TRAILER: Star Trek Beyond

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The first trailer for Star Trek Beyond was a big ‘ol slice of cringe, the kind of marketing that makes longtime fans and newbies alike sink into their theater seats with embarrassment. The new preview, which was initially unveiled as part of a special fan event before warping its way online, feels like a pretty darn good apology. This isn’t the most mind-blowing trailer you’ll see this year, but it accomplishes its one job quite effectively – it makes Star Trek Beyond look like a proper Star Trek movie and something worth seeing.

  • Michael Rush
  • of course i’ll be there. because duh, i’m a trekkie.

    • Jude Newton

      I generally have to see a Star Trek movie 4 or 5 times in the theater before I decide if I like it or not.

      • Anniejvigil1

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  • Well, that trailer was a LOT more compelling than the first one … but even so, I’ll wait for the reviews. Spectacular CGI isn’t enough to carry a film.

    • Sporkfighter

      “Spectacular CGI isn’t enough to carry a film.”

      Unfortunately, a whole lot of people disagree with you or, more likely, they wouldn’t understand your point.

    • Hear! Hear!

    • Joseph Miceli

      Well…actually…it is, but only the first time. You get to see all kinds of awesome shit that doesn’t exist in reality.
      Now, can CGI make a film a classic that touches your heart, makes your pulse race and cause you to watch it over and over again for the rest of your life? Hell no. Only acting and a good story do that.

      • BobSF_94117

        One thing about CGI is that you don’t have to use your imagination anymore…

        • Joseph Miceli

          Well, if I wanted to use my imagination I’d read the book.

  • fuow

    Much better. I enjoy good sci-fi, when it comes to Star Trek, I demand better than good.

  • Bluto

    This does look a lot better than the previous trailer. I like a judicious use of good CGI & a solid cast has been established so I’m hopeful, but if not even the worst Star Trek is still worth watching.

  • Much as I love my Trek, I’ll wait for the bluray. Then no one in the theatre has to listen to me bitch about Lin turning this into a flash/trash/testosterone fest. Didn’t we have enough of that with Abrams?

    • whollyfool


    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Indeed. Star Trek had it’s moments of action, but it always had a cerebral side that is sorely lacking in the films.

      • Adam Schmidt

        Star Trek in film doesn’t lend itself toward being thoughtful and cerebral. In fact, it does that rather badly (see “what does God need with a space ship” if you need an example). It does however do action pretty well as a movie. TV however is completely different and on TV it does much better being thoughtful and cerebral because it can take an hour to explore one idea… and then do a different one next week. Different media calls for different views on Star Trek.

        • Robert Rhea

          The William Shatner ones were universally bad. The Leonard Nimoy or Nick Meyer ones were much, much better…

        • Harley

          CBS has a new Star Trek series in production as we speak. The pilot will air in 2017 with the series premier shortly thereafter, from what I’ve read.

        • Bunter

          First Contact managed to have action and brains, and always believably Star Trek. That is not the case for the new films. I saw the first one, and even Cumberbatch couldn’t lure me into the second after that 😛

  • Stev84

    Can they make one movie without destroying the ship?

    • BobSF_94117

      Kill a main character or lose the ship, your choice…

      • Door number 3, Monty, universe goes byebye.

        • Michael Rush

          People caught on the ” the fourth person you never saw before is going to die ” thing .

  • JuanGalicia


  • Ross

    This makes me want to scream.

    Why don’t they just call the movie VIOLENCE IN SPACE?

    You know, there is enough of that here on Earth.

    To me, the best Star Trek was about the wonder of space, the magic of science fiction, and the awe of meeting new worlds and new creatures.

    To me, the best of Star Trek transported me wholly away from Earth, and into something inspiring.

    • BBCA had the first contact episode on, where Riker disappeared on an alien planet that was close to discovering warp technology. That episode fits perfectly with your words here.

