Ryan T. Anderson: Protecting LGBT Americans From Discrimination “Tramples” The Rights Of Christians

Anti-gay activist Ryan T. Anderson has published yet another anti-LGBT screed for the Heritage Foundation. This one is a million words long, so let’s just look at the opening paragraphs:

America is dedicated to protecting the freedoms guaranteed under the First Amendment to the Constitution, while respecting citizens’ equality before the law. None of these freedoms is absolute. Compelling governmental interests can at times trump fundamental civil liberties, but sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) laws do not pass this test. Rather, they trample First Amendment rights and unnecessarily impinge on citizens’ right to run their local schools, charities, and businesses in ways consistent with their values. SOGI laws do not protect equality before the law; instead, they grant special privileges that are enforceable against private actors.

SOGI laws could also have serious unintended consequences. These laws tend to be vague and overly broad, lacking clear definitions of what discrimination on the basis of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” mean and what conduct can and cannot be penalized. These laws would impose ruinous liability on innocent citizens for alleged “discrimination” based on subjective and unverifiable identities, not on objective traits. SOGI laws would further increase government interference in markets, potentially discouraging economic growth and job creation. With regard to “gender identity” and “transgender” teachers, students, and employees, SOGI laws could require education and employment policies concerning schoolhouse, locker room, and workplace conditions that undermine common sense.

SOGI laws threaten the freedom of citizens, individually and in associations, to affirm their religious or moral convictions—convictions such as that marriage is the union of one man and one woman or that maleness and femaleness are objective biological realities to be valued and affirmed, not rejected or altered. Under SOGI laws, acting on these beliefs in a commercial or educational context could be actionable discrimination. These are the laws that have been used to penalize bakers, florists, photographers, schools, and adoption agencies when they declined to act against their convictions concerning marriage and sexuality. They do not adequately protect religious liberty or freedom of speech.

RELATED: Last week a Bermuda hotel cancelled two planned speeches by Anderson, essentially saying that they were duped and didn’t know about his “anti-diversity message.” Anderson complained in multiple tweets. (Tipped by JMG reader Scott)

  • Ron Robertson

    You need to look up “special rights” and try to understand the concept, CRyan, you obviously don’t understand what it means, and are in fact advocating for your own special rights. That is bad enough, but you do it on the basis of a complete mythology.

  • pickypecker
    • Grumpy old Man


  • Judas Peckerwood

    Shorter Ryan T. Anderson: “I am a bigot, and it’s wrong to stop me from imposing my bigotry on others.”

    • scottrose


  • Michael Rush
  • Gustav2

    1) If your business is open to the public, you are open to all the public.

    2) If your religiously affiliated organization reaches into a taxpayers wallet, you may not refuse a citizen access.

    Life really is that simple.

    • oikos

      Why do you hate xtians and murica?

    • JTC

      It must not be so simple since this “doctor” can’t figure that out, lol.

      • BearEyes

        I remember that line from an old gay porn movie from years ago.

      • Bob Conti

        He looks like a garden gnome in this picture. Or is it just me?

      • scottrose


      • karen in kalifornia

        PhD = BS only stacked higher and deeper.

  • oikos
    • Janice Owens

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  • BearEyes

    classic projection. Special rights for me, but no equality for thee.
    And you’re still a liar. The first amendment still says you can believe whatever mythology and fairy tales you want. The 14th amendment says you can’t treat us unequally.

  • millers3888

    Ryan is as hate-filled as they come.

    • Lumpy Gaga

      Yeah, see… that’s just one problem with the ball-gag plan. That hate’s gotta come out somewhere….

    • lattebud

      But it takes him a million words to explain his hate

    • bkmn

      The self-haters are the worst.

  • Lumpy Gaga

    Somebody from Philly serve that man a SOGI HOGI.

  • he’s adorable. :-/

  • Keiffer

    Yeah RyRy, we get it. You think we’re icky and shouldn’t be expecting to be treated like “normal” people. Go ahead and extrapolate a bleak future should the arc of justice bend our way.

    What I have come to believe — thanks to Obergefell — that between ourselves & our allies — especially those in court — we’ll school you as to what rights we deserve and shall have.

  • B

    Laws limiting the rights of gays harms their ability to freely exercise their religious and moral rights. These laws do not affect heterosexual freedoms of religion or speech. These laws merely have an effect on discriminatory action, not belief.

    Similarly, gays can believe anti-gay christians are wicked, but they can’t act on that belief by discriminatory actions against christians in the public realm.

  • bkmn

    You would think he was a beltway pundit the way he tosses around the false equivalencies.

    • Lumpy Gaga

      Rome wasn’t built in a day.

      • MrSkippy


        God built Rome in a like 2 hours. It’s in some book of bullshit somewhere. I’m sure. I read it once. I have a very good memory. A very good memory. I remember it.

  • oikos

    All part of gawd’s plan Ryan. Just like your virginity.


    • pickypecker
      • oikos
        • Octavio

          Like I’ve always maintained, it’s a good thing Mantids are four feet tall!

      • Brian in Valdosta

        That image is beyond disturbing. Holy shit … new fodder for my nightmares.

      • FAEN

        Another one swept into the cult of Christianity.

        • Chucktech

          Actually, it looks like this kid falls outside their tried and true “4-14 window.” Any younger than 4 years old and kids don’t get it or won’t understand it. (Older than 14, if they’re not already poisoned with Jesus, they’ll laugh at you.)

          Unfortunately, I’ll bet this kid is fed a constant and abusive high-jesus diet at home. So sad and so uncivilized.

      • Rebecca Gardner

        That’s child abuse.

        • vorpal

          You should see the actual YouTube video of this and read the comments there. I’ve been arguing with a bunch of fundiegelicals on that video for a couple weeks now, and the level of arrogant, stupid, self-righteous obnoxiousness never fails to amaze me.

          • Ragnar Lothbrok

            Aint nuthin worse than a fucked up freakin fundie.
            Nuthin; !

          • Bob Conti

            I’ve had to take a break from engaging “those people.” The banging of my head against my desk was getting too painful.

          • Rebecca Gardner

            Do you have the URL for the YouTube video?

          • vorpal
          • Ragnar Lothbrok

            there is a thing such as a ” Holy Ghost ” filled service ?

            Bunch of freaks.

          • vorpal

            LOL looking around at the video, NOTHING is full at that service except the heads of the churchgoers with brainwashed stupidity.

            I double dildo dare you to click on the following YouTube link.
            It’s the Christian version of “This is the song that doesn’t end…”
            Christian rap should NOT be a thing.

          • Ragnar Lothbrok

            Lol beautiful and uplifting.

            ( i only came back to my PS because
            you double dildo’d me )

          • vorpal

            Well, SOMEBODY had to do it :-).
            And I drew the short straw…

          • vorpal

            BTW, best thing about that video is how freaking empty the church is!

        • Ragnar Lothbrok

          Big time. It’s difficult to watch.

      • vorpal

        Looks like when mommy and daddy turned their backs, somebody got into the Jesus blood.

    • bkmn

      Ryan believes that Jeebus is looking over his shoulder.

    • Sk3ptic

      I’d be happy to “help” Ryan with his virginity. A little strategically placed duct tape or a nice ball gag and voila–all set.

      • Lumpy Gaga

        Yeah, don’t underestimate the difficulty in finding a dick that’ll stay hard.

        • Doug105

          Don’t worry there are pills for that now.

      • oikos

        He’s a bit too hateful for me but I would watch.

      • Nic Peterson

        Duct tape, a ball gag says that you care.

      • Raising_Rlyeh

        Leather manacles are better than duct tape.

    • vorpal

      …if you are a lion, that is :-).

  • Gregory Peterson

    Looks like he’s recycling anti-miscegenation arguments from back when I was young, only against a different minority group.

    • David Walker

      Recycling does save time and effort.

      • Gustav2

        Yes, but we’ve gone thru the 1960’s once…oh wait…the 1980’s once again.

        • Bad Tom

          Third time for leftovers is just stale.

