UTAH: Same-Sex Marriage Plaintiff Derek Kitchen Elected To Salt Lake City Council

And yet another big win in Salt Lake City. From the campaign’s Facebook page:

Thank you! Thank you to my family for standing next to me through this campaign, for my volunteers for putting in countless hours knocking on doors, making calls, and talking to their friends. Thank you to all my supporters, your enthusiasm, donations, and moral cheers really kept me going. This has been such a positive experience for me as a first time candidate for public office. I’m happy to say that we ran a clean campaign focused on the issues and the residents of this great city. I feel honored that the residents of District 4 have put their faith in me to represent them and make important decisions on their behalf. I’m energized and excited to get to work on the salt lake city council as your next representative!

Kitchen and his now-husband Moudi Sbeity were one of three couples that won their case in December 2013. In June 2014 the Tenth Circuit Court upheld that decision, but stayed their ruling pending the appeal to the Supreme Court, which was denied in October 2014.