Support For Tea Party Falls To Record Low

According to a just-released Gallup poll, support for the Tea Party is at a five-year record low. Only 17% of those surveyed say they have a favorable impression of the Tea Party, a nearly 50% drop from November 2010. More from Salon:

Of course, it has been the Tea Party sympathizers in the House Freedom Caucus and Tea Party Caucus who have in a matter of weeks forced current House Speaker John Boehner into an early retirement, denied second-in-line Kevin McCarthy his opportunity to ascend and nearly browbeat Paul Ryan out of the job for fear of future retribution. The Tea Party’s take no prisoners approach in Washington D.C. has done little to bolster support across the nation, however. In fact, 24 percent of Americans now say they are opponents of the Tea Party. Even among self-described conservative Republicans, support for the Tea Party has dropped from 63 percent in 2010 to 42 percent now. But the biggest drop off in support for the Tea Party comes from Independents who lean Republican, with a 29 percent decrease in support from 2010.

Stand by for screaming from Breitbart.

  • Rebecca Gardner

    It’s that 17% that scare me. We are dealing with the dumbest, and meanest, of the voting public.

    • Cousin Bleh

      Also, the loudest.

    • Ron Robertson

      I don’t know if they scare me, but the rest of what you said is spot on, they are the dumbest and meanest (and loudest).

    • Herald

      They also tend to consistently vote.

      • PLAINTOM

        Which means we must make damn certain we get out our voters.

        • Bj Lincoln

          My lawn is full of who and why to vote for the closer it gets to the election. I encourage everyone i meet to vote. Dems do tend to be lazy voters and we can not afford to lose to a ignorant clown.

          • Ann Rudolph

            Amen to that!!

        • marshlc

          I don’t know if this is a thing, but I think that if I lived in a place where the voter ID laws are a problem, I’d be funneling my support toward helping people get the right ID. Taking them where they need to go, if necessary financing the cost. Making sure the disenfranchised are able to vote – and making sure they get information they need to make up their minds – seems to me to be the most pro active way to defeat the bad guys.

      • Nic Peterson

        They also like to make bonfires in the shape of the letter t.

      • Sharon LeCount

        AND . . . THEY CHEAT TO WIN !

    • Marc

      Come on, America! We can go lower!

      • Gerry Fisher

        You got a literal laugh out loud from me with that one.

        • Marc

          πŸ˜‰ it’s a race to the “bottom” that everyone can benefit from

          • Todd20036

            I don’t have to race to the bottom. They come to me

    • Jeffrey

      That other 17% are the very wealthy and hangers on (the ones that think they’re almost there) Billionaires and mega millionaires are what are at the heart of the Tea Party. Not the fat old people on scooters holding badly spelled signs. They are just the foot soldiers. Billionaires who want to destroy unions and keep their taxes at nil, that is the true heart of the Tea Party. Think Mr. Burns, but with less personality.

    • That Guy

      That’s less than the approval ratings of GWB when he left office. So that’s progress, right?

    • FAEN

      Unfortunately you are correct. This 17% fully intend to drag us all back into the past where women held court in the kitchen, minorities knew their place and LGBT’s were firmly in the closet. We can’t let that happen.

      • Ann Rudolph

        Faen….. very well said!! We cannot let that happen!!

        • FAEN

          @Ann-We’ve made amazing progress and there is no way we’re going to let them drag us back. EVER!!!

          • Ann Rudolph

            Thank you!!!!

    • Ann Rudolph

      Hopefully the 17% will “come around” to normal thinking.

    • Webslinger
    • Webslinger
    • Jamie Brewer

      If you need any proof of the dumbest and meanest existing, just check out the “open thread” that runs daily at the “Pee Pond”. (Conservatives for Palin site) I refuse to link to that vile filth.

  • Stev84

    Still ridiculously high

    • TrollopeReader

      about 16.983 % too high ….


    These are the ones who hate ALL progress. The anti-people crowd.

    • Rebecca Gardner


      • PLAINTOM

        Absolutely and I do mean ABSOLUTELY.

      • TrollopeReader

        partially educated, and think they are smarter than everyone else.