    • CPT_Doom

      Not to mention arguments against outlawing “restricted” businesses that served only Gentiles.

    • JoeNCA

      If they hate being called bigots, they should really stop stealing their material.

  • Wynter Marie Starr

    Spoken like the sociopath he is.

  • JaniceInToronto

    Mr. Anderson needs to go crawl back under his rock.

    It’s good that he’s going public with his bigoted hate. We all know exactly where he stands now. This is a good thing.

    • bkmn

      He is more likely to take solace in a priest’s dick than a rock.

      • zhera

        … under a priest’s frock?

  • WhoDat

    “Guys, I want to keep being a prick to people and have it covered by law!!1!”

  • DaveW

    It amazes me they don’t see the obvious difference between serving a gay wedding and being in one. None of what he says is true since the bakers and florists were never forced to “act against their convictions ”

    Unless their convictions are to discriminate vs live according to their faith.

  • geoffalnutt

    He needs professional help…stat.

  • zhera

    “…subjective and unverifiable identities, not on objective traits.”

    Oh, like religious belief, you mean?

    Fuck off, Ryan, and take your bollocks with you.

  • Sk3ptic

    It’s like Groundhog Day with these people…using the same debunked arguments over and over, like they didn’t learn from the trouncing they got during the Prop 8 trial.

    • Ed Burrow

      …during the Prop 8 trial
      ..and Windsor.
      ..and Obergefell.

      • scottrose

        And Lawrence v. Texas, where Rotten T. Anderfuck’s mentor, NOMzi leader Robert P. George argued that gay people should be arrested, prosecuted, jailed and fined for their intimacy.

  • BearEyes
    • oikos

      Once the $$$$$$$ dries up they start crying.

  • The biggest thing that tramples the Rights of Christians are the Christian Terrorists themselves. Ryan T. Anderson is a perfect example of that. He is a proud member of the American Christian ISIS and his presence here expounding on hurting and denying gay people equal rights is clear evidence of that.

  • Mawm

    “Subjective, and unverifiable identities? ”

    Sounds a lot like Religion.

  • Dreaming Vertebrate

    Asshat! Just like protecting women and doctors from murderous anti-abortion Christer RWNJs tramples the rights of gawdly Christians.
    OMNEG u r sooOOoo ignorant Ryan Teabagger Anderson.

    • scottrose


  • vorpal

    This BS really bugs me: “based on subjective and unverifiable identities, not on objective traits.”

    My homosexuality is far more verifiable than your Christianity, Ry-Ry.
    Let me make out with a very hot girl, and then a very hot guy, and I think you will notice a distinct and very verifiable and objective physiological response in one situation and not the other.

    • oikos

      Pishaw you and your scientific method. God hates critical thinking. See ya in hell, I’ll bring the vodka. 😉

      • Mark

        I’ll bring the khalua….

        • Todd20036

          I’ll bring the cream

          • Mark

            fresh? == :-)~~~

        • MDB

          Should I bring the guac ?
          I’ve heard it slides right down your throat, both before and after a hot weinie.

          • David in Tucson

            Just don’t put peas in it.

          • MDB

            I have yet to meet anyone here in New Mexico that
            would contaminate their guacamole with peas.

          • Octavio

            Anyone who puts peas in guac deserves immediate death. Who knows what other food blasphemies they are prone to commit?

          • pickypecker

            Lime jello with raisins and carrot shavings?

          • Octavio

            You put raisins and carrots in orange J-ELO. Canned pineapple and cottage cheese goes into the lime J-ELLO. I’ve got the original recipe book. 🙂

          • vorpal

            Please do the world a favor and kill it with fire!
            My one surviving grandparent (grandmother) insists on bringing those hideous JELLO molds to every family dinner, which nobody ever touches.

            Nothing is wrong with JELLO… until you go emptying your pantry into it.

          • Octavio

            The only thing any gelatin should be used for is clear plain gelatin to bind a mustard ring. A classic that isn’t adulterated with fancy junk food stuff (i.e. Cheese Whiz) is:
            3⁄4cup sugar
            1 1⁄2teaspoons unflavored gelatin
            1 1⁄2tablespoons dry mustard
            1⁄2teaspoon turmeric
            1⁄4teaspoon salt
            1cup water
            1⁄2cup cider vinegar 1
            cup whipping cream
            Beat the eggs in the top of your double boiler. Mix thoroughly the sugar and gelatin, then stir in the mustard, turmeric, and salt. Add the water and vinegar to the eggs, then stir in the sugar mixture, then cook the resulting mixture over boiling water until slightly thickened, stirring constantly all the while. Cool in refrigerator until the mixture becomes very thick making sure it does not congeal. Whip the cream and fold it into the mixture. Turn into a 1 1/2 quart ring mold and refrigerate until it becomes firm. Unmold and if desired fill center with cole slaw or fresh fruit. This will serve 8. Preparation time includes cooling down time

          • vorpal

            While I love mustard and my ears have perked up with intrigue, the google image search for “mustard ring” left me frightened and confused.

          • Octavio

            Don’t be too alarmed. Mustard rings are part of the 19th century French cooking tradition of aspics, such as a tomato or beef aspic. And aspic is just an expansion of cooled meat juices in a pan that were traditionally served cold rather than made into gravy. A decent mustard ring is a great thing to have with roast lamb or baked ham. The recipe I posted makes a soft mustard ring that doesn’t jiggle. It’s more like a formed mustard sauce and it really is quite delicious. Easy to whip up, too. 🙂

          • vorpal

            I’m familiar with – but have never had – aspic. I would like to try one someday without having to make my own :-).

            Haha part of my diet has been to substitute various mustards for mayonnaise since even prepared mustard has almost no calories per serving whereas mayonnaise has about 25 gigacals per millidrop :-).

            The addition of whipping cream in your recipe would invariably be utterly delicious beyond belief, but pretty much murder all benefits!

            Best mustard I ever had was at a Japanese home style restaurant in Toronto: it was a viciously spicy mustard served with tonkatsu that would clear the sinuses better than wasabi.

          • Octavio

            Yeah. Those Japanese mustard preparations use Indian mustards, some of which are considered a lethal weapon by Interpol. 🙂

          • Joseph Miceli

            Susan Spicer, a chef here in New Orleans puts an aspic on her menu every year. NO ONE ever buys it and she rants up and down about how standards have fallen and then she takes it back off the menu. Next year she does it all over again.

            The time for meat Jello has passed.

          • Grumpy old Man

            Er, about 10 years ago I was introduced to jello shots. If there were jello shots in my youth – there is no way I would have survived. I had about 7 before I realized how effing dangerous that was.

          • Octavio

            At the gay drag Bingo Night in Vegas (there are two, but I’m talking about the fun one) everyone gets a J-ELLO shot whenever the announcer yells “O-69!” Some nights it’s best to just have a nap in the casino lobby rather than drive home. 🙂

          • olandp

            If you’ve never read MargaretandHelen.com you should go there and read her Thanksgiving letter to the family. Her Jell-O statements are priceless…

            “Cloe, last year we were at Trudy’s house and I looked the other way when your Jell-O salad showed up. This year, if Jell-O salad comes in the front door it will go right back out the back door with the garbage. Save yourself some time honey. You’ve never been a good cook and you shouldn’t bring something that wiggles more than you. Buy something from the HEB bakery.” http://margaretandhelen.com/2012/11/19/thanksgiving-letter-to-the-family-2012/

          • RaygunsGoZap
          • Octavio

            1 (4 serving) pkg. Jello brand orange flavor sugar-free gelatin
            3/4 c. boiling water
            2 tbsp. raisins (dark or golden)
            1/2 c. cold orange juice
            Ice cubes
            1/2 c. shredded carrot

            Completely dissolve gelatin in boiling water. Stir in raisins. Combine juice and enough ice cubes to measure 1 1/4 cups. Add to gelatin; stir until slightly thickened. Remove any unmelted ice. Stir in carrot. Spoon into individual dishes or small serving bowl. Refrigerate until firm, about 2 hours. Makes 4 servings.

