NORTH CAROLINA: Activists Meet With Governor

From the Human Rights Campaign:

This morning, Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin, Equality NC Executive Director Chris Sgro, transgender advocate Candis Cox-Daniels, and other LGBT equality advocates went to the North Carolina State Capitol to hand deliver a letter from more than 100 major CEOs & business leaders urging Governor McCrory and the North Carolina General Assembly to repeal the radical provisions of the deeply discriminatory HB 2 in the upcoming legislative session in April.

Upon delivering the letter, the three were met by the governor’s chief of staff. After initially agreeing to only allow Griffin and Sgro to meet with the governor, he was persuaded to allow Candis Cox-Daniels, a North Carolinian who is a transgender woman of color, to come into the private meeting with the governor. During the meeting, Governor McCrory heard firsthand the harm that he and the state legislature are inflicting on LGBT North Carolinians, and particularly transgender North Carolinians–through the enactment of this law.

As a transgender woman of color, Cox-Daniels shared the lived experience and personal challenges she has faced. The three advocates urged Governor McCrory to convene a broader meeting with additional members of the LGBT community–and specifically transgender North Carolinians and their families–to discuss the impact of the radical and discriminatory new anti-LGBT law that was rammed through the legislature last week and signed by the Governor in the dead of night.

“In our meeting with Governor McCrory, we made crystal clear that HB 2 is discriminatory, shameful, and needs to be repealed immediately,” said HRC President Chad Griffin. “We also called on him to continue to meet with LGBT North Carolinians in the days and weeks prior to April’s legislative session. The question Governor McCrory faces is a simple one: will he seize this opportunity to show true leadership, or will he allow North Carolina to remain on the wrong side of history? This law is doing extraordinary damage to the state’s economic prospects, its reputation, and most importantly, it’s LGBT community. The nation is waiting and watching to see which path he will take.”

From the Associated Press:

Opponents of the law declined to describe Gov. Pat McCrory’s response, and his office did not respond to messages seeking comment. Gay-rights advocates argue that companies may reconsider doing business in the country’s ninth-largest state. That’s unlikely in most cases, but the outsized megaphone and lobbying power of major corporations could reshape how prospective talent and investors perceive North Carolina as a place they want to be, business observers said.

“These companies have made long-term investments or are thinking about long-term investments in North Carolina” and won’t likely retreat solely due to this law, said DJ Peterson, who advises companies on political, social and economic issues as founder of Longview Global Advisors, a Los Angeles consulting firm. But as businesses showed Georgia this week, “the political pressure, the visibility they’re bringing to the issue, politicians do have to pay attention to it,” Peterson said.

  • hdtex

    Chad’s probably just there to extend a personal invite to their next fabulous, star-studded gala.

    • Gustav2

      …before the endorsement?

      • hdtex

        The endorsement is a foregone conclusion.

  • boatboy_srq

    Brava, Ms. Cox-Daniels!

  • Blake Jordan

    So the last paragraph pretty much confirms that it is only bark from the businesses, and a bite is unlikely to follow… or am I misinterpreting it?

    • customartist

      Then we shall boycott those businesses.
      Don’t placate me with empty support.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Pretty much….

    • catherinecc

      Socially “correct” activism is merely a way to burn the energy of those who are activists.

  • boatboy_srq

    Now if we could just get some SEIU / AFL-CIO folks there to tell him what a sh!tshow this law will be for minimum wage workers…

    • S1AMER

      They’re Republicans — they live to screw over minimum wage workers.

      • Hank

        They already have with this law. Now, NO City/Countay/Locale can raise the minimum wage higher, than the State’s level!!!

    • Sporkfighter


      State Minimum Wage As of Jan. 1, 2016
      New Hampshire…none
      South Carolina…..none
      North Carolina…..$7.25
      North Dakota…….$7.25
      New Mexico………$7.50
      New Jersey……..$8.38
      South Dakota…..$8.55
      West Virginia…..$8.75
      New York………..$9.00
      Rhode Island….$9.60

  • Cuberly

    Was his response, Whooo Hooo Go Tar-Heels!