      • RoFaWh



        • JCF

          They’re pro-Jeebus, but anti-(dude in New Testament) Jesus.

    • Marc

      They’ve demonized “progressive” as much if not more so than “liberal.”

      • Rebecca Gardner

        We need to take back the word liberal.

        β€œIf by a ‘Liberal’ they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people-their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights and their civil liberties-someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad, if that is what they mean by a ‘Liberal,’ then I’m proud to say I’m a ‘Liberal.’”~ JFK

        • Marc

          Absolutely! And progressive as well.

        • Doug105


          • Doug105


      • Traxley Launderette

        They hate smart people. They hate details, they hate conditions. Following logic and discussing patiently are things that indecisive, weak, or effeminate people do. It’s been pointed out again and again that belief is all that is required in shaping opinion and policy. There’s no such thing as nuance.

        They think intellect is a barrier that prevents ‘Murica from getting things back to when things were set right, back when everyone knew their place, back when everything was simple and everyone respectable agreed on everything.

        Of course, that time never was. They feel wronged, betrayed, and oppressed by a system that’s set them on the same level — or lower– as those they’ve grown up believing were less than they are. What happened to their staus? Why doesn’t everyone just leave things the way they shoild be?

        Why isn’t being an old straight, Christian white guy with a high school education the American ideal anymore?

        • marshlc

          Nowadays just don’t pay to be a good ol’ boy….

  • Treg Brown

    “Stand by for screaming from Breitbart.”

    • vorpal

      That was my thought :-).
      Cue the screechy butthurt!
      Just give me enough time to get my bib on, This is going to be messy.

    • oikos

      Shouldn’t his vocal cords have rotted away by now? 😈

    • Lawerence Collins

      Watch out.

  • delk

    17% that have no hope of ever winning a spelling bee.

  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    It’s just that lame street media, with those gotcha polls making good, hard-working american’s feel like grizzlies in a bear fight. – preview of Palin’s Facebook page.

    • Jeffrey

      She wishes she could put together a sentence that cogent. I wonder what is in her Big Gulp these days besides coke.

      • charemor

        That is my favorite Palin picture because she looks as if she is three sheets to the wind.

    • delk

      Bristol has been the bigger blow hole lately. She has nothing better to do than sit by the keyboard while she waits to drop her bastard child.

      • geoffalnutt

        That’s not a blow hole.

        • Jeffrey

          And yet, guys keep blowing stuff up in there.

          • Christ, if she just kept it to blowing, we wouldn’t have to deal with the next generation of Palins.

          • clay

            too late.

          • agcons

            She might be the only unoccupied barstool in town.

      • Gindy51

        It’s actually Nancy French channeling Sarah Palin,

    • b

      The only thing that asshole ever achieved is squirting or a brat.

  • Cuberly

    The narrative in Wingnuttia is that whatever they say or do to damage the country is exactly what the majority of the country wants as well. You can poll people out the yin yang but Wingnuttians will NEVER drop that fantasy.

    • JW Swift

      …or at least convinced that it would be for the good of the country.

  • Bj Lincoln

    Good! Maybe they are on their way out like the Moral Majority. They will always linger but soon will not have the power to amount to much. People are beginning to see the extreme BS of the right and the push back in time from the tea party and know neither is good for anyone.

    • Dramphooey

      The bad thing is they did and still (at least at this time) wield influence. The good thing is it was giving them enough rope with which to hang themselves.

  • bkmn

    I wonder how the 17% would feel about cutting their Medicare/Social Security/Medicaid. They don’t need those gubbamint handouts.

    • Rebecca Gardner

      They are too fucking stupid to know that Medicare is a “sochulist” program run by the “gubmint.”

      • Bj Lincoln

        That’s funny! I shut my mother down when I pointed out her SS and Medicaid. They do not like it when you point to facts that counter their argument.

  • Octavio

    The drop in Tea Party support is in direct correlation to the amount of middle age momma weight gained by Sarah Palin. We all need to send her many Cinnabons. Two hundred Cinnabons a day should be enough. πŸ™‚

    • bkmn

      You know what will happen next? Maggie will change her name to Sarah Palin.