            Eat it and VOILA! You’re a mormon (or Lutheran, or United Church of Jeebuzz, or whatever . . . but most definitely a mormon). 🙂

          • Grumpy old Man

            My ex and I went to the Titan Missile Silo museum – it was fantastic, they let me turn the key to nuke (not sure why I was so thrilled by that).
            While waiting for the previous tour to complete, I was sitting on the catwalk with my back to the wall. The missile and assembly is completely separate from the silo balanced on springs and baffles – it weighs tons! but I applied a little push to the wall, relaxed, again, and again a little pushier each time until (honest to gawd) the missile assembly started to move – just a little farther with each push. the ex made me stop when people noticed something was happening.

            But I digress – the point being the gift shop (coincidence that all museum tours end in the shop – I think not) sold a recipe book compiled by the wives of “the defenders of freedom” – there were a lot of jello recipes plus a lot of ‘open a can of’ ingredient list.

          • McSwagg

            My dad was in the Air Force and was a Titan II Missile crew member in the 308th Missile Wing based at the Little Rock Air Force Base. The silos were scattered all over the state. I remember the Damascus accident being in the news. The news story below states:

            Media of the time reported that the warhead was missing. “The rumor of us losing the nuclear weapon prevailed for years after,” Gray said.

            Link: http://www.arkansasleader.com/2006/09/top-story-titan-missile-crisis_27.html

            That is not true. The media reported on the recovery of the warhead, then the next day, everything about the warhead was scrubbed and classified. The reports simply disappeared and were denied. There was no internet at the time, so the Air Force could completely wipe out all evidence of the warhead.

          • Grumpy old Man

            OMG! What was your home-life like? I try to wrap my head around a loving father/husband clocking in at work, waiting/dreading that he would be the one who had to turn the key (along with the other one). Plus it was the 50s anyway so besides tuna hot-dish and Jello, nuclear (pun not intended) families were stressed by expectations of role. I hope that your family was above the curve.

          • McSwagg

            My earliest memories of my father were of absolute fear. Home life was not pleasant in our household.

          • Grumpy old Man

            That is kind of what I was thinking but I was hoping for the best. Not a stalker but I looked over some of your recent posts and you seem to have survived and come out okay (no pun intended). Was there ever a chance of reconciliation? I grew up with a completely absent family; dad spent all his time at work or laying in bed (seriously, he just laid there, not reading or anything) – I managed to finally understand and chat with him until he upped his morphine to max and faded away (he had brain cancer that spread but that was only the last of way too many medical issues and he just wanted out).

            I won’t even go into mom – I am still trying to work that out. Everyone loves her — except family. She is just mean.

          • McSwagg

            I was the scapegoat of the family and very much in denial of the fact (Stockholm Syndrome?) until both my sisters hit me over the head with facts and evidence. As a result, I pulled back from interactions with the family and none of them ever cared enough to bother to contact me as to why. That was 20 years ago. I haven’t spoken to any of them since. On the positive side, I haven’t had a bout of serious depression since that time. All in all, it has been for the better. Thanks for your concern.

          • Grumpy old Man

            As local man makes good (Dan Savage) “it gets better”, take care.

          • Octavio

            Thanks. Next time I’m in Tucson I need to see that museum. The Pima Air Museum east of town has always been one of my favorite places to waste a Saturday morning.

          • JCF

            Cottage “cheese” is an abomination unto ANYTHING! “Thus let it be written, thus let it be done”

          • McSwagg

            Don’t tell Little Miss Muffet. She liked her curds and whey (i.e. cottage cheese).

          • Mark

            I thought that was orange jello and min marshmallows…

          • Mark

            Katsup for cocktail weinies??

          • Octavio

            Those trailer trash must die!

          • Nic Peterson

            Abomination! Their hot sauce shall be upon them.

          • Mark

            Driving across AZ Friday, they had electronic message boards on the motorway saying “drink and driving go like peas ‘n guac.”

          • chrisinphx

            I see what you did there 🙂

          • Mark

            lots of cilantro please — Gabriels is the best….

        • Steve Teeter

          My grandmother used to make home-made Kahlua every year. It was delicious stuff that took time to make, as you have to steep the split vanilla bean in there for at least two months. When it was ready she would bottle it and give it to family and friends. Which is why we called her Kahlua “Grandma’s Christmas Cookies.”

          I still have the recipe.

      • vorpal

        I’ll bring my wiener.
        Purely in the interests of advancing education of the scientific method, of course.
        I expect many trials will be needed to ensure absolute confidence in the results.

        • oikos

          I’m willing to be a test subject.

          • vorpal

            Thank you for your service.

          • oikos

            Anything for g̶r̶a̶t̶i̶f̶y̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶s̶e̶x̶u̶a̶l̶ ̶p̶l̶e̶a̶s̶u̶r̶e̶ the cause of science and the gay agenda.

          • vorpal

            I have a trophy for you. Go ahead and polish it :-).
            A little spit will do wonders.

        • MDB

          Vodka and wieners ? Alcohol and “protein”….. the food and drink of the gods.
          ~ But will you also include those talented dancing buns of yours ??? Hell, I’ll even swallow if you promise not to scratch.

          • vorpal

            It covers all the ESSENTIAL food groups :-).
            And the best part is that at least in the latter case, everyone can share and we’ll never run out.

            My buns will similarly accommodate any reasonable requests :-).
            And I generally only scratch for pleasure!
            (Yours as well as mine!)

      • Nic Peterson

        I’ll bring more vodka. Don’t want to run out while gathering voluminous data.

        • oikos

          Thank you for your thoughtfulness. One can never have too much vodka.

    • zhera

      This needs to be explored and scienced. With cameras. I’ll play the scientist. Any volunteers for being vorpal’s hot girl and hot guy?

      • vorpal

        I can think of at least a few candidates that I wouldn’t mind as the hot guy :-).

        As for the hot girl, LOL, my inability to nominate any potential candidates is already demonstrating my bias :-).

        • Steve Teeter

          When I was in college there was this hot guy we all wanted, boys and girls. He eventually told me and my partner that he’d be willing to do a 3-way with us on one condition: if his girlfriend got to watch. As another gay friend of mine said to that, “EEWWWWwww!”

          We turned him down.

    • Ed

      Right on – I think he was trying to contrast gay people to racial minorities so you couldn’t just replace “SOGI” with “racial minority” in his article. You could, however, replace “SOGI” with “religious tolerance” and turn him on his head.

    • EdmondWherever

      It shouldn’t even matter if these traits are “subjective and unverifiable”. Even if they are, they’re poor and shallow reasons for discriminating against someone. Rejecting protection on the basis of “unverifiability” leaves the door open for arbitrary discrimination based on whatever whim a bigot happens to feel. Which, of course, is what they want.

      • vorpal

        I completely agree, but that being said, the hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness inherent in such statements is completely stunning and worth pointing out, especially since so many Christians are always squawking about how so-and-so isn’t a REAL Christian.

        • EdmondWherever

          Jesus, imagine the clusterfuck if that were a permissible basis for discrimination! Christian against Christian, let the free market win!

          • vorpal

            I’d happily pay-per-view that.

          • EdmondWherever

            There isn’t enough popcorn in the world…

          • scottrose


        • RaygunsGoZap

          Well, I have serious doubts whether you are a real cocksucker….

          • vorpal

            I will happily set your doubts to rest.
            I just need a willing volunteer :-).

      • Steverino

        Race is subjective and verifiable, but that never stopped racial bigots from engaging in discrimination and persecution on that basis, and by his standard, religion is subjective and unverifiable, so that exposes his whole argument as the hypocritical, bigoted bullshit that it is.

        • scottrose

          Besides of which, Ryan T. Anderson (Rotten T. Anderfuck) is denying human experience.

          100% heterosexuals don’t feel themselves to be heterosexual only because the Bible tells them to be heterosexual.

          They innately feel opposite sex attraction, whereas 100% homosexuals innately feel same-sex attraction.

