FRC Money Beg: Kim Davis Is Only The Start Of It

According to today’s money beg from the Family Research Council, the ACLU, Hollywood elites, and LGBT groups are conspiring to arrest Christians, threaten their careers, and destroy their businesses. Kim Davis, writes Tony Perkins, is only the start, but if you send him a pile of Jesus Bucks, the FRC will use “irrefutable logic” to defend the religious liberty of God-fearing Christians who don’t want to be forced to hire “cross-dressers” and homosexuals.FRCplans3

  • JaniceInToronto

    Is there an anti-asshole vaccination Tony Perkins could be innoculated with?

  • crewman

    I never get why they seem to be proud of being “God-fearing Christians”. To me if you are obedient out of fear, that’a an abusive situation you need to get away from.

    • Ed Burrow
    • Bj Lincoln


    • 2patricius2

      “Perfect love casts out fear.” But somehow they never read that passage. I like to tell Bible beaters, who threaten hell if gay people don’t repent, that their god is a monstrous megalomaniacal masochist, worse than Hitler, Mao, Stalin, and all the other monstrous genocidal dictators throughout history. The dictators simply tortured and killed people. Their god never stops torturing, and the people he tortures never die.

      • vorpal

        I had a similar conversation over with some extreme fundie on American Thinker lately, but could not make a dent in his thinking.

        The problem, I realized quickly, was that one of his axioms for reality is that “god is perfect”, so by assumption, anything god does is the very definition of perfection. When humans do it, it’s a different story, and if we question the clear double standard, it’s because we apparently just don’t understand END OF STORY. NYAH NYAH NOT LISTENING!

        • Prion

          Of course, their human interpretation of the bible is perfect.

        • it’s magic!

        • 2patricius2

          I know. To those whose minds are closed, nothing can make a dent. And when I mention on some blogs that the writers are worshipping a monster who punishes people endlessly, they excuse him and blame those they say are sinners (rather than a monstrous god) for ending up in hell. My hope is that among those who read blogs and comments, there are some who have not thought in those terms and will begin to realize the truth of what I write.

          Another thing that I sometimes point out is that some of us who are LGBT have grown up with the belief that our sexuality is bad and our sexual behavior is wrong. But we have had to work through those ideas. So we understand where some of these people are coming from, but we have had to discard those beliefs in order to survive and thrive as full humans. We haven’t had the luxury (so to speak) of keeping those negative ideas. We have had to face the reality of who we are, and the reality of the value of our relationships.

          And if some bigots are not moved, that is not my problem. I can only spread ideas and let them grow where they will. But the bigots are at least confronted with their bigotry.

    • b

      I don’t think the christians act against us out of genuine fear, I think they act out of genuine bigotry and hatred. It is faux-fear, so they can tell others they are reasonable about their hatred. They are dishonest.

      If their fear was genuine, then when we get very strong and successful, their movement would also see growth, not shrinkage. If their is not real fear from our growth, then their movement would fade — and it has.

      So FRC will close, NOM will close. No money because no genuine fear of our success.

      • Todd20036

        It’s why we’ve been discouraging the use of the word, homophobia.
        Our opponents don’t fear us. They hate us for our self freedoms. We enjoy sex for pleasure. We enjoy same sex relationships.
        We don’t denigrate gay people or call them evil because we don’t fear an evil God.
        The haters are envious of us, so they hate us.

        • vorpal

          The suffix ~phobia does not only mean fear of, but also AVERSION TO.
          For example, a hydrophobic molecule is not afraid of water: it simply repels it and is adverse to it.

          I dislike the term homophobia because the above is known by so few and I am tired of having to explain it to anti-gay fuckwads who go around spouting off: “I AIN’T FRAID OF NO FAGS!”

          • olandp

            Phobia, in the Freudian sense, is something one fears because it is something one craves. That is why the most homophobic people are always the ones caught in the men’s room or in the bushes.

          • vorpal

            And we also know from multiple studies published in peer-reviewed journals that men who report as being more opposed to and disgusted with homosexuality are far more likely to experience erections when subjected to gay porn.

            But they will deny it until they’re red in the face and violent.

          • olandp

            Yes we do, classic Freudian phobia.

          • Grafxbear

            Then they need to stop teaching kids that gay is bad. If they don’t learn to hate themselves so much half the battle will be over.

            And they say we want to indoctrinate children!

          • b

            I think “homophobia” is not a good word, either. They are not afraid of us, they are angry at us for threatening their narcissism as superior to gay people.

            The scaring people about gays is really just a call to anger for having to share their toys with them. They just want to feel better about themselves by lying about the “dangers” of a minority. We are not a danger, we are contributors.

        • 2patricius2

          I think often the phobia is not a fear of others, it is a fear of the hated part of oneself.

      • Queequeg

        I do think, however, that conservatives in general are afraid of everything, not just us. They fear Muslims, immigrants, strong women, clean air and water and that black man in the White House.