      • Octavio


    • MarkOH


      One Million Cinnabons

    • 2karmanot

      Yep, dumb face is look’un a bit long in the booth.

  • stuckinthewoods

    This is the first election I’ve noticed a local (D) feeling comfortable pointing out the (R)’s Tea Party support as a bad thing. Previously their endorsement was not mentioned by a (D) and an (R) would proudly tout it. Not now.

    • Octavio

      Neat. No?

      • stuckinthewoods


    • BearEyes

      Good. The D’s need to push back and go on the offensive sometimes.

      • stuckinthewoods

        Our local Democrat has an ad with the father of the woman gunned down on live TV advocating for gun restrictions. (The Repub has an A rating from the NRA.)

  • Justin

    Not low enough (although if someone where to characterize the Tea Party as “low”, I would have to agree with her).

  • Perhaps the American Public is moving leftwards. A Gallup poll last year showed the number of people who call themselves “liberal” on the rise (see chart below), and a Democratic Socialist is doing well in the polls in matchups against Republicans (Sanders). This would have been unthinkable a decade ago. Now if we can only get the Congress to reflect the will of the American Public and not the richest 1% and corporate interests!

    • LonelyLiberal

      It looks like the liberal contingent is growing at the cost of the moderates. In either case, the liberal/moderate bloc outnumbers conservatives by about the same amount as it ever did.

      The internal definitions of the blocs could also be changing, we really don’t have any indication in the above as to how Gallup was determining affiliation. If they were simply asking for a classification, it would theoretically be possible for all three definitions to be turning rightward, indicating an overall rightward drift in political thought. If leftward, the opposite is true.

      • Yes. BTW I would call myself a moderate — even though my views would be considered commie by Republicans, particularly on economic and civil rights issues. I just like the term “moderate”.

        • LonelyLiberal

          I say liberal, but keep moving a bit further leftward (on civil rights issues, at least) as I age. So I’m not exactly sure how wide the liberal band is before I fall off the left edge. πŸ™‚

          My economic views are a touch more moderate, and I do have a stubborn streak of economic isolationism in there as well.

        • Rebecca Gardner

          Marxist is about where I place myself on the political spectrum. Liberal is my Moderate.

          I re-read the Communist Manifesto a couple of years ago and everything in that book sounds like the times we are living in and why we need to fight the Oligarchs.

          • MickinDetroit

            which…as we’ve seen time and time again… that fantasy works for about five minutes until a new class of oligarchs rises and oppresses the population.

          • Doug105

            Just so long as you don’t bill out on us, we’re fine.

          • What Marx wrote about income inequality is right on target. But Marx himself was a moderate compared to “Mr. Tummy Tickles” anarchist
            Mikhail Bakunin don’t you think?

          • sam

            “Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat, but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” – John Steinbeck

      • Traxley Launderette

        I grew up on the left and have only drifted further that way as I see narcissism elevated to as a desirable trait.

        • LonelyLiberal

          Tru dat. I grew up moderate (Mom’s a closet liberal, Dad was slightly conservative). However, the conservativism in the household was the Goldwater style and nothing like today.

    • Ann Rudolph

      The only way to get Congress to reflect the will of the American public & not the richest 1% and corporate interests is to….. vote the bastards out!!

    • Cattleya1

      At this point, a liberal is anyone who would have supported Richard Nixon. I’d love to see the American electorate confronted with a Bobby Kennedy or Hubert Humphrey – it would be like the end of ‘Mars Attacks’ with exploding heads and green goo everywhere.

      • BTW do you know Nixon planned to push for National Health Care in his second term? Here is a quote of his “We must seize the moment of freedom’s triumph abroad to make America not just a rich society but a good society. The richest country in the world cannot tolerate the fact that we have the highest per capita health care costs in the world and yet 38 million of our people are unable to get adequate medical care because they cannot afford it”

  • Lakeview Bob

    But Bozo’s keep voting for teabagging obstructionists.

