SAN DIEGO: Naval Base Coronado Nominates Gay Man As Military Spouse Of The Year [VIDEO]

San Diego’s ABC affiliate reports:

For the first time, the military spouse of the year nominee at Naval Base Coronado is gay. “I was the kid who didn’t want to be gay,” Brian Alvarado said. “I was scared.” But, there was no denying it. He met his husband, Matthew Alvarado, online two years ago. Matthew has been an active duty sailor for the past 17 years. “I’m proud that he put his head down and he did his work,” Brian said. “He got his job done and he served his country, and he made it about the Navy and not about himself for 15 years … It is joyful that now he can have both — with his head up.”

Coronado has a military and civilian workforce of 36,000 and is the largest employer in San Diego County.

  • Bernie

    Incredible changes in my lifetime. My last active duty station was a ship out of San Diego in the late 80s. So different today.

    • Steven Leahy

      I was at Coronado for a while as well, but was stationed in Alameda. Early and mid-80’s for me. You’re right, such a change.

      • Ray Taylor

        More change from 1960-62. My ship USS Helena was home based at Coronado,

  • S1AMER

    Post-DADT repeal, there are still some problems here and there. Mostly, though, the military is doing a helluva good job in providing equal treatment to gay and lesbian service members and their spouses and kids. Bravo!

    • 100% agree and I would note that given that the military recruits from a young age demographic this only gets better as time goes on. yes there are few crusty old holdouts who oppose this and create a problem here or there but as you said in most cases the change has gone exceedingly well.

    • DaddyRay

      Yet another reason we cannot allow Republicans to win – they will undo all of the progress that has been made

    • lattebud

      Not just the military, but individuals in the military who come out and their allies who see them as their fellow soldier and stand up for them.

  • Yalma Cuder-Zicci

    I hope he makes it to the top three!

    Why did they include two close-ups of his watch in the edit? Did he win a watch?

    • hudson11

      and the shoes……….odd

    • lymis

      Maybe they exchanged watches instead of rings before they could openly acknowledge their relationship, the way Edie and Thea exchanged brooches? And it got left out of the edit?

  • Joe in PA

    Well, aside from, CONGRATULATIONS…the sadz are going to be epic. Nice!

    • I can see it now “the military is spending its time promoting sexual deviancy instead of fighting terrorism” completely ignoring of course that this is something that happens anyway and if a gay couple had not been nominated it would have been a heterosexual couple.

      • Bj Lincoln

        Exactly. The military is and does so much more than most people know. The families have to be taken care of as well. These families move at a moments notice, they are trained for all kinds of emergencies with readiness programs and are an important part of morale. Supporting the spouses is as important as supporting out troops. The events like his spouse lead or participated in are part of that support. My step sister is married to an officer in the Navy, now retired. In the last 30 years, she has moved around the world. They raised a son who spent his entire life globe hopping. She got involved in groups everywhere they lived and said she doesn’t know if she could have handled it all without that network of spouses.

  • DaddyRay

    The most powerful part of the video is his impact on the Military spouses “He transformed what was basically a wives club with facials and manicures to a true family readiness group prepared for sudden deployment, tsunamis and lockdowns, raised money for a sailors who’s house burned down, helped sailors buy homes and vets get jobs”

    Those changes had to have empowered the Military spouses especially for spouses of female military who probably felt left out.

    Awesome work Brian – very well deserved honor.

    • Exactly. It was also a powerful example of what the military would have been missing if they had to keep their relationship hidden. Not only are the gay men and women in the armed forces an asset but also their spouses can be an asset for the military as well and that would have been lost if DADT was still in place.

      • marshlc

        It’s something that needs to be talked about more often – the cost a society pays for marginalizing people. All the human potential, the skills, talents, energy, intelligence, that we have been willing to keep locked up in the ghettto, the kitchen , the closet….. Allowing people to participate fully in society isn’t just good for the people, it’s good for society.

  • Robincho

    Yet another AWESOME post! Warmest congrats to both of these fine gentlemen! But can I still chortle just a little at the part where Brian said that Matthew “put his head down and did his work”? Like hands, busy heads are happy heads…

  • bkmn

    Which fundie will be the first to whine about this, Bryan Fischer, Tony PerKKKins, Fraudlin Graham?

  • sdnative1958

    Yay, shout-out for my home town!

  • Steven Leahy

    I am jealous of the 65 degrees, LOL

    • Homo Erectus

      Seems kinda chilly.