    • Robert Rhea

      Agree. The best Star Trek’s in the past always had a cerebral element. There could be action, but they always thought a way out of a problem. {Star Trek II: TWoK]. I am afraid these movies are just becoming cookie cutter Fast and Furious in Space and lazy. I mean – the way they saved Kirk in the last movie with Magic Khan Blood, please?

      Of course I don’t mind that they manage to get Chris Pine in something revealing even movie…

    • You know, I’m not disagreeing, but as a psychologist, I’m always fascinated by the way “dreams” (and movies) work with the raw materials that are provided to our minds, and how a particular time period will “tailor” archetypes and narratives to reflect its zeitgeist.

      Just so, at one point, stories told of abduction of people by fairies, and now it’s small gray space aliens. If you watch earlier vampire movies, the undead cringe and flee when confronted by a cross/crucifix, but after WW2 when Europeans were alienated by a Catholic church that both collaborated with those trying to conquer, and then did so little to help its people (and this was before the pedophile reality and cover-ups had been exposed), you’ll not only see vampires laughing when a vampire hunter brandishes a cross, but will actually wear them as an ironic fashion statement.

      When it comes to sci-fi and “superheroes,” I’ve been noting in earlier movies, scientists and the government are portrayed as saviors against Nature (gone amok –and later on gone amok due to the meddling of said scientists/government) or big bad space invaders. Then the paradigm shifted to what I think of as the “ET Take,” where sweet and adorable aliens exist to be abducted by scientists working for the military who are intent on killing and dissecting any out of space visitors they can round up.

      I think this both reflects and then re-enforces the growing public distrust of science and the government. Which brings us to your comment of “Violence In Space.” I suspect many movie goers (and Trump supporters) have spent a significant amount of their lives feeling with all of America’s firepower and sci-fi like drones, nothing seems to work in the “war against terrorism.” This frustration is then compensated for by both watching Captain Kirk “fire at will” demonstration of spectacular (and I use the old meaning of the word) attempts to blow up the enemy, and recent superhero theme movies where the non-powerful attack the “heroes” for collateral damage and destruction that occurs while the heroes are fighting the enemy (or as in the latest Captain America film–each other).

      In other words–many folks aren’t currently living in a time of wonder. They’re living in a time of fear of science that fear-mongers insist is poisoning us with GMO, the inability to cure AIDS, cancer, or so many other diseases a lot of older people had never heard of when they were growing up, and are incapable of defeating global warning and other environmental problems science (and the government) helped to create.

      Whoa–I just managed to depress myself..

  • Duh-David

    I do love Shohreh Aghdashloo’s voice.

    • They did reshoots to add her after The Expanse came out because fans were already lobbing snot wads at it.

      • Duh-David

        Never heard of The Expanse. Worth tracking down?

        • In my opinion: No. It’s a Syfylis Channel program. The book series it’s based off of is more Space is Majical than scifi.

          It does get a lot of science fiction and science right in the tv series, but one big science flaw throws you out so much you barely notice the awful plot, hammy acting, and how they drag everything out until you want to scream. They have to continuously mine water to supply space colonies. Water is so scarce that it is worth more than gold. They mine tonnes and tonnes of it, people use it, and then what? It’s just gone. They have to get more. It’s a contained environment, in the future with future tech, in the asteroid belt where most of the asteroids contain ice, and they have a water shortage problem? Where does all the used water go? Someone must flush the space toilet too hard and it ends up in another dimension. The sewer bill must be epic.

          • The water was used and dirty. You didn’t expect them to re-use it now did you? You dump it and get more clean water. (Murica in space)

        • RaygunsGoZap

          Alternate opinion: Yes. It’s one of the best things made for television in a long time.

  • Gil

    Meh. Lot a noise signifying nothing…but noise. Par for the course these days.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      “From Justin Lin the director of Fast & Furious”……….says it all right there…..ugh

  • Alpha 50327

    The whole reboot is an abortion.