          How is it relevant to anything to allege as Anderson does that orientation is “unverifiable”? This is malicious and demeaning rhetoric from him, as though gay people’s lived experiences counted for nothing.

          Nobody wakes up one day thinking “For the heck of it, I’m going to go gay.”

          It’s innate to the person. Whether the person is heterosexual, bi-sexual or homosexual.

          He has some nerve.

          • Grumpy old Man

            My therapist told me I have my very own test for whether or not I was gay – what make me hard. That seems to be a pretty strong (long?) indickator

          • Steve Teeter

            Studies attached hardness sensors (plethysmographs?) to the dicks of college-age test subjects, then showed them various types of porn. It was surprising how many subjects who described themselves as conservative and anti-gay got boners when shown the gay stuff.

          • Grumpy old Man

            I wonder what it did for them to discover that they are discovered – they could hide it from themselves with lies about demons – hard (pun intended) science disallowed that fig leaf.

      • Kay

        “Rejecting protection on the basis of “unverifiability” leaves the door open for arbitrary discrimination based on whatever whim a bigot happens to feel. Which, of course, is what they want.”

        Well, yes.

        They feel that people shouldn’t be compelled to do business with each other. They begrudgingly accept limitations on discrimination against race or other identifiable characteristics.

        This causes some problems already, as (for example) white employers have to be careful firing black employees. If a white person fires a white person, they can’t claim racial discrimination, but because a black employee can claim racism, much further documentation is required to avoid a potential lawsuit. If the employee happens to be the only black employee, employers will often go to very long lengths not to fire them to avoid the liability.

        Race is an easily identifiable characteristic. Add something that is not verifiable, and you have the same situation – employees that are fired can claim it’s because they are gay (or even perceived to be gay), and potentially go after the employer.

        It’s two different optimization patterns – the Democrats would rather have the occasional person blackmail the employer, in order to protect the greater number of people who are legitimately discriminated against. The Republicans would rather have a high bar, reducing abuse (but increasing the number of people discriminated against without recourse).

        Both solutions are imperfect, and both will cause problems for someone.

        • StraightGrandmother

          If the employee happens to be the only black employee, employers will
          often go to very long lengths not to fire them to avoid the liability.

          Oh you know this for a fact?

          • Kay

            Yes. I run a company, have run several companies in the past, and have friends who run and manage companies. I have relatives who work in government as well that have expressed similar sentiments.

            It varies from state to state – in Right To Work states, it’s easy enough to not give a reason and call it a day.

            If you want to avoid a wrongful termination lawsuit, there’s a lot of paperwork involved. When race is a potential factor, you have to demonstrate conclusively that it was not. That presents it’s own problems, as if you treat the employee differently (such as by doing extensive counciling, or more warnings, etc.), then you are in the position of treating the black employee separately.

            Employers are conscious of demographics. I’m in tech, and have had employers flat out tell me that they liked how I made their numbers look better, because they had no women. Because of that, they would also have been hesitant to fire me, as their numbers would have been worse, and they would be firing the only woman. It’s a double standard.

          • Grumpy old Man

            That is why most employers who have your belief system will not hire a black person in the first place (second place, et cetera) but in truth your personal experience does not match statistical, verifiable evidence.

          • Kay

            “in truth your personal experience does not match statistical, verifiable evidence”

            I wasn’t aware that I had to provide a universal statement.

            Employers are not monolithic entities, and they vary in their approaches. Not wanting to be sued for discrimination is fairly common, and I’ve seen behaviour that was racially-aware and designed to CYA in companies that were on the fortune 100, as well as ones on main street.

            It’s the same reason that police are less likely to shoot black people – the perception to the contrary makes them hesitant to do so.


            The fact that these cases are raised (particularly under disparate impact) is not in dispute, either. The ABA discusses how these cases go:


            “Comparator evidence is often used to demonstrate or refute a claim of discrimination by comparing the treatment of the plaintiff to the treatment of similarly situated persons who are outside of the plaintiff’s protected class. For example, an African-American plaintiff may attempt to prove discrimination by showing that “similarly situated” Caucasian employees were treated better than she. On the other hand, the defendant employer may seek to refute the
            plaintiff’s claims by showing that “similarly situated” employees received similar or less favorable
            treatment than the plaintiff.”

            A white employee fired by a white employer will have an extremely difficult time claiming racial discrimination. As such, there is a legal risk with hiring someone with a different race than the rest of the company. Employers who wish to avoid this risk will need to document things more carefully, and may wish to avoid firing them for that reason. Furthermore, the racial demographic is also used in cases alleging patterns and practice of discrimination – employers can be expected to explain why the racial makeup of their company does not match the racial makeup of the surrounding area. There are also benefits with regards to government contracts, and public relationship benefits to a racially diverse workforce.

            There’s an incentive to hire minorities within the organization, and a risk to fire them.

            These risks also apply to salaries, raises, etc. My uncle used to play that game – when it came time to negotiate salaries, he would point out that he knew what the salary range was, and it would look bad if their only Hispanic manager was paid less than everyone else. This was decades ago, and the risks are higher today.

            It’s easy to claim that “anecdotes != data”, but you’re blind if you can’t see that it can, will, and does happen.

          • Kay

            Here you go – another case, Bloomberg:


            “But Mody was also 49, Indian born, and even after returning from leave continued to suffer a major disability: chronic kidney failure that required him to receive daily dialysis. The run-ins resumed with his managers, whom he had accused flat out of discriminating against him because of his race and age.”

            His claims were baseless, the judge banned him from making them. Instead, there was 10 million dollars in punitive damages for retaliation for his complaining about bias – the same bias the judge found baseless.

            It’s something all US employers are at risk of:

            “If this can happen to GE, a company famed for its rigorous performance reviews, with an HR operation that is studied worldwide, it can happen anywhere. It has never been easier for U.S. workers to go to court and allege that they’ve been sacked unfairly. Over the past 40 years federal, state, and local lawmakers have steadily expanded the categories of workers who enjoy special legal protection—a sprawling group that now includes women, minorities, gays, whistleblowers, the disabled, people over 40, employees who have filed workers’ compensation claims, and workers who have been called away for jury duty or military service, among others. Factor in white men who believe that they are bias victims—so-called reverse-discrimination lawsuits—and “it’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t have some capacity to claim protected status,” observes Lisa H. Cassilly, an employment defense attorney at Alston & Bird in Atlanta.”

            “THESE WORKERS WIELD A POTENT WEAPON: They can force companies to prove in court that there was a legitimate business reason for their termination. And once a case is in court, it’s expensive. A company can easily spend $100,000 to get a meritless lawsuit tossed out before trial. And if a case goes to a jury, the fees skyrocket to $300,000, and often much higher. The result: Many companies today are gripped by a fear of firing.

        • scottrose

          You are spewing a crock of poop, let me tell you.

          The Department of Education sent out guidelines making clear that bullying against a student on the perceived basis that the student was Jewish could not be tolerated whether the student really is Jewish or not.

          i.e. if a bully continually harasses another student by calling him “Kike,” then the victim must be protected against that bully whether or not the victim is Jewish.

          The same thing applies in hiring/firing discrimination. If a person fired can prove that the employer fired them only because of a perception that the fired person was gay, then the fired person (in jurisdictions with anti-discrimination laws) can win the case whether he/she is gay or not.

          Do you get that?

          Moreover, with your ludicrous Republicans this, Democrats that view of employment justice, you ignore that Independents exist, that the judiciary is impartial, that there are Republicans who support gay rights (Dick Cheney, Paul Singer) and some backwards Democrats who continue to oppose them.

          Moreover, in lived experience, sexual orientation really IS verifiable. Take a workplace where every married heterosexual employee has a couples photo on their desk. Add to that one lesbian employee who puts atop her desk a photo of herself with her wife. Voila! Sexual orientation verified. Dummy.

          • Kay

            You might wish to work on your reading comprehension. I explicitly pointed out that employees who are perceived to be gay can still be a liability to the employer.