    Appreciate the effort but Gov Bigot has a re-election campaign in the works and he could care less….oh and a sports ball thingy appears to be his greatest and deepest concern in the world outside of getting back in office.

  • bkmn

    How long will it take for them to lose their Title IX funding (over $4B)? That would make them move faster to repeal it.

  • Brad Lathem

    Next piece of news: After extravagant gala, HRC endorses HB 2.

  • S1AMER

    Props to HRC for doing a great job of getting big businesses to focus on Georgia and North Carolina.

    Not so many years ago, many businesses tried to avoid HRC’s annual Corporate Equality Index. Now many brag about high HRC scores in recruiting. That’s another manifestatikon of the huge progress we’ve made in recent years!

    • Boycott NC

      Yeah. Gays are less likely to have kids and therefore more likely to show up to work and, well, actually work.

  • kcken

    Was there a celebrity gala in the neighborhood?

    • customartist

      She’s trying to redeem herself from her most recent fiasco

      • kcken

        Stomping her little last years Prada loafers?

  • Todd

    Make a pit stop to Mississippi while you’re on the road !!

    • Paula

      Yes, because MS is definitely a pit.

  • customartist

    A few North Carolina Contacts: [be nice & feel free to share]

    Furnitureland South, World’s largest furniture retailer
    Jamestown, NC 336-822-3000

    High Point Furniture Market Authority
    General Contact
    [email protected]

    Tom Conley, President & CEO
    [email protected]

    Tammy Covington Nagem, Chief Operating Officer
    [email protected]

    Krissy Singleton, Director Operations
    [email protected]

    Robyn Dezego, Senior Market Advisor
    [email protected]

    Beth Brondolo, Market Advisor
    [email protected]

    Ashley D., Manager Communications
    [email protected]

    Major NC Chambers of Commerce

    Chief Operating Officer Rachel Moss Gauldin
    [email protected]

    President Danny Hearn
    [email protected]

    President Bob Morgan
    [email protected]

    President Tim Giuliani
    [email protected]

    President Debora Hooper
    [email protected]

    President Gail Anderson
    [email protected]

    President Kit Cramer
    [email protected]

    President Connie Majure-Rhett
    [email protected]

  • TexasBoy

    Meanwhile, Governor McCory was wondering how a person of color even gained entry to the state capital.

    • John Masters

      They probably had to sneak her by security by putting handcuffs on her.

      • Sallycramirez3

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    • RJ Bone

      They gave them a gun, a Make America Great Again cap and a sign insulting Bernie’s parentage and religion. It worked like a charm!

    • LovesIrony

      She came in through the bathroom window👀

      • B_Mogan

        But was it the men’s or women’s!!????

  • VodkaAndPolitics

    I kinda hope that Ms. Cox-Daniels, on her way out of his office, asked the Governor if he could please show her where the restroom is.

    • McSwagg

      I would be even better if she specifically asked for the ladies room.

  • John Masters

    Chad Griffin: “In our meeting with Governor McCrory, we made crystal clear that HB 2
    is discriminatory, shameful, and needs to be repealed immediately,” … “and, we’d like to offer our endorsement in your upcoming election.” I thought Griffin and HRC were too busy supporting Republicans in House races to have time for this.

    • Rocco


  • Mike in Texas

    >>Opponents of the law declined to describe Gov. Pat McCrory’s response<<
    This makes no sense. What are they hiding? And why?

  • guest

    Given the deviousness with which Berger and Moore, and, to a certain extent, McCrory have operated in the past, it would not surprise me in the least if I found out that the adverse reaction from LGBT groups was anticipated and planned as cover for the other parts of the bill. The LGBT provisions can be moderated or repealed but the other parts will have to wait until the Dems get back in power, I’d be willing to bet.

  • Rocco

    I wonder if he smirked throughout the meeting, like he has so frequently on tv thus far? Perhaps he went with that open wide, Tom Delay mugshot, grin we haven’t seen since the first few interviews. I am shocked he deigned to meet with folks he so clearly considers sub-human.

