SLOVENIA: Marriage Repeal Vote Set For Dec. 20th

Yesterday Slovenian lawmakers set December 20th for the national referendum to repeal same-sex marriage. Last month anti-gay groups colluded with the local Catholic Church to convince Slovenia’s Constitutional Court that a vote on repealing same-sex marriage did not violate a recently instituted ban on any public votes on human rights issues. Earlier this year Slovenia’s Parliament voted against a repeal referendum, citing that ban. Under Slovenian law, any group that gathers 40,000 signatures within a month’s time can put forward a referendum motion. At least 20% of Slovenia’s two million voters must participate in the referendum for its result to become valid. Anti-gay groups across the globe are surely watching Slovenia.

RELATED: The European Union currently has 28 members. Same-sex marriage is legal in twelve of them: Belgium, Denmark, Finland (effective 2017), France, Ireland (effective this month), Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland.)  Civil unions are legal in seven EU nations: Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia (effective 2016), Germany, Hungary, and Malta. No partnership recognitions exist in nine EU nations: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. Non-EU member Norway legalized same-sex marriage in 2009. Non-EU member Iceland did the same in 2010.


  • Blake Jordan

    There is absolutely no chance this law will not be repealed, so no marriage equality in Slovenia for a long, long time to come…

  • abel

    The only possible scenario for a defeat of this repeal would be a rather unlikely event. If His Holiness announced that this would indeed be a human rights violation, it might have some chance of failing. Otherwise, no.

    • oikos

      His Holiness? Really? You mean head of the childraping cult?

      • GayOldLady

        I think he meant Holymess! or maybe Holeyness?

      • JCF

        One can use the terminology, w/o endorsing the beliefs behind it.

        • oikos

          Disagree. If you don’t endorse those beliefs then there can be nothing holy about it.

  • Baron Ochs

    That is unfortunate and memo to the Catholic Church: I do hope that there is a Hell just for Catholics who have made the world a living hell for many many people for many many years.

  • barrixines

    20th December? At least I can enjoy watching bigots shivering in the snow as they line up in their thousands to take our rights away. It’s not much…

  • Luis De California

    Only hope would be MASS voter apathy, turnout for the last referendum on adoption was 35% with 55-45 in favor of its repeal. Sadly, I don’t see that happening.

    One thing the Court said is that they will review the outcome’s constitutionality. I suppose we’ll know how many support marriage and how many are stuck in civil union mode.

    • David Walker

      Thanks for checking in, Luis. Always look forward to your reports.

  • Baltimatt

    The group called “Children Are At Stake” has gathered 40,000 signatures needed to call a popular vote. The group has sought to challenge a law passed earlier this year that defines marriage as a union between two consenting adults.

    How many same-sex couples have been married, and what will happen to their marriages should the repeal succeed?

    The children are at stake, indeed.

    • Blake Jordan

      The law has not been enacted yet, so no marriages will be dissolved.

      • Baltimatt

        OK, thanks.

    • Mihangel apYrs

      I wonder what happens to SSM couples from elsewhere in the EU? Are they suddenly “divorced”?

  • RobinP

    The description isn’t entirely correct.

    First, the requirement is a bit different: the law is only repealed if “a majority of voters who have cast valid votes vote against the law, provided at least one fifth of all qualified voters have voted against the law”.
    So let’s hope turnout of no voters is low enough.

    Secondly, the Constitutional Court only said the parliament cannot declare a referendum unconstitutional. If the opponents were to succeed, the good guys can still appeal to the Constitutional Court saying the result violates the constitutional ban on referendums on human rights. We would still have a good case here.

    • billbear1961

      The first sign of hope!

      Also, in the event the Constitutional Court were to side with a hater victory in the referendum, would there be no recourse to the European Court of Human Rights?

      In the States, SCOTUS declared marriage a fundamental right almost FIFTY YEARS ago!

      If the haters succeed, this referendum will violate Slovenia’s own amended Constitution and strip gay people of a fundamental right!

      If the Constitutional Court lets that CRIME happen, surely there must be some help available from the EU!

      • avidreader

        The EU and the ECtHR don’t get involved in marriage laws of member states. Otherwise there would already be full marriage equality across Europe.

        The referendum wouldn’t strip gay people of a fundamental right as that right hasn’t been granted yet, i.e. the law hasn’t been enacted yet. But of course once/if we get it, there is no one that can take away that right ever again; even the haters know that. It’s just getting to that point that’s the hardest.

      • Norma Sears

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  • bryan

    Happy Christmas, David and Jozef, we forcibly divorced you. Love, the catholics.

    • ben

      The law hasn’t taken effect yet, so no marriages would be broken up.

  • Mihangel apYrs

    I notice that the countries without any recognition of our relationships are also
    1 the ones whence many migrate to other EU countries (e.g.UK)
    2 the ones with their hands out for subsidy

    • avidreader

      Congratulations, you have just discovered the difference between Western and Central Europe.

      May the Catholic haters be as astute in leading their repeal campaign as you are.

  • Steven Alan Taylor

    ” Last month anti-gay groups colluded with the local Catholic Church to convince Slovenia’s Constitutional Court that a vote on repealing same-sex marriage did not violate a recently instituted ban on any public votes on human rights issues.”

    What the living red fuck nuts. What twisted sickness could they vomit forth that would somehow argue that same-sex marriage is not a human rights issue?!

  • Sam

    Interesting that they are going to have the referendum on a Sunday of all days.

    • Bob Conti

      And are all the polling places in RCC churches?

      • avidreader

        No, but they are organizing buses to drive voters to the ballot boxes right after the Sunday service. Fuck the poor.

  • avidreader

    I know this is unlikely and totally inappropriate but the only way this law would be upheld is if Hillary Clinton herself came out in support of it. She’s very highly regarded here.

    Because the new smiling pope is galvanising an otherwise apathetic religious voters like nothing else in recent memory.

  • JCF

    “Let’s give Baby Jebus a birthday present!”: gotta bad feeling about this… 🙁