            Good luck proving that you didn’t think an employee was gay.

            “Voila! Sexual orientation verified. Dummy.”

            You might want to look into the difference between false negatives and false positives. Also, bi people are a thing, and as I pointed out, it’s about perception.

            Someone who is not gay can claim to be gay fairly easily. Even if they are in a heterosexual marriage, that doesn’t prove anything. Even if they are straight, they can still claim to be fired for being perceived as gay.

            Every new protected class that is added is going to result in some degree of abuse. It will also do some degree of good.

            “Moreover, with your ludicrous Republicans this, Democrats that view of employment justice, you ignore that Independents exist, that the judiciary is impartial, that there are Republicans who support gay rights (Dick Cheney, Paul Singer) and some backwards Democrats who continue to oppose them.”

            No, I don’t. I’m personally affiliated with neither party. One can have a discussion about the party platforms and policy outcomes, without the need to add an asterisk for each exception and differing politician. People here generalize when talking about parties all the time, because it gets annoying to talk about “Republican Politicians, minus X, Y, and Z”. Furthermore, as the commenters here like to point out, even gay-friendly republicans often vote for and donate to causes and bills that will ultimately harm gay people, as there are issues more important to them.

          • scottrose

            Basically, you need to drink a long tall steaming glass of STFU.

            You act as though nobody had ever discriminated against a black person in hiring.

            YOU, not I brought up inaccurate allegations of how Democrats and Republicans wish to handle matters of unjust discrimination in the workplace.

            Eisenhower signed an executive order that prohibited homosexuals from working for the government.

            You have NOTHING of value to contribute to the discussion of how best to protect gay people from discrimination in the workplace, in housing, or anyplace else.

          • Kay

            “You act as though nobody had ever discriminated against a black person in hiring.”

            Not at all. People discriminate against black people, and against white people (Affirmative Action). Discrimination happens all the time. That doesn’t change anything on my point.

            “YOU, not I brought up inaccurate allegations of how Democrats and Republicans wish to handle matters of unjust discrimination in the workplace.”

            Are you really claiming that the Democratic party isn’t interested in workplace protections against discrimination? Or, that the Republicans (as mentioned in this article, for example) aren’t concerned about abuses of those protections?

            “You have NOTHING of value to contribute to the discussion of how best to protect gay people from discrimination in the workplace, in housing, or anyplace else.”

            There’s your problem. You’re in the wrong discussion, and your lack of reading comprehension is likely to blame.

            I’m discussing why laws that protect sexual orientation and gender identity are a contentious issue – an important issue when dealing with political realities, and buy in on solutions. You are trying to discuss the best way to do it.

            I understand, reading is hard – it’s ok, I forgive you.

          • scottrose

            Anybody can look above, and unless you edit your own comment, see that you alleged (as proof of what, I don’t know) that only white males are cut out for success in “tech.”

            You are a racist jerk.

          • Kay

            You keep demonstrating that you have a hard time reading. There’s little point in trying to lead the blind, so I will not be discussing this with you further.

          • Grumpy old Man

            Oh, crap – you went there! Affirmative action is discrimination against white people. You should really check your privilege.

          • Kay

            You should really check your privilege yourself.

            Affirmative Action started as means of discrimination against Jewish people and Chinese people, but you choose to see it from an anglo-saxon perspective.


            I’m not going to play the oppression olympics game with you. For one thing, I generally win. For another, it’s a concept that better belongs as satire, not intellectually honest discussion. “You get points for being a hispanic trans autistic person, I get points for being a gay male, you gain some points for losing your religious family, lose some for not being financially destitute, and I gain points because I work in a traditionally female job”.

            Utter rubbish.

            When organizations go out of their way not to hire the qualified candidate because it doesn’t fit how they think their company should fit racially, it’s discrimination. That holds true regardless of the race of the person.

            When schools go out of their way to base their admission criteria on race, it’s discrimination.


            Black people get an extra 230 points on their SAT. Hispanics get an extra 185. Asians get 50 points deducted. Literally, it’s “you’re asian, so you have to work harder. You’re hispanic, so you don’t have to work as hard.” Reversing the races to keep black people down is exactly as racist, for exactly the same reasons.

            I’m on the receiving side of the affirmative action divide, not the “privileged” side. That doesn’t mean that I can’t see racism where it exists.

          • Grumpy old Man
        • EdmondWherever

          That’s an interesting perspective, though I couldn’t agree that, as a Democrat myself, I’d “rather have the occasional person blackmail the employer”. However, I certainly see the difficulty an employer could face when the need arises to fire someone who belongs to a protected class. But this just emphasizes the need for good documentation in a firing (something important anyway, for both parties).

          • Kay

            ‘ I couldn’t agree that, as a Democrat myself, I’d “rather have the occasional person blackmail the employer”‘

            There’s no such thing as a perfect system. Ultimately, we end up with degrees of both – it mainly depends on where the lines are drawn.

            It’s similar to rape prosecutions – it’s often a case of “he says, she says”, and women have changed their minds after having entirely consensual sex.

            If we tilt the justice system in favour of the woman, then false rape accusers will destroy some men’s lives. If we tilt the justice system the other way, some rapists will get off who shouldn’t.

            I know someone who was not believed when she was raped – they thought she was just worried about admitting to consensual intercourse with a partner. I also know of a man who had his life destroyed by a false accusation.

            There is no absolute answer, and ultimately, people will suffer no matter what we choose. The question is the degree of tradeoffs we are willing to make.

          • EdmondWherever

            Absolutely true. It’s not a perfect system. And yet I do feel like I’m on the side which acknowledges and accepts that fact better than the other. They often seem content to call the problems “solved”, and to seek policies which privilege one side rather than both.

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      J’espère que ça va bien!

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        Mais oui, j’ai reçu tes deux messages!
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          Je suis content de savoir que ce n’est pas le cas!

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  • Raising_Rlyeh

    “based on subjective and unverifiable identities, not on objective traits”

    Given how often they love to judge each other and say that their opponents are not real christians we must then accept that christianity does not have “objective traits” and is open to discrimination.

    • billbear1961

      Subjective, arbitrary, fucking MADE-UP as they slither along their merry HATEFUL way, spreading lies and misery!

  • FAEN

    News flash Ryan-We DONT live in a theocracy. However if you want to Saudi Arabia and Iran await you.

  • Tor

    When did this dude become a constitutional scholar?

    • Bad Tom

      The 12th of Never.

    • Jimmie Z

      He’s a “doctor.”

      • Tor

        Really? What’s his educational background?

        • Jimmie Z


          *Ph D.

          • Tor

            Theology? Political Science? Nursery Rhymes?

          • Jimmie Z

            ha ha ha ha. dunno. too lazy to research this bastard child.

          • Tor

            Don’t blame you. I really don’t care, either. He’s still an ass. Dr. Ass, PhD.

          • scottrose

            He was groomed to become a professional political gay basher by Robert P. George, who through his connections to wealthy gay haters in academia got the rails greased for Rotten T. Anderfuck to “earn” a Ph.D. on a puff piece of garbage thesis at Notre Dame, where the notorious gay basher Christian Smith did everything in his power to push Rotten through with the utmost of ease.

  • GayOldLady

    Short but concise answer for what Ryan really wants. Ryan wants to be able to continue to discriminate against LGBT, you and me, the way he always has. He wants to be able to refuse to serve you in public businesses, refuse to rent to you in housing, refuse to employ you in the workplace, because Ryan only associates with, or sells to, human beings that he considers “his type”. Those days are going away Ryan. LOVE WINS!!!!!

    • pickypecker
      • oikos


      • billbear1961
      • Phillip in L.A.

        Anyone want to collaborate* with me on a comic strip or graphic novel featuring Justice Ginsburg as a super-hero?

        You do the pictures and I’ll do the words!

        *Not a euphemism.

    • David Walker

      I have a feeling Ryan couldn’t do a day’s work if he tried. Yes, writing is work; spitting out boilerplate, not so much. He may find himself in management someday. Maybe he’ll grow up by then.

