MASH-UP: The 2016 Tony Musical Nominees [VIDEO]

The 2016 Tony Awards air on Sunday, June 12th from Manhattan’s Beacon Theater, where Barbra Streisand will be a presenter. Clip recap:

In celebration of this year’s Tony nominees for Best Musical and Best Musical Revival, Playbill captured this mash-up from RANGE a cappella. With an arrangement by RANGE co-founders Ross Baum and Ben Holtzman, we catch the magic of the scores from “Shuffle Along…,” “Waitress,” “Fiddler on the Roof,” “Hamilton,” “She Loves Me,” “School of Rock,” “The Color Purple,” “Bright Star” and “Spring Awakening.” Featuring Ross Baum, Chris Dwan, Izzie Flores, Jeremiah Haley (VP), Ben Holtzman, Clark Kinkade, Michael Linden, Janelle McDermoth, Sydney Patrick, Erika Peterson, and Angela Travino of RANGE a cappella. Conceived and arranged by Ross Baum & Ben Holtzman. Recorded and edited by Mel Daneke for The Vocal Company; mixed by Dave Longo for The Vocal Company, mastered by Dave Sperandio of Vocal Mastering.

  • Gustav2

    Wait…you mean ‘Hamilton’ isn’t the only musical on Broadway this season?

    • Oscarlating Wildely

      ….Rumor has it they renamed Broadway as Hamilton’s Way

    • David Walker

      A show has to close and then reopen before it can be considered a revival, so it won’t win ALL the Tonys.

      • Circle Thomas

        You think that now, but wait for the surprise when they open the envelopes.

  • JT

    There’s something about a Broadway smile.

    So, when is there going to be an out gay romantic musical?

    • Gustav2

      Do we have to start writing musicals for straight actors to land the lead roles now?

      • David Walker


        • Gustav2

          Only straight actors are allowed to play gay parts. /s

    • Oscarlating Wildely

      I was thinking Kiss of the Spiderwoman but that one ends pretty badly….

    • Hank

      La Cage Aux Folles comes pretty close….
      Watch John Barrowman (Capt. Jack Harkness from Dr. Who and Torchwood) sing his anthem: I Am What I Am

    • David Walker

      Something like “La Cage”? (Yes. I had to do a head scratch before I came up with that title.)

      So here we go again, something from the Back Then Files: There was an off-Broadway musical in maybe the mid- or late-’70s called “Boy Meets Boy.” It took place in the 1930s and was kind of an Astaire-Rogers inspired bit of pastiche. Gay and gay marriage were givens. I remember a line from the title song went (this is pretty close) “The same old story of boy meets boy, boy loses boy, but boy gets boy in the end.” A bunch of us considered staging it in Harrisburg but couldn’t cast it well. There is a vinyl recording of the original cast, and it made its London debut in 2012. Amazon claims there is a CD re-issue.

      • Nick in Pasadena

        A buddy of mine and I were just talking about this show the other day (we saw it at the Las Palmas Theater in L.A. in the late 70s), and how it’s ripe for revival.

        • David Walker

          Absolutely. Where are the money gays? Or maybe a GoFundMe is in order?

      • Piet

        That was a cute show. I have the vinyl and enjoy playing it from time to time. I could see reviving it in a small theatre — it feels like an intimate piece to me, not a Phantom- or Wicked-type thing.

        • David Walker

          Agreed. Definitely more “She Loves Me” than “Miss Saigon.”

    • Mr Jordan

      One of my favorite romantic gay musicals is Yank, which starred out gay actor Bobby Steggert. It actually gets pretty swoony, R&H style romance. (But never made it to Broadway.)!

  • David Walker

    Sad to say I found this rather underwhelming, and I tend to like mixed a cappella groups. Was Broadway really that lackluster this season?

    • You’re not alone in that disappointment, David.

  • Sorry, but I can’t make it past the trio at :45. There is nothing more irritating to me than voices that come from the upper chest and emerge from the nose.

  • Billy Green

    A mash-up is when two or more songs are played simultaneously, yet they fit together surprisingly well, because their chord progessions are similar (if not identical) — Cabaret, plus Won’t You Come Home Bill Bailey, plus When the Saints Go Marching In, for example, or Blondie’s “Rapture” and The Doors’ “Riders On the Storm.” A medley, on the other hand, is when you sing/play one song after another in succession, transitioning from one song to the next. This video is a medley. But someone at Playbill thinks that “mash-up” sounds cooler, so they keep posting medleys under the title, “mash-up.”