EGYPT: 224 Killed In Russian Jetliner Crash, Officials Discount ISIS Claims Of Responsibility [VIDEO]

The BBC reports:

A Russian airliner has crashed in central Sinai killing all 224 people on board, Egyptian officials have said. The Airbus A-321 had just left the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, bound for the Russian city of St Petersburg. Wreckage was found in the Hasana area and bodies removed, along with the plane’s “black box”. An official described a “tragic scene” with bodies of victims still strapped to seats. Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared Sunday a day of mourning. He has ordered an official investigation into the crash of flight KGL9268, and for rescue teams to be sent to the crash site. Sinai has an active militant network, and on Saturday afternoon, jihadis allied to the so-called Islamic State made a claim on social media that they brought down the plane. But Russian Transport Minister Maksim Sokolov told Interfax news agency that “such reports cannot be considered true”. No evidence had been seen that indicated the plane was targeted, he said.

Security experts say the plane was flying beyond the range of shoulder-mounted missiles known to be possessed by ISIS militants.

  • EdmondWherever

    They have to wait for Putin to “order” an official investigation? That wouldn’t just happen on its own, as a standard procedure? What do they do if he doesn’t say anything? Just sit around and say, “Oh well”?

    • zhera

      It’s Russia. If Putin wants something to happen/not happen, then that is what will be.

    • BobSF_94117

      Responsibility for an investigation would fall to the country in which the plane crashed and from which it took off. Putin would have to order an official Russian investigation, as would Obama if the plane had been flying to the U.S.

    • bkmn

      Putin has to decide whether he wants to lighten the pockets of the Russian people by one or two billion rubles today.

      • Soren456

        Approximately $4.67.

      • Octavio

        At approximately 61 Rubles to the US Dollar it’s hard to understand how Russians are able to afford a week-long vacation at an Egyptian resort, even if the cost is $500-$600 for the total package.

    • Steve Teeter

      Isn’t that why we won D-Day? It was all going to shit, and Americans and British and Canadians started improvising on their own, Including junior officers taking command when senior officers had been killed. In contrast, when it started going bad for the Germans, they were more inclined to sit on their asses and wait for orders from Berlin.

      • EdmondWherever

        Maybe it’ll work out the same way for Putin, too.

  • BudClark


    Give rest, O Christ, to thy servant with thy Saints:

    where sorrow and pain are no more;

    neither sighing,

    but life everlasting.

    Thou only art immortal,

    the Creator and Maker of Man:

    and we are mortal, formed of the earth,

    and unto earth shall we return:

    for so thou didst ordain,

    when thou createdst me, saying

    Dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.

    All we go down to the dust;

    and, weeping o’er the grave, we make our song:

    alleluya, alleluya, alleluya.

    Give rest, O Christ, to thy servant with thy Saints:

    where sorrow and pain are no more;

    neither sighing,

    but life everlasting.

    It is also part of the Anglican tradition. I think it’s in the ’79 American Book of Common Prayer. I know the music was in The English Hymnal 1933.

    It’s been sung at virtually every funeral I’ve conducted or attended.

    Doubtless it will be sung throughout the Russian Orthodox world tomorrow, even though it’s Sunday and the Feast of All Saints.

  • TuuxKabin

    Bud, thank you for posting the Contakion of the Departed. Thoughtful posts like your’s relieve some of the pain of loss.

  • Suzy

    The Sinai peninsula is and has been a constant bleeding ulcer for Egypt, with countless civilians, police and army personnel killed by militants over the years. I don’t think they have the technology to bring down an airliner, though, which leads me to believe this was a tragic accident. My sympathy for the families of the deceased.

  • Octavio

    Soldiers of the Caliphate claim they brought down the airliner and continue to insist they have the capability to down commercial aircraft at 31,000 feet. Despite what “official” governments think the fighters have for weaponry to do just that, I tend to believe the US, NATO, and Russia are terribly naive. None of the brain trusts of those countries know for certain what happened to large stockpiles of weapons held by Libya that suddenly disappeared after Qaddafi was killed. And Qaddafi had the the weaponry to easily shoot commercial flights out of the skies.

    • Librarykid

      While this is very bad any way it happened, I do hope that the plane was not shot down. If it were, it might be karma for the Dutch plane shot down over Ukraine, but worse, if ISIS takes on Russia it will be very ugly because both are butchers. Russia, however is much bigger and, like ISIS, has no objection to killing civilians to take out their targets. If ISIS did this, I think that they have brought a blood bath on all areas where they exist.

      • Amanda Wagner

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        • agcons

          You couldn’t make $83 per hour on a yacht at Cannes. Flagged.

        • Todd20036

          Not cool. This is a thread about an air tragedy. Flagged

  • Soren456

    It must be nice to jump in and claim that every bad happening is your doing.

    • jmax

      I thought The Gays™ were responsible for everything bad that happens anywhere in the world.

      • Doug105

        Na, its god, he has a plan

  • Baron Ochs

    There is all manner of unrest brewing in the Sinai. That is why most tourists fear to tread there anymore. Once you get to Sharm, however, everything is usually fine. Usually.

  • Octavio

    O/T: Today the Hallowe’en “Zombie” comet passes by Earth. Spoooooookkkkeeeeeee! That’s right, a “Zombie” comet. :-/

    • Six Pins Delores

      GOOD. I don’t want to share the candy I bought with those ungrateful little bastards anyway! 🙂

  • William

    I hope the dead are treated with care and respect, unlike those shot down by Russia in Ukraine.

  • Sam_Handwich

    we walked down the street for lunch and the TV was showing images of the family and friends at the airport who had been awaiting the flight. they shoulnd’t show that on the news, those poor people deserve more respect

  • Six Pins Delores

    “But Russian Transport Minister Maksim Sokolov told Interfax news agency that “such reports cannot be considered true”. No evidence had been seen that indicated the plane was targeted, he said.”

    What a relief!

  • Robincho

    Fuck Russia with the horse’s dick that Catherine the Great rode in on…

  • Expect Putin to retaliate by annexing Belarus.