    • Eebadee-eebadee-thatsallfolks

      That’s so Obama’s Kenyan atheist Muslim gay FEMA death panel army can’t declare war on Christmas and take all their guns away. Benghazi!!!

  • LovesIrony

    “It’s pronounced Fronkenstein” ;

    • Gerry Fisher


    • Anastasia Beaverhousen

      The Tea Party collective brain.

  • Gerry Fisher

    FWIW, I bumped into someone recently–someone with two master’s degrees–who summed up his political opinions this way: “Well, Hillary can’t win. I like Trump, but he won’t win. Of all of them, I prefer Carson. He’s a doctor, he’s smart.”

    [insert forehead slapping sound]

    I didn’t offer a response. There wasn’t enough there there. Plus, it was in a professional setting, and it didn’t lend itself to challenging political conversations.

    If a large enough percentage of American voters cast their ballots using this level of scrutiny, we’re in trouble. (To be fair, some voters don’t wake up until the general election starts, and we’re a long way off from that.) “Have you actually watched 1 or 2 interviews with the man? Did he come across as being ‘smart’ to you? Really?!!”

    • Justin

      I’m going to guess this person’s MS’s were in basket weaving and shell collecting.

      • MickinDetroit

        I have a colleague that is a tax lawyer and account. expressed very similar perspective. HRC is a liar/meet the new boss-same as the old boss type. Sanders is a nutbag. Trump is a protest vote. Carson is the “thinking man’s outsider candidate”. I about did a spit take at that statement.

    • Dramphooey

      I’ve reached a point where if I learn someone has more than one degree I tend to think it means they didn’t actually go for one useful degree. Just yesterday I was reading an interview with a porn actor. He claimed to have three degrees. I didn’t doubt a word of it.

      • justmeeeee

        So being a porn actor disqualifies one from possibly having any intelligence? Now, that’s what I’d call open-minded and nonjudgmental!

        • RoFaWh

          The best porneurs tend to be pretty smart. If they want to attract eyes to videos of their shenanigans, the’ve got to understand that plain vanilla fuck’n’suck just doesn’t stir the audience any longer.

          But note well: “smart” does not mean “has multiple degrees”.

        • Dramphooey

          I just said he had three degrees and that I didn’t doubt that he had them. I will say I doubt he needed the degrees for his current profession.

    • William

      One of the smartest guys I’ve known (IQ, math) couldn’t find a light switch in a dark room. He also couldn’t drive a stick shift to save his life.

      He’s an engineer.

      • LonelyLiberal

        I can’t fault him for not driving a stick. I can, but I was taught, and the skill has gotten rusty. So expect a lot of grinding gears and bad gear choices until I relearn. Skills one hasn’t been exposed to or haven’t practiced won’t be held against a person…nor will a simple inability to perform the skill due to dexterity or possible brain injury.

        Light switches…yeah, that’s pretty bad, unless the house was old and the switch in a really unobvious place. In our home, enter room, it could be right or left but it’ll be right there.

        • William

          Most US building codes require the switch to be on the knob side of the door frame, a certain distance from the floor.

          As far as my friend’s driving skills, not many people keep trying to shift into reverse while driving on the highway. He could not master the concept that there is a pattern to shifting gears in a manual transmission. His method was randomly move the shifter and let out the pedal.

          He works for a company that designs jet engines.

          • Wow…..that poor fella really wasn’t gifted with the common sense gene. I wonder if it was explained to him in a mathematical way if he could then grasp the concepts of shifting. I only drive sticks as it helps keep me focused on the task at hand, driving. My attention tends to wander if I’m bored and driving is a snooze fest for me, so tedious…

          • LonelyLiberal

            Mine get pretty close to that, except in rooms (four) where there either isn’t a doorknob, two knobs oppose, or there simply isn’t room.

            I think I’d still trust his jet engines. He sounds a little Asperger’s, which isn’t a bad thing for an engineer.

            My own design skills don’t match up. I made my own e-cig just for kicks, and it works well, but it isn’t exactly a marvel of efficient design. Just safety.