      • scottrose

        Are you calling him a hack? Are you saying that Rotten T. Anderfuck got groomed for a career in political gay bashing just as political gay bashing became as respectable as rape?

  • David Walker

    So he’s permanently pissed off. I think he needs to get out more. Hang out with real, genuine people instead of the phonies who write his checks. He’d be better for it.

    • oikos

      He’s pissed off at being a virgin for jeebus.

      • Ragnar Lothbrok

        Id wait for jesus

        • oikos

          Take me jesus!

          • Paula

            Fill you with his love, right? 😉

          • oikos

            Anointest me with thy love. 🙂

        • Phillip in L.A.

          Is that Barry Gibb (of the BeeGees)?

          • Chucktech

            Sure as hell ain’t jesus…

        • Chucktech

          You know, I’ll bet Jesus didn’t look anything like that…

          • Ragnar Lothbrok

            But if he did ??

        • The Holiday Infant grew up to be a Holiday Cutiepie! Woof!!!

  • Sam_Handwich
    • Sk3ptic

      Just warms the cockles of my heart. Or something like that.

    • Octavio

      Oooooooooh, now there’s a stocking stuffer I would buy. 🙂

      • Sam_Handwich

        you don’t stuff it in your stocking, silly


        • Jimmie Z

          This is knowledge your ordinary candidate might not know.

    • Jimmie Z

      Who has the cojones to tweet this to his twitter account? ([email protected])

  • HomerTh

    Wonder how many times he masturbated while writing this totally boring screed.

    • kanehau

      He tried but can’t get it up.

  • billbear1961

    Yes, like protecting the civil rights of Jews and Muslims “tramples” them, or like protecting the rights of people of colour “tramples” the the rights of whites.

    Get this through your EVIL, bigoted skull: NO ONE–not even a FAKE “Christian” BIGOT perverting religion into a weapon with which to deliberately persecute and HARM his neighbours–has this “right” you seem to think YOU have to STAMP OUT his neighbours’ rights in the PUBLIC square.

    That “right” does not EXIST, except in your hateful IMAGINATION!

    Understand, you filthy little SOPHIST?!

    • pickypecker
      • billbear1961

        Hello, sweetie!

        Where have you been?

        I hope everything’s okay!!

        • pickypecker

          All is great. Have been out of town for feast day, but am back now. All OK there?

          • billbear1961

            All is well, Picky P.

            Glad to see you back!


          • Gustav2

            That’s the “Harvest Feast Day” you heathen!

    • scottrose


  • Gordon.

    Protecting ANYONE from discrimination doesn’t trample on your rights because you don’t have the right to discriminate. IT’S AGAINST THE LAW.

  • LovesIrony

    still haven’t found that woman yet ryan? wink wink you fag

  • MythicalBeast

    Spurious argumentation from the get-go.

    • billbear1961

      Tu ne t’attendais pas à autre chose de cet imbécile à deux faces, j’espère, ma très chère bête mythique!

      • scottrose

        Non. Rotten est plus con que jamais.

  • shellback

    Blah, blah, blah. Something, something. Trample xtians. Blah, blah, blah.
    Yeah, I’m all for that.

  • Eriq von Hagen

    When will other Christians take back their religion from those who say that its primary tenet is hating on homosexuals? Prob never ….

  • bambinoitaliano

    Ryan T Anderson meet Teddy Shoebat. Now go fuck each other silly.

  • Mike in Texas

    “SOGI laws threaten the freedom of citizens, individually and in associations, to affirm their religious or moral convictions—convictions such as that marriage is the union of one man and one woman or that maleness and femaleness are objective biological realities to be valued and affirmed, not rejected or altered.”

    Nothing threatens their freedom to affirm their convictions in ways that affect only them, by not engaging in a same sex marriage or a gender transition. They never had a freedom to interfere with other people’s lives.

  • Bill

    Poor boy.

    Go find a wife and fuck her, Anderson.

    At least then you’ll know what you’re fucking talking about, idiot.

  • nycmcmike

    Sorry, but out of every anti-gay closet case around, this is the only one I would f*ck all night long. It would be my pleasure to make him walk with a limp for days. He just screams “bossy bottom” BIG TIME.

    • BearEyes

      or walk bow-legged

    • Mark

      I’ll bet those brown bedroom eyes just melt when you hit a certain depth.

    • Jmdintpa

      and i feel so dirty for it lol

    • GanymedeRenard

      And then I thought the only one, ha!

      Seriously, I think he’s the only fuckable one out of our hideous foes. Well, perhaps we could add Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan to the mix. Now that’d be an interesting threesome!

      • Chucktech

        I dunno, I’d probably fool around with the Benham brothers…

        • GanymedeRenard

          Ha! I forgot about those two! Yep, pretty fuckable appealing as well – in a despicable kind of way, of course. And I’d certainly do other thingies with them other than fool around. 😉

  • Funny. He doesn’t look gay.

  • Mark

    Well Ryan – in your case….if I face fuck ya and you spit instead of swallow – THAT is discrimination. It is discrimination cuz you’ve swallowed load after load after load at Heritage.

  • Jan Wesselius

    Christians just don’t like the “SOGI” laws because it takes away their right to discriminate. When you have the means to discriminate and then it is taken away of course they will feel like their rights are “trampled” which they should be trembled.

  • pj

    so which billionaire hates gay people and is paying this stooge to write this stuff. we should skip anderson and go right to the source of the hate.

    • Chucktech

      That would be that Jesus-rimming asshole, former Senator Jim DeMint. He’s probably not a billionaire but he calls the shots at Heritage.

      • scottrose

        The Heritage Foundation has received funding from organizations with connections to the Koch brothers. In 2012, the Heritage Foundation received $650,000 from the Claude R. Lambe Foundation, which was one of the Koch Family Foundations before it closed in 2013. The Lambe Foundation contributed at least $4.8 million to the Heritage Foundation between 1998 and 2012.

        In recent years, the Heritage Foundation has also received funding from Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund, including $53,300 in 2010 and $69,850 in 2012. The Koch brothers have donated millions of dollars to Donors Trust through the Knowledge and Progress Fund, and possibly other vehicles.


  • GanymedeRenard

    Sexual orientation & gender identity = immutable characteristics > religious persuasion = subjective and changeable. / Case closed.

    Edit to add: You’re still a clueless closet case, you bigot.

  • Bad Tom

    We protect against discrimination based on religion, which is both subjective and unverifiable. Using his logic, we should stop.
    And saying that took way less than a million words.

    • billbear1961

      It’s funny how, considering how “subjective and unverifiable” we are, they have NO trouble identifying us so they can discriminate.

      They’re so TERRIFIED they might accidentally treat gay people like human beings that if they even SUSPECT someone MIGHT be gay, they want to be able to discriminate.

      FUCK these EVIL, two-faced frauds and HYPOCRITES!

  • Gigi

    My Life In The Closet – Ryan T. Anderson

    • scottrose


  • John Masters

    Let’s dissect a little, starting with, “SOGI laws would further increase government interference in markets, potentially discouraging economic growth and job creation.” And that, Ryan is based on what, exactly?

    Then there is, “These are the laws that have been used to penalize bakers, florists, photographers, schools, and adoption agencies when they declined to act against their convictions concerning marriage and sexuality.” Yes, you are correct Ryan. And other civil rights laws, which protect people based on race have been similarly used, with the same effect. Why are you not openly calling for an end other civil rights laws, they have the same effect?

    One his biggest “phallacies” (intentional) is, “These laws would impose ruinous liability on innocent citizens for alleged “discrimination” based on subjective and unverifiable identities, not on objective traits.” So, if these traits are subjective and unverifiable, then why are you discriminating based on them? Treat everyone the same, and it won’t be an issue at all, now will it Ryan (and BTW, “you got perty lips”).