      • Steven Leahy

        wow, you must be in south Florida or something! 🙂

        • Homo Erectus


  • Very cool, congrats to the couple!!! For those prior service anti-gays who still claim that the military is not okay with DADT they simply do not understand what the current climate is like and how quickly this became accepted and integrated.

    • Steven Leahy

      Totally agree. And, in my opinion, in addition to the societal change, it’s all about the leadership and the tone they set. The military is a very regimented culture and NOT a place for rebels. If the brass set a tone of welcome and acceptance, and mandate that through the organization, the rest will follow. If the brass set a climate where bigotry, marginalization and vilification are accepted, that’s what also will happen.

      • Very true and that’s why it is important that we do not have a commander in chief that wants to take us backwards.

        • lymis

          And remember, the President and Congress appoint both the civilian and military heads of each service. Elections matter.

  • bryan

    Also : Gay veteran, 82, receives honorable discharge after Army kicked him out :

    • Yes I saw that as well and also very important. Let’s hope that we see more of these as it is an important step to reduce the damage that these policies caused.

  • Justin

    Not very long ago, I could never have imagined something like this happening. How wonderful! And it will be even more wonderful when it’s eventually only newsworthy for the fellow being a spouse, not a “gay spouse”.

  • Ben in Oakland

    But wasn’t Ben carson’s pet dildo claiming that gay people were destroying unti cohesion?

    • Yup, they don’t care that the facts show the opposite they will keep claiming that anyway. Not working out to well for him as he continues to sink into irrelevance.

  • sherman

    And to emphasize – the repeal of DADTDP was signed by Democratic President Obama while every Republicon presidential candidate opposed repeal. In the Senate, Dems supported repeal 57-0 while Republicons opposed repeal 31-8. In the House, Dems supported repeal 235-15, Republicons opposed repeal 160-15.

    If you won’t vote for the Democratic nominee this fall regardless who it is, you are a fidiot.

    • CA2016

      Fidiot is my favorite word.

      • hudson11

        and my new fav. ‘podsnapper’ moves to second (also found on JMG)

        • Tor

          I still love fuckweasel.

          • Gianni

            Any insult with ‘fuck’ in it is high on my list.

          • Todd20036

            Any action with “fuck” in it is high on my list.

          • Gianni

            Well, I figured that goes w/o saying. 🙂

      • Steven Leahy

        I like “Funt” as well.

    • Exactly a very important point worth making. And even this time around you still have GOP candidate opposed to letting gays in the military, even after it has happened and not been a problem.

      • Ninja0980

        It’s only been a “problem” to bigots who can’t stand the fact that gays and lesbians are now being treated equally.

        • Exactly and to them it is a big problem. Indeed the end of DADT was also used to help allow gay youth in the boy scouts to cite just one example. Their opposition was never out of actual concern for the military but rather them knowing that it is bad for the anti-gay ideology.

          • Bj Lincoln

            The past votes sited above are proof of the amount of anti-gay leaders in office. We have reached the tipping point but not by much so we do have to keep voting and fighting. I agree their public concerns were bull shit. It’s their personal hatred that fuels and motivates them to create their BS concerns. With every chance we get to prove them wrong, we win more ground and change minds while they look more and more like the backward clowns they are. They will get more vile and outspoken but their numbers are thankfully dwindling. In another 20 years they will be half the size, obviously tired of fighting and will have completely lost this fight. While there will always be haters, there are more of us.
            A closed mind can be opened. Seldom does an open mind close.

          • very well said indeed!!!

    • Ninja0980

      But but both parties are the same!

  • Phil2u

    …nice shoes and watch. What’s that all about?

    • lymis

      The shoes are standard uniform shoes. Odd shot, probably just reinforcing that one is in uniform and the other is not.

      My utterly uninformed guess about the watch is that there’s some personal significance to it that got edited out. Possibly – and again, it’s just a guess – given the length of time they’ve been together but had to be in the closet about it, that it might be like the brooch that Edie Windsor wore instead of a wedding ring throughout her time with her eventual wife.

      Otherwise, it’s just odd.

  • Paige Turner

    Loving couples!

    They are clearly threats to religious liberty, Americas security and are very busy converting other service men and Women gay and not raising money to help others and give back to their community.

    Cant wait to see the spin on this from the RWNJ set.

    These men are truly brave defenders of your country and real heroes as opposed to desk jockey Christian commentators hurling insults.

  • Claude Jacques Bonhomme
  • JCF

    Kudos & Congrats! (handsome couple)