          • William

            That is common for engineers, certain math geeks and probably brain surgeons too. My father is a certified math geek and he never could handle the most basic household repair. They usually turned out worse than the original problem. I can repair most major appliances, do the plumbing and wiring, but have zero mathematical or artistic ability.

            As far as my friend, he could do some pretty Rainman like things with numbers. He didn’t have any skill at picking a wife. He married some cow who insisted he cut off all contact with all his old friends.

  • John Masters

    Yeah, but that hasn’t stopped the craziest of the Republican Candidates (although it’s kind of hard to rank them on crazy, since the strategy seems to be to out-crazy all the others), from polling the highest.

    While the Tea Party may be out of favor in the Republican party, Stupid seems to be doing exceedingly well.

  • Michael White

    We, progressives, liberals and sane, must make sure we get out and vote. It would be great if we could all bring one friend who does not regularly vote. If we can do this we will win and win big, But only if we get out and vote.

  • Ninja0980

    And yet because our base sat on their butts in 2010, we will be dealing with many of these folks for another seven years until the maps can be redrawn.

  • Natty Enquirer

    That’s because the bagger-inclined know they don’t stand a chance with their usual bunch of crank candidates. They see Donald Trump and his money and think he’s got something going on.

  • Halloween_Jack

    Well, here’s hoping that the teahadists will get kicked out of Congress before they completely ruin things.

  • Lumpy Gaga

    Re: pic. Apparently Big Gulps and Chick-Fil-A do NOT keep one’s coat supple and shiny.

    • LonelyLiberal

      Or that drunken look from one’s eyes, although I suppose there could be a vodka and coke in the Big Gulp.

  • GayOldLady

    The TeaParty was formed through a hatred for Obama. Obama has 1 year and 2 months left in his presidency, so the object of their hatred, the entire reason for their existence can slowly begin to melt back into the GOP. The people they elected to Congress couldn’t impeach Obama, couldn’t stop Health Care reform, Couldn’t keep DADT from being repealed, couldn’t stop DOMA for being overturned by SCOTUS, couldn’t stop gay marriage, couldn’t stop women from exercising CHOICE, couldn’t stop the programs that serve the most needy among us, couldn’t keep Obama from signing Executive Orders that helped Dreamers, couldn’t shut the Departments of Government they hate, Couldn’t bring the Federal Government to a complete halt. They’ve FAILED on every front, so now they’re going to Trump and Carson who pretend that they can bring about their hateful and hate filled agenda. They’re just going to LOSE again!!!

  • Eebadee-eebadee-thatsallfolks

    Love that photo of her. It truly captures her personality.

    • SLK in SF

      It ought to be in the dictionary, next to the entry for “derp.”

  • rabbit_ears

    Shocking I tell ya, shocking!

    • My shocked face, which is so shocked it may never go back to normal…


  • William

    Did they loop up the financials and discover how small a percentage of teabagger donations were actually going to support tea people candidates?

  • Ken R

    The Tea Party is Frankenstein’s monster. The Old Guard Republicans wanted a constituency that represented the lower middle class who were upset about big government, not happy about social programs and were particularly upset about feeling disenfranchised by “special interests” as epitomized by Obama and his populist initiatives — THAT THEY MOST BENEFITTED FROM. Now, however, they have forced the hand of the Old Guard and the party is in complete disarray. Thank you GOP. Thank you Tea Party. I look forward to the next Presidential Election and the 8 years of Republican seething and obstruction which will probably make them utterly irrelevant in 2024. Wishful thinking, but the party is a nightmare.

  • Elsewhere1010

    Good grief, it appears that you really CAN run out of stupid. Who knew?

  • trouble94114

    On the “I’m SOOOOO Hammered” scale of 1 to 10, I’m guessing that Caribou Barbie is about a 12 in that photo. In polite company one never starts pouring the Everclear into the Big Gulp Cup until it’s already at least 1/2 full of ice and soda.

  • Well, gee, I can’t imagine why that hopey changy thing isn’t working out for them. Maybe the March Hare can tell them.

  • Sporkfighter

    Is support declining, or is it dying of old age?

  • Taleisin


  • Terry

    But they get their voters out! That’s what we need to do!