    “that maleness and femaleness are objective biological realities to be valued and affirmed, not rejected or altered.” Well, Ryan, no one is asking anyone to change that. Gay people generally stick with other males, and lesbians generally prefer other females (it’s sorta part of the definition), and I don’t know anyone wanting to change that. However, I realize this is you attempt at an intellectual swipe at people who are transgender-ed. Here’s a surprise for you Ryan, transgender-ed people know what their reality is, what I’m wondering about is why you are so worried about who has a dick and who has a vagina?

    This is the simplest statement to refute, “SOGI laws threaten the freedom of citizens, individually and in associations, to affirm their religious or moral convictions…” No, no, no, Ryan. This one is just not true. You are as free today as you were on June 1 to hate gay people. You are just as free today as you were then to go to whatever house of worship you choose to attend, and listen to a leader say whatever ugly and hateful things he or she wishes to say about LGBT people. You are even free to pray to whatever god, gods, or goddess you choose. What you’re not free to do is discriminate in the public marketplace against those same people (and pssst, you can’t can’t discriminate against black folks, hispanics, and even those dirty Muslims either…just so you’re clear). And until you start calling for having the other civil rights protections rescinded, then we all know you’re just a full of shit bigot.

    And, for me, the biggie is this, “SOGI laws threaten the freedom of citizens, individually and in associations, to affirm their religious or moral convictions…” Yes, Ryan, they do exactly that. Just as existing civil rights laws have been used to deny citizens the right to discriminate against people based on their belief that mixed race marriages are an abomination, or that slavery has a biblical basis (pssst, it does, but you still don’t get to keep a slave around, because we now know better), or that black folks are inferior based on the curse of Ham. In fact, Ryan, you are the one who wrote, “Compelling governmental interests can at times trump fundamental civil liberties…” Here, we agree. As I said, those interests include ensuring that, in the public sphere, everyone gets treated equally. You say that LGBT equality is the exception, but the only reason you can cite is because you and some other people just don’t like LGBT people because the Bible tells you so. Your Bible says a lot of things, and I’m probably better versed in it than you are, but as smart, educated people, we know how to use the Bible in its appropriate context…and using it for nothing more than justifying you personal bigotry doesn’t pass the smell test.

    • danolgb

      I don’t even bother with the race comparison. Most of these guys would prefer that they’re not covered. But religion is also always covered in civil rights laws, yet you don’t hear them complaining about their own special status.

      • John Masters

        I completely agree danolgb. Never forget that Tony Perkins has been a speaker at White Supremacist meetings, and the FRC got its start by Perkins purchasing the mailing list of KKK Grand Dragon David Duke (illegally with campaign money, BTW…he was convicted of that).

        However, we need to demand they be consistent. Existing civil rights laws impose the same burdens, so if they are too great a burden, then they are only consistent by calling for the repeal of all civil rights laws.

    • Jmdintpa

      just wondering if your from the south? i grew up in a southern baptist church and they preach that black people are the result of the curse of cain killing able or able killing cain or whatever that was. interesting because its a widely preached subject but they wont talk publicly about it.

      • John Masters

        I am from the south, and while raised in the Methodist church, most relatives of mine were southern Baptist, and since I worked as a funeral director for a while, I’ve been in about every church there is.

        The Curse of Ham (also called the curse of Canaan) refers to the curse that Ham’s father, Noah, placed upon Ham’s youngest son, Canaan, after Ham “saw his father’s nakedness” because of drunkenness in Noah’s tent. It is related in the Book of Genesis 9:20-27. The “curse of Ham” had been used by some members of Abrahamic religions to justify racism and the enslavement of people of African ancestry, who were believed to be descendants of Ham.

    • Phillip in L.A.

      i think the approved* phrase is “sucky lips”

      * This message was approved by the Gay Agenda & the Lavender Mafia

  • once again, Republicans prove that the only reason they’re Christians is so they can have an excuse to discriminate against people and “feel better” than someone else.

  • billbear1961
  • Jmdintpa

    there must be a new hobbit movie coming out because this SOB is making the rounds everywhere

    • Phillip in L.A.


  • MAP

    So let’s change gay from being an immutable characteristic to a religion…

    • Chucktech

      Ah, men!

      • Octavio

        Ah, so many men. I need to jump start my prostate (for the hormones to get and stay horny, ya know). 🙂

  • Consuela DeJesus

    Sounds like someone enjoys a good game of SOGI biscuit

    • Jimmie Z

      … or in the words of JMG’s own Little Kiwi, “He is as gay as Senator Lindsey Graham is for Ham Biscuits!” [Whose YouTube, not incidentally, has earned Internet Gold as the number one hit for “Ham Biscuits”!]


      • Octavio

        !!!!! HAM BISCUITS !!!!!!!

  • His butthole is probably furry and soft.

  • GanymedeRenard

    Jesus! – as it were. I’ve just read the entire thing. I must say, I’ve never seen these many fallacies put together since Thomas Aquinas!

    • Phillip in L.A.

      Well, you should give him a little credit, then–it’s much easier to spew fallacies in Latin than in English!!!

      (Proof: The Vatican still uses Latin as its official language. QED.)

      • billbear1961

        Really, Phillip?

        Listening to the American right spew daily, I think they’ve mastered the technique in English, as well.

        AND, if you DARE challenge their BS, if you DARE present FACTS to PROVE them wrong, why, you’re “biased.”

        They’re redefining words to mean anything THEY want, and “journalists” tremble and KISS THEIR ASSES for them.

        (Lovely to see you back!)

        • scottrose

          In fact, Rotten T. Anderfuck alleged that Judge Bernard Friedman was “biased” in his decision stating that the “evidence adduced a trial” showed that the Regnerus study was a hoax.

          The judge saw documentation proving that the “study” was a hoax, he discussed the documentation in his decision, but still, Ryan calls him “biased.”

          Because evidence doesn’t count if you have to make an argument against fag rights.

          • billbear1961

            See what I mean?

            (Yes, obviously you do!)

        • Phillip in L.A.

          I agree with everything you have said here, billbear

          My post was just an insignificant attempt to bring a tiny bit of levity to a very, very serious subject:

          politically motivated epistemological propaganda

          Maybe we can talk about that subject later–I think that’s what you’re trying to get at in your comment

      • GanymedeRenard

        Oh, but this little closet case’s fallacies have as much in common with Latin as Salsa has with the ancient Romans.

    • billbear1961

      The son of a bitch who convinced the Church it was perfectly okay–perfectly justifiable–to burn heretics to death to “save their souls.”

      Until Aquinas, the Church hesitated.

      Afterwards, the fires were STOKED.

      • GanymedeRenard

        Yep, the same pseudo-intellectual POS. The same perverter of Aristotle. That very wretched piece of misogynistic, homophobic pig shit.

        • billbear1961

          I see we appreciate him in much the same way.

          • GanymedeRenard

            Indeed, Mr. Bear. 🙂

  • Alan43

    Only if your definition of rights includes “engage in widespread, legally sanctioned discrimination” do you have any reason to worry about trampling

    And then only if you’re not into it. Who knows, perhaps Ryan gets turned on by that sort of thing

  • Green Ranger

    America is dedicated to protecting the freedoms guaranteed under the First Amendment to the Constitution, while respecting citizens’ equality before the law. None of these freedoms is absolute. Compelling governmental interests can at times trump fundamental civil liberties, but Homophobia, bigotry and religious liberty (HBRL) laws do not pass this test. Rather, they trample First Amendment rights and unnecessarily impinge on citizens’ right to run their local schools, charities, and businesses in ways consistent with their values. HBRL laws do not protect equality before the law; instead, they grant special privileges that are enforceable against private actors.

    There, fixed it for you

  • billbear1961

    Like we haven’t heard this goddamned bullshit CRAP “argument” BEFORE, you useless waste of space.

    This is the best recycled GARBAGE you can come up with for your masters, you little WHORE?

    How much would it cost to get you to perform any action someone might desire, you moral VACUUM?

    Ryan T. Anderson, “soul” for SALE.

    • scottrose


  • “None of these freedoms is absolute.”

    Got it one. Too bad he doesn’t see that it applies to his freedoms as well as everyone else’s.

