trespass and take pictures which then will be added to Google’s database. I mean, people PAY for the privilege to make Google more powerful. I am shaking my head about what civilisation has become.


    • safari

      Just wait until we’re all wearing augmented reality glasses.

    • Leo Tallant

      Anybody trespassing on MY property doing this thing will get the water hose (which usually lays out in the hot sun) blasted at them and I am not going to wait until the water inside the hose has cooled down!

      • bambinoitaliano

        You are just using this as an excuse to hose down some twinks 😛

  • David

    I need to lose 20 pounds, and it’s made me get off the couch and walk.

  • delk

    Someone needs to figure out how to put a ton of the most sought after Pokémon in polling places on election night.

    • bambinoitaliano

      Excellent idea!! Since the young ones are the most reluctant to go out and vote.

    • PiperPine

      Since most polling places are public venues which can double as PokeStops… just install some Lure devices and see them flocking.

  • safari

    • Leo Tallant

      They’re obviously faking it just so they don’t get caught. I mean just look at them . . . or watch the episode. . . . or something 😉

    • LOL, this is exactly what I thought of….Star Trek NG episode “The Game”. 1991. Actually, I think of that frequently as I come across people absorbed in their cell phones.

  • safari

    Just a note: The company, a spinoff from Google, can accesses all emails, contacts, search histories, calendar entries, documents… (everything Google related) with read and write access on the iPad and iPhone if you sign in with your Google account. They’re apparently working to fix that.

  • safari

    The police dispatchers in my area have been saying “this might be another pokemon incident” to officers responding to prowler reports at night.

  • Giant Monster Gamera

    The boyfriend and I have been playing it all week. We’ve run into several mobs of people while in parks and it’s a lot of fun.

    • PiperPine

      Same. Its been nice to meet some other geeks and nerds since I moved to this new city and its been a great way to break the ice and see about other interactions such as board games.

  • ColdCountry

    It sounds like it could be fun – I like scavenger type hunts – but I don’t even do facebook under my own name because of the way it invades my contacts list, tries to track me around, shows me stuff I don’t care about, and wants me to friend people I never heard of. That and I know nothing about Pokemon other than I’m a bit old for that foolishness.

    • PiperPine

      its not for every body and the game has some bugs that need to be worked out but maybe you could offer to escort a friend around some time I’m sure you knew at least one nerd who’d enjoy the company and its nice exercise.

      • ColdCountry

        Lol! Actually, I don’t know anyone who might play that. Most of my friends, like myself, don’t even own smartphones. Too hard for our dinosaur paws to push the tiny buttons. Um, do they have buttons?

        • PiperPine

          Yes smart phones have buttons actually you can adjust the screens so the buttons are bigger depending on the phone’s operating system (OS)

          That’s fair just an offer for some quality walking time with some cute young thing 😀

  • The_Wretched

    My son spent an extra couple of hours running around outside. That’s not a bad thing.

  • Tawdry D’Tails

    Nintendo joined with Niantec to create the game. The stops already existed in a Niantec game called Ingress, Nintendo used a subset of those stops to populate their game. And if you really want to see some dickish, OCD behavior, find a hardcore Ingress player…

  • smokes70

    Andy Dwyer sums up my experience this weekend….

  • Stev84

    Pokemon was stupid nonsense in the 90s. It’s even more stupid now.

  • Tempus Fuggit

    Eeyeah, no. Not interested in giving TechCo an even easier, more comprehensive way of keeping tabs on my comings, goings, and associations. Same reason I don’t play Ingress. Nevertheless, must buy Chinpòkòmòn!

    (Also XKCD FTW.)

  • CottonBlimp

    It’s kind of fun having an excuse to leave the house and go on walks, and there’s something fun about walking to a Poke Stop and seeing tons of other people hunting for Pokemon too. As a long time fan, though, I’m disappointed that they stripped down the complexity of the battle system. Nintendo has been really dumbing down their games lately.

    • PiperPine

      I contend that they released the game to early and it needed some more development time (see all those server crashes) Ideally they’ll add in the complexity and allow trading and battles as well as changing the attacks of your caught monsters.

      • CottonBlimp

        I hope so, but the change from strategic, turn based combat to action controls seems like a core gameplay decision that isn’t going to be changed. I was sad about that even before you get into how terrible a decision it is to have timing based controls on an online game that lags constantly. Gyms are practically unplayable atm.

        As a longtime RPG fan, I’m super irritated by how much everyone is hollowing out and killing the genre. The new Final Fantasy is an action game, Bioware keeps dumbing down their combat, Fallout 4 is oversimplified, the new Paper Mario is just insultingly stupid…

        RPGs used to be the biggest thing driving video games, and they encouraged us younguns to be a little smarter. Nowadays, thougu, no one wants to commit to the depth and substance RPGs used to offer. /rant

        • PiperPine

          Well different type of controller and trying to embrace the movement aspects of a phone. I agree it isn’t my cup of tea. I haven’t even tried to play a gym location right now. I want to train up a bit and catch a team maybe make an evolved group with a Vaporeon and a Arcanine while maxing their CP/HP with candy.

          To be totally fair I’m not a big video game player in general. At most I play Pokémon Go and the facebook game Marvel Avengers Alliance (yay turn based combat). But I do get what you’re saying.

  • Gyeo

    Oh come on now. It’s okay to enjoy things. It’s okay to not enjoy things. Do don’t be dick about it.

  • Rillion

    The thing about access to Google accounts on iPhones is overblown and been debunked. It doesn’t access any sensitive info and they are redoing the permission settings to accurately reflect what it does access. Was never an issue on Android/real smartphones.

  • PiperPine

    I happily admit to playing it and loving it… when it doesn’t crash. The game is buggy and needed more development time and needs a few features like trading Pokémon and other battle systems. That said I like the fact that different regions have different types of Pokémon and there are some fun parts and the animations are fun.

    Also I had a very fun hook up with a bearish dude I met while hunting so… yay!

  • Audrey Currie

    <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!gq234p:….,….l/