  • Bruno

    Would it be too much to ask to have an HRC that holds this meeting BEFORE the bill is passed? Yes, I know it was put through in a special session in one day, but the possibility was there a couple of weeks beforehand as Charlotte poised to pass its non-discrimination law. Imagine if we could’ve gotten this business community backlash before the law actually passed.

    • Hank

      It would mean, that Chad would have to leave Dupont Circle. He gets nose bleeds, when he does and is too far away from the “Halls of Power”!!!

    • Boycott NC

      Please. HRC wanted this bill passed. They knew it was going to be vile, hateful, and broad. They also knew that NC legislators are stupid and actually discuss their bigotry on the record. This was their best opportunity to set up a law that could easily be challenged in court while creating a firestorm of public discussion. KA-CHING.

      • Bruno

        Wow that’s pretty cynical, even for me. But no love lost for the HRC nonetheless.

  • Alan43

    Is HRC going to boycott cocktail parties in NC?

    • customartist

      Bite your tongue!

  • walterhpdx

    What, is Chad from HRC looking to endorse him, too?

  • Michael Hampton

    Human Rights Council lost all credibility with me when they endorsed Mark Kirk over Tammy Duckworth.

    • customartist


  • RJ Bone

    Wait… he ALLOWED a TRANSGENDER woman to talk to him!? *gasp!* I’ll pray for him 😛 /sarcasm

    • Snarkaholic

      Only long enough to inform her that she was going to burn in hell for eternity.

      • RJ Bone

        Ah! So a method to his madness. Emphasis on “madness.”

  • StillALiberal

    Looks like Liberty Counsel have offered their services to North Carolina since AG Roy Cooper is refusing to defend HB2. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE accept Gov McCrory.

    • customartist

      The Attorneys who defended the Government Employee who refused to do her job, but that Conservatives SUPPORTED her when SHE did it?

    • BobSF_94117

      Offering your services “as a pro bono public interest law firm” isn’t quite the same thing as actually offering your services pro bono.

    • Boycott NC

      AWESOME! Can’t wait to see Pat McCrory thrown in jail for a few days!

  • NancyP

    A fair number of straight young people are now using anti-gay activity as a proxy for “too much a red-neck town for me to live in”.

    • Kevin-in-Honolulu

      Nancy – I can just imagine all of the job interviews at UNC campuses throughout, and all of the research corporations and laboratories in the Research Triangle – the process to hire hundreds or thousands of people just froze. If they start with LGBT people, who’s next?

      This is a huge fustercluck that NC legislators have taken on….and unfortunately, much taxpayer money from many good people in NC will be spent to fund this temper-tantrum by a bunch of angry old white men.

  • Chris Baker

    I wish they had included a transgender man too. I think it’s easy for the right to write-off, stereotype and dismiss transgender women as men who just want to dress up in women’s clothes—put on some pants, take the wig and make up off and use the men’s room. When you have a transgender man, in a beard and all, then it helps prove a bigger point: do you want this man in your wife’s/daugher’s/mother’s restroom?

  • KnownDonorDad

    JMG commenters, especially trans folks, I would appreciate your opinion on something. A friend posted the Esquire article linked below, and it got me to thinking: the “bathroom bill” dispute is really a matter of gender expression, not gender identity. Our side often invokes gender expression in arguing against the bill: designating facilities by biological sex legally requires transmen to use women’s rooms; the image of a bearded guy (that is, their gender identity and gender expression are male) having to use the women’s room shows the ludicrousness of the bill. I realize that to do so would ignore people whose gender identity doesn’t match their gender expression – I have to think that this is a minority, but one example I can think of is Danielle Muscato – although they may indeed already use facilities based on their gender expression rather than identiy. So acknowledging this caveat, might one plan (other than repealing asinine North Carolina-style bills) be to present a basic guideline for legislation relating to public facilities that, concerning men’s and women’s restrooms or locker rooms, use the one that fits the individual’s gender expression?

  • Chad Griffin? Did he suck the monster off for a HRC donation while he was there?