    And so far, the courts have not found Anderson’s “arguments” (a/k/a scary things that could happen — really, they could!) persuasive in the least,

  • JT

    Ryan, just suck a dick and you’ll feel better.

  • anne marie in philly

    I’d like to trample on his ugly face with some doc marten boots!

  • StraightGrandmother

    These laws would impose ruinous liability on innocent citizens for alleged “discrimination” based on subjective and unverifiable identities, not on objective traits.

    Obviously a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity IS verifiable/notable or else people wouldn’t be calling that out as their reason for NOT serving them.

    Just think for a moment what I wrote. let is sink in.

    • scottrose

      Also, no employer or business owner is liable for “alleged discrimination.”

      The discrimination has to be proven with evidence.

  • Just like protecting people of color tramples the rights of the Klan?

    • scottrose

      Ryan T. Anderson’s heterosupremacy delusion is every bit as bad as David Duke’s master race delusion.

  • StraightGrandmother

    I really enjoy Joe.My.God and everyone here.
    I want to recommend another blog to read in addition to Joe’s.
    David Cary Hart at
    has been putting out some really great content, if you don’t read him, maybe take a look.

    • vorpal

      Agreed! I also like that blog a lot… and it is always a pleasure to run into you on other websites, SG!

    • Octavio

      Thanks, you marvelous cookie goddess (all grandmother’s — straight or gay — are cookie goddesses). That IS a very good site to peruse. It’s excellent reading.

    • Igby

      I adore you S.G.

    • TJay229

      I already read him too!

  • Octavio

    Obviously he’s being paid one tenth of a penny a word these days.

  • Guess

    You keep calling them “Rights,” Ryan. I do not think you know what that word means.

  • Damn, these xtians are sure all sorts of hurt over the idea we may soon be a protected class. Without us to kick about, who is left? Oh yeah, and once again up for hate and bigotry, women.

  • Abe Resurrection

    lol. the bottom line is that Ryan T Anderson is a 33yo never-married virgin crackpot. At least Ben Shapiro is a straight homophobe by contrast. At Princeton, Ryan pushed Catholic ex-gay/gay cure crap. Clearly Ryan is nothing more than a pustule of accumulated self-hatred who who works full-time as a nickel & dime antigay activist. Just always remind his interlocutors that Ryan never married himself, at age 33, and by his own claims of faith must therefore be a virgin.

    • scottrose

      A virgin who never masturbates, and opposes birth control.

  • Girl needs a dick in her mouth, stat.

  • obsession…. for men. now for sale for 39$ at kohls, and apparently at a christian book seller near you

  • Gianni

    All the speeches about religious protections being threatened by us, tell me only one thing: the Christian religion has held sway over American society and culture and even in law for a very long time and now they are feeling the pain of not being in complete control any longer. The control has been challenged and brought into the light of questionable legality in many areas. Religious freedom and its protected status is not more important or deserving of protection than any other citizen freedoms and rights. The religionista are challenging this ‘equal status’ in the courts by claiming that their right of ‘religious freedom’ must trump the equal protections granted to gay people by our Constitution. They will lose, if for no other reason than the laws regarding citizen rights and protections must be applied equally across the board unless there is an overwhelming state need to not do so. The legality of such situations will be determined by the federal courts. It will have nothing to do with the Bible, God’s law, God’s will, sin or any such thing. I can hardly wait for the day when that resounding major shoot-down happens.

    • NoCoincidences

      Gianni, your statement, “… the laws regarding citizen rights and protections must be applied
      equally across the board unless there is an overwhelming state need to
      not do so.” demonstrates the hypocrisy within every ‘special segment’ of American society. You can not have it both ways… What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

      Not one legal U.S. citizen is any better or than any other. Equality under the law ‘across the board’ is what the norm is supposed to be and was how it was intended to be in the first writing… It is when one group starts demanding special ‘rights’ over and above the rest of the other parts of the whole, that it becomes a skewed aberration of the original idea and law.

      Contrary to your claim, “It will have nothing to do with the Bible, God’s law, God’s will, sin or any such thing”, quite the opposite, in the respect that, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,
      that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,
      that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

  • Michael David Barber Moghul

    More garbage than the US House of Reps has in it.

  • RichRob

    Am I the only one who thinks the avatar of Ryan (with a beer in front and an obnoxious t-shirt) looks deformed? His head is huge ( ego perhaps) compared to his neck and shoulders.

  • juanjo54

    Religious affiliation is a choice and a quite variable one. People often change allegiance from religious group to another as the whim hits them. That said the issue of religious belief in commercial life is quite clear and has been for quite a long time.

    First the right to a religious belief is sacrosanct. One can deeply and devoutly belief for example that if a couple divorces they cannot remarry. One can believe that those who do are committing adultery and thus deserving of death.

    One can believe the same thing about working on the Sabbath, using the name of a deity in profane manners, drinking alcohol, eating pork, eating beef, eating any meat, not wearing the correct clothing, engaging in various sexual acts etc. HOWEVER, if one acts on one’s belief and attempts to kill someone from engaging in a sinful act, then you will find yourself on your way to jail and quite possibly the death house.

    One may pray in one’s temple, church or home. But one cannot force others to do so. The right to freely exercise one’s religion includes the right of others to not exercise your religious practices.

    The same goes in the commercial sphere. We have laws which forbid you from opening a public restaurant or bakery for example and then forbidding those of a particular religious belief or lack of belief from entering. Eating a hamburger or a piece of apple pie is not a religious ritual per se. Selling socks to the public is not a religious act either.

    This religious fanatic has set the Constitution on its head by claiming his sect is allowed special privileges under the Constitution. What he is advocating without admitting it is Dominion Theology which is the idea that a particular sect of Christianity has the moral and legal right exercise4 all control over secular society in its aspects. It is a Christian form of the theology followed by ISIS.

    Common preachers of this evil nonsense include the father of a certain presidential candidate who is really a Canadian of Cuban ancestry, Hal LIndsey and David Barton. Do not for a second think these people are mainstream Christians. They are far right fanatics who seek to destroy our system of government and replace it with their own form of Sharia Law which .allows for the death penalty for all who oppose their views.

  • Blake Jordan

    Why is religion no longer allowed as a reason to discriminate against women (in theory), people of a different race, people of a different religion,… but it is an acceptable excuse to abuse LGBTs?

  • TheManicMechanic

    And a beard worse than Lyin’ Paul Ryan.

    • EdA

      Maybe they’re trying to be clones??

  • JCF

    M queer self is not oppressing my Christian self, nor vice-versa. Now, lil Ryan,

  • Bradford Kelly

    Ryan, darling its time.

    You’re clearly an intelligent Man which is a blessing and a curse. The curse for you is that you do a lot of mental gymnastics with this issue to cover yourself up but time is not on your side with this. The scandal is brewing.

    You’re an unmarried Virgin lecturing those of us who are neither of those things about said subject. To be a situational matter expert it helps to have experienced the subject. In your case this would be sex and marriage.

    Come out before its too late and you cause someone else damage that will take years to heal. And then heal thyself.

    Good luck. See you at the pride parade.

  • Janice Owens

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  • TheSpinMonkey

    lord forbid we deny christians their god-given right to impose their religious indignation upon the rest of us sinners.

  • Diogenes Arktos

    “subjective and unverifiable traits” so is one’s religion or lack thereof (let alone the manifold definitions that arise in those categories of who’s in and who’s out, e.g. the definition of Christian can depend on whether one accepts infant baptism or requires believer’s baptism, in the latter case, what are the right beliefs?)

  • SJ

    The Xtian religion used to hate black people too. Their civil rights impinged upon the Xtian right to have Yahweh santioned slaves and abuse the sons of Ham.
    No religion has the right to practice hate and discrimination against other US citizens through the law. No laws establishing religion. Sorry. Move if it bothers you.

  • SJ

    The Religious Right can claim any number of behaviors or actions that offend them or go against their interpretation of the Bible. This is protected speech under the Constitution. However, the Constitution prohibits them from codifying it into law.