    • Bunter

      I think you mean abomination ^^

  • What the fuck is this shit? They stole those outfits from Stargate Universe. The plot is stolen from Voyager and ST: Insurrection. The aliens were stolen from Farscape. They even took Shohreh from The Expanse to give this steaming turd some gravitas.

    Fear of death is illogical? Are you fucking kidding me?

    Thanks, Paramount, you finally did it. You made me stop loving star trak.

    • SilasMarner

      Well, you’ll probably be sorely missed at the star trak movie. How about you go see the new Star Trek movie.

      • How about you quit ruining a perfectly functional rant.

        • SilasMarner

          Well, if all you wanted to do was rant you could have just stuck your head out the window and yelled, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”.

          • Bunter

            You are both very funny, you made my day 😀

    • sword

      Did you notice that The Martian had the abandoned hero build a greenhouse out of plastic…years before Journey to Mars had an abandoned astronaut build a greenhouse to survive? At least he had a more varied menu than just potatoes.
      Hollywood has only had three or four good ideas in the last 100 years…they just keep repeating themselves over and over.

    • J Ascher

      Fear of death IS illogical. If your raison d’etre is not to die, then you’re not living. Death will happen. Not fearing death opens up possibilities of living FOR something (or for nothing), as you choose.

      • Okay, put down the crack pipe and redbull can. The fear of death is natural and healthy. It is why we don’t step off buildings or throw ourselves on a fire. You’re thinking of obsessive fear of failure/death, big difference.

  • Bj Lincoln

    I am reading many comments negatively comparing this to other shows and movies. While I am a Trekker since the beginning, I do have more to do than watch every sifi show and movie out there and rag on them all as if I were an expert. Some of you are just rude.
    I found this trailer to be far more exciting and informative than the last. As long as it is in keeping with the spirit and essence of ST, I have no problem with who directs or ideas taken from other places. The wife and I will probably make this our only movie in a theatre this year because it is meant to be on a huge screen.

  • another_steve

    Lol…All the guys have manscaped eyebrows.

    So very 2016.

  • Brian in Valdosta

    Did anyone else notice how the villain here looks and sounds an awful lot like General Mandible, the villain(ish) character of the film Antz (1998)?

  • I love the new cast. Zachary, Pine, Cho, Simon and villian Idris Elba – best casting ever. Count me in.

  • Jeffrey

    In a world where “From the director of Fast and Furious” is supposed to be a selling point.

    • RaygunsGoZap

      It is. Personally, I’ve never seen a F2F film but they’ve been incredibly successful, apparently very entertaining and have been reviewed well. Not every one being equal but accurate overall.

      • Jeffrey

        I saw the first one. They used the “faggot” word a few times and realized it was not my thing.

        • RaygunsGoZap

          GTK. I can continue not seeing it.

    • Goodboy

      One where they’re trying to prove that this isn’t just your parents movie.

  • Robert Rhea

    How many times can they destroy the new Enterprise? They are getting lazy…

  • Well, for me subjectively, the first trailer was like, “Oh god, that looks simply awful”, whereas this one was “Whoa…wonder if maybe for a change in a very long time I’ll go check this one out in the theater.

    It’s not terribly likely — hell, we waited for Star Wars to be released on blu-ray — but now they made the film look like something I might enjoy.

  • kirtanloorii

    Well, this was definitely better than the last trailer. Either way, I would have seen the movie at least once.

  • Alan43

    Meh. Looks like most big budget action flicks these days

    Have to say the last 3-4 Star Trek movies haven’t been that great

    Hoping the ABC reboot will be better

  • action, explosions, CGI, tough chicks hitting things, more explosions… is there a story here?

  • WIGuy

    i cannot wait!!!! Always get my geek on when a new Trek film rolls out..

  • pablo

    Nope. First two were terrible. I don’t believe in third chances.

  • “From the director of Fast and Furious” – not a strong recommendation.

  • BudClark

    It seems singularly lacking in beefcake. Zachary Quinto need to drop a few pounds and work out some. I was FURIOUS that they hid Spock’s GLORIOUS hairy chest for so many years!