        • shivadog

          I believe there was a recent study that showed that conservatives in general were more fearful than average people.

          • Queequeg

            Absolutely. I know some conservatives, and, without exception, they are governed either by fear or greed, or both.

      • Veylon

        It’s a, “I’m just following orders,” kind of thing. Except that, unlike many functionaries of the Nazi state, nobody is really going to punish them.

      • well, there is still a functioning john birch society……

    • JT

      It’s clear in their nuttier claims of “divine” retribution against humanity as a whole instead of a select few. The fear is that they themselves will suffer at the hands of what they are seeing as an unjust divinity. They are cosmic ennablers, cowards and genocidal accomplices.

    • Steverino

      “God-fearing,” would that be deityphobia?
      : )

      • 2patricius2

        It’s like being afraid of a drunk, irrational father or mother. Always walking on eggshells to avoid incurring his or her wrath and punishments.

  • Gustav2

    “…or help provide abortions?” WTF?

    • oikos

      Just part of the gay agenda. I perform abortions every day before work per Section 4, paragraph 8 Gay agenda.

      • popebuck1

        We get our lesbian friends pregnant all the time, just so we can get them abortions. And then we high-five each other and laugh and laugh!

      • Ginger Snap

        I just do the clean up so I can sell the zygotes on the abortion black market. A lady knows her place keep the place clean for the men.

        • oikos

          Good work Ginger. We all do our part for the Gay Agenda™.

  • bkmn


  • Treg Brown

    You mean this Tony Perkins? This is the example of christian morality?

    • vorpal

      The fact that I can see neither of Josh’s hands deeply concerns me.

  • BearEyes

    yawn, more FUD.
    Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt.

  • oikos

    Skank was in jail for contempt, not her imaginary friends.

  • 2patricius2

    “deny key parts of the Bible….” As though one man/one woman marriage were a key part of the Bible. Or as though the condemnation of homosexuality and same sex relationships were a key part of the Bible. But the condemnation of bilking the poor is a key part of the Bible.

    • popebuck1

      I suppose we should be grateful they finally moved on from “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” Time was, THAT was the only Bible verse they could all quote.

  • Sean

    What’s that Fascist Research Cult (FRC) & Tony PerKKKins? I was distracted by your conspiring to arrest & kill LGBT & pro-LGBT people (including Christians), threaten their careers, and destroy their businesses. WELL DOCUMENTED & PROVEN FACT!


    • bkmn

      I thought that FRC stood for Fingering Related Children…

      • Six Pins Delores

        Duggar Duggar Duggar!

      • Steverino

        And Fallacy Repetition Council.

    • JT

      Don’t forget the “god-fearing” xtians who don’t want to be forced to hire non-whites or women. They’re the “spiritual” descendants of those who didn’t want to be forced to free their slaves.

      • David Walker

        It’s OK to hire women as long as they are on the cleaning crew or can type. That glass ceiling isn’t up there just for decoration, you know.

    • Queequeg

      Good comparison of real persecution with the fake martyrdom of a stupid county clerk. Congratulations for the perfect response to the FRC lies.

    • vorpal

      I love these. Very telling. Thanks for posting them: I have been collecting them up to refute this idiotic faux narrative of Christian persekyyuuuushuns.

      • Schlukitz

        Especially when they disingenuously claim that we are looking to murder Christians.

    • Steve Teeter

      Is anyone sending these to Kim? They should be.

  • VodkaAndPolitics

    Ummmm… Tony Perkins’ horribleness aside, just from a legal track record, this would appear to be money terribly spent.

  • skeptical_inquirer

    I never ever stop thinking about how much good all the money could have done that was instead wasted on these frauds. Medical care? Lunches for poor kids when school is out? Literacy programs? No, we have to protect the most powerful being in the universe from getting his fee-fees hurt. Bah!

    • Ginger Snap

      I know what a waste of human life all in the name of a make-believe.

  • Ninja0980

    What irks me is that these assholes will have no problem getting $$$ off this.
    Yet people who truly need it like cancer sufferers, accident survivors etc will struggle to raise money.
    These people aren’t “Christians”, they’re monsters.

  • delk

    And if any of that was true, they’d be rounding them up at the Whitehouse as I type this.

    • Dagoril

      Those aren’t Christians, those are Catholics.

      • Gustav2

        Correction, Roman Catholics.

      • David Kerlick

        The fundies used to publish the helpful pamphlet “Should a Christian Marry a Catholic?” in the days before Ratzinger and his stooge J2P2. Maybe they have to revive it now.

    • abbie

      hey thats my dog! yeah its OT, but it is!

      • delk

  • Dagoril

    If you send them enough money, they’ll forward some to NOM’s poor runner, who’s been stuck at that starting gate for like a year now! Doesn’t he deserve a sandwich or something? 😉

  • Bj Lincoln

    I think he meant to say “deny cherry picked parts of the Bible.”

  • bkmn

    Q & A you won’t find on FRC’s website:

    Q: How much of this money will go to Kim Davis?

    • abbie

      there was a internet funding thing for davis- last i heard it wasnt over 8k… but kimmy has a book deal and seems to be doing the rounds.
      and then there is that 80k overpaid salary from KY.
      hate seems to be doing okay…

      • Gustav2

        “Holy” Ghost written book, I bet.

        • abbie

          seeing her at barnes and noble signing her books…. bet the gays would come out! id love to see that

          • canoebum

            She’ll work the ‘Christian” book store circuit, hater conventions and of course, right wing radio. For a percentage, Talking Corpse Pat Robertson will even hawk it on the 700 Club. Sadly, no Barnes and Noble viral videos to enjoy. I doubt they’ll even carry that crap in their stores.

          • David Walker

            Cokesbury, our friendly local neighborhood xn bookstore, is side-by-side to a state store, purveyor of all things alcohol (except beer). That would be the best spot in Harrisburg for her to show her fugly face.

          • Schlukitz

            Her gay “best friends” will, no doubt, be among the first to show-up at the book-signing.

          • Reality.Bites

            To attend a book signing you need to buy the book first. And I can’t imagine that b&n would touch her

      • Schlukitz

        And she is already doing the media circuit.

  • JT

    Tony PerKKKins is strung out as usual.

  • MarkOH

    Davis is REFUSING to do her job, DENYING the courts, IGNORING the law, and stepping on the US GUARANTEED RIGHTS of her fellow citizens. If she was a true a Christian, she’d resign if she can’t do her job. But, no, that cow LIKES to play the martyr and FORCE her religion on everyone else. And the FRC are a bunch of money grabbing scam artists, equivalent to the money lenders that Jesus stomped on.

    (now, more coffee)

  • StraightGrandmother

    “Jesus Bucks”

  • teeveedub

    FRC. That stands for “Family Research Council.”

    Has anyone from FRC ever actually published any research? I’d love to see it, along with peer reviews.

    • Schlukitz

      The only “research that FRC is ferreting out homosexuals for condemnation and castigation.

  • Webslinger
    • Queequeg

      Kim Davis is not a martyr, she just plays one on TV.

    • David Walker

      I believe that Miss Kim’s ghost writer, in the inspiring letter from jail, referred to her as “Rose” Parks. I understand that you get what you pay for, but “Liberty” “Counsel” really ought to shell out a bit of bucks to someone with one of those Google machines.

  • Greg B.

    Gay marriage has existed in parts of this country for as long as eleven years. Reality disproves their fear mongering.

  • Clive Johnson

    Here comes the FRC.

    Tony’s putting out his hand:
    Be a man, join the Klan…

    I mean…

    Join us in Christ.
    No, this is not a heist.

    He only asks, the Lord,
    what you can afford.

    Living in squalor?
    It matters not,
    send us a dollar.

    Feel the fear?
    Teh gayz are near.

  • David Kerlick

    Who gave them the $500K match, it there really is one? Inquiring minds…

  • ChrisInKansas

    Shit. I love the line about they will “make you deny key parts of the bible”. Yeah, I don’t think Xtians need any help in that regard whatsoever.

    • Gianni

      Which are the “key” parts? He’s right, though. I will personally never rest until I make one of them deny one of those “Key parts”. I just need to find out about and identify at least one of them.

  • rednekokie

    What a pile of B. S. This sister’s religion is a fraud. She simply doesn’t like queers.
    If she wants to hold her $80,000 per year job, she ought to shut up and do it.
    That’s the bottom line. I’d fire her in a New York minute if she were working for me and pulled that crap.

  • Queequeg

    They constantly say that we are actually less than 1% of the population (a lie, of course), but I wonder how they think that over 70% of the population is being persecuted by the 1%. Especially, as they envision, we spend most of our time having butt sex and spreading AIDS. The equation just doesn’t work.

    • vorpal

      If things (i.e. their brains) worked, they wouldn’t be so stupid as to believe a magical sky daddy who created the entire universe cares what a bunch of great apes on a tiny planet in a completely ordinary galaxy do with their sex organs.

      • Glen

        Hey those are KEY parts of the Bible, according to Perkins.

        Their god is quite obsessed with sex.

      • Queequeg

        Yep. Well said!

  • Where are those political hackers when you need them?

  • the racist organizations could start a new line of business – counseling anti-gay people who lived so much in their own isolated culture that they were shocked! shocked! that somehow gays and lesbians are being treated as if they are fully human. must have some tips on that rocky period during the transition from entitled enforcer to ordinary schmuck who people look at funny when they say really vile things about other people.

  • Reality.Bites

    Would that be the same irrefutable logic that worked so well at SCOTUS?

  • juanjo54

    I guess the whole “Josh Duggar died for your sins” campaign fizzled out.

  • Michael

    Like the “irrefutable logic” of “Christian” Matt Duggar?

  • TheSeer

    Christofascists are projecting again.